The best electric scooters quality/price ratio in the UK 2023

Whether you're commuting to work, going to the store or just having fun, it's worth trying an electric scooter. This modern means of transportation is fast and quiet, and also much more portable than bikes. The price of electric scooters can range from 150 euros (for children) to more than 2000 euros, so to make your choice easier, we propose here a selection of the most interesting electric scooters in terms of quality/price ratio.


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The electric scooter offering the best value for money

Get from A to B in no time with the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 electric scooter. You'll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the 300W motor, which propels the scooter up to 25km.


Xiaomi's Mi Pro 2 electric scooter features a 300W brushless motor with a top speed of 25km/h and a claimed range of 30/40km, air-filled tires and a sleek built-in display. This scooter has many of the same features as its predecessor, including motor power (300 W), battery size and range (446 Wh, 30/40 km), top speed (125 km/h) and maximum rider weight of 100 kg. The Pro 2 has some improvements in its sleeves, with larger and brighter lights, additional reflectors and the addition of a rigid strap that connects the fender to the scooter on the rear axle. This serves two main purposes: first, it prevents the fender from rattling, and second, it also prevents riders from accidentally using the fender as a rear brake.

Designed to be folded quickly, this lightweight scooter can be easily stored when not in use. Even if you've never used an electric scooter before, the Mi Pro 2 is easy to use. It has three speed modes, cruise control, dual braking system and 8.5-inch non-slip, shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. With the Mi Home app, you can check riding statistics, battery status and upgrade the firmware.

Xiaomi Essential 2

The Average

Xiaomi Essential

The average in value for money at less than 400 euros

Do you want to ride safely through the city with a powerful motor and a range that will get you to your destination? Choose this Essential electric scooter from Xiaomi


With a top speed of 20 km/h, a 250 W brushless motor and three power modes, the Xiaomi Essential electric scooter is designed for beginners. It's one of the brand's latest electric scooter releases, and one of the cheapest too: it's the entry-level model for 2020, but it offers performance that does the brand proud. The Xiaomi Essential electric scooter was designed to provide revolutionary personal electric transportation at a low price, without sacrificing quality or usability.

The Essential Lite electric scooter has a compact and lightweight design, which is made of aircraft aluminum alloy, the weight of the whole vehicle is only 12.5kg and the total payload is up to 100kg, and a unique folding system allows it to be assembled in 3 seconds. It is equipped with a dual braking system, which regenerates the battery during braking. The system monitors the battery and protects it from short circuits, overcharging, discharging, etc. ensuring that it remains in a perfectly safe state and has a longer life. The battery itself has a capacity of 5100 mAh and offers a range of up to 20 km on a single charge. Finally, the electric scooter is equipped with a bright 2W light for night time safety and a red tail light for safe braking.

Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH) 3

The Top

Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH)

The most interesting in value for money at less than 800 euros

This is an electric scooter with a good performance/price ratio: the Segway-Ninebot Max G30 is an excellent scooter that can run at 25 km/h and up to 65 km with a full battery.


The Segway-Ninebot Max G30 is the latest scooter from Segway, a brand known worldwide for its innovative and high quality electric vehicles. This high-end electric scooter at a mini price is equipped with a rear-wheel drive with a powerful 350 watt motor. This allows you to accelerate faster and gives a top speed of 25 km/h. It has a 551Wh battery that offers a range of up to 45 km. Another advantage, the Max G30 has a built-in fast charger that allows you to recharge the scooter quickly and anywhere. As for its tires, it is equipped with large tubeless pneumatic wheels of 10 inches that offer a lot of comfort during your ride.

The Max G30 is also equipped with a front and rear brake light so you can drive and be seen in the dark. It also has a built-in bell to warn other road users when you pass them. And once you arrive at your destination, you can easily fold your scooter thanks to a practical folding system. Good level of comfort, good performances, and mini price, it is really the electric scooter to have for its daily journeys in town

WegoBoard 4Flex (foldable in 4) 4

The Alternative

WegoBoard 4Flex (foldable in 4)

An interesting offer at less than 500 euros

If you are looking for an ultra-portable and very compact electric scooter, then the WegoBoard 4Flex electric scooter is for you: it folds in 4, it is ultra-compact and ultra-light, it will suit people who do not have much storage space and who use public transport a lot.

391 £ on WegoBoard

This electric scooter from WegoBoard perfectly combines practicality, driving comfort and lightness: it weighs only 9.5 kg, which makes it the perfect ally for your trips on public transport, or in the city where there is no transport. It can easily be folded in 4, so it can fit in a simple backpack. The Flex 4 is equipped with a 250W motor that can propel it up to 18 km/h. You will also be able to choose among 3 speeds thanks to its LCD screen. The Flex 4 is also equipped with an ultra light and interchangeable Lithium 36V 5 Ah battery that can give you a range of 18 km (which can go up to 36 km with a spare battery supplied separately) for 2 to 3 hours of charging.

This small scooter of 9,5 kg finally has a very robust frame in aluminium, and suspensions which offer a flexible and comfortable drive. For your safety, WegoBoard has provided a powerful lighting system for better visibility at night.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best electric scooter quality/price ratio

Any specific needs?

The electric scooter offering the best value for money

The average in value for money at less than 400 euros

The most interesting in value for money at less than 800 euros

An interesting offer at less than 500 euros

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Comparison table of the best electric scooters quality/price ratio

Xiaomi Essential 6
Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH) 7
WegoBoard 4Flex (foldable in 4) 8
Xiaomi Essential
Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH)
WegoBoard 4Flex (foldable in 4)
Get from A to B in no time with the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 electric scooter. You'll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the 300W motor, which propels the scooter up to 25km.
Do you want to ride safely through the city with a powerful motor and a range that will get you to your destination? Choose this Essential electric scooter from Xiaomi
This is an electric scooter with a good performance/price ratio: the Segway-Ninebot Max G30 is an excellent scooter that can run at 25 km/h and up to 65 km with a full battery.
If you are looking for an ultra-portable and very compact electric scooter, then the WegoBoard 4Flex electric scooter is for you: it folds in 4, it is ultra-compact and ultra-light, it will suit people who do not have much storage space and who use public transport a lot.
Motor power
300 W
250W (500W max)
350W (700W peak)
250 W
Battery life
30 / 40 kilometers
15 km
Up to 30/45 kilometers
Up to 18 Km
Maximum speed
25 km/h
20 Km/h
25 km/h
Up to 20 Km/h
Braking system
Electromagnetic brake with ABS at the front; ventilated disc brake at the rear
Rear disc brake, front electromagnetic E-ABS
Electronic front brake at the thumb on the handlebar (Dual Brake System); mechanical rear brake at the foot
Maximum charge
100 kg
100 kg
100 kg
100 kg
8.5 inch inflatable (new generation of anti-split tires)
8.5 inch Inflatable front and rear
10-inch tubeless tires
Reinforced hard rubber 5.5 inches
Charge time
8-9 h
3-4 hours
5 to 7 hours
2 - 3 H
YES (in 4)
Display screen
Native application
14.2 kg
12.5 Kg
18.7 kg
No, Water Resistance Eq.IP54
No, Water Resistance Eq.IP54
9.5 Kg
No, Water resistance Eq.IP55

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Buying guide - electric scooter quality/price ratio

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How to choose your electric scooter quality/price ratio

#1 - Technology

It is important to know the technological specifications before buying an electric scooter. To do this, you will need to know about the battery, which determines how long your two-wheeled vehicle will last. In addition, the type of battery will give you an idea about the range of the scooter and how to charge it when it discharges.

#2 - Style and features

Lifestyle today requires everyday tools that meet your daily needs. That's why you should ask about the functionality of your future vehicle. For example, if you need to get around as quickly as possible, you should opt for an electric scooter that is easy to handle and drive, and combined with that, the scooter should also be foldable to avoid parking worries. This will allow you to take it with you anywhere you are, and make it easier to have on hand when you need to get around.

#3 - Quality

If your travel route involves rough roads, heavy traffic, and harsh weather conditions, your electric scooter should be sturdy enough to get you through that. Choose a scooter that is built to last and reliable, and can easily handle rough terrain and confined streets. In addition, it will need to be equipped with IP 65/67 protected batteries so that they are well protected from water entry.

#4 - Speed

When choosing the best electric scooter, speed is imperative to consider. Indeed, there are two types of speeds for electric scooters. The low speed ones are made for riding around town and squeezing through narrow alleys. They are easy and safe to drive. While high-speed scooters are made for people on the go who need a fast scooter to fit their lifestyle.

#5 - Battery life

The range of your electric scooter determines how far it can travel on a full charge. It is essential, as it is what you could or could not use for your daily commute. To do this, be sure to find out how many miles on a full charge the electric scooter will be effective.

How does an electric scooter work?


An electric scooter only needs to do two things: accelerate and stop. To approach a turn, it uses a variable balance of tilt and slight twisting of the front wheel.

To accelerate:

An electric scooter can accelerate in three different ways: using your foot, using your wrist or using your thumb. Before using your scooter, read the owner's manual: some scooters need an initial push before the motor engages, so this action can damage others. So always read your manual carefully.

  • Foot acceleration: using one foot, step off the deck and push the scooter forward.
  • Wrist acceleration: on many scooters, turning the right handle counterclockwise (toward you) accelerates the vehicle. The farther you turn, the faster you will go. Lift your wrist and the scooter will slow down. So it will be exactly like driving a motorcycle.
  • Thumb acceleration: some electric scooters have a push-button gas pedal located on the right side of the handlebars, easily accessible by your thumb. When you press down, the scooter goes faster. When you release the pressure, the scooter slows down.

There are two other features your scooter may or may not have that affect acceleration: cruise control and power save mode.

  • Speed control: this feature sets and locks the speed so you can rest your hand and thumb. Depending on the model, the speed can be set via the display on the handlebars or via your phone (on an electric scooter).
  • Power save mode: this is designed to extend the life of the battery by limiting your top speed.

To stop:

Friction causes your scooter to decelerate and stop. Braking can be done in two ways: by hand or by your foot. There is also a third option: regenerative braking.

  • Handbrakes: your scooter may have one or two handbrakes attached to the handlebars (one for the rear wheel and one for the front wheel). When you apply the hand brake, it applies friction to the designated wheel, causing it to slow down.
  • Foot brakes: The foot brake is applied by lowering the rear fender. The underside of the fender presses against the tire, creating the friction needed to decelerate and stop.
  • Recover braking :Recover braking is engaged in the same way you use a thumb throttle to accelerate. Your left thumb triggers a change of direction in the motor and your scooter slows down using torque instead of friction. While regenerative braking isn't practical in every situation, it does offer one impressive benefit: the energy released by deceleration can be partially recovered and used to recharge your battery, extending its life.

The importance of properly maintaining your electric scooter

As with anything with moving parts, it's important to keep an eye on your electric scooter from time to time to make sure it will continue to function properly as the miles add up. Small things like deflated tires and dirt build-up around the wheels and bearings can lead to reduced electric range and erratic handling.

Sometimes, the electric scooter may need to be serviced by a qualified electrician.

As with a bicycle, we recommend that you perform a quick check before each ride to ensure that the electric scooter is safe to use. This will include a visual check of the frame and wheels for damage and a physical check of the brakes to make sure they are safe.

We also suggest regular maintenance based on your mileage and usage, and at a minimum, your electric scooter should be checked and adjusted every 800 to 1000 km. This can be done at any of your scooter's brand stores or by any good registered dealer or stockist.

The different types of electric scooters quality/price ratio

Foldable scooters

A folding electric scooter is exactly what it says on the tin: an electric scooter that can be folded. This usually means that it will fold in half, at the point where the handlebar stem meets the deck - although some scooters may use less conventional folding methods.

Once folded, it can be easily transported. Some heavier scooters may even have a wheel that stays in contact with the ground. This way you can easily push or pull it for a comfortable transport. This type of scooter is ideal for use in the city, especially if you need to use public transportation and know you'll have trouble finding a safe parking spot.

Electric scooters with saddles

The electric scooter with a seat is an adult adaptation of the children's toy equipped with a seat to offer you more comfort while riding. Depending on the model and brand of your electric scooter, some units weigh up to 150 kg, can reach speeds of 50 km/h and travel distances of over 60 km non-stop. The electric scooter with adult seat is perfect for commuting or a weekend outing with friends.

Electric scooters with large tires

Large-tire electric scooters have large (logical) tires that have a wider contact area with the road. This means that stability is automatically improved, as is grip. This is what makes these electric scooters particularly suitable for use in wet weather.

This type of scooter can also handle roads, big city streets and sandy beaches equally well.

All-terrain electric scooters

All-terrain electric scooters are a smart investment for those who love adventure. These electric units are suitable for rough terrain and surfaces such as dirt roads, parks and even slopes. A good electric scooter can take you anywhere, making it ideal for exploring nature or going hunting.

They can also be a great way to avoid traffic jams and get to work quickly.

Electric scooters or hoverboards?

Today, hoverboards and electric scooters are all the rage on the market and it is difficult for some people to decide which one to buy.

Electric scooters

Electric scooters are motorized vehicles consisting of two wheels, a platform and handlebars for steering. They differ from the non-motorized scooters of the 1990s because of the addition of a battery, electronics, larger tires (often air-filled) and an electric motor. They are cost effective, even the top of the line models have a price tag that can be amortized fairly quickly. They are also easily portable, some fold easily, and the motor makes an almost silent hum. Electric scooters are also easier to maneuver and drive.


It is a motorized device consisting of a board with a gyroscopic device and two wheels. It is the device that has seduced the general public and that we see most frequently. The advantage of the hoverboad is its lightness (about 10 kg) and its ease of transport. It is a discreet device and attracts less attention in the city. Apart from that, its price is affordable (on a par with the gyroroues).

However, it goes slower and has less autonomy than electric scooters and requires a certain amount of time to get used to it, since the balance of the body position is the key to its maneuverability. It is also less safe than a model with handlebars. The classic hoverboard is an ideal choice if you want a first introduction to this type of product, if you have a limited budget, or for occasional use.


Electric scooter or hoverboard, the choice is yours. However, if you are looking for a small, safe and easy to ride means of transportation, an electric scooter would suit you better. On the other hand, if the presence of handlebars is not essential for your comfort and you prefer portability, a hoverboard will do the trick.

5 reasons to use a value-for-money electric scooter

The use of electric scooters has become commonplace in major cities such as Paris, Madrid and San Francisco, as they have become a symbol of modern urban transportation. These electric scooters are mainly useful because:

1- They offer balance and freedom of movement:

Indeed, the electric scooter will allow you not to perpetuate the same sitting movements that you do every day at the office. It will also allow you to make much more movement in your travels and give you a pleasure in your driving rather than frustration and heat in traffic jams. In short, electric scooters offer you a balanced life in terms of physical and mental health as well as environmental preservation.

2- They preserve the environment:

Currently, the climate change is extremely felt. Electric scooters help us to emit less carbon dioxide, the primary source of ozone depletion. Moreover, they consume little electricity which also helps us to reduce energy consumption.

3- They are compact and highly portable:

Competing only with folding bikes, electric scooters are perhaps the most portable mode of motorized personal transportation. You'll be able to get away from a parking war or not have to bring along all the paraphernalia to secure your two-wheeled vehicle. You will also gain peace of mind by taking it with you and keeping it handy even during your working hours.

4- They also offer you security:

Compared to other modes of personal transportation, such as biking, rollerblading or using hoverboards, scooters are potentially the safest option. You can simply dismount if you see an impending collision, and you have immediate access to the brakes. Electric scooters are fast, useful, and fun to ride, but they give you a lot of control so you feel safe while riding.

5- They save you from noise pollution:

Almost all means of transportation come with noise pollution namely cars, buses, trains, motorcycles. However, the electric scooter does not fall into this category, because it is the fastest and quietest way to go from point A to point B. Scooters allow you to move without noise so as not to disturb the peace and quiet of your home or your neighbors? That's why it's fun to ride them.

The best brands of electric scooters quality/price ratio

In our opinion, the best brands of electric scooters quality/price ratio in 2022 are :


This brand is specialized in electric mobility. It is a French brand that works closely with the Storex group. The brand is known for its luxury products that bring quality, performance and robustness.

Beeper is a French brand that also specializes in products that are made for moving around, namely, gyropodes, electric scooters and hoverboards. Beeper on-board devices are expressly developed with reliability, quality and performance criteria.

It is an American brand that specializes in the development of individual devices for moving around. It is considered a leader in this field and keeps producing innovative, quality products with respect to safety standards for the good of devices and its future owners.

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand specialized in cell phones but also in electronic equipment for the general public. It is known for producing devices with excellent quality/price ratio.

This brand is headed by the French company Logicom. It offers a new trendy and practical lifestyle with eco-mobility: hoverboards and electric scooters to get around on a daily basis. Its products are powerful and of very high performance.

What is the price for an electric scooter quality/price ratio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 300 £
300 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Respect your scooter

The electric scooters with saddle have a maximum load which it is not necessary to exceed. If you exceed it often, you risk losing battery life quickly and breaking the motor mechanism. Respecting this indication will allow you to take full advantage of your new purchase.

Inspect the motor regularly

When you own an electric scooter with large tires, it is important to inspect the motor on a regular basis. Visually check the condition of mechanical parts and electrical connections. A motor in good condition is more likely to generate the necessary torque easily.

Don't neglect the battery and charger

Your inspection should be done regularly. The same goes for the charger as well as the battery. Make sure they are in good working order before you hit the road.

Respect the charging time prescribed in the user's manual

It is important to refrain from charging beyond the limits imposed by the manufacturers. This could permanently damage the battery. It could even end up exploding.

Remember to recharge it from time to time

Even if you only use your electric scooter very rarely, be aware that in order to prevent its battery from being permanently damaged, it should be recharged at least once a year. Of course, the recharge must be complete during the operation.


Do you need a driver's license to drive an electric scooter?

No. It is not necessary to have a driver's license to use an electric scooter on public roads. However, the scooter must be approved and the driver must be at least 14 years old.

What is the battery life of electric scooters?

This depends mainly on the brand of battery, the model of electric scooter, the length of daily use, the load carried and the type of terrain covered. With moderate use and proper maintenance, a good battery should last about 3 to 5 years.

Why doesn't my electric scooter turn on?

Because of these electrical components, an electric scooter with a saddle can fail for several reasons. First, it will be helpful to check the charge level of your battery. This is one of the most common failures. However, you should avoid overcharging it or you will damage it completely. Next, if your throttle is stuck, there's a good chance you have a problem with the braking mechanism. If this is the case, the brake is probably stuck in the on mode, and this is what is blocking your throttle. To fix this problem, simply purchase a new brake switch. Reading the owner's manual is also a good way to fix the various problems. The manufacturers' manuals are usually well detailed and can fix the most common problems.

What is the longest range for an electric scooter?

The newest electric scooter models have a range of over a hundred miles. The new generation models can travel very long distances on a single full charge. Of course, to get the longest range possible, you will have to choose good quality electric scooter models.


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Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH) 11
Segway-Ninebot Max G30 (in 10 inch 36V-15AH)
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WegoBoard 4Flex (foldable in 4)


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