The best hoverboards in the UK 2023

Whether for leisure or to move around other than on foot, the hoverboard has been all the rage for a few years. Powerful, fast and offering models far above the competition, the French brand Wegoboard stands out. Moreover, its Bumper 4×4 Bluetooth is a must. Its lightness, its 3 motherboards and its possibility of remote control are wonderful. Fun for users of all ages!

Wegoboard 4x4 Nano Bluetooth 1

Best value for money

Wegoboard 4x4 Nano Bluetooth

The best hoverboard in 2021

The color and the size of the wheels (10 inches) suggest a performance above the lot. Fast, the Wegoboard 4×4 Nano Bluetooth runs on all types of terrain.

231 £ on Wegoboard

The Wegoboard 4×4 Nano Bluetooth rolls everywhere thanks to its 10-inch wheels, with puncture-proof rubber. Despite the enormous size of the wheels for a hoverboard, the ride is safe, stable and fun. The 2 Samsung motors of 350 W propel up to 18 km/h. In addition, the IP56 waterproof certification allows this hoverboard to resist splashes, puddles and dust deposits. Like the high-end models offered by Wegoboard, the Nano allows you to listen to music via its integrated Bluetooth speakers.

Wegoboard Original 2

Best value for money

Wegoboard Original

The best entry-level hoverboard

The cheapest of the Wegoboard catalog is also the first one produced by the French brand. This little racer is mainly aimed at children, although it can easily handle adults.

151 £ on Wegoboard

The Wegoboard Original has something to surprise. Despite its affordable price (the cheapest you will find in the brand's catalog), this hoverboard can propel you up to 15 km/h. Note also its autonomy of 20 km, very correct, as well as its weight of 8 kg. The design is quite ordinary on the scale of the French brand, but much better than most other brands. Usable day and night thanks to its 6.5 inch wheels and LED lights, the Original comes with a carrying case. A gift to offer and to offer yourself.

Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth 3

Best value for money

Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth

The best high-end hoverboard

This powerful all-terrain hoverboard offers 2 driving modes. As one of the most robust of its kind, the Bluetooth Bumper 4×4 is IP56 waterproof and remote controllable.

239 £ on Wegoboard

The Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth has everything to please, starting with its design, light years away from the children's hoverboards you see here and there. Easy to carry, it weighs only 10 kg, is waterproof (IP56) and comes with a remote control for remote control. You will be able to alternate between 2 modes according to your age and your level of erratic: the beginner mode and the expert mode. And for the safety of children, the speed of the Wegoboard Bumper 4×4 Bluetooth is limited to 20 km/h. 2 Samsung batteries of 350 W power the 2 motors located in each 6.5-inch wheel. Finally, the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to broadcast your playlist directly on the hoverboard.

Wegoboard Hummer 2.0 4x4 Bluetooth 4

A great choice

Wegoboard Hummer 2.0 4x4 Bluetooth

The ultimate

This all-terrain and connected hoverboard is suitable from the age of 12. Despite its 12 kg, the 8.5 inch wheels allow it to roll at high speed while remaining stable.

311 £ on Wegoboard

The Wegoboard Hummer 2.0 4×4 Bluetooth lives up to its name. Made of sturdy materials, this hoverboard uses 8.5-inch wheels, allowing it to roll anywhere there will be traction. An audible warning and an LED screen display alert you to low battery. There's also a remote control to turn it on and off, 2 riding modes (beginner or expert), and IP56 waterproof certification. Even when you go to the beach, you can take this hoverboard with you. On the other hand, its weight of 12 kg and its high price are enough to make you think.

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The best hoverboard in 2021

The best entry-level hoverboard

The best high-end hoverboard

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Comparison table of the best hoverboards

Wegoboard 4x4 Nano Bluetooth 5
Wegoboard Original 6
Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth 7
Wegoboard Hummer 2.0 4x4 Bluetooth 8
Wegoboard 4x4 Nano Bluetooth
Wegoboard Original
Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth
Wegoboard Hummer 2.0 4x4 Bluetooth
The color and the size of the wheels (10 inches) suggest a performance above the lot. Fast, the Wegoboard 4×4 Nano Bluetooth runs on all types of terrain.
The cheapest of the Wegoboard catalog is also the first one produced by the French brand. This little racer is mainly aimed at children, although it can easily handle adults.
This powerful all-terrain hoverboard offers 2 driving modes. As one of the most robust of its kind, the Bluetooth Bumper 4×4 is IP56 waterproof and remote controllable.
This all-terrain and connected hoverboard is suitable from the age of 12. Despite its 12 kg, the 8.5 inch wheels allow it to roll at high speed while remaining stable.
12 kg
8 kg
10 kg
12 kg
Maximum speed
18 km/h
15 km/h
20 km/h
20 km/h
Range of use
20 km
20 km
20 km
20 km
Charging time
1 to 2 h
1 to 2 h
2 to 3 h
2 to 3 h
2 x 350 W
2 x 350 W
2 x 350 W
2 x 350 W

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Buying guide - hoverboard

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How to choose your hoverboard

A hoverboard being a rather important investment, here are the parameters to take into consideration in order to benefit from a secure machine adapted to your needs.

#1 - Ease of use and stability

The second you get on a hoverboard, you immediately notice major differences between a device with good stabilization technology and a low-end device. The heart of a hoverboard, as with any gyropod, is of course the quality of its gyroscopic stabilization. This is a fact that is all too easily forgotten, as it cannot be translated into the technical characteristics of the product. However, it is a reality that is all too often remembered by those who have had the misfortune of acquiring a low-end hoverboard made in China.

#2 - Battery type and quality

If the gyroscopic technology is the heart of the hoverboard, the battery is definitely the soul. Among all types of batteries, the most efficient are the Lithium batteries. A lithium battery:

  • has a longer life than a lead-acid battery (1500 cycles versus only 500 cycles for lead)
  • is lighter, which makes it easier to transport and charge the device
  • and has more power and capacity (voltage and amperage)

In addition to its chemical composition,it is important to choose a big brand battery (preferably Samsung or Sony), this will prevent your hoverboard from catching fire, as is sometimes the case with low-end Chinese batteries...

#3 - Speed and range

The speed of a classic hoverboard varies between 5 and 15 km/h approximately. As for gyropods, depending on the model, their speed is generally around 20 km/h but can go up to 35 km/h for the fastest. The most efficient models are therefore up to 7 times faster than the slowest ones! It is therefore important to check the speed of your device before deciding... or you risk serious disappointment. The same goes for the autonomy. Indeed, even if this last one can vary according to your weight and the use which is made of the device (speed, inclination of the ground, etc.) it ranges on average from 10 to 50 km according to the devices. Here again, the difference is significant and we advise you to be careful if you don't want to walk home with your 15 kg hoverboard under your arm!

Good to know

Scientific studies have shown that a 30-minute ride on a hoverboard can burn up to 300 calories, the same total amount of calories burned in a 15-minute marathon.

#4 - Charging time and European standards


is worse than wanting to go out with your hoverboard and finding that it is not yet recharged! To avoid this, preferably look for a model with a charging time of less than 3 hours. Finally, make sure your device meets the highest design standards and European norms. The hoverboard is a real vehicle. It is not a toy. So don't play with your safety.

#5 - Weight and design

The first thing you'll notice when you get your hoverboard is that these machines weigh their weight! A hoverboard actually weighs between 10 and 15 kg, with a good portion of that going to its battery. That's light enough weight for you to carry around occasionally, but it can be tiring if you're traveling long distances (or, worse, stairs) with your hoverboard under your arm.

#6 - Features and accessories

Some hoverboards incorporate extra features and come with some very useful accessories, such as:

  • speakers with a Bluetooth connection to listen to your music while you ride
  • a display showing the status of your device, like a dashboard
  • a remote control to lock the battery
  • or a storage and transport bag

Hoverboards and Safety Tips

  • If you think you've purchased a cheap, low-quality hoverboard, the safest thing you can do is return it for a refund.
  • Use only the original battery charger.
  • If possible, charge your hoverboard outdoors. At the very least, charge it away from flammable objects and do not charge it while you are sleeping.
  • Never leave a hoverboard charging unattended.
  • Ideally, store and charge your Hoverboard on a non-flammable surface.
  • Ideally, keep a fire extinguisher handy (for lithium polymer battery fires, you need a Class D extinguisher).
  • Do not modify your hoverboard to give it more power.
  • Do not use a damaged Hoverboard because damaged lithium polymer batteries are especially prone to fire.
  • If you see smoke or smell burning, stop using your Hoverboard.
  • If you are unfortunate enough to be near a burning Hoverboard, the safest thing to do is evacuate the area and call the fire department.

Hoverboard or gyropod?

The hoverboard

It is a motorized device consisting of a board with a gyroscopic device and two wheels. It is the device that has seduced the general public and that we see most frequently. The advantage of the hoverboad is its lightness (about 10 kg) and its ease of transport. It is a discreet device and attracts the least attention in the city. Apart from that, its price is affordable (on a par with the gyroroues).

However, it goes slower and has less autonomy than the gyropods and requires a certain amount of time to adapt since the balance of the body position is the key to its manoeuvre. It is also less safe than a model with handlebars. The classic hoverboard is an ideal choice if you want a first introduction to this type of product, if you have a limited budget, or for occasional use.

The gyropod

A gyropod is a motorized device with a handle for holding and driving (or, to put it more simply, a handlebar). It is generally heavier and bulkier in design, especially with wheels 15 inches in diameter instead of 6.5 to 10 inches for a conventional hoverboard.

The gyropod is much safer than a traditional hoverboard because of its handlebars and the diameter of its wheels. It is faster and has twice the autonomy and is generally better equipped (traffic lights, screen, Bluetooth ...). However, it is heavier, more expensive and less easily transportable than a hoverboard.


In conclusion, a hoverboard is the device to choose for a "leisure" use while if you are looking for a means of locomotion to use daily and you have a budget of 1 500 to 2 000 €, we advise you to turn rather to a gyropod. If you have the means and you don't have to climb stairs in your daily travels, a gyropod is an obvious choice.

Why buy a hoverboard?

1. To be trendy

If the hoverboard was still reserved for a few wealthy people two or three years ago, today everyone is getting into it! It's the ideal device to have class in town or to show off in front of your family.

2. even the stars are getting into it

Whether they are boxing stars likeMike Tyson, celebrities likeJustin Bieber, or even famous sportsmen like Jamaican Usain Bolt, many footballers or NBA stars, there are no more celebrities who show off their hoverboards.

3. Because it's practical

The hoverboard goes everywhere! It is both mobile and transportable (since you can carry it in your bag if necessary). In addition, the best models have enough autonomy for several days of use in normal conditions.

Best of all, it's the only mode of transportation that you can use indoors without any problem, provided there's enough space. This makes it perfect for use in car parks, railway stations and shopping centres.

4. Because it's fun!

After an initial adaptation time ranging from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the model, using a hoverboard is a truly exhilarating experience.

What a pleasure to feel the air on your face, what a joy to feel the device react to the slightest pressure of your foot!

5. To do tricks

The most daring among you may try to do some acrobatic tricks. With a good helmet and enough agility, the possibilities are endless!

6. because it's cheap

Not only does a hoverboard cost less to buy than a car or motorcycle, but the cheapest models costless than 50 cents for every 100 km travelled.

7. Because it is ecological

In addition to the savings that it allows to realize, the electric functioning of the hoverboards also makes it a means of locomotion completely ecological, what will appreciate the friends of nature.

The best brands of hoverboards

In our opinion, the best brands of hoverboards in 2022 are :


It is a French manufacturer of Neuilly-su-Marne which is part of the world references in the hoverboards thanks to its elegant machines equipped with parts of premium quality and in conformity with European, American and German standards. The followers of the brand particularly appreciate the free and fast delivery in the UK (48 hours).

With Bluewheel, there is no need to demonstrate the sturdiness and safety offered by the hoverboards of this great German brand since nothing has been left to chance. In addition to offering technically accomplished products to its followers, the manufacturer has made the effort to enrich its hoverboards with different options that give them even more style and practicality.

Founded in the United States, Kansas, Monorover is a brand that was created in Kansas, USA and made a splash with its Monorover R2 hoverboard in 2016. The products of this brand are mostly appreciated for their high quality and exemplary performance.

The Solowheel brand is the brainchild of Shane Chen, a Chinese-born businessman known for inventing gyro wheels. Later on, the brand marketed high-end hoverboards and gyropods suitable for all tastes and with stylish design that were a hit with consumers.

Chinese brand Xiaomi bought American manufacturer Segway and its subsidiary Ninebot in 2015 to become the giant of gyropods and hoverboards. In particular, the brand offers quality and ultra-sophisticated products that have not failed to attract the attention of younger generations.

What is the price for a hoverboard

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

90 £ to 190 £
190 £ to 210 £
more than 210 £
Price range diagram


Wheel maintenance

The wheels are the foundation of your hoverboard because the motors are built into them. Therefore, check your hoverboard's wheels regularly for dust and debris. Use a soft brush to do this. Be aware that it's important to keep debris away from the wheels because it can damage the hoverboard's motors and sensors. This can later cause you to lose control of the board. Then, regularly check that the tires are in the same direction as the wheel shaft. Finally, make sure that every part of the tires is bolted down. If it's not, take a screwdriver and adjust it just before you ride it.

Respect the maximum weight supported by the hoverboard


general, hoverboards are made for people over 20 kilos. To that end, make sure your child's weight exceeds that and that he or she can handle the hoverboard well before leaving it alone to take on the road. For an adult, be sure to respect the maximum weight of the board to avoid breaking it.

How to store your hoverboard


your Hoverboard is not in use for a long time, store it in your garage or in a dry, well-ventilated shed to prevent the battery or motherboard from getting wet


General maintenance


a soft, damp cloth and use it to carefully clean your hoverboard. This is to keep its shine and keep its shell intact. Be aware that hoverboards can heat up quite easily when used continuously, just like smartphones. Therefore, after heavy use of the device, let its battery rest and cool down before plugging in the charger or using the device again.

Learn how to use your hoverboard

To move forward, lean slightly in that direction. And to back up, press your heels to direct your weight backward. Changing direction to the left or right requires you to press your left or right foot. Finally, getting off a hoverboard requires putting one foot backwards, never forwards, or you risk falling.


What is the best hoverboard?

The best hoverboard depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which are the best products out there.

How to prevent a hoverboard from exploding?

To do this, you need to know how long it takes your hoverboard to charge. Secondly, don't change the charger carelessly because a different charger has a different voltage and current. This may damage the hoverboard battery.

Can a hoverboard ride on a muddy road?

Standard hoverboards have a tire size of 6.5 inches. A size that is suitable for smooth sidewalks and pavement. But for surfaces such as gravel, grass or a muddy track, a tire size of 8.5 inches or larger is highly recommended.

Are hoverboards difficult to ride?

Although hoverboards are easy to ride, some are easier to control than others. A major factor that determines the difficulty of riding a hoverboard is its speed. Slower hoverboards are easier to ride and control. As the speed increases, so does the difficulty.


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Wegoboard 4x4 Nano Bluetooth
Wegoboard Original 10
Wegoboard Original
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Wegoboard Bumper 4x4 Bluetooth
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