The best dating apps in the UK 2023

Nowadays there are different ways to find love. One of them is dating apps, a revolutionary tool to find your soul mate from a smartphone. In a few years, the use of dating apps has grown considerably. But which one to choose? Find the answer to this question by reading our guide to the best dating apps.

Fruitz 1

Best value for money


The best dating app in 2021

Simplicity has made this dating app its biggest success. By using simple fruits, you are sure to avoid misunderstandings.

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The principle of Fruitz is very simple: you only meet people who have the same desires as you. And this, thanks to a very fun system. Indeed, you choose between four fruits according to your needs. So, you have the watermelon if you are looking for a sexfriend, you have the grape if you want a long term relationship and not a one night stand, or the peach if that is what you want. And finally, there is the cherry which will allow you to meet people looking for a soul mate!

Of course, you can try another fruit if you've changed your mind. Available on iOS as well as Android, the application is free. However, you can opt for the premium subscription to access more interesting options.

Tinder 2

Fastest time to market


The best dating app for quick dates

Mainly based on geolocation, this dating app allows you to discover hundreds of profiles every day. So you have all the chances on your side to find love quickly.

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You don't have to look too far to find love. Maybe your soul mate lives in the same neighborhood as you, but you don't know it yet. Based on this idea, Tinder was born to connect users based on geolocation. Basically, every time you log in, you have access to the profiles of users near you.

To "sort" them, you just swipe to the right of your screen to say you're interested in the person, or swipe to the left to forget about them. Then, if the "match" is made, you can start chatting and even set up a date.
Very popular, the app is free and available on iOS and Android.

Dating app - Meetic 3

Most serious

Dating app - Meetic

The best dating app for serious relationships

Perfect for finding a serious partner, this dating app is also geolocation based. With a paid subscription, you have access to the largest community of singles in the world.

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Unlike Tinder where you could easily find casual encounters, Meetic is known to be much more serious. The principle is the same, because you can easily access the singles located in your area. However, you have a more elaborate profile, because the registration is done by answering a series of questions. After that, the application proposes you people who are closer to your profile and your needs.

If the registration is free, you will have to choose between the different types of paid subscriptions offered. Nevertheless, it is the most used application in the UK, as in the rest of the world. This gives you more chances to find a single person compatible with your needs.

Once 4

Most romantic


The best slowdating app

This dating app is one of the best and most romantic because of its concept to give more chance to a relationship. Indeed, you have a whole day to chat with one person.

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Once is based on slow dating, that is to say that the principle is not to rush things and to take the time to think before committing or refusing a person as being probably the one you are looking for. Indeed, you have access to only one profile per day. Moreover, this one is selected by a human and not an algorithm, as is the case with other dating apps.

You have 24 hours to start the discussion. And if the profile does not suit you, you will have to wait until the next day to discover another one. Note that the application is completely free. However, you have paid options that will allow you to discover more than one profile per day for example.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best dating app

Any specific needs?

The best dating app in 2021

The best dating app for quick dates

The best dating app for serious relationships

The best slowdating app

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Comparison table of the best dating apps

Fruitz 5
Tinder 6
Dating app - Meetic 7
Once 8
Dating app - Meetic
Simplicity has made this dating app its biggest success. By using simple fruits, you are sure to avoid misunderstandings.
Mainly based on geolocation, this dating app allows you to discover hundreds of profiles every day. So you have all the chances on your side to find love quickly.
Perfect for finding a serious partner, this dating app is also geolocation based. With a paid subscription, you have access to the largest community of singles in the world.
This dating app is one of the best and most romantic because of its concept to give more chance to a relationship. Indeed, you have a whole day to chat with one person.
Fun concept
Quick and easy to use
For serious dating
Romantic principle
No misunderstandings possible
Very popular app
The largest singles community
Every profile has a chance every day
Free dating app
You have profiles near you
Free registration
Profiles are selected by a human being, not an algorithm

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How to choose your dating app

With the advent of online dating, you can now easily find all kinds of apps for every taste. But before you sign up, be sure to consider the following criteria first.

#1 - Your objectives

First of all, try to define what you are really looking for in a dating application. For example, do you want to find true love or your soul mate? Are you just trying to make friends? Or are you thinking about a short-lived relationship just to have a nice evening? There are indeed applications that take this information into account. And this will help you to avoid bad surprises and misunderstandings.

#2 - Type of application

Each application is unique in the principle used to meet people. If some rely on geolocation, others believe that two people should share the same affinities, ethnic origins or religion to be compatible. Some dating applications also focus on sexual orientation, age or physical criteria to help you find love.

#3 - The concept of the application

The way you can build your profile, the degree of discretion, the way you can select interesting people and also contact them... These are all details of how the app works to be taken into account to better find the one that suits you best. Also, each app has its own concept to allow you to meet new people. On some apps you simply swipe the screen to move from one profile to another. Others, on the other hand, do what is called slow dating and only allow you to contact or discover one person per day, as if to give that relationship more of a chance to work.

How to avoid meaningless chit-chat?

To end a chat without having to say goodbye or drop the person, you can just like their last message. This is a possible feature on some apps like Tinder. Alternatively, you can send a simple emoji.

The best way to succeed is to use a natural approach. Indeed, a much too elaborate answer could make you less credible!

#4 - Operating system and connectivity



apps work on all mobile operating systems. Generally, they are available on Android or iOS, both of which currently dominate the operating system market. Also, some applications are not compatible with all media (smartphone, tablet, laptop). Otherwise, they are relatively heavy and take more or less time to load or install on some devices. To tell the truth, everything will depend on the device you use to access the dating application.

What are the advantages of dating apps?

Dating apps are tools with multiple advantages. Here are four good reasons to try your luck at finding love on dating apps!

They are free

Most dating apps are free to download on your smartphone. Then, you don't have to pay any money to use them, except for some options. Otherwise, you have the possibility to test them for free during a given period.

They do not commit you to anything

Dating applications generally do not require you to reveal your full identity. You choose the information you want to share to highlight your profile. And this discretion is what makes dating apps so successful.

You have access to thousands of profiles

Every day, you have the opportunity to meet new people, to discover new people. You can choose to continue the conversation, accept a date or simply decline an offer you don't like, or even block users who seem suspicious.

They save time

You no longer need a third party to meet or contact people you are interested in. Then, once the conversation starts, things can go faster or slower depending on your wishes! The answers are instantaneous and you quickly have a first appointment.

Be careful

While appointments can be obtained fairly quickly, be careful, and keep in mind that you will be meeting a complete stranger. Also, remember to call before the date and choose public places to talk.

The different types of dating apps

In order for you to know which dating app is best for you, you can choose according to the different types of existing applications. There are five main types of dating apps, depending on the concept and the way they work:

Geolocation-based dating apps

This is by far the most common type of dating app. Like Tinder or Happn, it is mainly based on geolocation, which means that you have access to profiles of people located near your home or where you are. This system will then allow you to meet people more quickly, knowing that your other half is probably around.

Feminist dating apps


dating apps have been designed to, in a way, give power to women. For example, on apps like Bumble (created by the co-founder of Tinder precisely to compete with it), it is only women who make the first move. On other similar platforms, only men pay a subscription fee to use the platform. Even better, women just give a phone number and their geographical location to create a profile on Pickable. Then, they discreetly choose the men they are interested in.

Dating apps for seniors

People aged 50 or more also have dating apps dedicated to them to enjoy life to the fullest. At this age, the children are old enough to lead their own lives, you are almost retired and you want to find the perfect person to share your happy moments. Many entrepreneurs have seen this market opportunity and now offer apps reserved for certain age groups. This is notably the case of Disons Demain, Contact Senior, Elite Rencontre, or Nos Belles Années.

LGBT dating apps


LGBT community has also seen the appearance of dating apps that are solely dedicated to them. Indeed, the classic applications are often heterocentric. And despite the possibility to select one's sexual orientation, it is possible to fall on "fake" profiles or to create misunderstandings. That said, even if these dating apps are reserved for gays, lesbians, bisexuals or others, they are also mainly based on geolocation.

Dating apps for friends


most dating apps focus on finding the perfect partner, some platforms are more about making friends. Thus, you have apps like Wiith and Meetup to find like-minded people, apps like Hey Vina to find girlfriends, or tools like Couchsurfing to host at an app user's home during a trip. And that's without any implication that it will end with a date.

Good to know

The list of types of dating apps is not exhaustive, you also have professional dating apps, group dating apps to meet a group of singles, blind dating apps for blind encounters, or even apps that allow you to discover a single profile per day.

Dating app or dating website?

Dating apps

Accessible on your phone or tablet, dating apps promise greater convenience. Indeed, you have access to the application wherever you are, and you can therefore react spontaneously to requests or messages.

Moreover, first dates are concluded more quickly, because users generally do not like to waste time. In addition, you have shorter profiles, with a few photos and a short description. This allows you to see at a glance if the person interests you or not.

However, relationships can be very short-lived, especially since profiles can disappear overnight. Indeed, on dating apps, most people are just there out of curiosity, especially when they are free. Otherwise, they are there to have a one-night stand...

Dating sites

These platforms work in much the same way as dating apps, but on a computer. As a result, you have the opportunity to make your profile more polished, to put in several photos or to put in a longer description.

Also, you can make more interesting encounters, because dating sites require a longer and more involved process. Some sites even require a criminal record! So, in a way, you have proof that users are much more serious.

However, people will not be constantly connected and you will have to wait longer to get answers. This lack of responsiveness from users means that you will also have to be patient to get a first date!


In short, your choice depends on the type of relationship you are looking for. If you are in a hurry, go for the dating app. But if you want to be sure of a serious relationship, dating sites are relatively reliable. That said, many sites also have mobile versions, so you can stay responsive when you need to respond.


Take care of your photos

To attract other users, your photos need to look good. Also, avoid photos that are blurry, poorly framed or that do not present you in your best light.

Describe yourself in a few words


short bio can make the difference when faced with the thousands of profiles circulating on dating apps. One or two sentences are enough to define what you like or what you do in life.

Do not lie


it's for your photos or your description, be sincere. Of course, you won't have to reveal your whole life, but avoid giving fake names, putting a fake photo or other misleading personal information.

Focus on profiles near you


you really want to meet people, take into account the distance between you and other users. And give preference to those who are close to your home, so you'll have a better chance of getting dates.

Personalize your conversations


you approach someone, avoid being annoying by saying things like "Hi, how are you?" all

the time.

Personalize your messages, for example, by referring to their interests. And avoid jokes that could lead to misunderstandings.


What is the best dating app?

The best dating app depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find the best products out there.

What is the best dating app for women?

The most successful ones are Bumble and AdopteUnMec.

How to recognize a fake profile?

His photos, his way of answering, his incessant need to postpone the date of the meeting without letting you go are all signs that you are dealing with a fake profile.

Can we put pictures with pets?

Yes, and it may even endear you to other pet-loving users.

When is the best time to meet people?

Some users are more active in the evening or on weekends, while others stay online all day. In fact, it all depends on your availability.


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Dating app - Meetic
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