The best trunk beds in the UK 2023

More than one in two English people admit to feeling cramped and want more storage space. Riding in on their white horse, trunk beds are the real heroes that will solve these problems. Which trunk bed will fit in your home? Let our comparison guide help you make the right choice!

FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen 1

Best value for money

FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen

The best trunk bed in 2021

A memory foam mattress, a lift-up bed base, a large chest and two storage drawers: this Lagertha chest bed has everything to please.

679 £ on But

Winning a complete bed for less than 900 € is an almost unattainable feat. However, such a promising offer is within reach thanks to Fournier Décoration which offers you this ingenious box bed supplied with its mattress in memory foam of 19 cm thickness and 55 kg/m3 density.

For storage accessories, you have a large box accessible by lifting the bed base. This space is reserved for pillows, linens and heavy winter clothes to store until the next snowfall. This bed chest is also equipped with two drawers with front opening for towels, socks, slippers ... In short, those small objects and linens used daily.

Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers 2

Best value for money

Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers

The best entry-level trunk bed

An infallible solution to the lack of space in the bedroom, this inexpensive 140x190 chest bed has two drawers and two sliding bedside tables.

239 £ on But

Although we are in the presence of a cheap bed box, you might as well know that it contains several storage accessories. Let's talk about its structure first! This bed is designed with MDF wood painted in black for a glossy and elegant finish. It will infuse a chic and refined note into your bedroom.

Very practical, this cheap chest bed comes with two front opening drawers, placed on both sides of the bed. It also comes with two sliding bedside tables, supported by casters. If you're short on space in your bedroom, you can use these nightstands as additional storage accessories, as they also slide under the box spring at the headboard.

Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm 3

Best value for money

Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm

The best high-end trunk bed

When a bed that is as comfortable as you want it to be gets more functional, you get this luxury box bed where the box spring unfolds sideways to give you access to two spacious storage areas.

703 £ on But

Luxury is within reach thanks to the 3 Suisses brand, a reference in bedding. Indeed, it suggests you this top-of-the-range 160x200 box bed which combines comfort and functionality. You will sleep like a baby on its quality mattress supported by a box spring offering a uniform and homogeneous support on the whole body.

The space under the mattress is divided into two compartments, two spacious chests where you can store your linens and clothes that take up too much space in your closet. This storage area is accessible through the side-folding box spring. Rest assured, despite this design, there is no hollow in the middle of the bed, as a mattress topper unifies its surface.

Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190 4

A great choice

Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190

The best child trunk bed

For your child's bedroom, choose this very practical box bed. A large storage space is located under the bed base to solve the problem of stuff lying around!

201 £ on But
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed chest

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The best trunk bed in 2021

The best entry-level trunk bed

The best high-end trunk bed

The best child trunk bed

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Comparison table of the best trunk beds

FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen 5
Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers 6
Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm 7
Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190 8
FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen
Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers
Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm
Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190
A memory foam mattress, a lift-up bed base, a large chest and two storage drawers: this Lagertha chest bed has everything to please.
An infallible solution to the lack of space in the bedroom, this inexpensive 140x190 chest bed has two drawers and two sliding bedside tables.
When a bed that is as comfortable as you want it to be gets more functional, you get this luxury box bed where the box spring unfolds sideways to give you access to two spacious storage areas.
For your child's bedroom, choose this very practical box bed. A large storage space is located under the bed base to solve the problem of stuff lying around!
MDF wood
Bedding surface
180 x 200 cm
140 x 190 cm
160 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
Storage space
1 chest, 2 drawers
2 drawers, 2 bedside tables
2 chests
Slatted bed + high density memory foam mattress
Bed and mattress not included
Bed + mattress
Multiple slatted bed
Natural in imitation bleached oak

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Buying guide - bed chest

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How to choose your bed chest

When you choose a trunk bed, you expect it to meet all your requirements in terms of comfort, functionality and design. That's why it is chosen according to a few criteria.

#1 - The layout of the storage spaces

In essence, the storage spaces of a trunk bed are located under the box spring, but their configurations allow you to differentiate them. With a captain's box bed, you will have two or more drawers under your mattress. If you turn to an ottoman-style trunk bed, it will lift up at a 45° angle or more to give you access to the trunk.

For a trunk bed with a lift-out box spring, either the configuration resembles that of its ottoman counterpart, or the space under the bed is split in two and the bed comes with a side opening.

#2 - The height

The very design of the trunk bed means that it has a higher height than conventional beds. Indeed, it must be high enough to accommodate one or more sleeping spaces under its box spring. Then, depending on the model you choose, this height may be further increased.

If you choose a trunk bed with a lift-out box spring or ottoman, you'll need to completely clear the space above the bed to allow for the deployment of the box spring when you access the storage areas.

#3 - The dimensions

Trunk beds come in several sizes and these are chosen based on the number of occupants in the bed. You will find single or one and a half person trunk beds, double trunk beds with a sleeping surface of 140 x 190-200 cm, 160 x 200 cm or 180 x 200 cm. It is even possible to have children's trunk beds, displaying the standard dimensions of a single bed.

#4 - The handling

Trunk beds rely on ingenious design by offering you hidden storage spaces under your box spring to allow you to better arrange your bedroom. The expectation is that these storage spaces will be easy to access and use.

If your box bed has drawers, look for a model with a smooth sliding mechanism: the casters and handles will make your job much easier. If the bed base lifts or has a side opening, the hydraulic jack must make the opening and closing smooth and easy.

#5 - The comfort

Although the box bed emphasizes its practicality and functionality as a selling point, don't forget that a bed is required to be comfortable above all. In this sense, give particular importance to the mattress-spring pairing, as it will define the type of support you will receive.

For a uniform support on the whole body, we choose the fixed slat base. Combined with a foam, latex or spring mattress, it will offer a nice balance between softness and firmness. If you want softness, turn to box springs and spring mattresses, they are so soft and plush. Otherwise, the option of the electric box spring married with foam or latex mattress is not to be ruled out, especially if you like to lift your legs when you sleep.

#6 - The design

And the last criterion and not the least, is the design! Impossible to ignore this point when a chest bed is quite imposing in itself and it is not likely to go unnoticed. Always look for a good harmony with the other furniture in your bedroom and the color of your wall.

As part of the design, the material is also an important consideration. If you are looking for sturdiness and durability, choose a chest bed with a wooden frame. Deco, wood comes in elegant and different shades. To have more storage space, an upholstered model is perfect.

How to maintain a box bed?

In addition to the usual maintenance, common to all types of beds, the box bed requires more attention, especially in the drawer opening and box spring raising systems. Unless you are a professional in DIY and hydraulic mechanisms, you will need to call in a real professional to avoid any accidents.

Rest assured, a good box bed will not wear out easily, especially if you respect the conditions of use: do not add an extra mattress on the box spring, do not let your children jump on it, etc. If you use your box bed properly, the hinges, the handles for manipulation or activation, and the jacks will last a long time.

More resistance during handling or too much fluidity will signal the time to check the mechanism. While the risks are minimal with a captain's box bed, this is not the case with a lift-spring or ottoman type model. For these specific cases, you should contact a professional as soon as signs of malfunctioning appear.

The different types of trunk beds

To differentiate between trunk beds, we will refer to the layout of its storage space. Of course, it is always placed under the bed base, but how is it arranged and how do you access it?

The captain's trunk bed

This name really refers to boats where the cabins are too small to afford to integrate several pieces of furniture. Also, captains choose to put drawers under the bed frame to avoid cluttering the space; this same design is maintained until today.

The main advantage of having several drawers under the bed is that you can organize the storage by grouping similar items in the same compartment. These drawers can be front or side opening, it depends on the design of your captain's chest bed.

Trunk bed with lift-up bed base

With this very evocative name, it is easy to understand how this type of chest bed works. Using hydraulic or gas struts, the box spring lifts up at an angle of 45° or more to give you access to the large trunk below. If the space under the bed is split in two, you can get the box spring to open sideways: it unfolds like butterfly wings!

The main advantage of the box spring bed is the large storage space. It's the perfect place for linens, bulky winter clothes, pillows, etc. Remember to check for an automatic locking mechanism when the box spring is extended: this is an essential safety measure that allows you to access the trunk without risk.

Ottoman trunk bed

The ottoman-style trunk bed remains the best choice when it comes to storage space volume. Like the box spring version, it has gas or hydraulic jacks that allow the mattress to be raised to an angle of 45° or more to allow you to access the trunk.

Generally equipped with a mattress block, the Ottoman box bed seduces by the fact that the covers and pillowcases do not move when you lift the box spring. You can make your bed, then store some personal belongings underneath, it won't come undone. To help you better organize the storage in the trunk, you can use boxes or baskets.

Box bed or trundle bed?

Both defining themselves as an ally of small bedrooms, the trunk bed and trundle bed each have considerable advantages. So which one should you choose for your home?

The bed box

Faced with the lack of space that affects more than half of the French population, the box bed is a clever solution that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a cozy bed and benefit from very useful storage space for linens and large clothes that are difficult to hide in dressers.

Although there are different types, the box bed has the same design: to increase the height of the bed frame in order to provide storage space underneath. This space can take the form of drawers, one or two large chests, depending on the model chosen. In any case, the storage remains discreet so as not to alter the design of the bed.

The trundle bed

When you don't have a guest room, but don't want to be caught short when a guest stays overnight, you turn to the trundle bed. Its design is almost identical to that of the captain's box bed. Indeed, the trundle bed is equipped with a large single drawer under the box spring; a drawer that holds a mattress to serve as an extra bed.

The trundle bed is generally used for single beds, benches or sofa beds. In fact, many parents choose trundle beds for their children's bedrooms so they don't have to worry about friends staying overnight for a sleepover.


The trunk bed and the trundle bed are attractive because of their space-saving aspects and the discretion of the integrated storage area. However, while the trundle bed is aimed more at children, teenagers and singles, the box bed is more versatile and can be used for both double and single beds. In this duel, the trunk bed wins!

5 good reasons to buy a good chest bed

To save more space in the closet

There are certain linens and clothes that are difficult to store in the closet or in the dresser in the laundry room. This is the case, for example, for large winter comforters, comforters, extra pillows that we keep for guests, plaids that are a little too bulky, etc. The storage space in the box bed is precisely designed to accommodate these linens and clothes by hiding them under the box spring.

To optimize storage in the bedroom

All the extra personal belongings that clutter up your bedroom can fit into the storage spaces in your trunk bed. Books you don't want to part with can go in a drawer, slippers and flip-flops you wear at home can go in the basket under the trunk, etc. Nothing will be left lying around in the bedroom!

So you don't have to buy storage furniture

The trunk bed is very economical, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. You don't have to buy a bigger closet or other chest of drawers to store linens, large clothes and personal items that you only use occasionally. You just store them under your bed.

To have a proper bed in your home

Let's not forget that, above all, a trunk bed is a bed that's just as cozy and comfortable as any other; provided, of course, that it has a good box spring and a good mattress. The only difference between a trunk bed and other beds is that the height of the trunk bed is a little higher than average, given the existence of storage space.

To have a chest within reach

The ease of access to the sleeping space under the box spring is one of the arguments of the box beds. Simply pull out the drawer or activate the lever to lift the mattress to access your personal belongings, stored discreetly under your box spring.

The best brands of trunk beds

In our opinion, the best brands of trunk beds in 2022 are :

3 Suisses
Fournier décoration
Weber Industries

For more than 80 years, the 3 Suisses brand has been involved in the daily life of the French thanks to, among other things, these quality beds, including trunk beds that combine comfort, design and practicality.

Fournier decoration remains a reliable brand that inspires respect in the field of bedding. These trunk beds are recognized by their modern and neat looks.

Specializing in the world of children's furniture, the Weber Industries brand has a good reputation among consumers. Its children's cribs are made to last and deserve your full attention.

With a centuries-old know-how, this French brand is well known for its ability to tastefully handle noble materials like wood to make beautiful furniture. Several models of really interesting trunk beds also come out of the brand's workshop.

Ander Paris specializes in designing solid wood furniture, with a particular focus on babies, children and teenagers. Its single trunk beds are actually among the most popular.

What is the price for a bed chest

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

200 £ to 500 £
500 £ to 800 £
more than 800 £
Price range diagram


To recognize a good trunk bed

By definition, a trunk bed is a bed associated with one or more storage compartments that are placed under the box spring. A good box bed is recognized by its compartments displaying a substantial capacity, its fluid and easy deployment mechanisms, and also the sleeping comfort it offers.

Secure the trunk bed

The captain type box bed is not associated with many risks. On the other hand, for ottoman or lift-base models, you'll need to check that the locking mechanism is engaged when the base is deployed. This prevents it from closing up by itself.

To choose the right linens

The choice of bedding depends on the comfort you want and the season. In summer, light sheets made of breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, etc. are preferred. If you have one or two large boxes under your box spring and you want to organize your personal belongings, use boxes, wicker baskets or even plywood boards to compartmentalize the space under your box bed.

Optimize the storage in the trunk bed

The volume of a box bed is often mentioned on the package or in the description of the model you have chosen. Some manufacturers prefer to indicate the maximum weight that the trunks or drawers can support. Always respect these to avoid damaging the base of your bed.

To know the volume of a trunk bed


What is a trunk bed?

A trunk bed is an ingenious piece of furniture that combines sleeping space and storage space in one place and in the same structure. The chests or drawers under the bed are so discreet that they do not alter the design of the bed. Handling is easy if you choose a good box bed.

What mattress should I choose for a trunk bed?

The choice of mattress for a box bed depends mainly on the type of box spring it is equipped with, but also on your preferences. A latex mattress proves to be very breathable and is ideal for those who sweat a lot. A foam mattress provides a unique comfort by adapting to your morphology. And the innerspring mattress is well known for its flexibility, even though it requires an innerspring base.

How does a trunk bed work?

The operation varies from one type of trunk bed to another. For a captain's box bed, you simply open the drawers under the bed. If it's an ottoman-style trunk bed or one with a lift-out box spring, you have to lift the box spring or activate a lever. Rest assured, this is done with ease thanks to the hydraulic or gas cylinders built into the mechanism.

How to unlock the jack of a trunk bed?

With wear and tear, rust and anything else that can affect the proper functioning of the cylinders over time, they can become stuck, making it difficult to manipulate the box springs. If this happens, you should contact a professional who will assess the damage and repair the jacks. This is one of the best ways to maintain a box spring bed.


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FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen 9
FOURNIER DECORATION Lagertha chest bed in grey linen
Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers 10
Xenia double bed 140x190 with bedside cabinets and drawers
Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm 11
Chest bed - 3S. X HOME Araphos 160 cm
Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190 12
Weber Industries – Lit coffre et sommier 90x190


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