The best bolsters in the UK 2023

Very decorative, the bolster is above all a useful bedding accessory for a good night's sleep. This large cylindrical pillow has many uses. You can lean against it or snuggle up comfortably. But which model and especially which size duffel should you choose for your bed? Through this buying guide, discover all our recommendations on the best bolsters for this year.

Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm 1

Editor's Choice

Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm

The best bolster in 2021

Filled with fluffy polyester fiber, this 180 cm bolster offers excellent support and welcome comfort. With it, you'll enjoy every moment spent in your bed.

23,12 £ on Amazon

This bolster is the perfect embodiment of excellence made in the UK. The polyester fiber filling in the form of balls was chosen for its malleability and its adaptation to all morphologies. Whatever your body type, this duffel will always find its initial shape and loft. Its envelope is made of polycotton percale 110 g/m² and weaving of 100 threads/cm² ensures resistance as well as a good regulation of the temperature. To extend the life of this bolster, the manufacturer recommends covering it with a waterproof or fleece underlay with 40 cm more than the length of the bolster.

Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm 2

The best cheap

Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm

The best entry-level bolster

Made with 100% hypoallergenic microfiber and polyester, this 140 cm bolster is soft, fluffy and comfortable, perfect for people who cannot tolerate dust mites.

17,59 £ on Amazon

This Sleepling Komfort bolster seduces by its quality-price ratio, but also for its finishing and its softness/firmness ratio. The microfiber cover and the 100% polyester hollow fiber bead filling guarantee excellent body support. These components meet Oeko-Tex 100 standards, which means they contain no harmful substances and are hypoallergenic. As a versatile bolster, you can use this bolster as a pillow holder or to rest your legs after a long day at work. With the built-in closure, you can remove or add filling to adapt this bolster to your liking.

Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm 3

The best high-end

Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm

The best high-end bolster

Soft, fluffy and extremely fluffy, this high quality bolster " Rêve de douceur " Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm will quickly become an undeniable asset to improve your comfort in bed.

24,72 £ on Amazon

If you like to watch TV or read a book in peace and quiet on your bed, this comfortable 160 cm bolster is for you. Its insulating filling is made of polyester and three-dimensional silicon fiber that ensures a firm support of the back when you are in a raised position. As for the cover, it is made of percale polycotton and cotton. To relieve heavy legs, simply position it under your knees or ankles. This bolster is very popular for its quality finish with tucked-in seams on 3 sides. You will be delighted to know that this product is made with electricity from renewable energy sources. Completely eco-friendly!

Abeil Dourêve Absolu 4

The best alternative

Abeil Dourêve Absolu

The best bolster for relieving muscle tension

The Abeil Dourêve Absolu bolster is not strictly speaking a medical bolster, but it is very effective in relieving tense muscles and tensions that accumulate throughout the day.

18,79 £ on Amazon
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The best bolster in 2021

The best entry-level bolster

The best high-end bolster

The best bolster for relieving muscle tension

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Comparison table of the best bolsters

Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm 5
Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm 6
Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm 7
Abeil Dourêve Absolu 8
Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm
Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm
Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm
Abeil Dourêve Absolu
Filled with fluffy polyester fiber, this 180 cm bolster offers excellent support and welcome comfort. With it, you'll enjoy every moment spent in your bed.
Made with 100% hypoallergenic microfiber and polyester, this 140 cm bolster is soft, fluffy and comfortable, perfect for people who cannot tolerate dust mites.
Soft, fluffy and extremely fluffy, this high quality bolster " Rêve de douceur " Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm will quickly become an undeniable asset to improve your comfort in bed.
The Abeil Dourêve Absolu bolster is not strictly speaking a medical bolster, but it is very effective in relieving tense muscles and tensions that accumulate throughout the day.
180 cm
140 cm
160 cm
160 cm
1,600 g
1.43 kg
1.32 kg
1.3 kg
Covering materials
Polycotton percale
Polyester and cotton
100% polyester
Trim materials
Polyester fiber in the form of balls
Polyester and three-dimensional siliconized fiber
100% polyester Cyclafill
Maintenance tips
Machine wash at 40 °C without using bleach
Machine washable at 60 °C. The cover can be tumble dried.
Machine wash at 40 °C
Machine wash at 40°C and tumble dry at low or medium temperature.

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How to choose your bolster

A bolster is used to complement a pillow. Placed under the latter, this accessory will help you maintain a good position for maximum comfort at night. To benefit from the many advantages offered by the duvet, take the time to choose it well.

#1 - Upholstery

The comfort of the bolster will greatly depend on its filling. For filling materials, you can choose between feathers or goose down, which are natural, and synthetic fiber. Feather-filled bolsters offer good firmness, but are more difficult to maintain. As for synthetic fiber bolsters, they are ergonomic and easy to care for.

#2 - Flexibility

This criterion depends on one's preference for convenience. While some people like soft bolsters, others prefer them firmer. You should favor the one that makes you feel comfortable during use. Again, you should pay attention to the filling of the bolster. A soft bolster is an excellent compromise if you are used to sleeping on your side. Being very soft, the elastic bolster will envelop your neck and head for incredible comfort.

#3 - Maintenance

If you don't have enough time to devote to maintenance, favor a bolster whose cover can be cleaned by machine. However, you have to respect the washing instructions at the risk of damaging the cover of the duvet. On the other hand, you can't avoid hand washing silk bolsters with natural materials as filling. For the feather bolster, for example, hand washing with water not exceeding 40°C is recommended. Above this temperature, the feathers and goose down may deteriorate. As long as the filling is made of natural materials, a low temperature wash is in order.

#4 - Use

The use of the bolster is no longer limited to sleeping in addition to a pillow. Today, the bolster can be used everywhere in a house. Some people use them to relieve back pain or to relieve heavy legs. Others use them as a support during their yoga sessions. Children use them as a backrest when reading on a couch.

#5 - Dimensions

The bolster should never extend beyond the width of the bed, otherwise it's going to be unpleasant to look at. It's all about proportions. If you have a 160 cm wide bed, a 160 x 40 cm bolster will do perfectly. Of course, there are exceptions, especially if your bed is not standard. There, you can opt for longer or shorter bolsters.

The bolster, a guarantee of comfort in all circumstances

The bolster is easily recognized by its cylindrical or rectangular shape. It is usually for decorative purposes, but it can also be used for more significant purposes. Indeed, the bolster provides additional support for the head when you are lying on your bed. If you are one of those people who like to sleep with your head elevated (which is the case for people with a large build), you will be happy with the bolster.

People who are used to sleeping on their side are often prone to lower back pain because this position causes the pelvis to twist. It has been found that snuggling up to a bolster with one leg placed on top can effectively relieve this back pain. By adopting this posture, the pelvis naturally straightens. As for the lumbar vertebrae, they are progressively freed from tension.

The bolster: an undeniable asset for a good sleep

Many doctors and therapists recommend the bolster to all people who suffer from back and neck pain, because it makes sleep easier. Regardless of your body type and body mass index, bolsters will help you sleep better. In the morning, you will wake up feeling better and fresher than ever, which is what matters most.

The different types of bolsters

Like the pillow, the bolster has different levels of flexibility. It is customary to distinguish the bolster according to this criterion.

The soft bolster

A little flatter, the soft bolster is intended for people who like cozy comforts and for those for whom the night is mainly a moment of relaxation and pleasure. This type of bolster is ideal for people with light bodies, because it will hold their whole body a little less, which the firm bolster does not. The filling of the soft bolster is all natural, i.e. feather or down. The advantage with these filling materials is that they offer maximum comfort, which will further enhance your moments in the arms of Morpheus.

The firm bolster

Cylindrical, the firm bolster is rather recommended to people who need an excellent support at night. This category of bolster brings a very good support to those who have concerns about their cervicals. The dense filling of the duvet allows the person concerned to keep a good posture during the night. Don't get me wrong: firmness does not necessarily mean "lack of comfort". Bolster filled with polyester or memory foam provide exceptional comfort.

The medical bolster

This therapeutic accessory is designed to promote sleep and keep nighttime awakenings at bay. Often featuring a flat design, the medical bolster softens sleep for stomach, back or side sleepers by relieving multiple pressure points on their bodies. As padding, manufacturers usually use high quality polyester fibers or siliconized polyester.

Bolster or pillow?

The bolster

Whether its filling is firm or soft, the bolster improves comfort when you are in bed or on the sofa. Its flexible and manageable features allow you to position it as you wish. You can use it as a backrest, rest your head on it or simply place it at your side. In any case, a bolster adapted to your needs provides optimal support.

The pillow

The pillow is just as comfortable. Soft or firm, this bedding accessory perfectly supports your cervicals and neck when you sleep in a sideways position. It also helps rest your head and prevents you from rolling onto your back at night. By opting for an ergonomic model, you ensure optimal support for your body, which is perfect for waking up in the morning.


No, a bolster is not a pillow for two at all! Unfortunately, this accessory does not allow you to maintain your independence of sleep, so you must always use a pillow. The bolster and the pillow are therefore complementary. Adopting both of them will definitely increase the comfort level when you are in bed.

5 good reasons to buy a bolster

For optimal body support
Bolsters have both therapeutic and orthopedic functions. When placed sideways on a bed, they comfortably align the body and help you relax. This posture is especially beneficial for people with back strain and for pregnant women as well.

To relieve muscle tension
When placed under the neck, bolsters offer very good support for this part of the body. Models that are filled with memory foam are perfect for relieving the body of all the tensions accumulated during the day.

To recover quickly from an injury
After a sports injury, accident or surgery, a bolster helps you recover more quickly. This accessory is very useful to elevate certain parts of the body, which prevents the appearance of swelling sensations. As the muscles are soothed, the body can relax.

To improve blood circulation
When you get home from work, get into bed and elevate your legs over a bolster. This will improve blood flow to the heart. This technique has been scientifically proven to prevent varicose veins and water retention.

To improve the safety of children
It is wiser to offer a bolster to children rather than a pillow. Because the bolster is larger and firmer, it is less likely to cause suffocation while the child sleeps.

The best brands of bolsters

In our opinion, the best brands of bolsters in 2022 are :

Bleu Câlin
Soleil d’Ocre
Natalia Spzoo

Since its inception, Blanrêve has offered innovative products that meet the expectations of all users, starting with its line of bolsters. In addition to sporting a beautiful finish, Blanrêve bolsters are easy to maintain.

Abeil has been making blankets and bedspreads for over a century. Today, this French company based in Aurillac still offers bed accessories, but this time with more environmentally friendly materials.

Since 1925, Bleu Câlin has been offering its customers a wide range of comforters, pillows, caradous and bolsters made with organic cotton. Of a rare quality, its bed accessories meet the needs of the whole family.

Soleil d'Ocre is recognized for the excellent quality of its bedding items made with innovative materials such as polyester. Its line of bolsters is actually filled with this material that optimizes comfort of use and flexibility.

A company of Polish origin, Natalia Spzoo excels particularly in the creation of bed mattresses, nursing cushions and beanbags. This manufacturer also offers a collection of bolsters, most of which are filled with viscoelastic memory foam.

What is the price for a bolster

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Don't forget the pillow

The bolster should always be used in conjunction with the pillow. This optimizes comfort while sleeping, especially if you like to have your head elevated. Also, many health experts will tell you that a pillow placed on top of a bolster provides better head support.

Wash your bolster regularly

Like the pillow, wash your bolster regularly, making sure to follow the manufacturers' instructions. If the filling is made of synthetic material, don't be afraid to machine wash it. If you have the opportunity, expose your bolster to the air every day so that it can breathe. If not, do it at least once a week.

Protect your bolster with a pillowcase

To maximize the longevity of your bolster, cover it with a pillowcase. Be careful, the size of a pillowcase should always be larger than the size of the bolster. If your bolster is 90 cm long, its cover must be at least 140 cm long. For a 120 cm or 140 cm bolster, opt for a 185 cm pillowcase.

Wash the feather bolster by hand

In case the bolster filling is made with feathers, it is preferable to offer it a hand wash with soapy water at 40 °C. Drying will take a little longer, but that's the nature of down bolsters. Although it says that the feather bolster can be machine washed, refrain from doing so.

Give a second youth to the bolster yellowed by time

To rejuvenate a bolster with a yellowed coating, add soda crystals or hydrogen peroxide to the drum of the washing machine before putting the duffel in. For hand washing, use baking soda. This cleaning will restore the freshness of the bolster.


How to clean a feather bolster?

The feather bolster can be machine washed, although hand washing at a temperature of 40°C and air drying is recommended. This should always be followed, otherwise the natural filling may wilt, which would be a bit of a shame for such a beautiful accessory as a feather bolster.

What are the benefits of sleeping with a bolster?

The bolster provides many recognized benefits. Indeed, this accessory relieves neck pain, lower back pain and also helps reduce muscle tension accumulated during the day. By raising the legs on a bolster, blood circulation is improved and the risks of varicose veins are reduced.

What size pillowcase should I use for a 90 cm bolster?

The size of the pillowcase should always be larger than the size of the bolster. So, if your bolster is 90 cm, the right pillowcase should be 140 cm. For a 120 cm bolster, you need a 185 cm pillowcase. For aesthetics, always make the pillowcase size larger than the bolster size.

What is the difference between a bolster and a duvet cover?

From a physical standpoint, there is strictly no difference between the duffel and the bolster, as they are both tubular in shape. However, while the bolster is used for functional purposes, the duffel is much more aesthetic or decorative. In other words, they are used to enhance a bed.


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Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm 9
Linnea Bolster Grizz'Lit Flotex 180 cm
Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm 10
Sleepling Komfort 190110 140 cm
Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm 11
Bleu Câlin Alaska 160 cm
Abeil Dourêve Absolu 12
Abeil Dourêve Absolu


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