The best dishwashers in the UK 2023

Washing a mountain of plates can quickly become a hassle. No wonder more than 55% of French households own a dishwasher. This appliance saves a lot of time by removing food residue from plates, cutlery and utensils. To help you choose, check out our guide to the best dishwashers in 2020.

Whirlpool WFO3T141PF 1

Best value for money

Whirlpool WFO3T141PF

The best dishwasher

The Whirlpool WFO3T141PF can hold up to 14 place settings and has a noise level of about 41 dB. It is a very economical model since its water consumption is only 9.5 L per cycle.

480 £ on Darty

The Whirlpool WFO3T141PF has an exceptional capacity of 14 place settings. Among its 10 programs, you can enjoy the 6th Sense option or the PowerClean Pro option. Depending on the level of soiling, this intelligent machine adjusts the amount of water as well as the temperature and washing time. Its 28 powerful jets ensure an impeccable cleaning. After each cycle, the door of the machine opens automatically.

The life of the Whirlpool WFO3T141PF is improved by the presence of the induction motor. This makes it quieter. With the quick program at 50°C, your dishes will be back to their original glory in 30 minutes. The 45°C Crystal program guarantees a relatively gentle cleaning.

Thomson TDW4760WH

Best value for money

Thomson TDW4760WH

The best entry-level dishwasher

Are you short of space in your kitchen? Then we suggest the Thomson TDW4760WH built-in model. Measuring 60 cm wide, it can accommodate up to 14 place settings. Its class C sound level does not exceed 47 dB.

304 £ on Darty

Ideal for those with a limited budget, the Thomson TDW4760WH is a very well-made built-in dishwasher. Its 6 programs, its capacity of 14 place settings, its numerous options and the power of its motor will only seduce you. Moreover, it will make you save both energy and water.

The Thomson TDW4760WH is highly appreciated for its washing efficiency. The different programs offered help you get rid of even the most stubborn food residues. Glasses, casseroles, plates and cutlery will be back to their original glory in no time. Thanks to the"delayed start" option, the appliance adapts to your lifestyle and can operate at the time you want.

Miele G 5212 SC BB 2

Best value for money

Miele G 5212 SC BB

The best high-end dishwasher

Using approximately 8.9L of water per cycle, the Miele G 5212 SC BB is equipped with a delayed start system. In addition to the remaining time display, this washing machine will let you benefit from its QuickPowerWash program.

760 £ on Darty

The price of the Miele G 5212 SC BB is certainly quite high. However, this is understandable if you consider the many advantages that you will enjoy when using it. With a capacity of 14 place settings, this model promises optimal user comfort. It has 5 programs, including QuickPowerWash. As an example, the AutoOpen system makes drying more efficient by automatically opening the door at the end of the cycle.

You can save even more money with the delayed start. Simply program your dishwasher to start a few hours in advance. The Aquasecurity system avoids the risk of water leaks and ensures the safety of your children.

Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose

A great choice

Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose

The best Electrolux dishwasher

Easy to install, the Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose all-in-one dishwasher is one of the quietest. Its water consumption is only 9,5 L/cycle. Its advantage is the "autodose" function.

399 £ on Darty

A large capacity, more features (6 programs) and above all an easy installation thanks to the SlideFit system, these are some of the best assets of the Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose. It has an induction motor for optimal efficiency and durability. Even better, this machine offers 5 times better washing quality than conventional models thanks to the additional AquaIntense arm.

The ability to install the Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose in a column is a huge plus. You can place it up to 60 cm high and gain in comfort. If you only have a few dishes to clean, simply activate the Half Load program. Note that the delayed start can be programmed from 30 minutes to 24 hours in advance.

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Best dishwasher

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The best dishwasher

The best entry-level dishwasher

The best high-end dishwasher

The best Electrolux dishwasher

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Comparison table of the best dishwashers

Whirlpool WFO3T141PF 3
Thomson TDW4760WH
Miele G 5212 SC BB 4
Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose
Whirlpool WFO3T141PF
Thomson TDW4760WH
Miele G 5212 SC BB
Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose
The Whirlpool WFO3T141PF can hold up to 14 place settings and has a noise level of about 41 dB. It is a very economical model since its water consumption is only 9.5 L per cycle.
Are you short of space in your kitchen? Then we suggest the Thomson TDW4760WH built-in model. Measuring 60 cm wide, it can accommodate up to 14 place settings. Its class C sound level does not exceed 47 dB.
Using approximately 8.9L of water per cycle, the Miele G 5212 SC BB is equipped with a delayed start system. In addition to the remaining time display, this washing machine will let you benefit from its QuickPowerWash program.
Easy to install, the Beko DIN46423DOS Autodose all-in-one dishwasher is one of the quietest. Its water consumption is only 9,5 L/cycle. Its advantage is the "autodose" function.
Noise level
42 dB
47 dB
43 dB
46 dB
Type of installation
Free standing
Integrated in a column
14 place settings
14 place settings
14 place settings
14 place settings
Water consumption per cycle
9.5 L
11 L
8.9 L
9.5 L
Number of programs

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How to choose your dishwasher

Economical, hygienic, fast and easy to use, the dishwasher has subtly slipped into the list of the French's favourite appliances. Have you also fallen under the spell of this appliance? Be careful, because choosing a dishwasher is not something you do lightly! In order to decipher the manufacturers' indications and not to make a mistake in your choice, find our advice below.

#1 - The design

Many people downplay the importance of their dishwasher's design and immediately opt for the first model that comes along. That said, since everyone dreams of having a beautifully equipped modern kitchen, the design of the appliance should not be minimized.

Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen and how much money you want to spend on a dishwasher, you can choose between:

  • A free-standing dishwasher: a completely free-standing model that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, just like other large appliances.
  • Built-in dishwashers: perfect for kitchens that are already equipped, they can be placed in a kitchen cabinet or under the sink, while the control panel remains visible and accessible.
  • A built-in dishwasher: a model with the same concept as the previous one, it is placed under the worktop with the only difference that it has a front that matches the other elements of the kitchen to make it invisible.

#2 - The capacity

The capacity of a dishwasher necessarily depends on your lifestyle. For example, there are models specially designed for people with limited living space. These are mini-dishwashers suitable for those who live alone. On the other hand, real dishwashers offer a more profitable capacity, i.e. for :

  • 9 place settings and measuring 45 cm: this is a version that aligns with the needs of a couple.
  • 12 place settings with a width of about 60 cm: this is an ideal ally for households with a couple and several children.
  • 15 place settings with a width of more than 80 cm: this is the best choice for large families.

#3 - Consumption

The water consumption of a dishwasher depends primarily on the model and generally varies between 10 and 15 L per cycle. In other words, the water consumption of this type of appliance depends on its size and the number of place settings it can accommodate. For example, a 12 place setting dishwasher can consume up to 11 L per cycle.

#4 - The programs

#5 - Security

#6 - Ergonomics

How does a dishwasher work?

A dishwasher does not wash dishes in the same way as a manual dishwasher: it does not use a sponge or brush and does not "scrub" the cutlery to clean it. Depending on the model,one or more rotating arms with nozzles spray hot water on the dishes. This action occurs according to the washing program that has been selected.

The effectiveness of the washing depends on several parameters such as the heat of the water, the power of the jet, the speed of rotation, the duration of the cycle or the washing product used. In addition, the washing technology and the design of the appliance also play a role.

To ensure effective cleaning, remember to place cutlery and dishes upright so that each surface is washed properly. Also, pour enough cleaner on each piece of cutlery before closing the device and starting the process. Finally, select the program that suits you. And there you have it!

The different types of dishwashers

If you take a look at all the appliances available on the market, you will certainly notice that there are 3 types of dishwashers, each with its own specificities. In order to make the best choice, discover below the options available to you!

Free-standing dishwashers

Also known as freestanding dishwashers, free-standing models are the best known, especially since they were the first to be marketed and continue to be so popular. As their name indicates, they can be installed anywhere and on any piece of furniture. In fact, some are even portable and can be used in a room other than the kitchen, as long as you have access to water and electricity.

Because installation is not as complicated as with other models, freestanding dishwashers do not require a specific size

. In other words, you'll have no trouble finding them in any size. However, they are still bulky and users often have trouble finding the right place for them.

Built-in dishwashers


built-in, they are also called semi-integrated dishwashers for the simple reason that only the template of the appliance is covered by its location. Thus, the lower part of the door is slightly recessed to be easily integrated, while the surface with the control panel remains visible and immediately accessible.

Discreet and far from being cumbersome, this type of appliance will save you a lot of space

. For this reason, a built-in dishwasher is the greatest ally of small kitchens. You just have to embed it in a cabinet or under the worktop and it's done. Nevertheless, you absolutely must choose a dishwasher whose dimensions correspond with the space you have, otherwise the appliance won't fit.

Built-in dishwashers

Integrated dishwashers are also built-in, but not just half built-in. To put it simply, they fit into either a cabinet or the countertop and are completely invisible

. If you want to opt for this alternative in the wave of the trend, you will necessarily need a kitchen already equipped. The front that will cover the appliance will then have to blend with all the equipment in the room.

Beyond the question of aesthetics and coherence in the decoration of the kitchen, this type of dishwasher will bring a touch of modernity. You will save a lot of space, without having to clutter up your kitchen with an additional electrical appliance. But there are still some disadvantages such as the difficulty of installation which often requires the services of a professional and the price of the appliance which is generally high.

Free-standing or built-in dishwasher?

Free-standing dishwasher

The free-standing dishwasher is easy to use and does not require any installation difficulties for the owner. This makes the appliance more accessible, both when it comes to use and maintenance.

Before purchasing, the user also has the advantage of choosing the size he or she really needs, without having to worry about the fact that the machine might not fit in a particular location. Finally, it is an affordable machine that satisfies the budgets of millions of buyers, despite the fact that it may become cumbersome sooner or later and that it is noisier.

Built-in dishwasher

With no front or sides, the built-in dishwasher makes installation difficult. It will be difficult to find a place for it on a cabinet or on the kitchen bench, and you will have to make some adjustments in the room to place it under the worktop.

However, although it is expensive and requires some installation, the built-in dishwasher is far more compact than the former. The installation system gives the kitchen a more harmonious and organized look, and the appliance is less noisy.


Do you dream of a modern, fully equipped kitchen in which you can move around freely? Then the built-in dishwasher is for you! On the other hand, if you want to avoid making new arrangements in your kitchen and want to move your dishwasher freely, the free-standing model will be your best choice.

Why buy a dishwasher?

Buying a dishwasher is a significant investment, as you can expect to pay several hundred euros for a standard model and up to several thousand euros for a top-of-the-range model.

Given these endless numbers, many households still wash dishes by hand. Still, a dishwasher has many advantages that you should not be without.

Incredible time savings

You certainly have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to do rather than spending several minutes washing plates and cutlery, not to mention all the kitchen utensils. Did you know that for a family of 4, cleaning up after meals takes an average of 60 minutes a day, while it only takes 9 minutes to fully load a dishwasher? This household equipment saves you time and allows you to do other things!

Time to save money!

A dishwasher cycle uses 7 times less water and 74% less electricity than washing the same amount of dishes by hand. When you consider that dishwashing costs account for an average of 10% of a household's energy bill, this is a great way to save money. Even if the appliance is expensive to buy, the profitability is still considerable in the long term.

A question of hygiene

To clean dishes properly and prevent bacteria from growing, the water must be heated to over 60°C. Hand washing, on the other hand, requires only about 40°C, and everyone knows that this is the ideal temperature for germs to grow!

In the end, the dishwasher does more than just clean the cutlery - it destroys most germs by spraying water at over 75°C. Hygienic and reassuring, isn't it?

In order to militate for ecology

Lower electricity consumption on the one hand, controlled water consumption on the other, and finally, less grey water discharge. A quality dishwasher will reduce your impact on the environment and nature will thank you!

No more arguments about chores

That's right! Whether between children or adults, doing the dishes naturally becomes a source of conflict. While everyone bickers about the heavy workload involved in this chore, a dishwasher simplifies things and allows the whole household to do without.

The best brands of dishwashers

In our opinion, the best brands of dishwashers in 2022 are :


A renowned brand of American origin, Whirlpool is bound to earn a prominent place in the list of the best major appliance brands. With a wealth of experience, the brand imposes incalculable efficiency in each of its products, including the built-in and tabletop dishwashers it offers. After more than 100 years, the public continues to put their full trust in Whirlpool's know-how and expertise by opting for quiet, economical and efficient dishwashers.

Recommended for its quality manufacturing and innovative products, Brandt continues to engage in the design of home appliances since 1924. The French brand offers its superior skills in manufacturing equipment such as stoves, cooktops, freezers, dishwashers and many more. With their avant-garde and elegant design, the products signed by the brand are perfect to equip modern kitchens.

The German company has been firmly established on the market since 1886 and continues to make a name for itself in the household appliance market. When it comes to dishwashers, you'll be spoilt for choice with free-standing and built-in models. For fans of the brand and for those who are new to buying its products, Bosch is synonymous with reliability and durability.

Among the brands that have managed to build an unshakeable reputation in the field of household appliances, Miele stands out. Its catalogue is seen as one of the best supplied today, ranging from vacuum cleaners to dishwashers. For the public, the brand has become a reference in terms of high-end products.

Beko has a relatively short history in the appliance industry, but it is still one of the market leaders. The brand offers dishwashers that fit everyone's budget and come in a variety of sizes, including free-standing, built-in and integrated models. Beko's products are durable and long-lasting, so they no longer need to prove themselves to users.

What is the price for a dishwasher

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 1000 £
more than 1000 £
Price range diagram


Fill the dishwasher well.

Unless you're doing a half-load wash, wait until the dishwasher is full before turning it on. This will help you avoid wasting energy, water and detergent. Simply put, loading the dishwasher efficiently will help you get the most out of the energy, water and detergent the machine uses.

Do not remove the dishes immediately after the process.


the cycle is complete, wait a few minutes before emptying the machine. This will allow it to rest after several minutes of operation, and to empty itself of impurities before being unloaded.

Skip the pre-rinse.

Most dishwashers are now powerful enough to remove all soils, so hand pre-rinse becomes unnecessary. Let the machine take care of everything and save a good amount of water at the same time.

Air dry the dishes.


the machine is designed for this purpose, you can occasionally program it for a simple wash and not switch to drying mode. This trick is a must for those who want to avoid spending energy unnecessarily, knowing that the electric heat or fan that makes up the appliance also consumes energy. Simply remove the dishes after a few minutes and let them air dry.

Install it away from similar devices.

Although this is

a warning still issued by most manufacturers, many users persist in placing electrical appliances next to

each other.

If you place your dishwasher next to your refrigerator, the refrigerator will have to work harder because of the heat escaping from the other appliance. In doing so, both machines lose efficiency and durability.


What is the best dishwasher?

The best dishwasher depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to maintain a dishwasher?

A dishwasher needs to be maintained regularly to keep it running efficiently. This includes cleaning the filter to get rid of deposits and bad odours. Also, you should descale the entire appliance with a product designed for this purpose or with a natural product such as citric acid and white vinegar. In addition, always check the condition of your pipes and your water pipe. Finally, don't forget to scrub the joints.

Which cleaning products are suitable for a dishwasher?

There are plenty of cleaning products on the market, but not all of them are suitable for a dishwasher. If you used to use a block of soap for hand washing, this time you will basically have the choice between a tablet or a dishwashing liquid. For the latter, choose a product that doesn't contain too many chemicals to avoid damaging the appliance later on.

How to optimize the operation of a dishwasher?

To optimize the operation of your dishwasher, avoid overloading the compartment and respect the capacity of the appliance. Sort the dishes correctly by choosing the lower part for large dishes and dividing the other utensils into the compartments. Also, clean the filter regularly and use a good quality and reliable cleaning agent.

Drawer or cutlery basket?

Whichever type of compartment you choose, you should know that the wash will still be as effective. The difference between a drawer and a cutlery basket is more about convenience and space. Drawer models leave more room in the lower part of the dishwasher, so you can fit more utensils and dishes in to get things done faster and in one cycle.


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