The best credit card insurance in the UK 2023

Bank cards are not just good for making purchases, they can also be used for other transactions: for example, you can take out insurance through these cards. The coverage of these credit card insurances varies depending on the issuing bank. Read our guide to get an overview of what's on the market right now.

ING Direct Gold Mastercard 1

Best value for money

ING Direct Gold Mastercard

The best bank card insurance in 2021

The MasterCard Gold card is designed to make everyday life easier for you and your family, especially when traveling. It offers several advantages: insurance, assistance, and limits on withdrawals and payments.

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ING gives you the opportunity to acquire this Gold card with a monthly payment of €1,200 on the ING bank account. The Gold card will allow you to benefit from comprehensive insurance and assistance in case of problems during your travels.

For example, you can benefit from a ceiling of €310,000 in the event of an accident while travelling on public transport. And a ceiling of 46 000 € if you travelled in a rented car. You will also be insured against disappearance, cancellation/return/interruption of travel. But also in case of plane or train delay, delay/loss/damage of trip. You will even benefit from a civil liability insurance abroad with this card.

Mastercard Crédit Mutuel 2

Best value for money

Mastercard Crédit Mutuel

Basic bank card insurance

This is the "basic" card for your travels in the UK but also abroad. Available in immediate debit (42€/year) or deferred debit (44,50€/year), it offers only very basic insurance, but with adjustable limits.

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With the Mastercard from Crédit Mutuel, you can benefit from travel insurance guarantees, but on the condition that you pay for all your travel with your card. The guarantees are therefore linked to the use of the card, and in this case, you and your family are automatically covered up to €95,000 in case of serious disability or death. You can also benefit from medical repatriation assistance in the UK and abroad, advance payment of hospitalization costs and reimbursement of medical expenses abroad (up to €11,000).

You can also benefit from legal assistance abroad to defend yourself. In case of an accident while skiing on an open slope, you will be covered for rescue costs up to 10 000 € per year.

LCL Platinum MasterCard 3

Best value for money

LCL Platinum MasterCard

High-end bank card insurance

This card is classified as a luxury card, because the offers are not numerous and they are not cheap. But also because of the insurance benefits it offers.

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This luxury card therefore offers insurance ceilings (subject to conditions) such as: reimbursement of medical expenses abroad up to €155,000 (per Insured, per event and per year) and dental emergency up to €700 (per event). In addition, you are reimbursed €100 for telephone expenses and early return coverage in case of death or hospitalization of a family member.

You can also benefit (under conditions) from a ceiling of €16,000 for advance payment of criminal bail abroad in the event of a problem, then €16,000 for advance payment of lawyer's fees abroad and €8,000 for reimbursement of fees. Moreover, with this card, you will also have assistance with administrative procedures, €3,000 advance on expenses on the spot and the forwarding of files up to 5 kilos.

Monabanq Visa Premier Card 4

The alternative

Monabanq Visa Premier Card

Bank card insurance for frequent travelers

The Visa Premier card, long considered a simple means of payment for the rich, has become one of the most accessible offers on the market in terms of insurance and assistance.

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At Monabanq, you can obtain your Visa Premier card without any income requirement, so no monthly payment is required. However, with this card, you will be able to benefit from extensive guarantees and assistance: you will obviously be able to make payments and withdrawals abroad, benefit from the usual insurance policies, even while traveling (death, disability and medical assistance) and have your family benefit from them.

Death and disability insurance can cover up to €46,000. For travel cancellation insurance, it can reach a ceiling of 5,000€, without forgetting the insurance for plane delay and/or luggage delay (up to 400€), or loss, damage, theft of luggage (up to 800€/luggage), or the insurance for civil liability abroad (up to 1,525,000€/guaranteed event).

Buying guide • November 2023

Best credit card insurance

Any specific needs?

The best bank card insurance in 2021

Basic bank card insurance

High-end bank card insurance

Bank card insurance for frequent travelers

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Comparison table of the best credit card insurance

ING Direct Gold Mastercard 5
Mastercard Crédit Mutuel 6
LCL Platinum MasterCard 7
Monabanq Visa Premier Card 8
ING Direct Gold Mastercard
Mastercard Crédit Mutuel
LCL Platinum MasterCard
Monabanq Visa Premier Card
The MasterCard Gold card is designed to make everyday life easier for you and your family, especially when traveling. It offers several advantages: insurance, assistance, and limits on withdrawals and payments.
This is the "basic" card for your travels in the UK but also abroad. Available in immediate debit (42€/year) or deferred debit (44,50€/year), it offers only very basic insurance, but with adjustable limits.
This card is classified as a luxury card, because the offers are not numerous and they are not cheap. But also because of the insurance benefits it offers.
The Visa Premier card, long considered a simple means of payment for the rich, has become one of the most accessible offers on the market in terms of insurance and assistance.
Very extensive insurance and assistance
A card with adjustable limits
Concierge service included
Accessible with no income requirement
Emergency service 24/7
Possibility of making mobile payments
Extensive insurance and assistance
Extensive guarantees and assistance
Payment of 0 € / month (if you pay 1 200 € / month on your current account)
Immediate or deferred debit and contactless payment
Interesting compensation limits
Fee of 5 € / month

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Buying guide - credit card insurance

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How to choose your credit card insurance

#1 - The guarantees offered with the bank card

This is the most important criterion that you must take into account: the coverage that you will be offered will depend entirely on the guarantees that go with your card. These guarantees vary from bank to bank (and from card to card, of course), but among the most common ones you will find guarantees that can be implemented in case of :

  • modification or cancellation of a trip
  • delay or cancellation of your flight
  • loss, theft or delay of luggage
  • damage caused to a third party(civil liability abroad)
  • loss or theft of your passport
  • damage on board a rental car
  • without forgetting the standard guarantees in case of injury, medical repatriation, death

#2 - Legal assistance

Keep in mind that when you go on a trip, you are never safe from possible trouble with the law. If you don't want to get bogged down in procedural problems, make sure that there is a legal assistance component in the offers proposed with your card. Normally, this coverage will cover attorney's fees or advance fees as well as criminal bail.

#3 - Family coverage

Generally, bank card insurance primarily takes care of the cardholder. But it should also allow you to offer the same coverage to your family: spouse or partner or cohabitant (under certain conditions), as well as children from the union of the cardholder and his or her spouse, cohabitant or cohabitant (only if the children are under 25 years old).

It should be noted that children receiving alimony are not included in this coverage, nor are children under the age of 21 who are not in school.

It should also be noted that unmarried grandchildren under 25 years of age are covered by their grandparents' card if they are living together or staying together, for the duration of a trip in common, regardless of the means of transportation used.

#4 - Bonus for renting a car

This guarantee will allow you to avoid subscribing, in addition to your other existing insurance policies, to another that concerns the rental of a vehicle. It takes care of the expenses claimed in case of material damage or theft of the rented car.

In particular, it covers the deductible that remains at your expense after the claim has been handled by the rental company's comprehensive insurance.

How do you make the most of your credit card insurance policy?

If your credit card offers insurance policies, read your cardholder agreement carefully to understand what is covered by insurance and what is not. Most policies have exclusions and coverage limits.

For example, your card's insurance may cover a stolen cell phone but not a lost phone. Understanding details such as how quickly claims must be made and what reimbursement limits apply can save you a lot of hassle when traveling. If you are unsure about any aspect of your insurance coverage, contact the credit card issuer for clarification.

You should also keep records of all your purchases made with the card, any receipts, warranties or other documents. You may need this information to make a claim.

Once you understand the specifics of your coverage, you can plan your purchases to maximize the benefits of your card. For example, you can pay your cell phone bills with a card that offers cell phone coverage, or make travel arrangements with a card that offers travel coverage.

The different types of credit card insurance

The guarantees provided in this regard vary according to the type of bank card: you will therefore benefit from different coverage depending on whether you have a classic Visa or Mastercard, or a Visa Premier (or Infinite) or Gold Mastercard (or Platinium) card.

Visa Classic or Mastercard insurance

Visa Classic and Mastercard are the "basic" bank cards that you are usually offered when you open your account (in a traditional bank or an online bank). This type of card is generally sufficient for everyday use: to make withdrawals or payments.

In terms of coverage, this type of card generally only covers death, disability, illness or injury. This means that even though they offer the advantage of working everywhere the Visa and MasterCard networks are available, they will offer you very few guarantees.

Note, however, that the limits on this type of card are generally adjustable. They are ideal for daily use without travelling abroad.

Visa Premier (or Infinite) or Gold Mastercard (or Platinium) insurance

Visa Premier (or Infinite) or Gold Mastercard (or Platinium) are the "top of the line" cards in this respect. For a long time, they were only accessible to the elite, but this has changed with the arrival of online banks on the market.

Indeed, online banks offer this type of card free of charge, without income requirements.

They offer much more extensive guarantees: in addition to the guarantee in case of death-disability-sickness-injury, you will also be able to benefit from a guarantee in civil liability, for the rental car, against the modification or cancellation of the trip or the delays, loss, theft of the luggage, against the legal proceedings abroad, or against an anticipated repatriation.

This type of card is mainly intended for regular travelers.

Credit Card Insurance or Travel Insurance

Credit Card Insurance

Bank card insurance is fairly easy to obtain. It allows you to purchase insurance through your bank card to cover certain aspects of your travel, even abroad. All you have to do is pay for your trip with your credit card and this insurance is automatically purchased for you, your spouse and your children.

The most important negative aspect of this type of insurance is the coverage exclusions that may surprise you. For example, you may find that the type of disability you experienced while traveling is unfortunately not covered by your card insurance.

As for cost, you should know that card insurance only covers one card at a time. If you have three credit cards in your name and want disability coverage on each, you will need a separate policy for each card. This could be expensive.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance that you must subscribe to with a traditional insurer. This subscription is essential so that you can benefit from coverage against the consequences of incidents that may occur before and during your trips, travels and stays abroad.

This type of insurance generally offers you the same coverage as a high-end bank card insurance (Visa Premier, Infinite or Mastercard Gold or Platinium). This includes coverage for death, loss of or damage to luggage, or train or plane delays.

However, the travel insurance is less limited, i.e. the duration of the insurance is not limited to the first 90 days of the trip, and you can benefit from a much higher deductible. In addition, reimbursements will not be limited to purchases paid with the said credit card.


Credit card insurance or travel insurance, the choice is entirely yours. However, if you are looking for ease of application, credit card insurance may be sufficient.

However, if you want to benefit from the maximum coverage possible and have all your expenses reimbursed, it is better to look into travel insurance.


Notify your bank when you're going on a trip

Even if paying for your trip with your card automatically triggers your credit card insurance, it is better to warn the bank that issued the card that you will be traveling across the border. Indeed, since frauds are numerous, credit card companies protect themselves with very effective security measures: you can have your card suspended if you make a transaction that is not recognized as usual.

Remember to check your balance, credit limit and terms of use

You need to understand how your bank card will work once abroad. Will the available balance in your account be able to cover all the charges? If not, how much is your credit limit? Will it be enough to cover all your expenses? Should you increase it temporarily? Be well informed to avoid very bad surprises once you're on the road.

Keep your card's emergency number handy

Don't hesitate to put this number in your contact list, it will make it easier for you to communicate with your bank when you're traveling and to quickly resolve problems (freezing, theft or loss of your card).

Check your account regularly

Think about checking your balance regularly, don't just rely on your own calculations: there may be fees you forgot to take into account. This includes network access, transaction and conversion fees. This will also allow you to verify that transaction fees are normal.

Install your card's app on your smartphone

This will keep you informed of your balance movements in real time.


What is the best credit card insurance?

The best bank card insurance depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What does credit card insurance cover?

Itwill depend mostly on the bank card you have. If you have the classic Visa or Mastercard, you will only be covered for death-disability-sickness-injury. However, with the higher-end cards (Visa Premier or Infinit, Mastercard Gold or Platinum), you will have more extensive coverage and concerning all aspects of your trip (travel, lodging, etc.)

What are the benefits of credit card insurance?

Credit card insurance can reduce the burden of payments to your credit card issuer and help protect your good credit rating, if your income is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, disability, critical illness or death. Our comparison chart lists the various highlights of today's best offers.

How much does credit card insurance cost?

Thepremium you pay for this type of insurance depends on how much you owe on your credit card and the type of coverage you want. There is usually a maximum limit on the amount of debt that can be covered. Generally, the monthly cost of this type of insurance is specified when you meet with your manager. All types of credit insurance coverage, including credit card insurance, are provided as part of a group policy rather than purchased individually.

What are the benefits of insurance through a credit card versus travel insurance?

In the case of a bank card, or credit card, it is usually sufficient to pay your various vacation expenses with it to be eligible. On the other hand, you will need to purchase a policy to get travel insurance.


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