The best energy suppliers in the UK 2023

Do you want to change your energy supplier, but you don't know which operator to turn to? Would you like to opt for a quality service at a price you can afford? If so, you should know that we have compiled in this article some of the best energy providers of the moment. You will certainly find an offer adapted to your needs, and at a lower cost.

Eni 1

Best gas and electricity offer


The best all-around deal in 2021

Eni is one of the most popular energy suppliers operating in the UK. It proposes attractive offers at justified prices for private individuals as well as for companies.

0,28393 €/kWh TTC (6 kVA Base)

Eni is an energy supplier that operates throughout France. It offers two mixed offers (electricity and gas) of quality for its customers. On the one hand, you have Evo Eco, an offer with a 10% discount if we refer to the regulated tariffs. When subscribing to it, you can choose between two billing modes: monthly and fortnightly. You also have the possibility to pay directly by check or by direct debit to facilitate transactions.

On the other hand, there is the Evo Eco Protection Plus offer. It will allow you to benefit from plumbing, gas, boiler and electricity assistance for only 3.99 euros TTC/month. The prices are however indexed according to the different regulated tariffs. Consequently, if the latter fall, your prices will also be reduced proportionally.

Mega Energy 2

Best cheap gas supplier

Mega Energy

The best cheap energy provider for gas

Mega Energy offers a very competitive rate in the market, and that starts right at the moment you sign up. You'll save a lot of money for a quality service.

0.070 7 €/kWh incl. VAT (6 kVA Base)

Mega Energie starts from the principle that its prices must suit everyone. For this reason, this energy supplier offers 2 types of offers for natural gas. First, there is the Home offer which proposes neutral gas. With this offer, you will benefit from -8% discount compared to the regulated tariffs as soon as you subscribe and -40% the following year. You will be billed with your actual consumption on a bi-monthly or monthly basis according to your choice. You can opt for a direct debit and receive an electronic bill.

Then there is the Super offer. As soon as you subscribe online, you will be entitled to a -13% discount compared to the regulated rates and -30% the following year. The customer service is also available at any time online to answer you as soon as possible. With this offer, you will pay the same amount monthly thanks to the payment schedule. Your electronic invoice will be sent to you by email.


Best electricity supplier


The best energy provider for electricity

Who doesn't know EDF, the most important energy supplier in the UK? It offers high quality services, and its rates are taken as references.

0.152 5 €/kWh incl. VAT (6 kVA Base)

EDF offers the Digiwatt offer which aims to compete with other low-cost electricity suppliers. It is a 100% online offer with a tariff of 0.146 9 € TTC/kWh on a 6kVA basis. This offer is indexed at -5%. You will have your bill online with a customer service available 7 days a week. You will have your payment schedule every year, but monthly you will pay fixed charges.

In addition, EDF proposes the Green Electric offer for those who wish to be supplied with electricity via renewable energy sources. The price of this offer is 0,160 3 € TTC/kWh with four options available: e-Vert Electric, Green Electric Week-End, Green Electric Auto and Green Electric Regional. Their differences are in the prices during off-peak hours, weekends and holidays. This can be as much as -50%.

Bulb 4

Green electricity


The best green energy provider

A true reference for green energy, Bulb is nevertheless one of the most recent suppliers. It proposes attractive offers with an irreproachable quality of services at attractive rates.

0,1851 €/kWh TTC (6 kVA Base)

Emerging in early 2020, Bulb is an energy provider with a strong commitment to the production and distribution of mostly green energy. And unlike most providers, the price applied does not refer to regulated tariffs, but to the price of local electricity producers. You will be billed monthly and in case of changes (price increases or decreases) Bulb notifies you via email 30 days in advance.

Bulb's unique offer, Lightning Green, is significantly lower than most energy suppliers. It is important to note that regardless of the meter size, the tariff schedule is always similar. However, you can opt for a basic rate (constant kWh over the course of a day) or a peak/peak rate. All payments are made automatically by direct debit.

Mint Energy 5

Green energy alternative

Mint Energy

The best alternative as a green energy provider

Among the other 100% green energy providers, Mint Energie is the one that comes closest to Bulb. It offers offers and services adapted for households and professionals.

0,1787 €/kWh TTC (6 kVA Base)

Mint Energie provides only hydraulic, wind or solar electricity. The company works closely with Reforest'action. Generally speaking, this energy provider offers only one electricity package, but with three different formulas: Classic & Green, Online & Green and 100% Smart & Green.

For the first offer, the tariff is indexed at 5% cheaper than the regulated tariffs while the second is 17% cheaper. As for the third, the price applied is similar to the blue rate of EDF. To subscribe, you have to fill in a form on the website of Mint Energie. Afterwards, you will receive a first contract proposal to sign digitally. Mint Energie also provides its subscribers with a responsive and efficient customer service. As for payment, choose between a monthly or bi-monthly direct debit.

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Best energy supplier

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The best all-around deal in 2021

The best cheap energy provider for gas

The best energy provider for electricity

The best green energy provider

The best alternative as a green energy provider

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Comparison table of the best energy suppliers

TOP OF THE TOP Cheap gas Electricity Green electricity Alternative green energy
Eni 6
Mega Energy 7
Bulb 9
Mint Energy 10
Mega Energy
Mint Energy
Eni is one of the most popular energy suppliers operating in the UK. It proposes attractive offers at justified prices for private individuals as well as for companies.
Mega Energy offers a very competitive rate in the market, and that starts right at the moment you sign up. You'll save a lot of money for a quality service.
Who doesn't know EDF, the most important energy supplier in the UK? It offers high quality services, and its rates are taken as references.
A true reference for green energy, Bulb is nevertheless one of the most recent suppliers. It proposes attractive offers with an irreproachable quality of services at attractive rates.
Among the other 100% green energy providers, Mint Energie is the one that comes closest to Bulb. It offers offers and services adapted for households and professionals.
10% off regulated rates
'-8% and 13% compared to regulated rates
'-5% compared to regulated rates
-5% and 17% on regulated rates depending on the offer
Monthly/ Bi-monthly
Monthly/Billing rhythm of your choice
Monthly/ Bi-monthly
Customer service
Type of offers
No commitment, no cut-off
No commitment, No cut-off, Renewable energy No formalities
Without commitment
One-time green electricity offer
Free of charge, no commitment, no disconnection
Online or by Phone
Online, by phone

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How to choose your energy supplier

#1 - The price of electricity: fixed or indexed?

What is the difference between fixed-price electricity and indexed tariffs? In the fixed price electricity offer, the price of the kWh remains unchanged during the duration of the contract. This duration can be from 1 to 2 years, or even more. This means that even if the regulated tariff increases, the price per kWh remains fixed for the period of the contract.

In an indexed price offer, the price per kWh can be up to 17% cheaper than the regulated price per kWh. Thereafter, the rate follows the fluctuations in the price of the regulated kWh, both up and down.

#2 - Customer service

It is important to know in advance the services offered by the customer service. How is the billing done, how to get in touch with the customer service agents, how to transmit the consumption indexes, is it possible to go through an online platform, etc.? In any case, beware of offers without a telephone customer service. In case of emergency or dispute, it is sometimes complicated to communicate only by email or chat.

#3 - Additional costs

Suppliers often apply additional charges, which are not always known in advance. The existence of a security deposit, penalties in case of unpaid bills, labor costs related to the installation, all these additional costs can increase the final bill.

#4 - The types of offers

With the arrival on the market of new energy suppliers, you will have a wide choice between the types of services offered by the operators: complete offers, green electricity, natural gas in network, gas in tank or in bottle, etc. Take the time to compare the terms and conditions of the offers before taking out a new subscription.

In any case, find out beforehand about your rights in the event of a service malfunction or billing problem. The contractual responsibility of the operator must be clearly defined, in order to prevent any type of dispute.

#5 - The price of energy

By going through a price comparator, you will already have a global overview of the price trends: regulated rates, off-peak or full hour prices, indexed rates... Take the time to compare the price of the kWh practiced by the different suppliers, to have a first estimation of your energy budget.

Changing electricity supplier: how does it work?

For private individuals, changing energy supplier is a simple and free process that can be carried out at any time. The customer can choose a new supplier as often as he wants. However, they must inform their supplier of the planned termination date by telephone or letter. No notice period is required.

The termination procedure depends on the subscriber's situation: if the subscriber changes provider, the migration formalities can be taken care of by the new provider. During the transfer period, the old provider continues to supply electricity until the new subscription is activated. In the case of a move, the old contract must be terminated and replaced by a new subscription.

It is advisable to find out about the types of offers and terms and conditions offered by each supplier before signing a new contract. As the subscription with an energy supplier is completely free, the customer can subscribe with a second operator if he wishes.

The different types of energy suppliers

Since the opening of the energy market to free competition, the number of energy suppliers has increased significantly. What kind of services do these energy players offer?

Electricity and gas suppliers

Electricity and gas suppliers offer traditional or specifically ecological offers, with wind/solar electricity and green gas (biogas). Thedual energy contract has many advantages: a single subscription, consolidated billing, etc.

However, signing up with a single supplier can have its drawbacks. In case of a service failure or disagreement, you may find yourself locked in. Some complete offers are not necessarily competitive: electricity may cost more than gas, or vice versa.

Gas suppliers

These suppliers offer solutions that are closer to the needs of users, in the form of propane gas in bottles or tanks. The customer can also choose to connect to a natural gas distribution network. Among the strengths of this type of offer are the competitive prices of natural gas, linked to a fairly stable price. Another advantage is that this fossil fuel emits no dust during its combustion.

However, there are still some disadvantages: propane gas must be stored in special, rather unsightly equipment. The tank can be buried, but this operation requires some prior arrangements.

Alternative energy suppliers in green electricity

Alternative energy suppliers in green electricity are committed to the environment. One of the positive points of this type of offer is the absence of pollution generated by renewable energy.

However, the cost of production facilities is quite high. Indeed, the solar or wind devices do not produce electricity permanently. In order to be used in an optimal way, the electricity produced must be stored, through special infrastructures that can be quite expensive.

Natural gas or electricity, what to choose?

Natural gas

Natural gas is interesting on many points: first of all, on the economic level, this energy is less expensive than electricity. It is also environmentally friendly, with little pollution and its combustion generates little CO2. Gas can be used for cooking, for heating the house and for domestic hot water needs.

However, gas has a major drawback: this fossil fuel is limited. The world's natural gas resources are dwindling, due to a sharp increase in global consumption in recent years.


Among the advantages of electricity, several points can be highlighted: stable price, adjustable consumption, possibility to use low energy consumption equipment... Another advantage is that green electricity solutions limit gas emissions.

However, some disadvantages are worth mentioning: electricity storage is necessary to cope with peaks in consumption. This solution requires the use of often expensive equipment. Shortages or power surges can also occur during peak energy consumption periods.


Gas and electricity offer multiple advantages in everyday life. Electricity can be used for cooking, switching on appliances that require high power, lighting, etc. Gas is a good solution for home heating and hot water supply.

Reasons to switch energy suppliers

Free choice of plan

Energy providers have every reason to offer a unique selection of plans. And each new provider may offer a different and more attractive plan than the last.

Customer Service

As a business, providers need to be more than just an energy supplier that sends electricity through your lines and a bill at the end of each month. Normally, you have the opportunity to look for a team of customer service managers and technicians that you really enjoy working with.

Transparency and lower cost

Customer satisfaction and fee transparency is the best possible approach for energy providers. Prices are reasonable and billing elements are transparent. In fact, you can even choose based on how the bills look and how transparent each design is to you. Alternative suppliers can offer cheaper prices than traditional suppliers. They set their rates with reference to the regulated tariffs. This means that the price of electricity or gas does not change during the entire contract period. And for the alternative suppliers who propose, free tariffs apply prices which do not refer to the regulated tariffs and which can evolve at any time. Only the electricity suppliers use this pricing. Generally, a reduction of 10% compared to the price of the KWh is noted with these suppliers.


Some energy suppliers build their corporate culture and reputation around environmentally friendly practices. Recycling office and use of recycled products, rainwater harvesting for watering floors and choosing to work with environmentally friendly business partners.

More control

Energy providers give you more control over your energy needs, from scalable plans to renewable energy. So, it's best to opt for a supplier that has good customer service. It's also advisable to choose a provider whose customer service is available by phone, not just by email.


How to save electricity?

When electrical appliances go into standby mode, they continue to consume electricity. Turn off unused equipment. Set electronic devices to turn off automatically after a set period of time. Turn outlet switches to Off when they are no longer needed.

The energy classification of electrical appliances


you buy a new appliance, check its energy label. This will allow you to compare the energy consumption of different equipment and check the rating of the appliance.

Use multifunctional appliances to save electricity

Using multifunctional appliances can help you save a lot of money. If you need a printer, a scanner and a copier, buy a printer-scanner-copier instead. This option is less energy intensive than 3 devices used separately.

Choose a supplier according to your habits

Be aware

that some suppliers offer special weekend rates on electricity. This way, you can cook at leisure on the weekend, or use your most energy-intensive appliances on this occasion.

The right reflexes to adopt


cooking, cover pots and pans to optimize cooking. Use LED or energy-saving light bulbs, to save electricity. Remember to check your home's insulation as winter approaches: by reducing heat loss, you'll make significant savings on your heating bill.


What is the best energy supplier?

The best energy provider depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which ones are the best right now.

What is an alternative energy supplier?


alternative energy supplier buys energy to send back to consumers, often at lower prices compared to the incumbent suppliers


What is a free tariff?


its name indicates, the free tariff can evolve upwards, without taking into account the official regulations. The only condition, respect one month's notice before applying the price changes.

Is the fixed tariff advantageous?

Over the

long term, it can be advantageous to adopt a fixed price offer. As the rate remains unchanged during a determined period, you will be able to optimize your energy budget.

What is the best way to choose a green offer?


and more alternative suppliers are now offering competitive deals, with 100% green gas or electricity. However, it is recommended to be well informed about the evolution of the rates, which can differ from one operator to another.


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