36 must-have travel accessories for Christmas

Do you have an adventurer, a hiker, a globetrotter or even a globe-cooker in your life and are looking for an original and practical Christmas gift idea? If you're short on ideas, find inspiration by browsing our list of 36 must-have travel accessories to give for Christmas or any other occasion. There's something for every taste and budget, so you're sure to find one that will please a traveler.

Bagage à Main Samsonite S’Cure Spinner S

Hand luggage Samsonite S'Cure Spinner S

82,40 £ on Amazon

This could be the nicest gift to give to any traveler. Samsonite's carry-on luggage is made of 100% polypropylene flowlite. Its telescopic pull handle and lightweight aluminum handle make it easy to carry. The same goes for the 4 360° swivel wheels.

Sac à dos de voyage Della Gao

Della Gao Travel Backpack

31,19 £ on Amazon

For the backpacker, the adventurer and the backpacker in your life, this travel backpack has several ultra practical compartments, including 3 main pockets and 9 interior pockets. A padded compartment can accommodate fragile devices like a PC. It also has a USB charging slot and RFID pockets.

Sacs de compression Compactor RAN4292

Compactor RAN4292 compression bags

3,99 £ on Amazon

This set of cheap compression bags helps to organize the suitcase. Waterproof, it gives the possibility to save more space in the luggage. No need for a vacuum cleaner, just fill the 2 bags and roll them on themselves. An essential for those who are often on the move. Each model can hold the equivalent of 12 t-shirts.

Pochette tour de cou Keafols

Keafols neck pouch

9,59 £ on Amazon

The person to whom you offer this beautiful gift will now be able to secure his precious objects. The neck pouch knows how to be discreet. It will find a good hiding place under clothing, safe from thieves. Thanks to its satisfactory capacity, the pouch will accommodate credit cards, driver's licenses and important papers. This is a must-have for Christmas.

MIQIO sleeping bag sheet 1

MIQIO sleeping bag sheet

17,49 £ on Amazon

Sleep is still the best part of the day and is of utmost importance to everyone. With this in mind, Miqio offers this multi-functional sleeping tool to ensure you get a good night's sleep wherever you go: it can be used as a comfortable sleeping bag, a light blanket or a simple travel sheet.

Matelas d’appoint gonflable Unigear

Unigear Inflatable Booster Mattress

31,91 £ on Amazon

Made of 40D nylon and TPU, this 500g air mattress is perfect for people who travel frequently in hostile areas. It is waterproof and ultra resistant to moisture and wear. The mattress is easy to clean and can support a maximum load of 200 kg. To inflate it, 10 to 20 breaths are enough.

Empty travel bottles Uervoton 2

Empty travel bottles Uervoton

14,39 £ on Amazon

The set of 6 Uervoton silicone travel bottles offers you the possibility to easily carry your ritual products (shampoo, lotion, cream, gel, etc.) during your short stays: no more dozens of tubes cluttering your luggage! In addition, the bottle is equipped with a leak-proof protection. Write the product on the integrated label or choose a specific color for a product.

Viedouce sleep mask 3

Viedouce sleep mask

8,79 £ on Amazon

This accessory is a must for those who travel and sleep on the go. This mask developed by Viedouce, 100% natural silk, adapts to all ages and helps you dive into your deepest sleep at any time and any place.

Amazon Brand Eono Microfiber Towel 4

Amazon Brand Eono Microfiber Towel

22,39 £ on Amazon

Prefer the ultra absorbent and light microfiber towel for your trip. Eono offers you this compact model, practical to slip discreetly into your luggage. Available in several sizes and colors, there is something for the whole family.

Coussin de voyage Volar Third of Life

Volar Third of Life travel cushion

23,96 £ on Amazon

This ergonomic, super light, very breathable and hypoallergenic travel pillow will bring maximum comfort to the person who will receive it at Christmas, whether he or she is traveling by plane, train or car. Its design in memory foam makes it particularly resistant to dust mites.

Trousse de toilette Foregoer

Foregoer toiletry bag

21,59 £ on Amazon

The Foregoer toiletry bag will be most useful during family trips and business travel. In addition to its large capacity, the nylon accessory is also effectively water resistant. It has several zippered pockets for better organization. Also, it is possible to hang it up thanks to its plastic hook.

Bouteille pliable en silicone Kemier

Kemier collapsible silicone bottle

12,79 £ on Amazon

The Kemier foldable silicone bottle makes a great Christmas gift for an eco-traveler. The accessory has a capacity of 750 ml and weighs only 155 g on the scale. It is safe to use as the bottle is equipped with a non-return valve. It can be folded and stored easily in the pocket after use.

Gourde filtrante LifeStraw Go

Gourde filtrante LifeStraw Go

37,59 £ on Amazon

An original and practical gift idea, this LifeStraw Go water bottle will surely please hikers, campers and mountaineers who are used to traveling in remote areas. No need to worry about the quality of the water, the filtering straw of the bottle will clean it. It should be noted that the bottle can filter up to 1000 L before being replaced.

Th-some first aid kit 5

Th-some first aid kit

16,78 £ on Amazon

Nothing beats taking precautions, and this Th-some mini first aid kit won't burden you in the least. You'll find 18 types of supplies needed for first aid in case of an accident. Its compact design fits easily in your luggage and its case is water and shock resistant.

Bouchons d’oreilles Halovie

Halovie earplugs

11,99 £ on Amazon

It is simply inconceivable to travel in comfort without earplugs. Especially if you want to get some sleep and feel comfortable during your journey. This model, including 20 pairs of earplugs, will therefore be perfectly indicated as a Christmas gift for travelers, whether punctual or frequent.

Paranix Répulsif Moustiques

Paranix Mosquito Repellent

4,64 £ on Amazon

Do you have a loved one who often travels to countries where insect-borne diseases are prevalent? To prevent the risks, give them a gift of Paranix mosquito spray. With a capacity of 90 ml, this repellent will protect them for 9 hours. It is also suitable for children from 24 months.

Coupe menstruelle fine Intimina Lily Cup Taille A

Thin menstrual cup Intimina Lily Cup Size A

18,39 £ on Amazon

It's a super original, yet practical Christmas gift idea for young women on the go. With its capacity and anti-spill edges, the Lily thin menstrual cup promises up to 8 hours of protection, no matter how much flow there is. Reusable and easy to clean, it is available in other sizes to suit all women.

Lampe Frontale Gritin

Gritin Headlamp

10,39 £ on Amazon

Whether you have to go out at night or just because you like night walks, the use of a waterproof headlamp is always appropriate. This one, in addition to its small price, will make the happiness of the great travelers since it embarks a powerful battery of 800 mAh and is charged via USB. A charging time of 2 h 30 will allow them to benefit from a continuous use from 7 to 12 h.

Diyife TSA luggage locks 6

Diyife TSA luggage locks

8,79 £ on Amazon

These Diyife TSA luggage locks will protect your loved one's luggage during long-haul flights. Each model has a 3-button combination that is easy to set. Plus, the steel cable is compatible with any type of latch or hinge.

Luxebell luggage strap 7

Luxebell luggage strap

11,19 £ on Amazon

And for maximum protection, this luggage strap could complement the locks above. It is made from polypropylene fiber. Ranging from 120 to 200 cm in length, the 5 cm wide belt easily fits suitcases measuring 50 to 81 cm. Enough to allow your loved one to travel with peace of mind!

Étiquettes bagages Ivencase

Ivencase luggage tags

7,19 £ on Amazon

Luggage tags are a must-have for all travelers. You want to offer some for Christmas? Do not hesitate to choose these models of Invencase. Available in a set of 6, these labels can contain all the information about the owner of the luggage, from his postal address to his email address, including his first and last name.

Swiss Army Knife Bibury Multitools 8

Swiss Army Knife Bibury Multitools

17,59 £ on Amazon

You will use this kind of tool in many circumstances during your travels. A true pocket companion, the Bibury multi-purpose pliers puts at your disposal pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, files, mini saws, can openers, scissors, etc.

Uscamel Meade Compact Binoculars 9

Uscamel Meade Compact Binoculars

39,99 £ on Amazon

For the explorers, here is also a fundamental accessory that must accompany you during your outdoor activities. The Uscamel Meade compact binoculars have high quality optical parts to satisfy your nature observations.

GPS portable monochrome Garmin eTrex 10

Garmin eTrex 10 portable monochrome GPS

95,20 £ on Amazon

Fans of high-tech who are constantly on the move will find their happiness in this portable GPS. That's right! Because a GPS gives them the opportunity to save the track of their journey. Thanks to its internal memory, the device can store up to 10,000 recorded points and 100 tracks. It displays the map with a resolution of 128 x 160 px.

Litionite Raiden 10

Litionite Raiden

160 £ on Amazon

Litionite Raiden 160W/41600mAh Power Bank is a compact, ergonomic, easy to carry and above all powerful model.

Anker PowerCore 20 100 mAh external battery 11

Anker PowerCore 20 100 mAh external battery

28,79 £ on Amazon

The Anker PowerCore external battery offers you two USB ports and 20,100 mAh of power for optimal and secure charging of your smartphone. You should definitely have this accessory in your hand luggage, as it helps you stay connected even while traveling.

Adaptateur et chargeur USB de voyage universel SKROSS

SKROSS Universal Travel USB Adapter and Charger

19,69 £ on Amazon

Small but useful, the universal travel adapter should be in every traveler's bag. From France to the United States, through China, Australia and all of Europe, this model will plug into all power outlets (types A, G, I and C/USB 2.4 A). It can be used as a Christmas gift for a loved one who travels regularly.

G'palémo Kindle Format 12

G'palémo Kindle Format

4 £ on Amazon

Communication is not easy, especially if you are going to a foreign destination. If words are not enough, you can always use this Guide du Routard from Hachette: it's impossible not to make yourself understood with its hundreds of colorful illustrations on various common themes.

Point it Traveller's Language Kit : New Edition

Point it Traveller's Language Kit: New Edition

5,60 £ on Amazon

A universal language that the whole world understands is illustrations. The author of this little guide has understood this, which is why he has written this book for all those who wish to travel to foreign countries without being multilingual. No need to speak, just point to the image corresponding to the word you want to express.

Traducteur vocal portable multilingue Vasco Mini 2

Vasco Mini 2 Multilingual Portable Voice Translator

215 £ on Amazon

Your loved one no longer needs to take language lessons before shipping once you give them this voice translator for Christmas. The Vasco Mini 2 can translate all sentences in more than 50 languages. It uses 6 translation engines to do so. Note that this model works without Wi-Fi or smartphone.

Caméra Sport 4K Apexcam

Caméra Sport 4K Apexcam

See price

Écouteurs Bluetooth Soundcore Life P2

Écouteurs Bluetooth Soundcore Life P2

See price

Mini enceinte Bluetooth portable Anker SoundCore 13

Mini enceinte Bluetooth portable Anker SoundCore

See price

Liseuse Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 14

Liseuse Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

See price

Imprimante photo portable HP Sprocket Luna Pearl

Imprimante photo portable HP Sprocket Luna Pearl

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Kit de Couture Coquimbo

Kit de Couture Coquimbo

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