The best DTT decoders in the UK 2023

The DTT decoder is more innovative and is now displayed in its HD version. It is a digital terrestrial receiver that allows you to receive your TV channels free of charge with a better restitution of images. The current models include many features, whether they are in dual or single tuner. But which one to choose? Check out this complete buying guide!

Philips DTR 3000

Best value for money

Philips DTR 3000

The best DTT set-top box in 2021

With the Philips DTR 3000, you can access all DTT channels in HD. This DTT decoder also serves as a programmable recorder so you don't miss any of your favorite shows.

55,92 £ on Darty

The Philips DTR 3000 decoder gives you access to high definition DTT channels. Its HDMI port guarantees the quality of the images displayed on your TV. A SCART output makes it suitable for older TV screens that are still in use. USB ports complete its connectivity.

These ports are used to connect a USB key or another compatible storage device. This way, the set-top box can be used to record your favorite shows and programs on the device. To make it easier to navigate through the DTT channels, the Philips DTR 3000 offers the possibility of creating up to 8 lists of your favorite TV programs as well as an ergonomic remote control that is comfortable to hold.


Best value for money


The best entry-level DTT set-top box

Don't be fooled by its price, the JVC TU-FD50D is a powerful DTT decoder. Apart from receiving your DTT channels, it also serves as a recorder and an audiovisual player.

23,99 £ on Darty

With the JVC TU-FD50D, you can easily access the DTT channels. Its MPEG-4 tuner is capable of displaying images in high definition. The decoder helps you follow all your favorite programs thanks to its recording option. To do this, connect a storage device such as an external hard drive or USB key and program the recording.

In terms of connectivity, the JVC TU-FD50D has an HDMI output for connecting with your 4K TV. A coaxial digital audio output and a scart socket are also included in addition to the USB 2.0 port. Moreover, the decoder can be used as a player to display your photo, audio and video files.

CGV Etimo 2T-B

Best value for money

GTC Etimo 2T-B

The best high-end DTT set-top box

This MPEG 4 DTT decoder with dual tuner will allow you to follow the programs of the DTT channels in high definition and to record them for a later viewing.

103 £ on Darty

Don't miss any more programs on your favorite DTT channels. The CGV Etimo 2T-B gives you the possibility to access without difficulty to their contents in HD mode. The decoder connects to your TV via HDMI or SCART. Thanks to the remote control, you could activate the parental control and set the channels as you wish. You are also able to record two programs at the same time. To do this, simply connect a USB key or an external hard drive to the decoder.

Use the set-top box as a media player. It can display your photos and videos, but also play your MP3 files stored on a storage device. Note that its HDMI interface is compatible with home theaters.

Philips NEOVIU T2

A great choice

Philips NEOVIU T2

Your favorite programs without moderation

Get the Philips NEOVIU T2 set-top box and access DTT channels from your current TV. The DVB-T decoder is easy to use and offers several interesting features.

31,99 £ on Darty

Connect the Philips NEOVIU T2 to your TV and watch TNT channels in high definition. The connection is done through an HDMI port for an optimal display quality. You can use the SCART socket and the coaxial audio output. This DTT decoder has a USB port. You could connect a USB key or a hard disk to store your recorded programs.

The Philips NEOVIU T2 displays the TV program over eight days, which gives you the opportunity to arrange your schedule or program a recording properly. Navigating through the many DTT channels is also made easy with the electronic guide and automatic scan.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best DVB-T decoder

Any specific needs?

The best DTT set-top box in 2021

The best entry-level DTT set-top box

The best high-end DTT set-top box

Your favorite programs without moderation

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Comparison table of the best DTT decoders

Philips DTR 3000
CGV Etimo 2T-B
Philips NEOVIU T2
Philips DTR 3000
GTC Etimo 2T-B
Philips NEOVIU T2
With the Philips DTR 3000, you can access all DTT channels in HD. This DTT decoder also serves as a programmable recorder so you don't miss any of your favorite shows.
Don't be fooled by its price, the JVC TU-FD50D is a powerful DTT decoder. Apart from receiving your DTT channels, it also serves as a recorder and an audiovisual player.
This MPEG 4 DTT decoder with dual tuner will allow you to follow the programs of the DTT channels in high definition and to record them for a later viewing.
Get the Philips NEOVIU T2 set-top box and access DTT channels from your current TV. The DVB-T decoder is easy to use and offers several interesting features.
Type of TV tuner/receiver
Single tuner
Single tuner
Dual tuner
Single tuner
Accessories supplied
Remote control + 2 AA batteries, user guide
Remote control
Remote control, 2 batteries, manual
Remote control
Type of audio/video output connector
1 HDMI (playback and recording), 1 SCART, Coax, 1 USB
1 HDMI, 1 SCART, Coaxial, USB 2.0
1 HDMI, 1 SCART, 1 coax, 1 RCA
HDMI, SCART, coaxial audio, Ethernet, USB
14.8 x 3.5 x 11 cm
16.9 x 39 x 10.5 cm
16.8 x 3.8 x 11 cm
Recording via USB, parental control
Recording via USB, program guides
Recording via USB, program guides, channel lock, parental controls
Recording via USB

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Buying guide - DVB-T decoder

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How to choose your DVB-T decoder

Make sure you are well informed before investing in your decoder. The criteria below should help you make your choice.

#1 - Connections and options

HDMI port, all set-top boxes have it. But for the first generation TVs, i.e. the first flat screens, a set-top box with a SCART socket is necessary. However, a decoder with a USB port is even better. With this decoder, you could record your favorite programs. And in relation to the option, decoders with EPG (Electronic Program Guide) system are interesting. The detailed information about the current programs is given there. And with decoders with time shift, live programs can be paused.

#2 - Audio and video quality

For a clear picture with harmonious nuances, opt for models with technologies specially developed in the improvement of video quality. Decoders with HEVC (for High Efficiency Video Coding) technology are worth considering. The images will be in line with what you have imagined. As for sound, choose models with a Dolby Digital Plus system. Connect it to your home theater and you'll see how good a choice you've made.

#3 - Internal memory capacity

In general, the decoder comes with a hard drive with a capacity that varies from 160 GB to 500 GB. With that much space, the user can make recordings of any program he or she wants. Of course, a 40-hour recording limit is still prescribed with an 80 GB size. When buying your decoder, make sure that the internal memory of your decoder can meet your needs. Of course, the choice of capacity is specific to each person.

#4 - The interface


't forget to take into account the interface of the decoder of your choice. Indeed, it is from the interface that we can determine if the decoder is easy to use or not. With some decoders, the interface displays all the channels you can watch. Others display the time and the number of the active channel on their screen. And others display the channel you are watching. In short, when we talk about interface, we mean the functionality of the set-top box. The EPG is one of these features. It will allow you to know the programs of all active channels.

#5 - The brand

Even if currently the brand should not be an element of choice criteria anymore, we can say that in this case it is. We can say that as in all multimedia electronic devices, the brands refer to the reliability of the device. So, find out about all the brands that are offered to you and do not underestimate any of them. Indeed, each brand guarantees its device by making them easy to use, others integrate in their decoder the most sophisticated technologies. And others combine both.

To remember

The DTT Satellite decoder is connected to a satellite dish which can be oriented to Eutelsat 5°, Astra 19.2° or Hotbird 13°. Thus, the transmission of your programs will be a thousand times clearer than the transmission with a DTT Internet decoder or a DTT decoder with double tuner. Thanks to the fast information flow, you can press pause in the middle of a live broadcast, return to a missed scene or resume playback.

The different types of DTT decoders

You will be able to make your choice among the types of TNT decoders below:

Dual tuner DTT decoder

This decoder allows the terrestrial broadcasting, that is to say by hertzian waves. As an advantage, the decoder allows a recording on several devices such as the hard disk, the DVD recorder, the media center computer, and many others.The dual tuner also allows you to record one channel while watching another at the same time. These devices could incorporate 2 scart sockets, 2 HDMI sockets or 2 USB ports.

The disadvantage with terrestrial broadcasting is that some areas are not fully covered and white areas may exist. It also happens that some residential areas are too far from the transmitter and this can cause interference.

DTT satellite decoder

It is the most popular on the market. This type of decoder receives DTT channels via satellite. The device offers sensational sound and images. Users can not only record various programs, but also enjoy unencrypted channels. The recording options of this decoder can be done via USB.

And in terms of value for money, this type of set-top box is in the ballpark. So far, it has not disappointed any user. It is also worth considering the fact that this device has a basic performance and functionality.

Internet DTT decoder

It's about capturing digital terrestrial television channels via the internet. This option offers a new dimension and seems to be appreciated by users. It is true that accessing TV channels directly from the internet does not deteriorate either display quality or sound quality, on the contrary. On the contrary, it is more fluid and easier to record.

In addition, this type of decoder offers many more installation options than the other two types. And to connect it to the TV set, you just have to use the Ethernet cable or connect it directly by wifi, or even use the PLC (Power Line Communication).

Beware of the recording!

The recording of the TV programs you choose will not be in digital. For that, you have to equip yourself with a DTT DVD recorder in addition to the decoder.

Internet DTT decoder or Satellite DTT decoder ?

Internet DTT decoder

The Internet DTT decoder is none other than the use of ADSL or fiber to receive TV channels. To use this type of decoder, you need a paying subscription. An access provider (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, Free, etc.) will then offer a TV set-top box and an Internet box. The advantage of this type of decoder is that you can watch your series, films and other programmes via your computer, your telephone and your smartphone in addition to your television set. In short, in terms of installation, the Internet DTT decoder is the easiest and fastest of all.

DTT satellite decoder

The DTT Satellite decoder, meanwhile, allows you to pause the programs you watch whether they are live or delayed. Moreover, this decoder is connected to a satellite dish that can be oriented towards the different satellites. It is possible to access foreign channels. These channels can then be automatically stored in the decoder. We can say that this DTT satellite decoder is different from others by its connection mode. It is necessary to know that in the UK, there are two operators of the reception by satellite: TNT Sat and Fransat.


Each of these decoders can receive digital TV channels, can record at the same time that another channel is open. But if we have to choose, for us it will be the DTT Satellite decoder. It stands out in terms of transmission, the images will be sharper and the sound clearer.

Why buy a DTT decoder ?

For quality images and sounds

By opting for a DTT decoder, you can get an optimal image quality. You will enjoy a quality very close to that of DVD and even have the possibility to follow some programs in HD like those of TF1, France 2 or M6. The sound quality is also very appreciable. Combined with a powerful TV, you will have an exceptional rendering to live a beautiful immersive experience.

To enjoy more channels

Thanks to the DTT decoder, you can receive many channels via a single digital channel. Specifically, you will be able to have 1 to 6 channels per frequency. In addition, you can access many free channels.

To not miss anything

By using a DTT decoder, you have the possibility to record your favorite programs using a dedicated function. You can watch a program while recording another program in progress. This allows you to watch a program at a later time or repeatedly, depending on your preference. It is also an alternative to DVD or Blu-Ray players and offers three recording options which are Live, Time Shift and Scheduled. Its hard drive can store up to 40 hours of recording.

For more interactivity

The DTT decoder allows you to enjoy several interactive services. For example, you can consult the weather forecast, have access to banking services or even to traffic information for your region. But you can also consult the programs broadcasted by a channel before watching a program.

For its various connections

Most of the DTT decoder models are equipped with many connectors. This allows you a multiple use of the device. Thus, you can easily connect it with other devices. Other options are available, such as the USB port to read files via the decoder, the MMC or SD card reader, a reader to insert, for example, a Canal + subscription card.

The best brands of DTT decoders

In our opinion, the best brands of DTT decoders in 2022 are :


Philips is a brand that needs no introduction. It excels in everything from lighting to healthcare equipment, not to mention TVs and set-top boxes. Since 130, this brand has been striving to offer the best in terms of quality.

JVC is a Japanese brand known for the quality of its television sets. Its decoders are also known for their quality and durability. In fact, it is a brand whose products are among the most sought after because of their quality and design.

Thomson is a brand that was created 120 years ago and is known for the quality, performance and durability of its products. This is not surprising since the brand has participated in the greatest technological revolutions. Thomson is a timeless brand that is highly appreciated, as its decoders can testify.

Sagemcom is a French company that has established itself as a true leader in the field of communicating devices and solutions. Its decoders are particularly appreciated for their performance and durability.

The Optex Group, founded in 1979, is a global solutions provider that is constantly inventing ways to create a safe, secure and comfortable society. Best known for its high-performance detection technologies, it also has a good reputation in the design and production of DTT decoders.

What is the price for a DVB-T decoder

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

25 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Get to know the features of your device.

It is necessary to know that today, the TNT decoder is already integrated to the television set. On the other hand for the first generations of the flat screen, that is to say, for the televisions since 2008, the decoders must be obtained separately. it is thus necessary to master well the device before buying it. For this, first of all, the DTT decoder must capture all the channels. Then it must have an HDMI cable to be able to connect it, so it must also be equipped with an HDMI port. After that, it is necessary to check well if the memory card of the decoder can make a recording going from 40 H and support up to 80 GB.

Check all connections.


general, the decoder must have an HDMI port, and a cable that is compliant with the port. These two items are useful for connecting the device to the TV. Then, a socket input to power the set-top box and an input port for the DTT antenna. Today, with the advances in technology, the decoder can also have a USB port that will facilitate the recording of programs, an audio output to ensure an immersive atmosphere and a SCART socket for other uses.

Configure the decoder properly.


not complicated. Just use the remote control and enter "menu". The latter will propose language choices. You will choose the language you want to use and you can access the "automatic search" menu. As soon as this search is complete, your TV will be able to pick up all the channels you want to watch. If you want to customize the features of your decoder. The manual of the latter will explain in detail the steps to follow. But in case you want to call on professionals, the installation technicians of your manufacturer or distributor will be able to help you.

Consider the equipment needed.


fact, today, with the arrival of TV sets where the DTT decoder is integrated, it may be that equipment such as MPEG-4 compatible DTT equipment to enhance the quality of images is no longer useful, but who knows? So, it's better to ask anyway. Then ask if you still need a DTT antenna amplifier or not. Sometimes, to amplify or improve the signal reception, this amplifier is necessary.

Don't forget the DTT splitter if you connect several stations.


think to

ask if a DTT splitter would be useful in case you want to connect several sets. And if one of these days, you want to change your TV set, always ask for a DTT tuner, you never know.


What is the best DTT decoder?

The best DTT decoder depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

What are the advantages of a DTT decoder?

A DTT decoder will allow you to have a better signal to receive your favorite channels without interference or inaudible sound or defective image. The digital signals will be well restored in analog. Thus, all types of television sets can obtain a reception of the TNT. The decoder is also very recommended to go up to the higher standard which is the MPEG-4 standard. Indeed, the decoder will allow to watch high definition channels such as Arte, M6, France 2, W9, etc. Moreover, the transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 has greatly improved the offers of TV programs. This change of standard has allowed French households to acquire nearly 25 channels for free or almost free.

Is DTT successful?

Currently, DTT is a trend. The reasons for the involvement of this broadcasting technology in the audiovisual world are still unclear to many, but for the moment it works. Compared to cable TV (analogue TV), DTT has changed the world of broadcasting by transmitting several channels on the same frequency. Without forgetting the technical evolutions brought by DTT. Thus, a great success is attributed to DTT, because we can say that since its arrival, the offers of TV programs have increased tenfold. Currently, they offer 19 digital channels in addition to local channels and pay channels.

How to use a DTT decoder ?

It's easy, you just need to understand the various connections of your decoder and that's it. The set-top box should then be connected to the TV via the HDMI cable and/or with other devices such as the home cinema, subwoofer and others. Then access the set-top box configuration via the menu option and the magic happens. If in doubt, consult the manufacturer's instructions or ask your distributor's home installation technicians for help.

Is the DTT decoder really necessary to receive DTT?

YES, a decoder is necessary to receive DTT channels. The decoder will allow you to be part of the DTT coverage, so it will be easy to receive the signal. For this, a coverage map will be delivered to you and a coverage test will be done when you buy your decoder. The use of a DTT decoder will also allow you to obtain the intervention of professional in case of malfunction in connection with the network. More precisely, the decoder will facilitate the reception of your signal.


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Philips DTR 3000
Philips DTR 3000
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