The best bed nets in the UK 2023

A mosquito net avoids nightmarish nights of annoying buzzing and mosquito bites. More effective and ecological than mosquito repellents, it allows you to sleep in comfort, serenity and safety. Between pop-up models, bed canopy, with frame, etc., which bed net to choose? To not regret your purchase, read this guide.

Ultranatura Luna 1

Editor's Choice

Ultranatura Luna

The best bed net in 2021

Protect yourself from insect bites with this bed net. In addition to having fine 1.2 mm mesh, it offers a protective surface of 12.50 m² for one or more cots or sleeping bags on the ground.

13,41 £ on Amazon
SunniY Dream Star Blue 2

Best Cheap

SunniY Dream Star Blue

The best entry-level bed net

An air of the Arabian Nights will float in your child's room thanks to the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Blue Crib Canopy. In addition to its decorative aspect, this piece of bedding will protect your baby against insect bites.

14,32 £ on Amazon

This crib sky attracts above all by its design! Indeed, on the blue background are scattered bright stars that remind both fairy tales and a space decor. You would have understood it, the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Bleu is suitable for both girls and boys. It's also compatible with all types of cribs: from cribs to single beds to canopy beds.

A decorative element in its own right, this baby canopy is also a functional bed net, effective against insect bites. Also, it is suitable from birth to the age of leaving the nest. Equipped with a hoop as a support, this crib canopy will be fixed to the ceiling with a hook. Drilling is not mandatory, however, you can opt for patches or adhesives.

Digead Menggu 3

Best High End

Digead Menggu

The best high-end bed net in 2021

Protect yourself effectively from mosquitoes that proliferate around your home and spread disease by trusting this folding bed net from Digead. Its double opening is a real plus.

29,48 £ on Amazon

If you have trouble sleeping because of mosquitoes, the Digead Menggu will guarantee you peaceful nights. You can even let your little ones play with their toys in it, safe from insects. Made from high quality polyester gauze, this pop-up bed net has fine mesh to keep insects at bay. Easy to assemble and fold, it can go anywhere with you. It also comes with a carrying case.

Because of thedome design of this bed net, the Digead Menggu will be excellent in a room with a very high ceiling, making it virtually impossible to hang a screen . Once the mattress is installed, the dome becomes mosquito-proof. However, the air circulation is optimal, which guarantees fresh and comfortable nights for the sleepers. Practical, this model has 2 openings on two sides to avoid disturbing the person who sleeps on one side, when another will enter the net.

Lumaland mosquito net 4

Mosquito Repellent Vest

Lumaland mosquito net

A great mosquito net

Because of its design, this bed net remains in very good condition even after several months of use. You can also impregnate it with special thinner (insecticides, etc.) to neutralize the insects touching the net.

15,11 £ on Amazon

Even after months of use while traveling or hiking, this box bed net remains in perfect condition. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it has a mesh size small enough and tight enough with 256 holes per square inch (as recommended by the WHO) to keep insects out. With the Lulamand, you'll enjoy a peaceful night's sleep and better air circulation.

This practical foldable mosquito net can be stored in a closet or a travel backpack because its installation/uninstallation is child's play. Simply hang it with strings thanks to hooks. It's versatile and fits both single and double beds. Moreover, the fact that it does not have a side opening guarantees that you are well protected from pests.

Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Nets 5

Very Good

Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Nets

A very good choice

The bed net offered here by Lifesystems is permethrin-impregnated, very affordable and well-made. In addition to being spacious and easy to hang, it also comes with a handy storage bag.

24,49 £ on Amazon

It is a bed net impregnated with permethrin. Light, spacious (210 x 100 x 160 cm) and easy to hang, it will follow you on your trip. Moreover, the presence of a carrying bag only increases its portability. Campers and hikers will be delighted to have it in their "arsenal" in order to sleep peacefully in the wilderness and well protected from disease-carrying insects.

Mounting the Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Nets is as simple as hanging the net from a branch and then pulling the net and spreading it around your sleeping bag. To keep the net airtight and immobile once its suspension points are attached to the branch, hold the rest of the net under your mattress or sleeping bag. Note that this mosquito net is made of UV resistant polyester and is machine washable.

Buying guide • November 2023

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The best bed net in 2021

The best entry-level bed net

The best high-end bed net in 2021

A great mosquito net

A very good choice

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Comparison table of the best bed nets

Ultranatura Luna 6
SunniY Dream Star Blue 7
Digead Menggu 8
Lumaland mosquito net 9
Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Nets 10
Ultranatura Luna
SunniY Dream Star Blue
Digead Menggu
Lumaland mosquito net
Lifesystems Micro Mosquito Nets
Protect yourself from insect bites with this bed net. In addition to having fine 1.2 mm mesh, it offers a protective surface of 12.50 m² for one or more cots or sleeping bags on the ground.
An air of the Arabian Nights will float in your child's room thanks to the SunniY Étoile De Rêve Blue Crib Canopy. In addition to its decorative aspect, this piece of bedding will protect your baby against insect bites.
Protect yourself effectively from mosquitoes that proliferate around your home and spread disease by trusting this folding bed net from Digead. Its double opening is a real plus.
Because of its design, this bed net remains in very good condition even after several months of use. You can also impregnate it with special thinner (insecticides, etc.) to neutralize the insects touching the net.
The bed net offered here by Lifesystems is permethrin-impregnated, very affordable and well-made. In addition to being spacious and easy to hang, it also comes with a handy storage bag.
1.2 mm
Dense, small mesh
256 knots/square inch
156 holes/square inch
Child bed, beds 1.2x3.6m / 1.5x1.5m / 1.8x1.8m
Polyester, double filament steel
For which type of bed?
All types of beds
Dense mesh
Lit size of 1.8 x 2m minimum
Bed size 220 x 200 cm
All types of beds
230 g
997 g
600 g
260 g
Hanging (accessories included)
To hang (accessories provided)
Pop-up automatic
Hanging (suspension included)
Hanging (accessories included)

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How to choose your bed screen

The choice of a bed net should not be made lightly. Your health and well-being are at stake. Here are the essential points to consider before buying this mosquito protection device.

#1 - The space between the mesh

The space between the meshes varies from one bed net to another. You should look for a compromise between comfort and mosquito blocking. The larger the space between the meshes of the screen, the more breathable the net will be, the more comfortable it will be. But larger holes mean more mosquitoes can get through and bite you.

Tight meshes that keep almost all insects out of the net reduce air circulation and generate much more heat at night. To this end, look for a net with a mesh size of about 200 knots per square inch. When choosing a mosquito net for a child, a density of 150 holes per inch is ideal for better air circulation under the net and optimal protection against mosquitoes.

#2 - The fabric

A bed net is made of nylon, bamboo, cotton or polyester. The more eco-friendly will prefer to turn to a bamboo model, which is both easy to wash, eco-friendly and strong. People who are prone to night sweats are advised to opt for a polyester bed net. This soft and light material guarantees a better air circulation and above all, it can be washed without any problem.

For outdoor use, avoid nylon bed nets because they are sensitive to the sun's UV rays. Choose a polyester model instead. As for cotton, this material prevents the infiltration of the smallest insects into the net and is very resistant to UV degradation. However, cotton has a low resistance to tearing, moisture and mildew. Polyamide and polyester netting are the most common netting materials today, with very high strength, low weight and the ability to withstand wet weather conditions.

If the net is intended for a baby, make sure it is light, flexible, transparent if possible and woven in fiberglass, to prevent any mosquito intrusion. There are also beautiful baby skies on the market that will certainly enhance your child's crib and bedroom.

Avoid monofilament nets that have recently started to appear on the market. They are inexpensive, but have many drawbacks and are not recommended because their net structure can be easily damaged and distorted, creating large, irregular holes. Also, they do not retain the permethrin treatment well in case you want to impregnate your net. You can recognize them by their appearance similar to knitted fishing line.

#3 - The net's coverage capacity

Some bed nets are treated with permethrin or pyrethroids. Permethrin is a natural insecticide that has been used for decades. Pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides, chemically similar to permethrin, but stronger, more durable, and able to resist leaching. They are sometimes considered "permanent" and able to last for years.

Treatment of nets with permethrin and pyrethroids is recommended by WHO because it has three key advantages:

  • it reduces the number of insects in a room (and therefore the risk of bites and diseases)
  • it prevents insects from biting through the net,
  • and it protects the sleeper even if the net is damaged or improperly mounted.

Pyrethroid treatments can last for a few years and several washes before re-treatment is required. A permethrin treatment lasts about 6 months depending on storage and use of the net. By using a re-treatment kit, you can ensure that your bed net will always protect you.

#4 - The ease of installation

The space available inside your bed net can greatly affect temperature and overall comfort. Opt for a rectangular bed net (Box Net) if you want to both sleep in a less confined space and stay cool. A Bell Net is easier to assemble, but offers limited space due to its extra spacer and height. A Wedge Net is even smaller than a Bell Net, with little space at the base of the bed. Much smaller, but easier to store. The smallest nets are the Dome or Freestanding nets. They are less spacious. But you can still find on the market, versions suitable for larger beds.

#5 -

This indicator will depend mostly on the height of your ceiling. If your ceiling is very high, making it impossible to hang the screen, turn to a pop-up version (dome net). However, you should know that this version offers little space inside. If you choose the rectangular net/Box Net, the bed canopy/Bell Net, or the Wedge Net, make sure that the installation accessories are provided by the manufacturer to facilitate the suspension of the net through the wall or ceiling. In any case, if your ceiling is very high, you will have no choice but to hang your screen using a fixing paste or adhesive hooks.

What you need to know about the treated net

What is a treated net?

A treated net is a mosquito net whose net has been impregnated with insecticide. Some of them, called "classic", have an impregnation that lasts from 6 months to 2 years. Others, called "LLINs" or long-lasting insecticide-treated nets, can be impregnated for up to seven years. After this period, you must re-impregnate your net. There are specific sprays for this on the market.

What are its advantages?

There are many advantages of an impregnated mosquito net. In addition to providing better protection against mosquitoes and related insects than a conventional net, it :

  • instantly neutralizes the mosquito(s) that touch it;
  • has a repulsive power that reduces the number of mosquitoes entering the room;
  • protects the sleeper(s) even if its net is badly edged or torn.

What about the disadvantages?

As impregnated mosquito nets use pesticides to effectively repel and kill mosquitoes, they can cause allergies in particularly sensitive people. They are also not suitable for pregnant women and babies.

How to maintain it?

Wash your mosquito net gently and without scrubbing, using only mild soap and cold water. Once washed, dry it flat and in the shade.

The different types of bed nets

Let's review the types of bed nets on the market to help you determine which one will best meet your expectations.

Rectangular Mosquito Net or Box Net

This bed net offers a large surface of protection against mosquitoes and other harmful insects. It has the advantage of adapting to all bed shapes. It is fixed by suspension points which are usually at least four in number. Rectangular mosquito netting is especially suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

The Box Net can also be used to cover several sleeping bags at the same time during hikes, camping and outdoor activities. To use it in the wilderness, simply hang it from the branches of a tree. Indoors, this net is spacious enough to cover multiple beds.

Pop-up Mosquito Net or Dome Net

The pop-up net is a portable model that is popular with travelers. As the name suggests, it can be set up in no time, just like the famous pop-up tents. When it comes to folding, you'll have to practice a bit before you get the hang of it. This type of bed net folds to form a ring.

The dome net usually comes with a circular carrying case. The main advantage of this portable model is that it is perfectly airtight. It is therefore impossible for insects to penetrate it, whether from the bottom, sides or top. Just make sure that your mattress goes through the opening of the mosquito net.

Bed Screen or Bell Net

Fixed to the bed by a support or to the wall, the bed canopy is a whole composed of one or more curtains decorated and hung above a bed. There are canopies for adults, but the vast majority of models are intended for cribs such as cribs and cradles.

The wall-mounted bedspreads, made of opaque or semi-opaque fabrics, are suitable for winter use. This is to protect the sleeper from direct light and drafts. In summer, the fabric of the canopy should be replaced with a light sheer for better air circulation. However, the downside with the canopy is its opening system, which is likely to let mosquitoes in.

Wedge Net

Wedge Net bed screens are cone-shaped. Higher-end models offer a little more space for the user, while lower-end ones drape over the bedding. Inexpensive, the Wedge Net is easy to assemble and disassemble because it only needs one or two low support points. It can be hung near a wall, making it easy to position even if your space is limited.

The Wedge Net can also be used in a tent. Lightweight, compact and easy to pack, this net uses less fabric and fits very well in small spaces. However, because of the compactness of this net, air circulation is reduced. As a result, the Wedge Net is more stuffy than other types of nets on the market.

Bed net or mosquito killer?

Mosquito net for bed

Available in a wide variety of colors, fastening systems, sizes and shapes, the bed screen is a must have to protect against mosquito bites and the diseases they transmit. A decorative object in its own right, the bed net cleverly meets a wide range of needs.

There are pop-up versions, ideal for travel and usable both indoors and outdoors. The dome screen is perfect for rooms with high ceilings that make it impossible to hang a screen. Rectangular nets offer an XXL coverage area that can protect several beds at the same time. The canopy versions bring more fantasy for a sublimated decoration. Some of these nets are even tinted with stars to give the illusion of a starry night, creating an atmosphere in the bedroom that is conducive to falling asleep.

For those seeking maximum protection against mosquitoes and pests, there are also models with insecticide-impregnated mesh. Those who prefer fully sealed models will be delighted with screens without side openings. However, the bed net could be criticized for the fragility of the mesh and zippers. It is therefore important to protect it well to prevent the mesh from being pierced.

Anti-mosquito diffuser

The anti-mosquito diffusers are very easy to use. Indeed, some of them are delivered with a refill tablet which guarantees a protection against mosquitoes for a duration of 1h30. These recharge tablets allow you to use your diffusers during the day as well as at night.

Moreover, most of the anti-mosquito diffusers do not emit any annoying odors or waves. You can therefore sleep peacefully while the product is working. Note that you can even adjust the amount of product spread thanks to a slider that some diffusers are equipped with.

Despite the many advantages of the anti-mosquito diffuser, it has been criticized for the fact that, depending on the model, it may contain insecticides. Therefore, it is not free of chemical substances and may not be suitable for everyone. In addition, as most diffusers on the market need to be plugged into the mains to operate, you will not be able to use a diffuser outdoors.


In the end, the bed net beats the mosquito diffuser for the simple reason that it meets all mosquito protection needs without compromising on comfort and quality. In addition, unlike the diffuser, it is suitable for particularly vulnerable people such as pregnant women, infants and people with allergies.

However, if you are not allergic, there is nothing to stop you from using a mosquito net and a diffuser together to ensure enhanced protection against mosquitoes. Also, the screen only protects you from mosquitoes and related insects when you are inside.

Why buy a bed net?

To protect yourself effectively against insect bites

Knowing that mosquitoes are vectors of diseases such as dengue or malaria, and that each year, this disease affects 500 million people, and causes 1 million deaths, the use of a mosquito net is in this sense essential to stay healthy. Once you are comfortable and "enclosed" in a mosquito net, you are completely protected from mosquitoes. And even while hiking, a mosquito net is a hermetic cocoon in which you will be well protected from other insects such as flies, gnats, spiders, etc.

For a restful and uninterrupted sleep

Sleep in comfort and tranquility. That's the promise of a bed net. Lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health and affect the stability of your blood pressure. A mosquito net will protect you from those annoying little creatures that feed on your blood and disturb you at night. By enjoying a good night's sleep, you will wake up in a good mood and strong enough to face a new day.

For its economic character

The bed net allows you to make considerable energy savings because it limits the need for air treatment systems, such as air conditioners. It is therefore the best economic and ecological substitute for ventilation and air treatment devices. A good eco-responsible gesture both for the environment and for the health and well-being of the occupants of the house. When you have a mosquito net in your home, you don't have to be afraid to open the windows to let in the sun during the day and to let in fresh air in the evening, knowing that you will be well protected against mosquitoes.

To be able to sleep with the windows wide open during hot weather

When it's extremely hot, especially during heat waves, people tend to open their windows at night when they come home. With a bed screen, it is now possible to enjoy a restful and uninterrupted sleep, even when the bedroom windows are wide open. And even if the mesh of the bed screen is tight and thin, the sleeper will still benefit from optimal air circulation.

Because opting for a mosquito net means adopting an eco-responsible attitude

The mosquito net is the most practical, safest and most ecological solution of all the anti-mosquito solutions on the market. Easy to install and use, it is effective and everyone can benefit from it: children, pregnant women, babies, and even people with allergies.

The best brands of bed nets

In our opinion, the best brands of bed nets in 2022 are :

Lumaland Inc.

Lifesystems is a British brand specializing in travel products. It supplies expedition gear including mosquito nets to over 40 countries. Popular with campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts, Lifesystems knows exactly how to put together a kit suitable for outdoor activities.

SunniY is a brand that markets camping equipment and nursery accessories. Especially appreciated for its beautiful baby canopies, it is favored by many parents looking for a cheap yet stylish canopy for their little one.

Ultranatura is a manufacturer of innovative indoor and outdoor products for the home, garden, patio, pool and balcony. Every month, it offers new products that are equally practical and are sold exclusively at Amazon. The brand's mosquito nets are especially popular because of their excellent price/quality ratio.

Lumaland Inc. is a company located in Muskegon, USA. It is part of a chain of furniture and home goods stores including screens, bags, chairs, etc. The company has 7 employees, but its small size is its main asset. If you're looking for pretty baby nets made in the UK, turn to Callyna, this French brand that works exclusively in the world of toddlers. The brand plays in the high-end. This means that its products cost more than those of the competition. But in view of the quality, the items offered by Callyna are well worth the price.

What is the price for a bed screen

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

9 £ to 15 £
15 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Replace a punctured bed screen

Over time, your screen may become punctured. If this happens, replace it with mosquito netting. A roll of mosquito netting that you can cut to the desired length.

Sleep under a double-sided mattress

For extra comfort on particularly hot summer nights, sleep on a double-sided (summer and winter) mattress with excellent thermoregulatory capabilities. This type of mattress will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes effectively

To ensure a peaceful and restful night's sleep, keep your screen closed during the day. That way, there's no risk of you getting mosquitoes when it's time for bed. Once you've gotten under the screen, close it carefully.

Learn how to maintain a baby canopy

Cleaning a baby canopy is simple. It goes through the steps of washing, drying and ironing. As for this last step, it does not concern crease-resistant fabrics. In any case, when you iron your baby's crib canopy made from a fragile or rather delicate fabric, remember to use a pattemouille to avoid damaging the textile.

Grow mosquito repellent plants

Keep mosquitoes away by planting in your garden, basil, mint, lavender and lemon balm. Note that basil contains a toxin that is fatal to mosquito larvae. Also remember to use mosquito repellent devices in your home when you are not under your mosquito net and eliminate standing water around your home.


How to make a bed net?

The easiest way to make a bed net is to glue a strip of Velcro to the ends of a fabric that you will use as a net. Determine the suspension points according to the dimensions of your bed. Then hang the fabric from the ceiling by securing each end with strings and hooks on each piece of Velcro.

How to hang a bed net without drilling?

To install your bed screen without drilling into the ceiling, you can use the services of fixing paste. It is a siliconized gum that hardens at room temperature after 24 hours. Ultra discreet, it leaves no trace on the wall. Note that the more you use it, the more its effectiveness decreases over time. You can also use an adhesive hook to stick like tape. The hook is strong and easy to use. However, unlike fixing paste, it leaves marks on the ceiling or wall.

How to mount a bed net?

Suspend the bed net and then slide its bottom edges under your mattress to keep mosquitoes out. Pull the net tight to avoid exposing your young children to choking hazards. Hang or tie the sides of the net to other objects if it ever collapses in your sleeping space.

How to wash a bed net?

Carefully dry your bed net to remove debris. Place the net in the washing machine with the proper amount of laundry detergent. Wash the net using the gentle cycle with hot wash and cold rinse. Once the cycle is complete, place the net on towels and let it air dry.


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