The best cheap dishwashers in the UK 2023

Did you know that washing dishes by hand uses 2 to 4 times more water than using a dishwasher? And for even more savings, treat yourself to a cheap dishwasher. Whether it's built-in or not, its capacity allows you to clean your cutlery quickly. Don't wait any longer, read this guide to the best cheap dishwashers and find yours.

Bosch SMV41D00EU 1

Best value for money

Bosch SMV41D00EU

The best cheap dishwasher in 2021

Make the Bosch SMV41D00EU built-in dishwasher one of your kitchen essentials! With a capacity of 12 place settings, this stainless steel appliance blends in perfectly with the décor.

289 £ on Cdiscount

If your kitchen is modern looking and well equipped, we suggest this Bosch SMV41D00EU built-in dishwasher. It provides you with 5 cycle modes: intensive, automatic, eco, fast, and pre-wash, the bare minimum you need to find on a dishwasher. It also features AquaSensor technology, which detects how dirty your cutlery is and adjusts the wash accordingly. With an acceptable noise level, this Bosch dishwasher can handle up to 12 place settings.

Bomann TSG 708 2

Best value for money

Bomann TSG 708

A remarkable mini dishwasher

The Bomann TSG 708 compact dishwasher has a remarkable capacity for its size. You can place it in any corner of your kitchen.

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The Bomann TSG 708 mini dishwasher fits into a small kitchen thanks to its compact size. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen, a real plus if you lack space. Its capacity of 6 place settings is a good average for its size. At first, you may be bothered by the slightly noisy operation, but you will easily forget this detail in view of its performance. The appliance is made of stainless steel and is an irresistible trendy white color.

Whirlpool WRFE2B16X 3

Best value for money

Whirlpool WRFE2B16X

A great cheap free-standing dishwasher

The Whirlpool WRFE2B16X is a remarkable dishwasher. Free-standing, it will appeal to those who want a high-performance appliance that's big enough for an entire family and not too expensive.

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The stainless steel color with black control panel of this freestanding dishwasher offers a modern visual to your kitchen. With the Whirlpool WRFE2B16X , you can run a cycle with up to 13 place settings, making it easy for you if you have guests over. Your cutlery will then be placed in the removable, height-adjustable basket. With its removable lid, you can integrate it into your kitchen furniture.

Amazonia Mini Klarstein 4

Very good

Amazonia Mini Klarstein

A compact dishwasher for couples

Whether you live alone or with a partner, you can just as easily save yourself the chore of washing dishes by hand with this Klarstein Amazonia Mini dishwasher.

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All in all, this Klarstein DSM-Oceana mini dishwasher isn't necessarily dedicated to a proper kitchen. You can just set it up in a safe place in the house, just as you can move around for camping or vacation. In addition to low power consumption, it offers efficient modes for processing your glasses and plates through its six built-in programs. Its special feature: the Amazonia Mini can be programmed to wash fruit and sterilize bottles!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap dishwasher

Any specific needs?

The best cheap dishwasher in 2021

A remarkable mini dishwasher

A great cheap free-standing dishwasher

A compact dishwasher for couples

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Comparison table of the best cheap dishwashers

Bosch SMV41D00EU 5
Bomann TSG 708 6
Whirlpool WRFE2B16X 7
Amazonia Mini Klarstein 8
Bosch SMV41D00EU
Bomann TSG 708
Whirlpool WRFE2B16X
Amazonia Mini Klarstein
Make the Bosch SMV41D00EU built-in dishwasher one of your kitchen essentials! With a capacity of 12 place settings, this stainless steel appliance blends in perfectly with the décor.
The Bomann TSG 708 compact dishwasher has a remarkable capacity for its size. You can place it in any corner of your kitchen.
The Whirlpool WRFE2B16X is a remarkable dishwasher. Free-standing, it will appeal to those who want a high-performance appliance that's big enough for an entire family and not too expensive.
Whether you live alone or with a partner, you can just as easily save yourself the chore of washing dishes by hand with this Klarstein Amazonia Mini dishwasher.
Free standing
Free standing
Maximum capacity
12 place settings
6 place settings
13 place settings
2 place settings
Water consumption per cycle
11.8 L
6.5 L
10.5 L
5 L
Noise level
46 dB
51 dB
46 dB
58 dB
Energy class

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Buying guide - cheap dishwasher

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How to choose your cheap dishwasher

There are dozens of cheap dishwashers on the market! Not easy to decide. Here are the criteria to keep in mind to make the right choice.

#1 - The capacity

In other words, it is a question of evaluating the size of the dishwasher you are going to buy according to the space in your kitchen where you intend to place it. That being said, there are three typical sizes of dishwasher: the classic size, the "small width" size and the mini dishwasher. In addition, this size determines the capacity of cutlery that the dishwasher is able to assimilate for cleaning, between 4 and 15 in general (knowing that a cutlery includes 3 types of plates, a coffee cup, a saucer, 1 glass at least, as well as the spoons, forks and knife).

#2 - The features

The different models offer normal (everyday), economy (reduced water and electricity consumption), intensive (pots and pans), fast full cycle, fragile (delicate dishes) or soaking (preparing heavily soiled dishes for a wash cycle) wash programs. This wide range gives you the choice of the effective treatment that's right for your dishes.

#3 - The type of storage

On dishwasher models, you'll have two types of storage for your cutlery after washing: the drawer or the basket. Whether you choose one or the other is solely a matter of your personal affinity. This short presentation of the two types will briefly guide you in your choice. The basket, which is most often found, is located in the lower part of the dishwasher and allows you to slide your cutlery in your own way. The drawer, on the other hand, favors the storage of large items such as pots and pans: its use requires more time for the classification of the dishes. With these few ideas, it's up to you to see which storage unit suits your needs.

Did you know?

Each part of the dishwasher plays a key role in its use. The filter collects dirt so that it does not block the pump. The door seals ensure that the machine is watertight. The washing arms (or spray arms) distribute the water inside the tank, so it is important that they are not blocked. The tank is the main compartment where the washing takes place, clean it regularly with white vinegar to avoid unpleasant odors.

#4 - Noise level


noise level of the appliance becomes an essential criterion as open kitchens are in the current trend. On average, the dishwasher emits a noise that varies between 38 and 55 dB, with some stages of the wash being more resounding than others. This criterion should always be indicated on the machine's label: in principle, a dishwasher with a noise level of around 45 dB is a reasonable choice. However, keep an ear out for unusual sounds, as these may come from a malfunction or blockage somewhere in the cycle.

#5 - The energy class

The energy class tells you how much water or electricity your appliance uses depending on its function. It is represented by a scale of colored bars made up of letters, with the most efficient score being A+++ (green bar) and the least satisfactory being G (red bar). The energy class affects your energy bills, so you should choose dishwashers with a class of A or higher for lower energy consumption. A and higher models are more expensive, but this quality investment will pay for itself in savings on your bill.

Dishwasher Essentials

In order for your machine to clean your dishes efficiently, you must include in your budget the products necessary for its operation. What are they?

Detergent, of course: this is the first essential product that you must have, as with any other washing machine. Dishwasher detergent comes in tablet, powder or gel form. Its action is practically the same, so it's up to you to choose the product that suits your budget and that you find more economical.

Regenerating salt: in addition to detergent, salt is recommended. It acts as a softener in the wash cycle, reducing the high lime and magnesium content in your tap water to avoid white spots on your dishes. In each dishwasher model, a dedicated salt tank is located at the bottom, easily detectable thanks to its large cap. The chemical composition of the regenerating salt corresponds specifically to the use in the dishwasher.

Rinsing liquid: to give a shiny effect and to help your dishes dry without a trace, you must use rinsing liquid. Depending on the model, find the appropriate setting on your machine and use it at the right time.

For your information, there are also all-in-one dishwashing products that save you from buying several products at once. Of course, the prices of these are higher.

Delayed start

Delayed start is a dishwasher mode that allows you to start it during off-peak hours, which saves you money on energy consumption.

Cheap dishwasher or hand dish?

Cheap dishwasher

Using a cheap dishwasher makes life convenient: you save time, you save physical energy and you get palpable economic gains. Yes, you might think that such a large appliance would use more water and electricity. Think again! The opposite is technically proven.

Handmade dishes

You would definitely opt for hand washing if you are worried about the finish of the job. Sometimes you find that the dishwasher doesn't finish the job the way you want it to. You also place too much importance on your delicate dishes that you prefer to take care of them yourself. Of course, all this is possible if you don't have any work constraints that limit your time.


It is up to you to find the ideal way to take care of your dishes: the choice is between assigning it to a machine or doing it yourself. Before making your decision, consider your time management, budget and physical effort.

The cheap dishwasher beats hand dishwashing on these three points alone. However, you are also free to do your own dishes if you feel that the result is more efficient.


Sort out the products to be put in the dishwasher

Be aware that the dishwasher cannot accommodate all of your dishware. You should be careful not to include: crystal items, patterned items, baby bottles, wooden utensils, cast iron items, knives and non-stick pans. Basically, don't invest in a dishwasher if the majority of your flatware is listed here.

Do not use cooking salt!


't use cooking salt instead of regenerating salt! This can deteriorate the operation of your appliance since the chemical properties of dissolution and consistency are quite different for these two salts. Sometimes trying to make life easier only makes it harder.

Location and installation


model of dishwasher you buy, there are a few general rules of thumb for placement. First, make sure the surface where you're going to put it is flat. Then, check the access to the connections necessary for its use, namely the water source, the electrical supply and especially the waste water drain. After that, you can choose between installing it yourself or calling a professional for this purpose.

The right gestures for an optimal use


instruction manual should never be separated from an appliance and you should still take the time to read it in order to become familiar with the product. For a better efficiency of your dishwasher, adopt certain reflexes on a regular basis: balance the amount of salt according to the hardness of the water, check that each product is poured into the appropriate tank, clear your dishes of any crumbs before putting them in the appliance, start your cycle as soon as the dishes are ready to be washed, avoid overloading the dishwasher.

Essential repairs


vigilant, unusual incidents occur at any time on your dishwasher. You can remedy the most common problems yourself. If your control knobs don't work, you can replace them for a small fee. If you have an electronic control strip instead, recheck the contact between the harnesses and connectors. If the noise of your dishwasher is slightly accentuated, perhaps your product is too acidic and thus deteriorates the links in the machine: in this case, change the product and call a professional for the repair. If the drain pump does not work, check that there is no debris in the pipes. For any other complications, contact the manufacturer, the service department or a specialist in the field.


What is the best dishwasher?

The best dishwasher depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How long does a dishwasher last?

Your dishwasher can last up to ten years, depending on your maintenance and the reliability of the brand.

Which method should I choose for drying the dishwasher?

Without a doubt, you will opt for the most economical drying method, which is outdoor condensation.

Is it necessary to open the dishwasher?

Each time you finish the wash cycle, remember to open the door of the machine to expose the interior to the air and rid it of the steam.

What causes white spots on the dishwasher?

If you notice white deposits on your dishes, it is either due to an excess of limestone in your water, or an excessive dosage of your washing products, or a bad setting of the machine, especially at the level of rinsing. Try to remedy it by taking into account these probabilities.


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Bosch SMV41D00EU
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