The best changing mat in the UK 2023

A changing pad is a must in baby's first few months. At 12 diaper changes a day when you have a newborn (a combination of pee and poo), you'll need to change 2,500 to 3,000 diapers during the first year. With so many changing pads available, which one should you choose? To find out, follow the guide.

Changing mat - Bambino Mio 1

Best value

Changing mat - Bambino Mio

The best changing mat in 2021

For a quick and efficient change wherever you want, choose the Bambino Mio. This changing mat closes in a fraction of a second and slips easily into a bag.

14,23 £ on Amazon

Perfect for on the go, this foldable changing pad is a quick and easy solution for changing baby no matter where you are. It has a 100% polyester interior and a terry cloth back with 85% polyester and 15% nylon. This changing mat is water resistant (outer fabric) and perfectly absorbent (inner fabric). This way, baby stays protected, even in a place with doubtful sanitation.

This mattress is available in 21 different colors and patterns and is machine washable and dryable. The Bambino Mio is also easy to fold, and its hook and loop fastener can help keep it closed without much difficulty. It is therefore space-saving and perfectly transportable.

Leadstar 2

Best cheap


The best entry-level changing mat

The Leadstar is a practical and space-saving travel changing mat. Its 3 pockets allow you to store cell phones and baby products.

10,36 £ on Amazon

This changing mat has a removable handle so it can easily be hung from a wall hook or stroller. Designed to be used as a travel mattress, this model has 3 exterior and interior pockets for easy storage of cell phones, creams and other baby products.

Despite its thinness, it remains comfortable for baby during diaper changes thanks to the sponge padding. Its nylon lining and TPE surface make it easy to clean and durable. Foldable, this travel changing mat is convenient for all types of travel, especially in the car. When folded, the Leadstar measures 34 x 21 x 2 cm compared to 90 cm x 59 cm when unfolded.

Vertbaudet Princesse Lapinou 3

Best premium

Vertbaudet Princesse Lapinou

The best high-end changing mat

This changing mat is padded, with a pure cotton terry cloth mat lined with PVC. A piece that is compatible with all models of changing tables or changing bins.

38,39 £ on Amazon

Verbaudet has sought to make changing a pleasant exchange between mother and baby, not a chore to be completed because of baby's needs. To that end, the brand has developed the Princesse Lapinou changing mat, a sewn-in bunny-shaped comforter stuffed with crinkly paper. It measures 72 x 49 cm, with a machine-washable cover printed with magic wand and polka dots to make it more elegant.

And when it comes to baby's comfort, this mattress is stuffed with pure cotton non-woven terry, which is both soft and comfortable for changing. And to give the mattress a touch of tenderness, the brand has sewn bunny ears in volume, a little touch of serenity very appreciated.

Red Castle Changing Mat 4

Best premium alternative

Red Castle Changing Mat

Both comfortable and stylish

This changing mat is simply beautiful. Underneath its elegant look, it has a comfortable, skin-friendly and easy-to-clean sleeping surface.

36,79 £ on Amazon

Make changing your baby a special moment for both of you. Once installed on this mattress, your child will be comfortable. And for good reason, the equipment is cozy and comfortable thanks to its cover in very soft cotton flower fabric. It also offers a spacious sleeping area (82 x 46 x 5 cm) that allows you to easily handle your child. Available in two colors: pink and pearl gray, Red Castle promises to please your little princess or prince.

Super practical and waterproof, the product comes with a terry towel with waterproof lining on which to put baby during diaper changes. This one is machine washable at 30°C while a simple sponge stroke is enough to clean the mattress. This mattress is certainly rather expensive, but considering its high quality, you will not regret your investment!

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Best changing mat

Any specific needs?

The best changing mat in 2021

The best entry-level changing mat

The best high-end changing mat

Both comfortable and stylish

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Comparison table of the best changing mat

Changing mat - Bambino Mio 5
Leadstar 6
Vertbaudet Princesse Lapinou 7
Red Castle Changing Mat 8
Changing mat - Bambino Mio
Vertbaudet Princesse Lapinou
Red Castle Changing Mat
For a quick and efficient change wherever you want, choose the Bambino Mio. This changing mat closes in a fraction of a second and slips easily into a bag.
The Leadstar is a practical and space-saving travel changing mat. Its 3 pockets allow you to store cell phones and baby products.
This changing mat is padded, with a pure cotton terry cloth mat lined with PVC. A piece that is compatible with all models of changing tables or changing bins.
This changing mat is simply beautiful. Underneath its elegant look, it has a comfortable, skin-friendly and easy-to-clean sleeping surface.
High quality nylon
Very soft fabric cover Cotton Flower
159 g
200 g
980 g
1,18 kg
4.06 x 14.99 x 21.08 cm
34.6 x 20.2 x 3.8 cm
71 x 46 x 4 cm
82 x 46 x 5 cm
Easy to carry
Washable cover

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How to choose your changing mat

Consider these few criteria if you need to buy a changing mat:

#1 - Size

Babies grow at an amazing rate. To avoid unnecessary expense, it's best to look for a model that will grow with baby, but don't forget to check if the dimensions match your changing table. Get a mattress that's at least one size bigger if you want it to last. When you're on the go, finding a clean place to change your little one's diaper can be a challenge. A generously sized changing mat eliminates the possibility of your baby coming into contact with questionable surfaces that can harbor germs and bacteria.

#2 - Comfort

Standard changing mats for home use tend to be reasonably soft and comfortable. However, some models have specialized surfaces designed to be easy to clean and combat bacterial growth. If you live in a cooler climate, consider placing a cloth diaper between your baby and the changing pad to improve comfort. Travel changing pads and changing kits, meanwhile, often offer varying levels of comfort. Some high-end travel changing mats feature a thin layer of memory foam wrapped in waterproof material to improve comfort on hard surfaces, while some portable diaper changing kits offer a padded headrest.

#3 - Care

An easy-to-clean changing mat can help ease the workload of being around baby. If possible, look for a changing pad that can be quickly wiped down between changes, or place a water-resistant changing pad cover over a foam changing pad to prevent it from becoming soaked or stained.

#4 - Water resistance

Leaks and spills go hand in hand with diaper changing. That's because diaper changes are messy, and your changing pad needs to be equipped to withstand moisture. Liquid that seeps through the outer layer of a changing pad could create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Choosing a model with a water-resistant exterior is a wise decision. Keep in mind that water resistance levels can vary from mattress to mattress and some varieties may require additional coverage.

#5 - Safety straps

Babies can be very fidgety, and at diaper changes many seem to suddenly gain superhuman strength. A standard changing pad with safety straps can reduce your stress by helping to keep your baby in place while you go about your business.

How to use a changing mat safely?

The best changing mats 9

First, install the mattress correctly according to the instructions. Attach it securely to the surface of your changing table with snaps, straps or nails and test it carefully to make sure it won't slip off when the baby is lying on it.

Pre-wash the covers before using it. Also, make sure the top strap or seat belt works and adjust it to the right length. If the mattress is not non-slip, consider placing your own non-slip mat underneath.

Do a safety check: when you're changing, can your baby pull something over himself or hurt himself on sharp edges?

The first time you use the mattress, lay your baby down and strap him or her in, then change the diaper. Do not untie the strap until your baby is clean, dressed, buttoned up and ready to be removed from the mat.

Note where you prefer to have all your accessories and change your layout accordingly to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible.
Remember, never leave your baby unattended on a changing mat, even if he or she is strapped in.

The different types of changing mat

While some changing mats are designed specifically for home use, others make great travel companions. Let's take a closer look at these different types of mats?

Standard changing mat

A must-have accessory for any changing table, the standard changing pad looks like a mini mattress with raised edges. This design is intended to enhance baby's safety and improve comfort for both baby and mom or dad. This is the most common type of changing mat on the market.

Typically, a traditional foam changing pad is combined with a waterproof changing pad cover that is sold separately. However, you can find more and more mats made of solid and waterproof materials that can simply be wiped off. These are very practical, and don't require much maintenance.

Travel changing mat

They are

also called changing mats because of their minimalist shape. Almost everyone is familiar with these utilitarian changing mats. In fact, most diaper bags come with a travel changing mat for a convenient change on the go. Flat and foldable, a travel changing pad can easily be stored in a diaper bag, wet bag or even a purse.

You can also find portable changing kits on the market. If you like to travel light or don't like the idea of lugging around a bulky diaper bag on quick trips to the store or park, a portable diaper changing kit is the perfect solution for you. These innovative changing pads feature a foldable design with pockets for changing essentials, and some even have padding for your little one's head.

For your baby's safety

A changing pad with an antimicrobial cover can help prevent the growth of germs and bacteria.

Classic changing mat or sloping changing mat?

Classic changing mat

They are changing mats with raised edges which are necessary for a lateral protection of the baby. Indeed, the rolls and the falls will be cushioned or stopped by these edges. This mattress has the usual features like sandy and washable cover, combination of bile and foam for comfort during changing, water and stain repellent fabric for easy cleaning. This changing mat can also be used alone or with a changing table. And it is designed to be sturdy with an indefinite duration for use in nursery especially.

Reclining changing mat

A truly innovative product that can ensure the safety and comfort of your children. Don't worry, because the device is designed to tilt your child at a certain angle to give you peace of mind. When you are changing or dressing your child, this tilt allows you to get closer to your child. Secondly, the tilt can also prevent your child from spitting up. While spending quality time with you, your baby breathes well and safely. And in order to ensure greater safety, there are still edges. Even though it's safe, especially when he's moved his feet a lot.


It is noted that both changing mats are both practical and designed for your baby's comfort. Moreover, both mattresses are also made to ensure their safety as well. However, the new reclining version is more practical for moms especially if they have back problems because it makes them get even closer to the baby during the changing. In addition, the recline does not allow the child to be 100% free to move around and makes it easier for the mother or the nanny to work.


Be prepared

Before you tackle that dirty diaper, make sure you have everything you need on hand. Pull out the wipes, creams, a clean diaper, and an extra change of clothes - minor rashes and leaks aren't always visible from the outside.

Distract the baby


a few special "changing toys" on hand to keep your baby busy. Kicking, squirming, and flailing can cause an incredible mess. Even if you only save a few seconds, distracting your baby could save you from a diaper-changing disaster.

Well, wipe off his hands and feet

Babies tend to move around a lot during diaper changes. Unfortunately, little hands and feet can get dirty during the process. Be sure to check for spills and wipe or wash your baby's hands and feet if necessary.

Wipe off your changing pad after each use


your changing pad clean and germ-free is essential for your baby's health. If you are unable to wipe your mattress directly after one change, be sure to freshen it up before the next.

Never leave your baby alone

Never leave your baby unattended. Even for a very short time, and even if your changing mat has all the safety features like contoured sides, straps and a non-slip base. You never know when an accident might happen.


What is the best changing pad?

The best changing mat depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Can I wash a standard foam changing pad?

When it comes to

cleaning your changing mat, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. When it's time to clean it, it's usually best to wipe down your changing mat with soapy water followed by a disinfectant. All changing mats should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth.

Is there a way to attach my changing pad to the changing table?


standard changing mats come with anchoring straps that can be attached to your changing table, a dresser, or the wall behind it. Installation usually requires screws, so make sure you have the right tools on hand.

Should I always use a cover with a solid changing pad?


- that's the beauty of this design. The impenetrable exterior does not absorb moisture and can simply be wiped clean between changes, eliminating the need for covers and the extra laundry they generate.


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Changing mat - Bambino Mio 10
Changing mat - Bambino Mio
Leadstar 11
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Vertbaudet Princesse Lapinou
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Red Castle Changing Mat


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