The best PC microphones in the UK 2023

A microphone is a device used to convert an acoustic signal into an electrical signal. In the past, microphones were only used for music recording. Nowadays, PC microphones are used for calls, streaming, or gaming. In fact, it has become an indispensable accessory in various fields of activity. However, it seems difficult to make a choice in view of the many models that exist. This article is made to help you.

Blue Yeti 988-000100 1

Editor's Choice

Blue Yeti 988-000100

The best micro PC in 2021

The Blue Yeti 988-000100 is a multi-pattern USB microphone. This product is ideal for having a quality recording directly on your PC.

112 £ on LDLC

This PC microphone from Blue looks like a classic recording tool. With a retro design, it comes with a shiny metal grill and a chrome frame mounted on a swivel. Its support allows you to rotate it in the sound direction that suits you and optimize the quality of the recording. It comes with built-in buttons for headphone volume control, mute selection and microphone gain, so you can record great sound right out of the box.

The Yeti 988-000100 PC microphone features triple-capsule technology that allows it to produce studio-quality recordings. With this PC mic from Blue, you have access to four recording modes. In fact, you can record voice, musical instruments, podcasts and/or interviews on your PC. That's right, no need to buy multiple microphones for instruments and vocals.

Micro PC FDUCE 2

Best Cheap


The best entry-level micro PC

The FDUCE microphone is both high performance and very robust, and is made entirely of metal. It is an inexpensive product with superior quality.

47,99 £ on Fnac

The classic desktop microphone designed by Fduce is made entirely of metal. Its first-class texture absorbs shocks, making it very resistant to falls. Very precise, the recording made with this microphone is of studio quality. This is a high quality, high performance recording accessory, but at a cost suitable for everyone.

Opting for a cardioid polar pattern, the FDUCE condenser microphone has the ability to record voices with precision. You are sure to get clear, smooth sound as it comes with a noise reducer with its ability to reduce nearby noise. Take advantage of this great value microphone.

RODE NT1 AI-1 Bundle 3

Best High End

RODE NT1 AI-1 Bundle

The best high-end micro PC

The NT1 AI-1 Bundle is a complete piece of equipment, perfect for your home studio projects. It is a 3-in-1 set with an NT1 cardioid condenser microphone, an AI-1 audio interface and a suspension with pop filter.

280 £ on Ldlc

With this equipment, you have at your disposal the result of the know-how of the RODE brand, a reference in studio equipment. This is what you need if you want to create your own home studio. With the NT1 cardioid condenser PC microphone, you are sure to have a microphone that perfectly captures both your voice and your instruments.
It features an internal Rycote Lyre suspension. With a very low blast of only 4 dBA and a very wide frequency range coverage, the NT1 AI-1 Bundle is very ergonomic thanks to its 6 meter long XLR cable. With the purchase of the NT1 AI-1 Bundle, you get an anti-vibration suspension, a pop filter and an AI-1 audio interface.

Razer Seiren V2 Pro 4


Razer Seiren V2 Pro

A great micro PC

Durable and easy to use, the Razer Seiren V2 Pro PC microphone is able to adapt easily thanks to a stabilizing aluminum base. This equipment is perfect for audio recording.

128 £ on Ldlc

The Razer Seiren V2 Pro remains the must-have for high quality recording enthusiasts, especially for streamers who want to satisfy their subscribers. Indeed, it is a PC microphone that is capable of recording with a clarity superior to CD. You can be sure of the best sound experience if you have the Razer Seiren V2 Pro at your disposal.
This PC microphone also has a unique feature. The fact is that you can quickly switch between 4 directional curves using the main controller. You can also adjust the volume and gain of the microphone using the control knob on the front of the hardware.

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Best micro PC

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The best micro PC in 2021

The best entry-level micro PC

The best high-end micro PC

A great micro PC

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Comparison table of the best PC microphones

Blue Yeti 988-000100 5
Micro PC FDUCE 6
RODE NT1 AI-1 Bundle 7
Razer Seiren V2 Pro 8
Blue Yeti 988-000100
RODE NT1 AI-1 Bundle
Razer Seiren V2 Pro
The Blue Yeti 988-000100 is a multi-pattern USB microphone. This product is ideal for having a quality recording directly on your PC.
The FDUCE microphone is both high performance and very robust, and is made entirely of metal. It is an inexpensive product with superior quality.
The NT1 AI-1 Bundle is a complete piece of equipment, perfect for your home studio projects. It is a 3-in-1 set with an NT1 cardioid condenser microphone, an AI-1 audio interface and a suspension with pop filter.
Durable and easy to use, the Razer Seiren V2 Pro PC microphone is able to adapt easily thanks to a stabilizing aluminum base. This equipment is perfect for audio recording.
120 dB
120 dB
132 dB
130 dB
20Hz - 20kHz
100 HZ-10 KHZ
20Hz - 20kHz
20Hz - 20kHz
Filter included
Connectivity technology
Sound quality

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How to choose your micro PC

Before buying a PC microphone, you should consider sensitivity, frequency, sound quality, filters, but also breath and response curve.

#1 - The sensitivity

This is the first criterion to consider when buying a PC microphone. Indeed, the sensitivity of a microphone determines the quality of the sound you can obtain. Of course, the sensitivity must vary according to the role you want to assign to the microphone.

Sensitivity is expressed in decibels. It is a value that should not be the same for every purpose. Indeed, a voice is not recorded in the same way as a bass guitar or a drum kit. Thus, the higher the sound to be recorded, the lower the sensitivity should be. You will therefore make your choice according to the sensitivity of the microphone.

#2 - The frequency

At its manufacture, a microphone is intended to capture a precise spectrum of sound that is associated with a specific frequency. This frequency is generally between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. Thus, not all microphones are particularly suitable for voices. The majority of PC microphones are more suitable for instruments, which means that they have a wider frequency spectrum.

If your purpose in buying a PC microphone is to record your voice or to stream, you should choose a model with a smaller frequency range. This spectrum should not normally exceed 255 Hz.

#3 - The sound quality

The optimal sound quality for a PC microphone is 24 bit at 192KHz. However, most mics using a USB port are limited to 16 bit resolution. Also, most audio sharing or streaming platforms limit the resolution of the audio to make it easier to load the data.

So resolution is not necessarily the main factor in audio quality when it comes to streaming. On the other hand, a microphone with high definition is ideal for making audio recordings.

#4 - The filters

The presence of an anti-pop filter and others is essential, especially if it is a professional use. Indeed, the sound can be parasitized by the surrounding noises if you don't have filters. A click on the keyboard or the noise of the fan of your PC can greatly affect the quality of your recording.

However, most micro PCs do not come with a filter when you buy them. If you have the means, you will probably just have to pay a little extra to get one. But you can also use post-production software.

#5 - The breath and the response curve

Mic hiss is that dull noise you hear when there is no sound being recorded. It can greatly affect the recording quality especially if there is a deliberate blank in the middle of it. This is actually the processing chain of the microphone. The more breath your mic has, the better your mic is. Lean towards the PC microphones that have the least amount of hiss.

The response curve, on the other hand, refers to the sound frequencies that the PC microphone is capable of recording. Depending on how you want to use the mic, choose one with a curve that matches your voice or the instrument you want to record.

Which microphone for gaming?

It's a different story when it comes to gaming

With the constant development of new technologies, but also online games, being able to be heard is essential. For gamers and streamers, sound quality is more important than image quality. There is no need for 4K image rendering. Moreover, many videos are extremely famous on the net while having a poor image quality.

When it comes to sound, on the other hand, as soon as there is an unpleasant background noise, the video is immediately sent down the list. A streamer can therefore be sure to lose subscribers when he has a bad microphone, regardless of the quality of the game or the image.

The dynamic gamer microphone

Just as a speaker works, a dynamic gamer mic has a membrane and a metal coil. This is to tell you how much this type of gamer mic lives up to expectations in terms of sound quality.

However, unlike speakers, it is the sound pressure that moves the membrane, and it is this mechanism that produces a current flow. These microphones generally do not require batteries or a direct power supply. Thus, they are for the most part very reliable and robust.

The gamer condenser microphone

This is a model consisting of a capacitor. This capacitor is itself connected to a fixed electrode and a small membrane. This type of gamer microphone also works under the action of sound pressure. In general, gamers are attracted to these mics because of their much higher frequencies and incomparable sound clarity.

The different types of PC microphones

When talking about PC microphones, we can distinguish between omnidirectional and unidirectional microphones. But there are also cardioid microphones, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their performance.

Omnidirectional microphones

First, the directionality of a microphone is its ability to handle multiple sound sources coming from different angles. Omnidirectional microphones are microphones that can pick up all surrounding sounds, regardless of angle or distance.

Thus, all sounds present in a 360 degree angle are recorded in a uniform manner. These sounds are also played back evenly and clearly without favoring one direction.

Unidirectional microphones

In contrast to an omnidirectional mic, unidirectional mics are those that face a single angle. They pick up a single sound source and ignore other sounds coming from other sources.

The advantage of a unidirectional PC microphone is that it is very accurate. It is more likely to offer better sound quality since it focuses on only one source at the expense of others.

Cardioid microphones

Cardioid microphones are the most commonly used in home studios. This is due to their variations detailed a little below. This type of PC mic is sensitive only to sounds coming from the front of the unit. This is a feature that greatly simplifies the use of the device.
Indeed, you will hardly feel any feedback phenomenon with cardioid microphones. This makes it much easier to isolate unwanted sound sources. However, if the microphone is incorrectly placed in relation to the person or instrument being recorded, this can cause a failure in frequency response.

PC microphone or headset microphone?

Micro PC

The PC microphone is an independent microphone from the PC, so it is possible to unplug it when it is not in use. Just connect it to the USB and the cable dedicated to the PC microphone to enjoy it. Even when plugged in, it can be moved and its sensitivity and accuracy remain the same.
When making video or audio calls online, the PC microphone is only useful if you're alone in the room or if it's a call for the whole family. Everyone can hear your conversation.

Headset microphone

The headset microphone is an instrument composed of a microphone and a headset. It is a very popular accessory among gamers due to its accessibility and its ability to make conversations more private. Its combination with a headset makes it even more interesting.
The microphone is not very sensitive and less clear to hear the different tones of your voice.


If you like to sing or have a more precise tone of voice, the pc microphone is what you need.
The headset microphone is best suited for making or receiving private phone calls over the internet (Skype, Meet,...).

Why buy a micro PC?

The quality

The quality of the audio is an element not to be neglected during the performance of a live show. The listener will decide whether or not to follow you based on the quality of your video and/or audio. Compared to the headset, the PC microphone offers a better sound quality because it is specially designed for recording.


The amplitude of the sound frequencies is called "footprint" or "response curve". It is easy to distinguish the values of the sound frequency produced from a PC microphone. This value is more accurate than the high and low frequencies can be easily differentiated.

Noise reduction

During an online video or audio call, you can often hear the speaker's breath. This noise comes from the microphone, with the PC microphone there is a setting to reduce the noise from the surroundings. This way, even if someone is talking at some distance from you, the voice will not be perceived in the recording.


The sensitivity of a microphone is expressed as a value, and the higher the value, the more sensitive the microphone. It has been proven that the PC microphone is more sensitive than the microphone built into the PC and the headset. It is also possible to set its sensitivity to the minimum to record a low value like the battery.

The style

There is a lot of choice in the design and style of the PC microphone. They come in all shapes and sizes. You have a choice to beautify your workspace. Plus, it easily captures your voice style when recording.

The best brands of PC microphones

In our opinion, the best brands of PC microphones in 2022 are :


A Singaporean company specializing in the development and sale of high-end computer hardware for gamers. Their products remain very competitive on the market.

The Blue brand is specialized in the design of microphones. Whether it's a PC microphone or a headset microphone, you'll find what you're looking for.

Rode is an Australian brand based in the city of Sydney. It is now one of the main leaders in the market of audio recording at a reduced cost.

It is an American brand that makes its place on the market in the production of devices for sound recording. It also produces digital pianos.

The Japanese brand Sony or Sony Group specializes in many fields. It is a multinational brand.

What is the price for a micro PC

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Favour usb ports

When it comes to microphones, there are usually two types of connectors. These are jack or USB ports. Most of the entry-level mics have a jack port. These mics can be enough if it is about simple dialogues between gamers. But when it comes to streaming or posting videos, USB ports are more suitable.

Gamer accessories

A gamer mic usually doesn't have an accessory that follows it at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, you will need accessories to have a flawless recording quality. We're talking about a stand, a pop filter, but also a fairly long power cable.

Protect your mic from dust

A mic can easily be exposed to small particles, like dust, if you're not careful. This dust has no direct impact on the quality of the microphone. But over time, you will experience a considerable deterioration in the resolution of your microphone.

Beware of other devices

Microphones are not made to pick up sound waves only. Indeed, they also pick up electromagnetic waves. So you can damage the mic's sensors just by putting a device with strong magnetism next to it.

Isolate your streaming room

It's a given that streamers need to eliminate all surrounding noise when they are recording or doing a live show. Unfortunately, not all microphones have noise cancellation systems. So the best way to be safe is to isolate the room.


How to activate the microphone on a Windows 10 PC? How to connect a microphone on a PC? How to test the microphone on my PC? How to use my microphone in gaming?

Normally, the accessories are activated automatically as soon as you connect it to the PC. However, it's not always easy to find yourself when your pc doesn't recognize your microphone. Unfortunately, if this is the case, it's not coming from your computer, but from the accessory itself.

To plug in your mic, simply insert the mic port into the cavity provided. Once entered, your computer should normally recognize the accessory and ask you if you want to use this accessory or stay on the PC's built-in microphone. All you have to do is select it and start using it.

To test your microphone, you have to go to the sound settings, by right-clicking on the little sound icon at the bottom of the screen. Once in this window, select "manage devices" and click on the name of the accessory. You'll then be able to see the resolution level of your mic.

Generally speaking, your mic should be connected to your game as soon as the device is properly plugged in and properly activated. However, to be sure, check that the game recognizes the accessory and that the game server does not affect the sound resolution.


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Blue Yeti 988-000100
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RODE NT1 AI-1 Bundle
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Razer Seiren V2 Pro


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