The best tepee beds in the UK 2023

It is difficult to find THE bed that will make the little ones happy. One of the most popular solutions of the moment is the teepee bed. With or without a box spring, made of wood or metal, this totally customizable bed can be used as both a bed and a playground for young children. Find what you need in our guide to the best teepee beds.

Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed 1

Best value for money

Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed

The best teepee bed in 2021

This teepee bed is made of a simple ash wood frame and is the perfect combination of playfulness and practicality. In a word, it has everything you would expect from a modern and design Montessori bed.

111 £ on Conforama

Made of ash wood, this teepee bed will stand the test of time because of its great sturdiness. The natural color of the wood has been consciously preserved to bring softness and clarity to your little one's room. Thanks to its reasonable dimensions (79 x 148 x 124 cm), its installation will not pose any problem even for small surfaces.

If you like sobriety, you will be served with this Childhome bed with a very simple structure. The floor bed will give your child total freedom of movement while promoting his autonomy. It also allows him to rest and enjoy his favorite activities in complete safety. The great advantage of this teepee bed lies in its customization. Have fun decorating it together with string lights or paper streamers!

En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm 2

Best value for money

En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm

The best entry-level teepee bed

With a wooden frame, this En Casa bed with box spring is shaped like an Indian teepee. With its design, it perfectly combines sleeping space and play space.

72,59 £ on Amazon

Made of pine, this teepee bed by En Casa will brighten up your little one's room. Its structure ensures a good stability and guarantees a long term use. Measuring 148 x 76 x 140 cm, it will not clutter the space. The height of the bed base is 9 cm. The 4 cm separating the floor and the structure rule out any risk of injury in case of a fall. Here is something to reassure parents!

This teepee bed is also equipped with a 140 x 70 cm slatted bed base, so your toddler can enjoy a comfortable sleep. Thanks to the bedding close to the ground, the child will have the possibility of appropriating its personal space, and this, in all facility. This teepee bed has the advantage of being both decorative and fun. The toddlers will be able to do absolutely everything they want: play, read or simply rest.

En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds 3

Best value for money

En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds

The best high-end teepee bed

With a wooden frame, this teepee bed with 2 beds combines comfort, aesthetics and practicality. Delivered with a mattress, it is ready to be used as a play and relaxation space for your child.

267 £ on Conforama

In order to make this Montessori bed, the Spanish furniture manufacturer En Casa has used natural wood for a 100% ecological design. Its wooden structure is a guarantee of stability and sturdiness. This furniture will create a cocooning atmosphere in your child's room through its white frame. It has quite generous dimensions (206 x 96 x 162 cm) and is suitable for all spaces.

If you're looking for a teepee bed that offers maximum comfort while providing a playful space for your little one, this model is what you need. To save space, it has a secondary sleeping area if your child has a guest. When it comes to safety, parents can have peace of mind. With only a 30 cm gap between the structure and the floor, there is no risk of injury to the child.

Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile 4

Robust and spacious

Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile

A sturdy, spacious teepee bed

Equipped with a box spring and canvas, this Weber Industries teepee bed has everything you need to please your child. Its design and practicality make it a very versatile piece of furniture.

155 £ on Conforama
Buying guide • November 2023

Best teepee bed

Any specific needs?

The best teepee bed in 2021

The best entry-level teepee bed

The best high-end teepee bed

A sturdy, spacious teepee bed

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Comparison table of the best tepee beds

Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed 5
En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm 6
En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds 7
Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile 8
Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed
En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm
En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds
Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile
This teepee bed is made of a simple ash wood frame and is the perfect combination of playfulness and practicality. In a word, it has everything you would expect from a modern and design Montessori bed.
With a wooden frame, this En Casa bed with box spring is shaped like an Indian teepee. With its design, it perfectly combines sleeping space and play space.
With a wooden frame, this teepee bed with 2 beds combines comfort, aesthetics and practicality. Delivered with a mattress, it is ready to be used as a play and relaxation space for your child.
Equipped with a box spring and canvas, this Weber Industries teepee bed has everything you need to please your child. Its design and practicality make it a very versatile piece of furniture.
79 x 148 x 124 cm
148 x 76 x 140 cm
206 x 96 x 162 cm
150 x 83.5 x 115.8 cm
With base
Wood and white
Natural pine wood
Natural wood
Easily customizable
Robust, slatted base, stable
Foldaway bed, With second bed to lay down, With box spring
12-slat bed and fabric cover, light, spacious

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Buying guide - teepee bed

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How to choose your teepee bed

Practical, comfortable and stylish, a teepee bed has many advantages. However, given the different models available on the market, parents can quickly become confused. How do you choose this unusual bed? On which criteria should you base your choice? Find below our advice to help you!

#1 - Robustness

Since the bed is one of the children's favorite playgrounds, it's best to make sure it's sturdy enough to ensure long-term use. For this purpose, don't hesitate to opt for a teepee bed made from solid natural wood. You can easily find a teepee bed with dimensions adapted to the age of your little one. And for the model to fit him for a long time, choose normal dimensions. This way, your toddler will be able to use his teepee bed until he is 12 years old! This will save you from having to change beds frequently and therefore save money.

#2 - The size

Although the distance between the bed and the floor is not important, it is better to take the maximum precautions with a young child. For this purpose, choose teepee beds with removable barriers so that your toddler doesn't end up on the floor when he wakes up. Then, to avoid injury, make sure each section of the bed is rounded and that the construction meets the required safety standard.

#3 - Security

There's nothing more frustrating than spending long minutes putting a bed together. To avoid stressing over so little, find out how difficult it is to assemble. Also, make sure the tipi bed comes with (easy-to-read) instructions and the tools you need to assemble it. If originality is one of the criteria you are looking for, you should pay attention to 2 aspects of the teepee bed: the color and the finish. But it is also possible to find models of Tipi bed covered with canvas. There are even beds equipped with small toys and accessories to optimize the safety of the child during the night.

#4 - Ease of assembly

#5 - Originality

How do I maintain a tipi bed?

Made of natural wood, a teepee bed does not require much maintenance. The surface of this furniture has a finish that makes it easy to clean. But as time goes by, it is not impossible for dust to accumulate. You can clean it simply by using a soft cloth slightly dampened. After dusting, all you have to do is apply a thin layer of wax.

A little advice: wood does not take well to temperature variations. Indeed, in order to maintain your child's bed, you may be tempted to expose it to the sun. This is not really recommended as it will only accelerate deterioration. In general, simple but regular cleaning is enough to ensure good maintenance. If liquid is spilled, you should act quickly enough to prevent the wood from absorbing it.

For teepee beds that are covered with canvas, it is possible that the canvas may develop mold stains due to exposure to moisture. If these stains are not treated in time, they will later cause holes or tears. To remove the stains, mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar and soak the fabric in this solution. After a few minutes, take a brush and gently scrub the area affected by the mold.

It should be noted that this type of stain often does not disappear so easily. You will have to repeat the operation as many times as necessary to achieve a satisfactory result. Be careful, to attack the mold, you should not use bleach! Rinsing will be even more difficult. You are warned!

The different types of tepee beds

There are several types of teepee beds. It is up to the parents to choose the one that they feel best suits their child's needs and taste.

The tipi bed with a simple structure

Models of this kind are formed simply by a bed and a wooden frame above. Because of their sobriety, they have the advantage of being easy to integrate into any decorating style. Another advantage is that they allow you to add your own personal touch since you can, for example, make a custom canvas to decorate it.

Teepee beds with a simple structure are more likely to encourage your child to have fun than to fall asleep. It will take longer for your toddler to realize that it's time to go to sleep.

The teepee bed with a box spring

The box-spring tipi bed is a model that includes a box spring is ideal for regular use, which means the child spends every night in it. Thanks to the presence of a box spring, your little one can enjoy a great comfort. It also allows for better ventilation and prevents mold and mildew from developing.

With the box spring, this type of teepee bed is a bit higher than the floor, which could be a bit of a hindrance to your child's movement and movement back and forth in the room. This is definitely not the right teepee bed if the child is still very young.

The wooden teepee bed

This teepee bed has a frame with walls on the sides. This configuration helps to show a reassuring aspect for the child during the night. In addition, most models have a drawer placed under the bed to easily store toys and other items.

The wooden teepee bed may not appeal to all children. While some children will feel safe, others will have the feeling of being locked in. So, before choosing this furniture, it is better to know in advance the opinion of your toddler. In any case, this type of bed is very safe for the child.

Teepee bed or cabin bed?

Teepee bed

This piece of furniture offers many advantages. Firstly, if your child's bedroom is not spacious enough, the teepee bed will fit perfectly, as it does not require a large space for its installation. Simply place it against a wall and you're done! Secondly, it can provide a pleasant play area for your little ones. Last but not least, the teepee bed is part of the Montessori method and helps children to develop their independence and creativity. They can move around easily to explore the room without having to go up and down like on a traditional bed.

On the other hand, despite its strengths, this piece of furniture can also have some disadvantages. In case you opt for a floor-mounted Tipi bed, for example, it is likely that you will experience some difficulty in putting the child to sleep. It may take longer than usual. Furthermore, as your child gets closer to adolescence, he will find this type of bed too childish.

Cabin bed

The biggest advantage of this bed is its structure, which is reminiscent of a small cabin. This means that your child will love it more than a standard model. Indeed, this furniture perfectly combines sleeping space and play space. Moreover, a Cabane bed has the advantage of being customizable as much as you like! Thus, parents and children can have fun together painting the structure, putting stickers and other decorative elements.

As it is a playful furniture, the child benefits from an environment conducive to the development of his creativity. On the downside, the acquisition of a cabin bed requires a fairly large budget. Then, the models in height are not appropriate for all the children. There is a risk that toddlers will hurt themselves if they fall out.


Whether it's the teepee bed or the hut bed, both are perfectly suited to children. But if you want to give your little one his first big bed, the tipi bed can be a very good option. A cabin bed, on the other hand, is more suitable for small spaces. After that, it's all a matter of taste!

Why buy a teepee bed?

For health

The teepee beds are made from environmentally friendly wood! This means that there is no danger to babies' health. And in case manufacturers have the idea of painting the product, they will have to use water-based paints. On the other hand, a Tipi bed allows the child to sleep whenever he or she wants and the accompanying mattress helps the child to adopt a proper posture while sleeping.

For its evolutionary character

Tipi beds can be adapted to the age of the child. As your child grows, the bed can be raised and made higher. You won't have to change this piece of furniture any time soon! Your child can therefore use it for many years, without any risk of being cramped.

To stimulate your child's intelligence

It is very beneficial for a child to learn to do specific activities on his own. Later on, this will help them to persist when faced with more complicated tasks. Teepee beds allow children to discover their environment independently. For example, they can play with the accessories provided with the bed to create their own world.

For the security it provides

All parents are concerned about the safety of their children. The risk of them falling out of their bed at night is a source of worry and stress. With tipi beds that provide absolute safety, parents can have peace of mind and no need for constant supervision.

For decoration

Because of their unusual and original shape, teepee beds are a great addition to any child's bedroom. And all the more so as they can be personalised ad infinitum! You can let your child choose the bed that matches his inspiration so that he feels good in his little room. It's also a way to get them involved in tidying up the house.

The best brands of tepee beds

In our opinion, the best brands of tepee beds in 2022 are :

En Casa
Weber Industries

It is a brand specialized in the manufacture of furniture for all ages. Famous for the quality of its products, this brand offers a wide range of teepee beds. Each bed you will find at Hyggelia is made with materials specially selected to combine comfort and sturdiness. In addition, the furniture you buy is all accompanied by a detailed assembly instruction in three languages to facilitate its installation.

This brand makes both parents and children happy thanks to its quality and original products. This famous brand offers a wide range of teepee beds that will help your baby develop his or her independence. The design of each model is such that your child will be able to relax safely in his En Casa teepee bed.

The brand offers you all the products you need to furnish your child's room. The teepee beds that you will find at IDMarket are both functional and robust. In addition, the professionals at IDMarket listen to their customers in order to satisfy their requirements as best as possible. They can also advise you on how to find a clever and trendy piece of furniture.

This brand is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of furniture. Over the years, this company has expanded its activity to include distance and online sales of all types of furniture. Its expertise allows it to produce functional and high quality furniture. When you buy a teepee bed from Weber Industries, you are guaranteed to have a model that will fit your child's bedroom decoration.

It is a Belgian family business that offers a wide range of articles. You will find everything you need to make your child's bedroom a world in which he or she can fully develop. The ChildHome teepee beds can be customised and have been specially designed to give your child a comfortable place to sleep.

What is the price for a teepee bed

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Add accessories

The purpose of the teepee bed is to improve the comfort and well-being of your child during his or her relaxing hours. So you need to accessorize it to fit your child's head and stimulate his or her imagination. For example, you can put your child's favorite pillows and stuffed animals on the teepee bed. You can also create a real private space by adding a veil or blanket to the bed frame.

Add storage space to the tipi bed

By adding storage space to the teepee bed, you can ensure that every item can find its place. For example, you can attach storage pockets to the teepee bed to put your child's favorite blanket or book within reach. You can also install drawers underneath the bed to avoid cluttering his room.

Install a mat around the teepee bed for the child's safety

The tipi bed offers your child complete freedom of movement. However, it is advisable to add a mat around his bed to ensure his safety. So, the mat should be soft and thick enough to prevent him from getting hurt in case of a fall. You can also combine safety and practicality by choosing to put an awakening mat.

Choose a design teepee bed

The bed is the flagship furniture of your child's room. Its design therefore contributes to offering your child a creative sleeping space. For a teepee bed, the ideal is to choose a sober and elegant model so you can customize it according to your child's taste. You can also choose a bed fabric printed with his favorite characters.

Choosing the right material for the mattress

You should pay special attention to the materials for the mattress of the tipi bed. Indeed, they condition the quality of your child's sleep since they influence his comfort. For a young child, you can choose a foam mattress. Indeed, this material has a shape memory. Latex mattresses are also very popular because of their anti-allergenic nature.


From what age can a child sleep in a teepee bed?

There is some controversy about the ideal age to start sleeping in a tipi bed. Some people only recommend a tipi bed from the age of 15 months, while others recommend it as soon as the baby is able to move around on its own. Nevertheless, you can use a teepee bed from the first few months of your child's life, provided that you pay attention to the selection criteria and create a safe environment around your child.

How to choose a teepee bed?

Your child can sleep in a teepee bed throughout his or her growth. You can therefore choose the model according to your child's age. There are models for the very young and junior sizes for children under 10 years old. Depending on the type of bed you are looking for, you can even find teepee beds that have the same dimensions as a conventional bed to accompany your child into adolescence.

How do I clean a teepee bed?

In order to provide your child with a healthy and clean bed, it is essential toregularly maintain the tipi bed. To do this, you can put the cot fabric and mattress cover in the washing machine to get rid of any stains and dirt that might get into the cot. To disinfect the mattress and absorb moisture, you can sprinkle it with baking soda. For best results, leave it on for 30 minutes before vacuuming.

What type of mattress is recommended for a tipi bed?

The choice of mattress type for a tipi bed is very important to ensure your child's comfort. The mattress should be thick enough to allow your child to move around safely on its own. You should also make sure that it is breathable for good hygiene. The mattress should also be firm enough to support your child's spine.


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Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed 9
Childhome - Ash wood tipi bed
En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm 10
En Casa - Natural Wood Tipi Bed with Slatted Base 140 x 70 cm
En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds 11
En Casa - Teepee bed with 2 beds
Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile 12
Weber Industries - Lit tipi avec sommier et toile


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