The best beds 140x190 in the UK 2023

For several decades, the 140x190 bed has remained the reference in terms of dimensions for a double bed. Even though larger beds are on the rise, this type of bed is still compatible with the morphology of most English people and adapts to small master bedrooms. Renew with this indestructible standard in this comparative guide of the best 140x190 beds.

Fournier Décoration - Drawer Night bed 140x190 with LED 1

Best value for money

Fournier Décoration - Drawer Night bed 140x190 with LED

The best trunk bed in 2021

A comfortable memory foam mattress, LED lighting for night-time awakenings, 4 side-opening drawers: all the elements are combined to make this the best 140x190 bed of the year.

559 £ on But

This 140x190 bed meets all our requirements in terms of quality, comfort and durability. Guaranteeing a firm, uniform and pleasant support, the poplar slatted base is combined with a memory foam mattress 24 cm thick and 55 kg/m3 in density.

As a real design and functional bed 140x190, this model integrates a LED light strip at the headboard to light you up when you get up at night. Under the bed base, 4 drawers distributed on both sides of the bed will accommodate your personal belongings. These equipments are carried by wheels to facilitate their handling.

BARCELONA box bed 140x190 2

Best value for money

BARCELONA box bed 140x190

The best entry-level trunk bed

For a very small price, you can get a cheap 140x190 bed with a large storage box and a cozy memory foam mattress.

319 £ on But

Why not let yourself be tempted by this inexpensive box bed that has many arguments to convince you? Its metal structure is coated with a polyurethane material for a soft and pleasant touch. We can already guess the durability of this bed 140x190 practically indeformable.

For your comfort, the 140x190 bed is equipped with a multi-slatted base associated with a memory foam mattress of 12 cm. Of course, the mattress is not very thick, but this is compensated by a density higher than 37 kg/m3. And the icing on the cake: you gain a large storage box under the bed, ideal for linens.

BELLECOUR Set of 2 electric slatted bases Superflex 3

Best value for money

BELLECOUR Set of 2 electric slatted bases Superflex

The best high-end 140x190 bed

Enjoy all the benefits of a multidirectional slatted base through this top-of-the-line 140x190 electric bed, and taste the unequalled comfort of its mattresses.

1 591 £ on But

The qualifier high-end is well worn by this electric bed 140x190 that promises moments of pure relaxation. It is composed of a double box spring and mattress to allow each occupant of this double bed to be completely comfortable without disturbing the other.

In fact, the wired remote control that comes with the structure will help configure the 5 sleeping planes, 4 of which are mobile. Whether you lean slightly to the side, want to adopt a semi-seated position or other, the multidirectional feet with firmness balls will fit your body to support your bones and joints.

SOGAN Lit 140x190 en métal avec matelas KATERINA 4

A great choice

SOGAN Lit 140x190 en métal avec matelas KATERINA

The best 140x190 metal bed

Invest in a 140x190 metal bed and be sure to have a piece of furniture that lasts over time. In addition, the baroque charm of this model is far from being unpleasant.

390 £ on But
Buying guide • November 2023

Best bed 140x190

Any specific needs?

The best trunk bed in 2021

The best entry-level trunk bed

The best high-end 140x190 bed

The best 140x190 metal bed

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Comparison table of the best beds 140x190

Fournier Décoration - Drawer Night bed 140x190 with LED 5
BARCELONA box bed 140x190 6
BELLECOUR Set of 2 electric slatted bases Superflex 7
SOGAN Lit 140x190 en métal avec matelas KATERINA 8
Fournier Décoration - Drawer Night bed 140x190 with LED
BARCELONA box bed 140x190
BELLECOUR Set of 2 electric slatted bases Superflex
SOGAN Lit 140x190 en métal avec matelas KATERINA
A comfortable memory foam mattress, LED lighting for night-time awakenings, 4 side-opening drawers: all the elements are combined to make this the best 140x190 bed of the year.
For a very small price, you can get a cheap 140x190 bed with a large storage box and a cozy memory foam mattress.
Enjoy all the benefits of a multidirectional slatted base through this top-of-the-line 140x190 electric bed, and taste the unequalled comfort of its mattresses.
Invest in a 140x190 metal bed and be sure to have a piece of furniture that lasts over time. In addition, the baroque charm of this model is far from being unpleasant.
Particle board panels
24 cm thick memory foam with a density of 55 kg/m3
Memory foam
Memory foam
Memory foam 18 cm thick and 25 kg/m3 density
Sleeping pad
Fixed slats
Multi-directional pads
LED lighting and 4 drawers
Storage box
Wired motor and remote control
Scandinavian style
Sleek and simple

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Buying guide - bed 140x190

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How to choose your bed 140x190

Do you want to be tempted by this bed that has been the number one favorite double bed in the UK for years? Here are the criteria to take into account!

#1 - The material

How can you not think about the material when choosing a 140x190 bed? On this point, you will already have a choice to make among three proposals.

  • On the one hand, there is the 140x190 wooden bed, a material whose notoriety is not to be built anymore. Noble, ecological and durable, wood can be used in all types of decoration and goes with everything.
  • Next, we have particleboard, a woody material that is the result of industrial manufacturing and that mixes wood scraps with resin; all hot-pressed. This material enjoys a robustness almost similar to that of wood, but with a great lightness.
  • And of course, there are the 140x190 metal beds, those prestigious pieces of furniture that plunge into a vintage, almost baroque decor. And we must admit it: metal resists well to shocks and therefore, to frequent moves.

#2 - The mattress

For a 140x190 bed, you need a mattress with the same dimensions, because this indication corresponds to the size of the sleeping space. As for the nature of the mattress, you will still have to choose between 3 declinations.

  • The foam mattress offers variable comfort depending on its quality. At the entry level, we find polyether foam with acceptable, but not exceptional support. If you want firmness and uniform support, turn to polyurethane foam mattresses. For a high-end choice, opt for a viscoelastic foam mattress, commonly called memory foam.
  • The latex mattress remains the quality choice, given its high density and its hygienic and breathable aspect. It provides precise support and uniform firmness, which makes it suitable for 140x190 beds used by people with back pain.
  • The spring mattress, by its flexibility and comfort, prevents you from changing position several times when you sleep. Indeed, it favors the proper alignment of the spine and distributes the pressure evenly over the entire body.

#3 - The base

After the choice of the mattress, it will be necessary to linger on the bed base, because as much to say it to you: one depends on the other. Indeed, there is a concordance to respect for the durability of your mattress and for your personal comfort.

  • A fixed slatted base requires a foam or latex mattress. It offers a firm and homogeneous support, which makes it the most versatile 140x190 bed base.
  • A box spring only goes with a spring mattress. It's the best way to get all the benefits of an innerspring core for your back and joints.
  • An electric box spring requires a latex or high density foam mattress. It consists of movable top and bottom panels, allowing you to sit up or lift your legs while in bed.

#4 - The options

While investing in a 140x190 bed, you might as well be tempted by the little extras that make the bed more attractive. This can be intuitive LED lamps integrated at the headboard, drawers or a large storage box hidden under the box spring, a headboard that is equipped with shelves and niches for placing books, photos and bedside lamps... The possibilities are numerous.

#5 - The design

And finally, you will have to focus on the design of the 140x190 bed. The choice of material already plays a large part in the rendering of your bed, but its shape, color and style bring a more sustained and pleasant charm. Remember to choose according to the tone of your walls and the designs of other furniture already in your bedroom.

The size of the set for a 140x190 bed

Any self-respecting bed must be adorned with ornaments that will bring a warmer dimension to your bedding and to your bedroom in general. But you still have to choose the right sizes!

As you know, a 140x190 bed has a box spring and a mattress of the same dimensions. In this sense, you will have to choose a fitted sheet of 140 x 190 cm, apart from the cups. As for the flat sheet and the comforter (or comforter cover), they should be 240 x 300 cm and 220 x 240 cm respectively. If you want to decorate your 140x190 bed with a blanket, choose one of 220 x 240 cm too.

Let's talk about bolsters and pillows now! The length of the bolster should be similar to the width of the bed, so 140 cm. However, its cover should have 20 to 25 cm edges on each side to prevent the bolster from falling out of its case when you sleep. Don't worry, you can fold the edges under the bolster to avoid an unattractive look.

As for the pillowcases, you can choose between square models of 65 x 65 cm or rectangular of 50 x 75 cm. There are also other choices of dimensions, but these remain the standards.

The different types of beds 140x190

The 140x190 beds take different designs that allow to differentiate them from each other. We distinguish between classic 140x190 beds, 140x190 beds with storage and electric 140x190 beds.

Bed 140x190 classic

It is the most common type of 140x190 bed on the market and its potential lies in the right balance between design and comfort. For the aesthetic side, the 140x190 bed relies on various renderings, ranging from the most minimalist to the most original, through the colorful and bright designs that characterize the new trends in interior design.

For the comfort of users, the classic 140x190 bed seeks to highlight different types of bed base-mattress combinations. Firm or soft box springs, combined with mattresses that offer the same perspectives; this is how you will spend restful nights and relaxing moments for two on this type of 140x190 bed.

Bed 140x190 with storage

If you feel like it, you can free up more space in your bedroom by removing a chest of drawers or finding a place for the stuff you have trouble fitting somewhere. That's where all the interest lies in opting for a 140x190 bed with storage, a solution to the lack of space at home.

The storage accessories of a 140x190 bed can be placed at the headboard where you gain a shelf with niches and/or bedside tables. Alternatively, they can slip discreetly under the box spring and take the form of front and side opening drawers, or large chests that can be accessed by lifting the mattress.

Bed 140x190 electric

Labeled as the top of the line choice, the 140x190 electric bed embodies the ultimate in comfort thanks to its relaxing qualities. It is moreover recommended for individuals suffering from back pain, joint pain or blood circulation problems. If you are used to reading in your bed or putting a pillow under your legs to sleep better, this is the 140x190 bed you need.

Indeed, this type of bed is composed of 4 mobile panels, located at the level of the head/shoulder, the back, the thighs and the legs, and another fixed one at the level of the lumbar zone. The mobile panels can be raised and lowered at will thanks to low-voltage motors integrated into the bed.

Bed 140x190 or Bed 160x200

These two beds share the same status: that of being the benchmark for double bed size. However, one has dethroned the other, but that doesn't mean it has lost its appeal. Let's compare!

The bed 140x190

For several decades, the 140x190 bed has been considered the standard size for a double bed. Indeed, it emphasizes the intimacy shared by two without neglecting the comfort of each occupant who gains a sleeping space quite acceptable. It's easy to see why this bed has been a favorite of couples for a long time, and it's still going strong!

In addition to reconciling the need for closeness with the need for space, the 140x190 bed offers to enhance the master bedroom with a plethora of different designs. If your bedroom is not very spacious, you can opt for a model equipped with storage accessories, such as drawers or chests.

The bed 160x200

For nearly two decades, the 160x200 bed has become the new reference in terms of double beds. Its growing success in the UK is due to the desire of the French to acquire more space and independence in bed. Indeed, with this new standard, each occupant of a double bed gains 10 cm more.

Like its 140x190 variant, the 160x200 bed comes in a wide range of designs, from the simplest to the most refined, including electric models. Some of them are also equipped with storage to solve, even if only partially, the lack of space.


To decide between a 140x190 bed and a 160x200 model, you should refer to the space in the bedroom.

To have a bed that is sure to fit in the master bedrooms with the minimum area required, invest in a 140x190 bed. You will not be cramped for two, on the contrary, but as a bonus, the closeness will be there!

Why buy a good bed 140x190 ?

To reconcile space and closeness

Although it must now share the podium with a larger bed, the 140x190 bed can be considered a standard double bed. It is suitable for small master bedrooms while providing a comfortable sleeping space for its occupants. But even if the occupants gain some independence, the size of the bed is conducive to bonding for good times to spend together.

To save space in a bedroom

Even if the law requires a minimum surface of 9 m² for bedrooms, with all the furniture that must be placed in it, you quickly run out of space. With a 140x190 bed, you opt for a compact piece of furniture that will not be imposing. This way, you can move freely, the air will circulate well in the room and it will be a good point for your health.

To have a cozy and comfortable bed

If the 140x190 bed has remained, for decades, the undisputed reference in terms of double bed, it is because it finds the right balance between comfort, privacy and independence. If you choose it with the right mattress-spring combination, you'll enjoy soothing and pleasant nights together.

To make moving easier

When the time comes to move, we always worry that all our furniture will not fit in the new home. This concern is eliminated with a 140x190 bed that will fit in all master bedrooms, even those with the minimum required surface. In addition, a disassembled 140x190 bed will have compact dimensions so it won't take up too much space in the moving truck.

To decorate the bedroom

What would a bedroom be without a good bed for two to bring it to life? The bedding is always the heart of the room, and when it is well decorated with quality linens and pillowcases, it will become an aesthetic furniture that seems to invite rest, relaxation and good moments to enjoy together.

The best brands of beds 140x190

In our opinion, the best brands of beds 140x190 in 2022 are :


Its name already suggests that it is a French brand, but it is one of those that play in the big league. Ally of the lodgings, the hotels, the centers of wellbeing, it is well known for its top-of-the-range beds of exceptional quality.

It is one of the most known brands in the UK. This family business makes it a point of honor to find the bridge between modernity and artisanal techniques to create beautiful 140x190 beds.

If you are a fan of Made in the UK, you will love the 140x190 beds of the Sogan France brand. It was only created in 2010, but its reputation is already well and truly established.

It is a French company with more than 75 years of experience to its credit. This know-how and its experience acquired over time are manifested through the 140x190 beds of the brand.

EBAC is well known for its 140x190 electric beds that promise a moment of relaxation and unwinding. It is a brand you can totally rely on.

What is the price for a bed 140x190

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

350 £ to 750 £
750 £ to 1200 £
more than 1200 £
Price range diagram


Decorate a 140x190 bed with taste

The decoration of a 140x190 bed is done by adding sets of fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, bolster and pillow cases. If the room is small and already quite full, opt for light and bright linens. White always works, but you can try all the pastel shades; in addition to "clearing" the decor, they breathe the sweetness of life.

Gain more space with a 140x190 bed

This tip is valid for the 140x190 bed as much as for the others. If the bedroom is not very spacious, place the bed against two perpendicular walls. This frees up the space and gives you more room to maneuver when arranging the remaining area.

To know the dimensions of a 140x190 bed

When purchasing a bed, be aware that the dimensions listed are for the box spring and mattress. The actual dimensions of a 140x190 bed depend on the design of the model and the accessories that come with it.

To make a 140x190 bed durable

If you invest in a 140x190 bed designed with solid, stable materials like wood and metal, the frame will logically last for years. As for the box spring, the best way to preserve it is to respect the maximum weight it can support. Even if it seems difficult at times, you will have to forbid the little ones to jump on the bed.

Integrate a 140x190 bed in a guest room

A 140x190 bed can perfectly well find its place in a guest room. You can complete it with a trundle bed or any other extra bed to get additional sleeping arrangements.


Which comforter for a 140x190 bed ? What mattress to choose for a 140x190 bed ? What size bed for 2 people ? What size bed base for a 140x190 bed ? Can we put a 140x190 mattress in a 140x200 bed ?

The comforter is one of the essential items that will adorn the 140x190 bed. Of course, you can choose it in 200 x 200 cm, but for the big sleepers and for those who like to wrap up well, you will have to choose it in 220 x 240 cm. Rest assured, because the 140x190 bed remains a standard, it is easy to find the appropriate sets on the market.

Because comfort is among the main criteria for choosing a 140x190 bed, you will have to pay special attention to the type of mattress. Of course, it depends on the box spring, but in general, you will have the choice between foam mattresses, latex ones and spring ones. To better choose, know that the higher the density, the firmer and more comfortable the mattress will be.

There are many variations of dimensions for double beds, but the 140x190 bed is among the standards. Moreover, this one comes in different types ranging from the classic 140x190 beds, which marry well the design and comfort, to the models equipped with electric box spring. If you're the pragmatic type, you'll be pleasantly surprised by 140x190 beds with storage.

Working in concert with the mattress, the box spring defines the type of support you'll get in bed; that's why it's part of the criteria for choosing a 140x190 bed. A fixed slatted base guarantees a firm and homogeneous support, while a spring model offers flexibility and back comfort. For maximum comfort, we turn to an electric box spring.

A 140 x 190 cm mattress is designed for a 140x190 bed. If you use it on a larger bed, there will be empty space because the box spring will be larger than the mattress. Also, choose a 140x190 bed among those we offer, there are some for all budgets and all tastes.


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