The best hoverkarts in the UK 2023

Do you have a hoverboard, but have trouble controlling it properly? Why not turn it into a go-kart? All you need is a hoverkart. This practical accessory allows you to move around in a seated position while enjoying the benefits of your hoverboard. Whether it's a classic, off-road or kid-friendly model, check out our guide to the best hoverkarts.

Hiboy HC-01

Editor's Choice

Hiboy HC-01

The best hoverkart in 2021

Safer than a simple hoverboard, the Hiboy HC-01 hoverkart will provide your child with a very comfortable riding experience. Its lightweight design does not prevent it from being robust.

58,39 £ on Amazon

The Hiboy HC-01 is a perfect fit for all 6.5, 8 and 10 inch hoverboards (16.5, 20 and 25.5 cm). It is made of extremely robust materials that give it its ability to withstand shocks and its longevity. In addition, it can support a maximum load of 120 kg. Note that the kit has already been pre-assembled, so you will only need about 15 min for its installation.

The Hiboy HC-01 hoverkart is suitable for children from 4 years old and can also be used by adults up to 65 years old. It has an improved steering system that will give him the possibility to control the machine easily, as well as the movements. The pedals are adjustable in length to better suit the morphology of an adult.

MarkBoard RS02

Best cheapest

MarkBoard RS02

The best entry-level hoverkart

To transform your current hoverboard into a more fun vehicle, equip it with this cheap hoverkart. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this novelty will not fail to make an impression on the neighborhood.

55,20 £ on Amazon

The lightest of the hoverkarts, the MarkBoard RS02 weighs only 5.5 kg. It has a 4-inch front wheel that is both durable and very quiet. The bearings are smoother while giving you a smooth ride. The seat of this model, measuring 34.5 x 27.5 x 25 cm, is made of high quality plastic. Although it's not the most suitable material for comfortable seating, you'll still be able to sit in it safely.

The frame can be adjusted in length from 72 to 90 cm thanks to a rail system. The footrest can be adjusted in 5 levels to match the length of your legs. Thus, children and adults will have the opportunity to use it as they wish. It does not come with a hoverboard, which means you should already have one before buying it. Obviously, this device fits all 6.5, 8.5 and 10 inch models.

GeekMe Purple+Hip Kart

Best high end

GeekMe Purple+Hip Kart

The best high-end hoverkart

To live your karting experience to the fullest, nothing beats this all-terrain hoverkart sold with a very powerful hoverboard! Plus, it has many comfort options, including Bluetooth.

239 £ on Amazon

Excellent choice


A great investment

Adjustable length, ease of installation and use, compatibility with all 6.5 inch hoverboards, LED lights and dual motors..., this is an investment that won't disappoint you.

183 £ on Amazon

This pack is an original gift idea for a child. Indeed, when you buy it, you will get a hoverkart AND a hoverboard. It will only take you a few minutes to set up the new kart. The device is easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic foam handles. The seat is also ultra comfortable. The steering wheel allows you to steer the device in the desired direction and even to turn 360°.

The RCB Z1+ has 2 heavy-duty motors with 350W each and a rechargeable lithium battery. And since kids love to be cool, this model features lighted and flashing tires. The built-in speaker connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone in case you want to play your playlist while riding. In terms of safety, you have LED headlight at night, a fireproof shell, non-slip wheels, a battery protection system against possible overloads or short circuits...

Buying guide • November 2023

Best hoverkart

Any specific needs?

The best hoverkart in 2021

The best entry-level hoverkart

The best high-end hoverkart

A great investment

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Comparison table of the best hoverkarts

Hiboy HC-01
MarkBoard RS02
GeekMe Purple+Hip Kart
Hiboy HC-01
MarkBoard RS02
GeekMe Purple+Hip Kart
Safer than a simple hoverboard, the Hiboy HC-01 hoverkart will provide your child with a very comfortable riding experience. Its lightweight design does not prevent it from being robust.
To transform your current hoverboard into a more fun vehicle, equip it with this cheap hoverkart. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this novelty will not fail to make an impression on the neighborhood.
To live your karting experience to the fullest, nothing beats this all-terrain hoverkart sold with a very powerful hoverboard! Plus, it has many comfort options, including Bluetooth.
Adjustable length, ease of installation and use, compatibility with all 6.5 inch hoverboards, LED lights and dual motors..., this is an investment that won't disappoint you.
Durable ABS
Supported load
Up to 120 kg
20 to 120 kg
20 to 100 kg
Recommended age
4 to 65 years old
8 years and older
All ages (Child and Adult)
8+ years old
Hoverboard included
Hoverboard compatible
6.5, 8 and 10 inches
6.5, 8.5 and 10 inches
6.5 to 10 inches
All types of hoverboards

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How to choose your hoverkart

The best hoverkart should meet the expectations of safety and thrill. It is not enough to choose the first model you find on the market. In order to guide you, here are the criteria to consider before buying.
choisir hoverkart

#1 - Compatibility with the hoverboard

In general, the hoverkarts available on the market are compatible with all types of hoverboards and are designed for models with wheels of 6.5, 8 and 10 inches in diameter. However, be careful with the curved models. These are the only ones that are not suitable because the straps will not fit. Sometimes, the hoverkart is offered with a compatible hoverboard.

#2 - The materials

The most popular materials for designing a hoverkart are aluminum and ABS plastic. Although the latter is robust, we still advise you to bet on aluminum. Indeed, this material is a reference in terms of lightness and robustness. Most hoverkarts are perfectly adapted to an adult's body size. However, if you are specifically looking for a model for a child or elderly person, make sure it has a speed limiter. Also check the maximum recommended weight. It is most often between 20 to 30 and 120 kg.

#3 - Age and weight of the user

Other than the color criterion which is totally subjective, you should pay particular attention to the size of the front wheel of the hoverkart. On average, it is between 6 to 7 inches. However, a model intended for a child should be smaller, about 4 inches. This will ensure more balance to the puppy while offering the ability to make smooth movements.

#4 - The size of the wheel

Depending on the use you plan to make with your kit kart, you have the choice between 2 great models namely the classic hoverkart and the all-terrain. In case you plan to drive on paved and flat roads, the former will do very well. On the other hand, the all-terrain model is better suited for use on dirt roads, gravel or sand.

Our advice

As soon as you notice that your straps are worn, replace them immediately. And to avoid any deterioration of the hoverboard, cover it with a silicone shell.

#5 - The use

Hoverkart : what you need to know

The hoverkart is a recent invention that was born in the United States thanks to several aficionados of speed and hoverboard. They were looking for the best way to transform the device so that it could offer the same sensations as a go-kart. That's how the company HoverPowered came up with the hoverkart, an equipment that is directly attached to the hoverboard.

How the hoverkart works

The hoverkart, kart kit or kart kit, is used exclusively with a hoverboard. The installation is easy since you only have to clip it, attach the straps and that's it. You then have 3 wheels instead of 2, which completely changes your way of driving. Once the 2 pieces of equipment are assembled, all you have to do is sit on the seat. The biggest advantage of this posture is that when you are on the ground, you will automatically increase your speed of movement and, at the same time, the pleasure of driving.

To move forward or backward, simply push the handle(s) in the desired direction (forward or backward). It should be noted that each of the 2 handles takes charge, in an independent way, of a wheel of the hoverboard. The engine starts only when it detects a significant load.

The components of a hoverkart

The hoverkart is made up of several essential elements:

  • The wheel to be placed on the front of the chassis
  • The seat
  • The 2 feet with the straps
  • The 4 self-adhesive foams to place on the feet
  • The rear axle
  • The front axle
  • The 2 handles
  • The flat key
  • The Allen key
  • The 4 small screws/bolts necessary for the assembly of the seat
  • And the 4 large screws/bolts for the handles

For whom?

The best asset of the Hoverkart is its accessibility. Indeed, this little jewel seduces both adults and children and it's so much better since the device is suitable for all ages. It's even easier to get the hang of when you've already had some experience with a hoverboard or a go-kart. Children as young as 2 years old can use the hoverkart. There are also models specially designed for them. Another important advantage is that the hoverkart perfectly combines sport and leisure.

The different types of hoverkarts

As you have seen above, there are several types of hoverkarts today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Classic Hoverkart

hoverkart classique

The first type of hoverkart is certainly the most widespread, you can use it on smooth surfaces such as asphalt roads. Lightweight, it consists of a sturdy metal frame and a solid front wheel. The seat is comfortable even though it is not padded. The size of the equipment can be adjusted according to the driver's physiognomy.

The classic hoverkart weighs between 5 and 7 kg and its maximum load is 120 kg. In addition, its wheel is smaller than that of an off-road model. Despite the lack of suspension, this kart kit will be a good investment for those who are new to the world of karting and often drive around town.

All-terrain Hoverkart

hoverkart tout-terrain

The off-road hoverkart is better suited for people who want to venture off-road, on beaten tracks or even on rocky and dusty roads. Typically, it features a dual-suspension system, an air wheel and a reinforced chassis. Thanks to the high ground clearance, you'll have a clearer view of the road.

Like the previous model, this one is also adjustable in length and resists a maximum load of 120 kg. Some are equipped with a shock absorber that will protect you from shocks. The weight of such a machine sometimes exceeds 10 kg. It is highly recommended for thrill-seekers who plan to ride on bumpy roads or who already own an all-terrain hoverboard.

Hoverkart for children

hoverkart pour enfant

This type of model is particularly suitable for children under 12 years old, i.e. from 2 years old. Equipped with a 4.5-inch tire, it guarantees maximum comfort and offers a safe ride. It is also called a mini hoverkart since it is considered a simple toy.

Available in classic or all-terrain models, the kart kit for children works on the same principle as those for adults. Its autonomy as well as its maximum speed depend entirely on those of the hoverboard on which it is mounted.

Don't forget the protective gear!

The use of a child's hoverkart should be supervised by an adult. Therefore, don't hesitate to have your child wear the required protective equipment such as helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.

Hoverkart or kart?


The hoverkart is an essential element that allows you to convert your simple hoverboard into a vehicle mounted on 3 wheels. Practical and easily maneuverable, it brings you more stability. The device is based on the principle of self-balancing thanks to which you are able to brake, accelerate or even take a turn. Unlike the hoverboard, you can ride in a seated position and enjoy a much more comfortable experience. The seat has a backrest that promises optimal back support.

The hoverboard acts as the motor. You place it underneath the hoverkart and attach it with straps. It is controlled by levers installed on both sides. To take a precise direction, you just have to use the T handle at the end of your feet.


The kart is, by definition, the vehicle used in the practice of mechanical sports called "karting". Offering the maximum thrill, it circulates exclusively on a specific circuit. It is also a sport activity suitable for the whole family, on weekends or for special events. Karting is governed by strict rules. Among other things, before the engine is even started, you must take into consideration all the behaviours to adopt and respect when you enter the circuit.

There are two main categories of karts: the 2-stroke kart and the 4-stroke kart. They are considered to be small cars. The practice of this sport requires the use of protective accessories such as helmets and suits.


The hoverkart and the kart offer you more or less the same experience. However, if you already own a hoverboard or just want a light, no-frills ride, we recommend the hoverkart. It won't have any trouble going up to 20 km/h and is easier to control. On the other hand, the go-kart is better suited to the needs of high-speed enthusiasts. It is also a must for people who want to become real F1 drivers like the famous Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton.

Note that the hoverboard can be used alone, which is not the case of a hoverkart. The best thing is to have both. This way, you can choose according to your desires. The only big difference is the driving position: sitting on the hoverkart and standing on the hoverboard.

Why buy a hoverkart?

pourquoi acheter hoverkart

The possibility of transforming the hoverboard into a kart

The hoverkart, and this is its first use, gives you the opportunity to transform your classic hoverboard into a go-kart. The coupling of the two equipments is done with ease thanks to the included straps. The process only takes a few minutes and once mounted, you will be able to get the most out of your gyropod, now a 3-wheeled vehicle, on different types of terrain.

Easy to assemble

In most cases, the hoverkart fits all current hoverboards as long as they have wheels between 6.5 and 10 inches, except for children's models. Even if it arrives in kit form, the device only requires a few screwdriver steps to be assembled. Installing it on the hoverboard does not require any special knowledge since you just need to strap it to the back of the frame.

Comfortable ride

The driving position is what makes the ride so comfortable. On the one hand, in the case of all-terrain hoverkarts, you have a double suspension that will absorb the shocks. Thanks to its wide and robust wheel, it can easily take on rough roads. Your experience is further enhanced if you pair it with an off-road hoverboard. On the other hand, classic hoverkarts give you a great feeling of comfort in urban areas, on pavement.

More than a toy

The hoverkart brings family and friends together and is an indispensable part of happy memories. It can replace a weekend go-karting session, a bachelorette (or bachelor) party, a birthday party... No need to go on a circuit, just draw courses on the beach or in your driveway and have fun.

Great possibility of accessorizing

The possibilities are endless. You can put in anything you need to increase your comfort level. Start with the lights (preferably LED lights) and continue with the horn, umbrella, etc. You can also equip your hoverkart with a smartphone holder kit, reflective stickers, a bottle holder and an anti-theft device.

The best brands of hoverkarts

In our opinion, the best brands of hoverkarts in 2022 are :


Hiboy is a renowned company that was created in China. Targeting a wide audience, adults and children, it specializes in the manufacture of individual means of transportation (NVEI) such as skateboards, hoverkarts or electric scooters. Its models can be used for daily life or as leisure equipment.

CitySports designs scooters, hoverboards and kart kits as well as bodybuilding and fitness equipment. It is precisely aimed at a young and stylish public wishing to have fun and sculpt a dream musculature. The brand follows the current trend by offering a wide range of quality hoverkarts, suitable for all lifestyles.

WeGoBoard offers a wide range of reasonably priced hoverkarts. Indeed, the average price of such equipment is around 70 €, which is very well suited to all wallets. The quality and performance are still there. And if you're looking for good quality components, don't hesitate to turn to WeGoBoard.

MoovWay was created in 2014 in Paris. It now plays in the big league with its electric scooter models, VAE bikes, electric draisies, but also its hoverboards, small cars and hoverkarts. The latter, in particular, incorporate new technologies that can only change your daily life into a real adventure.

The GeekMe brand appeals to those who are passionate about culture and technology. It offers a range of colourful, robust products with a multitude of options. When it comes to hoverkarts, GeekMe mainly focuses on models that are suitable for steep paths thanks to the all-terrain wheels. Driving at night is not an obstacle since its equipment is also equipped with LED lighting.

What is the price for a hoverkart

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

45 £ to 70 £
70 £ to 175 £
more than 175 £
Price range diagram


Mount the hoverkart correctly on a hoverboard

The installation is simple. Attach the feet of the hoverkart to the gyropod, just behind the steering handles, by closing the screws with the flat key. The straps, which are actually sturdy Velcro straps, will reinforce the hoverboard to hold it firmly in place. The attachment system activates the hoverboard once you get on the seat.

Starting the hoverkart

It couldn't be easier. To start your hoverkart, place your feet on the adjustable brackets and use the steering levers to move forward or backward. Unlike a hoverboard, you don't have to bend over to increase/decrease the speed, you just push the handles forward or, conversely, backward. And if you want to stop it, just stand up and turn the hoverboard off.

Observe the maximum recommended load

It's always critical to consider the manufacturer's recommendations for the load limit supported. Some models, despite their sturdy design and durable material, can quickly get damaged or even collapse or break if you exceed the recommended weight. Of course, most of today's hoverkarts can handle a load of up to 100-120 kg without flinching.

Maintaining a hoverkart

Before you get on your hoverkart, it's important to always check the mounting systems. Every weekend, get into the habit of performing minor maintenance to make sure everything is good. Clean it before and after each ride. Also, store the equipment in a dry place, especially if your model is susceptible to rust.

Use the hoverkart in the right places

As we already stipulated above, the classic hoverkart is best used on flat ground. On the other hand, if you have an all-terrain model, you have the ability to ride anywhere you want, whether it's on a lawn or at the beach. Be careful, however, not to push your vehicle too hard on the beaten path. This could damage both the kart kit and the hoverboard.


How to ride a hoverkart?

In fact, the hoverkart is simply an extension of a hoverboard. The operation of this type of vehicle is the same as that of a go-kart. Once you clip it securely onto the gyropod, you can sit on the seat and operate the left or right joystick to steer. If you get an improved feeling of speed, it's only because of the change in driving position.

How to put the straps on a hoverkart ?

Start by lifting the back of the go-kart kit. Place your hoverboard right underneath, making sure to line up the holes for the screws. Once you have closed the screws, you can now put the straps on. To do this, slide the straps under the hoverboard and then pull them forward. Tighten the straps so as to attach them well and the turn is played.

How to fix a hoverkart on a hoverboard ?

The hoverkart will be delivered to you in the form of spare parts. Nevertheless, the assembly will not last long. The installation of the hoverboard is done after the assembly of the kit. First of all, you just have to put the structure on the hoverboard platform. Screw the 2 elements together using the screws and bolts supplied with your purchase. Finish by fixing the straps.

How to make a homemade hoverkart?

Not everyone has the skills to build their own hoverkart. You need to have some knowledge, even basic, in DIY. After that, you need to have the necessary materials for the construction such as aluminium, screws, bolts and the right DIY tools. Define a precise work plan. Don't hesitate to find ideas on the Internet about the style of your future hoverkart.


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Hiboy HC-01
Hiboy HC-01
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MarkBoard RS02
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