The best active noise reduction headphones in the UK 2023

To fully enjoy your favorite music, active noise-canceling headphones are the best solution. However, it's important to distinguish between the many models and options on the market. Would you opt for wireless or wired headphones, unless you absolutely want the headphones to play back sound faithfully? Read our guide to finding the right active noise cancelling headphones for you.


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The best active noise cancelling headphones

JBL Tune600BTNC is a quality wireless listening accessory, including active noise cancelling headphones and audio headphones with microphone.

55,99 £ on Amazon

JBL designed these high-end headphones with wireless connectivity technology to give users a great listening experience. JBL Tune600BTNC are on-ear headphones with active noise reduction and deep, powerful bass from JBL Pure Bass technology and 32mm drivers.

JBL Tune600BTNC is equipped with a high-performance battery that provides up to 12 hours of wireless music immersion after a two-hour charge. With a built-in microphone, it also allows you to answer calls freely. Practical, solid and light, this accessory provides maximum listening comfort, especially since it has a volume control that allows you to adjust the sound level.

SuperEQ S2 2

Best cheapest

SuperEQ S2

The best cheap active noise cancelling headphones

Super EQ offers the S2 wireless model with active noise reduction to deliver a rich audio experience with deep bass and a CVC 8.0 microphone. These lightweight, high-performance headphones offer up to 25 hours of music on battery power for total immersion without being disturbed.

44,79 £ on Amazon

The Super EQ S2 headset includes on-ear headphones with active noise reduction that eliminates up to 25dB of unnecessary sound for more enjoyable music immersion. It's best suited for online courses, whether at home or in the office.

With its memory foam ear cups, these Super EQ S2 headphones reduce pressure on the ears while providing an optimal sense of comfort. Plus, they're lightweight and sturdy, so they can be easily stored in a backpack without the risk of breakage.

Bose QuietComfort 35 3

Best high end

Bose QuietComfort 35

The best high-end active noise cancelling headphones

The Quiet Comfort 35 II on-ear wireless Bluetooth headset is an accessory from Bose. Incorporating a dedicated microphone for voice control via Alexa, this headset is as comfortable as it is powerful thanks to balanced sound and active noise reduction.

208 £ on Amazon

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II headphones are a listening accessory with a microphone for voice control via Alexa. It also features premium 3-stage sound insulation technology for an optimal listening experience in any environment. It is equipped with a powerful Lithium-ion battery for more hours of listening.

Its compatibility with Alexa, as well as the Google Assistant offer the user voice access to music and various information, not to mention remote control of a connected home. Otherwise, Bluetooth pairing is easy, with the added bonus of custom settings. Thanks to noise reduction, it delivers clear sound with optimal intelligibility.


Excellent choice


Excellent choice

On-ear headphones offering a hands-free option and optimal sound quality, JBL TUNE 600BTNC is a wireless accessory providing an interesting experience for audiophiles.

71,92 £ on Amazon

The JBL TUNE 600BTNC incorporates state-of-the-art JBL Pure Bass Sound technology to deliver accurate and impressive sound with deep, powerful bass. It also features a microphone function, volume control and noise reduction technology. Best of all, this accessory has a lightweight, foldable design for easy storage and transport.

With proven performance, the JBL TUNE 600BTNC provides a listening experience of up to 16 hours after a 2-hour charge. With Bluetooth connectivity, it provides wireless streaming, but also has a wireless headphone jack, compatible with other devices. This accessory embeds a technology conferring a waterproofness.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Active noise reduction headphones

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The best active noise cancelling headphones

The best cheap active noise cancelling headphones

The best high-end active noise cancelling headphones

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Comparison table of the best active noise reduction headphones

SuperEQ S2 6
Bose QuietComfort 35 7
SuperEQ S2
Bose QuietComfort 35
JBL Tune600BTNC is a quality wireless listening accessory, including active noise cancelling headphones and audio headphones with microphone.
Super EQ offers the S2 wireless model with active noise reduction to deliver a rich audio experience with deep bass and a CVC 8.0 microphone. These lightweight, high-performance headphones offer up to 25 hours of music on battery power for total immersion without being disturbed.
The Quiet Comfort 35 II on-ear wireless Bluetooth headset is an accessory from Bose. Incorporating a dedicated microphone for voice control via Alexa, this headset is as comfortable as it is powerful thanks to balanced sound and active noise reduction.
On-ear headphones offering a hands-free option and optimal sound quality, JBL TUNE 600BTNC is a wireless accessory providing an interesting experience for audiophiles.
Headset type
Wireless on-ear headphones
Wireless connectivity technology, Bluetooth
Bluetooth version 4.1
Wireless Bluetooth
Wireless Bluetooth
Active noise suppression
Lithium-ion battery
Dynamic frequency response range
20 Hz - 20 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 32.0 Ohms
100 dB
Hands-free calling
IPX certification

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Buying guide - Active noise reduction headphones

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How to choose your Active noise reduction headphones

casque à réduction de bruit active

#1 - Usage

A reduction headset will be chosen according to its functionality, but also according to the use for which it is intended. The on-ear headset is simply placed on the ear. They are generally intended for professional use, or for activities that do not require large movements. If you want to enjoy your playlist during sports and isolate yourself during your workout, choose an in-ear model. Lightweight and space-saving, they allow you to move, jump, or run, without impeding your movements.

#2 - Motion mobility

An argument for choosing in-ear headphones is the ability to engage in hectic activities in peace. Athletes often favor these headphones, which give them complete freedom of movement along the way. Most noise-canceling headsets on the market are wired, but wireless versions are becoming more common. Wireless in-ear and on-ear noise cancelling headphones are much more convenient for users on the go.

#3 - Bluetooth

The Bluetooth option is one of the decisive criteria in choosing a noise cancelling headphone. With this feature, the user can easily connect to their smartphone. The most advanced headsets have controls to make adjustments easier. Less expensive, button-less headsets are aimed at experienced users.

#4 - Sound quality

Noise cancelling headphones are designed to keep the user from the surrounding noise. The models found on the market differ in their technologies. The best models are effective at blocking out high frequencies as well as low ones. A good quality headset should be able to mask almost all external sounds. Music lovers look for this acoustic quality in noise-cancelling headphones to listen quietly to their favorite music.

#5 - Autonomy

To stay quiet for long hours, choosing a device with long battery life can be a good idea. Some models have a battery life of over 35 hours. A music lover will base his choice on the average length of songs he likes to listen to without interruption. For long plane trips, the use of headphones allows you to take full advantage of the entertainment offered during the trip: watch a movie, enjoy a music concert, etc. However, if the noise-canceling headphones are intended to be worn for a limited time, the problem of battery life is practically non-existent.

How do you clean noise cancelling headphones?


Regular maintenance of the helmet will help it last longer. Also, cleaning the various components is essential to ensure good hygiene.

The hoop

  • Plastic or imitation: use a cotton cloth soaked in dish or glass cleaner,...dry with a cloth.
  • Metal: use soapy water, a cotton cloth, wipe thoroughly.
  • Leather: clean leather gently, with a soft cloth and warm water. A colorless nourishing coating will complete the care, on dry leather.


  • Simili: take the pads apart. Wash them in soapy water with a lint-free cloth, preferably cotton or microfiber.
  • Fabric: soak them in water with soap. Let them dry naturally out of the sun in a well-ventilated area.
  • Leather: wipe them gently, in small strokes, with a soft lint-free cloth that is slightly damp.

Interior of the earpieces

The inside of the earcups is lined with a layer of acoustic foam or fabric. To dust or remove embedded dirt, the use of a damp cloth is absolutely not recommended. Get a can of dry compressed air. This will prevent you from depositing moisture on the electronics contained in the earpieces.

The shells

  • Plastic or imitation: liquid window soap will work just fine.
  • Solid wood: a soft, dry cloth will be ideal.
  • Metal or leather: a slightly damp cloth will do. After dusting, coat them with a special maintenance cream.

The cable

  • Smooth or braided sheath cable: a microfiber wipe lightly soaked in soapy water will do. Wipe with a dry natural cloth.

The protective grid

This item should be meticulously cleaned with hydrogen peroxide and a soft natural fiber cloth. If there is a hardened layer of earwax, put hydrogen peroxide on the deposit and let it soften for a few minutes.

The acoustic port

If you don't have a cleaning kit, use the free tip of a paper clip or a cotton swab. If you need to moisten the cotton swab, turn the tube downward to properly wick away the moisture.

The different types of active noise reduction headphones

Opting for active noise reduction headphones reflects a need for total quiet to concentrate on listening. This is especially suitable for someone who works in open spaces to optimize listening and reaction skills. Learn more about the different types of active noise cancelling headphones.

On-ear headphones

Casque Supra-auriculaire à réduction de bruit

The first type of active reduction headphones is the supra-aural headphones. These headphones cover the auditory auricles with a total support on the ears. The storage of this equipment does not pose any problem given its size, especially since it is also very light. It can easily fit into the pockets of clothing. It is quite effective for background noise, but disruptive noises cannot be totally isolated.

Its disadvantage lies in the fact that it can very quickly tire the ears since they are their only support.

Around-ear headphones

Casque circum-auriculaire à réduction de bruit

On the other hand, there are the circum-aural reduction headphones. This type of headphone is supported on the top of the skull, which gives the ears a bit of a break. The whole ear is covered by them, so as to offer more comfort. However, its storage is more difficult insofar as it is more cumbersome, while being also heavier.

On the other hand, it must be admitted that the difference between these two types is not only in their design and size, but also in their effectiveness. The shape of the circum-aural noise reduction headphones can already testify to their ability to isolate from all the background noise that can disturb.

Active noise cancelling headphones or passive noise cancelling headphones

Active noise reduction headphones

Active noise cancelling headphones let you listen to music in a noisy environment without turning up the volume too much. While remaining in a bubble without the din or roar of jet engines, you'll still be aware of your surroundings.

However, these headphones consume a lot of power, so it's best to use batteries or a battery pack, which adds weight to the item. Also, because of the extra components built into the headphones, they are also heavier than regular headphones. The price of active noise cancelling headphones is also higher.

Passive noise reduction headphones

Passive noise reduction headphones provide effective protection from ambient noise with shells or earpieces that cover the ear or ear canal perfectly. The foam or silicone component is a good sound insulator, so you will be perfectly protected from surrounding noise.

The risk with passive noise-canceling headphones is that they completely isolate you from your immediate environment, and they could be dangerous if you use them on the street, for example, because you will not be aware of different sounds that could alert you to danger.


Active noise cancelling headphones are recommended for listening to music in an environment with low, steady sounds. For listening to music in an environment with occasional or high-pitched sounds, passive noise reduction headphones are preferred.


Before you choose active noise cancelling headphones

Passive noise reduction headphones are already very effective at filtering out ambient noise. In-ear headphones or shells are used to block them out. Active noise cancelling headphones are more expensive, so choose this solution if you often travel by train or plane while enjoying your favorite music.

Active noise cancelling headphones as an open space solution

When working in an open space, we are surrounded by multiple sounds and chatter, preventing us from concentrating. But that's just the kind of noise that active noise reduction can handle. By creating a bubble of silence around you, you'll be able to focus on your work while listening to your colleagues.

Active noise cancelling headphones in the workplace

Active noise cancelling headphones have also become an everyday business tool. So before reviewing the models, decide whether you're going to use your headphones for the office or for personal use. One of the features of these headphones is that they have a long battery life so you can use them all the time you work.

Active noise cancelling headphones for noisy jobs

Some jobs that use noisy machines, such as excavators or jackhammers, require assured noise protection. In terms of comfort, active noise-canceling headphones are better, because they are lighter and can be worn for several hours while allowing you to perform your tasks in a pleasant manner.

Controlling active noise cancelling

If you want music in your ears all the time, while your sound environment may vary from task to task, opt for adjustable active noise-canceling headphones. Depending on your needs, you can create a bubble that allows you to focus as much as possible, or turn down the noise reduction so you can participate in a conversation.


How does active noise reduction work?

Active noise reduction is added to passive noise reduction. This technology consists of capturing the surrounding sounds through a microphone. These sounds are then broadcast on an opposite phase, which amounts to canceling the first signals. Result, and you won't have to turn up the sound excessively.

Does active noise reduction technology have the potential to alter the quality of sound?

It will all depend on the quality of the materials making up the passive noise reduction, as well as those of the active noise reduction (the microphones and their layout, the DSP performance). Since this technology operates on low-pitched sounds, there is a risk of listening to low-pitched signals over your music.

What is the benefit of active noise reduction headphones?

You'll feel the benefits of active noise reduction headphones especially in transportation. You'll feel the benefits of active noise cancelling headphones especially when you're on the move. The roar of jet engines or the noise of the subway is reduced, so you don't have to listen to it in your headphones. The quality of listening is improved and you can serenely enjoy your music.

Do active noise reduction headphones completely reduce ambient noise?

The continuous and repetitive noises are indeed strongly reduced, as well as the bass noises. This is not the case for punctual noises, such as horns, for example. So you won't be completely isolated in your bubble and will still be able to pay attention to your surroundings.


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