The best headphones under 200 euros in the UK 2023

Did you know that 2 out of 3 English people listen to music on their smartphone? Good headphones being expensive, headphones are the best alternative. And you don't need to spend a fortune to find what you're looking for! To make the right choice, discover our guide to the best headphones under 200 euros.

Bose Soundsport 1

Best value for money

Bose Soundsport

The best headphones under 200 euros in 2021

The Sound Sport in-ear headphones from Bose weigh in at just 23g. Blue in color, they work via Bluetooth and deliver a well-balanced sound while staying alert to outside noise.

89,60 £ on Amazon

These headphones incorporate a Bose active equalization system to deliver balanced sound at any volume. For extended listening, the recommended charging time is 2 hours for 6 hours of listening time. Wireless technology makes Bluetooth and CCP pairing more convenient and easier.

The Bose Sound Sport Bluetooth headphones have StayHear tips for a better fit in the ears during sports workouts. Beyond that, they're highly resistant to weather and perspiration, so they'll last longer. Finally, you won't have to worry about them falling out even when you're exercising.

Sony MDR-EX110APW 2

Best under €50


The best headphones under 50 euros

Well-built and pleasantly light, with more than decent sound, the Sony MDR-EX110APW in-ear headphones are among the best models you'll find for less than $50.

15,99 £ on Amazon

Apart from the glossy finish, drivers with white rubber grommets and a remote control hanging from the left cable, there's nothing special about the Sony MDR-EX110APW earphones. This hanging control allows you to answer calls and will be used for multimedia actions (pause, next, previous). It is at the level of the sound that these wired earphones make the difference: nothing at less than 50 euros can compete!

With the Sony MDR-EX110APW headphones, you get uncompromising audio clarity. With high-density acoustic resistance, these headphones let you enjoy deep, effective bass at all volume levels. This audio enhancement technology enriches your favorite songs while supporting extremely clear high frequencies that bring every detail to your ears.

Apple Airpods 3

Best under €150

Apple Airpods

The best headphones under 150 euros

Technically and acoustically, these Apple AirPods have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the other wireless headphones in this review. In addition to the sound, they offer unbeatable Bluetooth usability.

108 £ on Amazon

For this2nd generation of Apple Airpods, Apple has given up on any flashy redesign and focused on the essentials, namely offering excellent audio quality. For starters, the in-ear drivers have undergone a small change. They no longer block the entrance to the ear canal and thus let a lot of noise through. Apple's classic neutral tonal balance has also been slightly improved, adding more subtlety and sophistication to the sound output.

Wireless technology is as reliable and impressive as ever, thanks to Apple's W1 chip. Unlike most portable headphones on the market today, the AirPods don't include a remote control. Instead, you'll rely almost entirely on Siri to adjust volume and skip tracks, in addition to performing a number of other voice-activated functions.

Sony WF-1000XM3 4


Sony WF-1000XM3

Great headphones under 200 euros

After the in-ear version of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headset, here is the in-ear version of its rival the Sony WH-1000XM3. This pair impresses both by the sound and by the comfort.

135 £ on Amazon

Designed to offer complete freedom of movement, the Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless in-ear headphones feature a sophisticated noise cancellation system. Front and rear-facing microphones absorb distracting ambient sounds and noises, and Sony's QN1e HD noise cancellation processor filters them out completely.

DSEE HX technology compresses digital files to near high-resolution quality. The built-in Bluetooth chip is designed to keep signals solid and in sync. Impossible to knock out of your ears, these Sony headphones have 8 hours of battery life, and another 24 hours with the convenient magnetic charging case.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best headphones under 200 euros

Any specific needs?

The best headphones under 200 euros in 2021

The best headphones under 50 euros

The best headphones under 150 euros

Great headphones under 200 euros

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Comparison table of the best headphones under 200 euros

Bose Soundsport 5
Sony MDR-EX110APW 6
Apple Airpods 7
Sony WF-1000XM3 8
Bose Soundsport
Apple Airpods
Sony WF-1000XM3
The Sound Sport in-ear headphones from Bose weigh in at just 23g. Blue in color, they work via Bluetooth and deliver a well-balanced sound while staying alert to outside noise.
Well-built and pleasantly light, with more than decent sound, the Sony MDR-EX110APW in-ear headphones are among the best models you'll find for less than $50.
Technically and acoustically, these Apple AirPods have nothing to be ashamed of when compared to the other wireless headphones in this review. In addition to the sound, they offer unbeatable Bluetooth usability.
After the in-ear version of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headset, here is the in-ear version of its rival the Sony WH-1000XM3. This pair impresses both by the sound and by the comfort.
Wired or wireless

Remote control
Voice control (Siri)
Touch control
Not waterproof
Battery life
5 hours
5 hours
6 hrs
Sound quality

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Buying guide - headphones under 200 euros

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How to choose your headphones under 200 euros

#1 - Sound quality

This is the first thing to consider when choosing an audio headset. Ideally, you should try them out, but you need to be a connoisseur. Some models deliver exceptional sound with high audio resolution. They sometimes include powerful bass to enhance the sound quality, perfect for enjoying your favorite songs.

With an ergonomic design that ensures a perfect seal, some audio headphones deliver exceptional sound that will surprise even the most discerning listener. For an even more striking result, that is to say an optimal bass quality, some models are equipped with a bass amplification system and sound insulation and others are equipped with equalizer settings that serve to improve the sound rendering.

#2 - Robustness

This is a fundamental criterion in the choice of an audio earphone especially since this accessory is intended for daily use. Some models are designed for the great sportsmen by displaying a hyper-resistance to the rain, the snow, the sun, the mud or the sweat. They will be able to practice their favorite sport while listening to their playlists. Aluminum models show excellent strength and durability compared to other headphones. Aside from the ear cups, you should pay special attention to the cables. Those designed with pure copper benefit from an optimal lifespan.

#3 - Functionality and practicality

Features are what make the difference between the many audio headphone models available on the market. High-end audio headphones integrate some apps like Jaybird on Google Play and Apple Store. These will allow you to discover and download your favorite music to escape while preparing dinner, jogging, playing sports, etc. In case of loss, this application is also able to help you find your earphone.

Other essential features of an audio headset include the presence of smart control technology compatible with iOS, Android or other mobile operating systems. Bluetooth connectivity or the microphone are small extras that can motivate you to use your device. Some models even come with a remote control or high-end hi-fi cables that ensure the transfer of the audio signal from the device to the headphones.

#4 - Autonomy


models equipped with a battery, autonomy is a criterion not to be neglected. Some can last for a dozen hours, while others will allow you to enjoy your music for no more than 4 hours.

#5 - Design and wearing comfort

Design also matters, especially for those who are looking for elegance and refinement with earbuds on their ears. Aluminum is the ideal material because of its noble side and aesthetics. Note that to offer optimal comfort of use, some manufacturers have opted for foam or silicone tips that can be perfectly adjusted to your ears. They are extremely soft and are usually equipped with a reinforced rubber protection.

Hygiene is important?

To keep your headphones in top condition, clean them regularly. Don't let earwax or other dirt build up. If possible, wipe them down with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes after each use.

Be aware that sharing your headphones with anyone is not very hygienic: it can introduce new bacteria into your ears and upset their natural balance. Excessive growth of a certain type of bacteria can cause a painful ear infection. So avoid lending your headphones whenever possible.

Finally, remember to clean your ears as well. Medical professionals recommend not using cotton swabs or other such objects, as they can hurt your eardrum. Instead, you can wipe the outside of your ear canal with a clean, damp cloth.

For earwax buildup, you can buy over-the-counter ear drops to soften it. Always follow the instructions on the package. You can also buy over-the-counter ear syringe kits, which use a warm saline solution to flush the ear canal.

Noise-cancelling or noise-isolating headphones?

Headphones with noise reduction

Noise-cancelling headphones use a microphone built into the headphones to detect, analyse and generate a noise-cancelling signal to cancel out unwanted noise, leaving only your music or video. This type of headset tends to be quite expensive: you'll rarely find a headset of this type for less than £300. The other disadvantage is that a noise-cancelling headset will completely isolate you from your surroundings. This could be dangerous, as you won't hear traffic noise, for example.

Noise-isolating headphones

This type of earphone does not use any electronics to block noise. It is simply made of materials that can block certain sound waves, especially those at higher frequencies. The design of the headphones can therefore prevent as much noise as possible from entering the ear canal. The disadvantage with these types of headphones is that they cannot eliminate noise above 20dB.


Ultimately, you choose what works for you. Before committing to either of these two options, be sure to consider your preferences and budget. If you need a headset that allows you to focus only on your music or video without any interference, noise cancelling headphones are the best option for you. But if you're looking for an affordable, yet effective solution, noise-isolating headphones are the way to go.


The occlusion effect.

When you buy new headphones, make sure you get ones with a good level of waterproofing (water, dust and particles). However, keep in mind that this kind of earphone can cause an occlusion effect if you are not used to it yet. The occlusion effect is a phenomenon we experience when we speak while our ears are blocked: when the ear canal is blocked, the sound cannot escape and is reflected back to the eardrum, causing the low-frequency occlusion effect. This can be perfectly normal if you're not used to high sealing level earphones. You'll get used to it pretty quickly.

Don't waste the battery on your wireless headphones.

Long phone calls, long periods of listening to music can drain the battery of wireless headphones pretty quickly. To avoid running out of battery too quickly, use your earphones one at a time. While you're using one of your earbuds, keep the other one in its case, that way you'll get twice as much listening or calling time.

Think of the memory foam tips for your headphones.

If you're having trouble finding an ear tip that fits perfectly in your ears, consider memory foam tips. They expand to fit your ear perfectly every time you insert them. Just make sure you get the right size to match your wireless headphones.

Memory foam tips, less durable?

Silicone tips can last for years, but foam tips wear out pretty quickly: count on weeks or months of use. They tend to get dirty pretty quickly: they settle, become sticky and very unpleasant to the touch. It is therefore necessary to have a perfect hygiene to make them last as long as possible. Do not use cleaners too often to wash your memory foam tips. They may disintegrate after a few cleanings.

Check if your firmware has been updated.

Unlike other products, firmware update has a huge impact on the performance of most wireless earphones. Always make sure you have the latest version.


What is the best headset under 200 euros?

The best headphones for under £200 depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

I want to use headphones to talk hands-free on my phone. What kind of features do I need?

Headphones with cordcontrols provide quick access to volume and answer functions. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, consider a pair of wireless headphones so you're not connected to your device while you talk. Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones should be controlled with your device or a remote.

Do I really need noise reduction if I only use my headphones at home?

Probably not, unless you have a noisy home environment. It also depends on your sensitivity to outside sounds. For those who need or want to block out their environment, such as on a commute to and from work, noise reduction or cancellation features would make a big difference. For the ultimate in noise control, look for cancellation features that emit frequencies to block out unwanted noise. This type of control can be disorienting at first, but offers the best noise control.

How long does it take to charge a pair of wireless headphones?

It depends on the pair, but in general, a pair of wireless headphones takes an hour or two to charge. Wireless headphones charge much faster than true wireless headphones and offer about the same battery life.

Can I replace the battery in a pair of wireless headphones?

No. Wireless headphones have built-in rechargeable batteries, but these are not intended to be replaced. All batteries eventually stop accepting a charge, which means that one day you'll need to replace your wireless headphones, but most pairs last several years before that's necessary.


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