The best spas in the UK 2023

With a hot tub installed in your backyard, you'll be able to enjoy a relaxing moment whenever you want. Choose your spa based on the features available, the capacity, etc. To avoid disappointment, read our guide to find out what criteria to take into account, tips for use, etc.

BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi 1

Editor's Choice

BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi

The best cheap spa

The Lay-Z Spa round inflatable jacuzzi from Bestway allows you to enjoy 96 bubble source slots, in a 669 l tank and a temperature of up to 40°C: a guaranteed relaxation!

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Founded in the 1990s, Bestway has made a name for itself in the pool and spa market and is currently at the top of the list. It is known for its innovative products. Its round inflatable Jacuzzi can accommodate up to 4 people and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The spa features an Airjet system: 96 slots provide the bubbles for guaranteed relaxation. It has a soft floor as a chair. Its structure designed on 3 layers of PVC and polyester is very resistant. Its energy saving timer allows you to set the temperature 3 days in advance; the temperature can go up to 40°C. The tank has a capacity of 669 liters. With dimensions of 180 x 66 cm, it does not take up much space and is quick and easy to install and dismantle. The Jacuzzi comes with a reinforced cover that keeps the heat in when not in use, a pump driving the filtration system, and a Chemconnect dispenser. The latter keeps the chlorine level balanced and evenly distributed.

O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi 2

Best entry-level

O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi

The best affordable spa

The O'Spazia PVC inflatable jacuzzi reaches a temperature of up to 40°C and offers 130 jets in its 600-liter tank.

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O'spazia, a brand specialized in indoor and outdoor inflatable jacuzzi, allows you to fully enjoy moments of relaxation, affordable, up to 4 people in its square inflatable jacuzzi. With an integrated motor, guaranteed for 2 years, and a flow rate of 1880l / h, you can enjoy a temperature of up to 40°C. Gain 1.5°C per hour to heat your bath. 130 jets provide the bubbles for maximum well-being. The jacuzzi is made of K71 laminated PVC and maintains the heat perfectly. The tank has a capacity of 600 liters and is maintained with a specialized product based on active oxygen or bromine. Measuring 155 x 65cm, it folds up and is easily assembled with an inflation time of 5mn. The Jacuzzi is supplied with a filter for hygiene, a cover for protection, a floor mat for safety, a padlock and an inflation hose for assembly. A control box is integrated into the structure to allow you to make the adjustment in all simplicity.

LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi 3

Best high-end

LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi

The best high-end spa

The Luxa 5-person Jacuzzi features Balboa technology, skimmer filtration and a secure cover.

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The LUXA Jacuzzi of 200 x 200 x 95 cm can accommodate up to 5 people (3 seated and 2 lying) and ensures comfortable moments of conviviality. It is connected to a 220V electrical outlet. It is equipped with Balboa electronics, a renowned reference in spa equipment, which makes it easy to use: a digital control panel and an electrical box. The acrylic tank with PVC bottom has a capacity of 1200 l and 34 jets to offer a pleasant hydromassage. The Jacuzzi is equipped with a colored LED spotlight for ambient lighting. Its PVC structure is both resistant and ensures the maintenance of heat. Its filtration system is made by skimmer with filter cartridge. Its thermal cover has a safety lock and keeps the heat in when the spa is not in use. The jacuzzi pumps have the following characteristics: a 3HP massage pump, a 0.5HP circulation pump and 1 blower.

GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain 4

Best design

GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain

The best aesthetic and technological jacuzzi

The indoor Jacuzzi Balneo bain Simba is equipped with a very silent whirlpool system, 16 jets to ensure the hydromassage of the whole body, 2 loudspeakers and large LEDs to create the atmosphere.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best spa

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The best cheap spa

The best affordable spa

The best high-end spa

The best aesthetic and technological jacuzzi

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Comparison table of the best spas

Best Inexpensive High-end Design
BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi 5
O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi 6
LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi 7
GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain 8
BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi
O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi
LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi
GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain
The Lay-Z Spa round inflatable jacuzzi from Bestway allows you to enjoy 96 bubble source slots, in a 669 l tank and a temperature of up to 40°C: a guaranteed relaxation!
The O'Spazia PVC inflatable jacuzzi reaches a temperature of up to 40°C and offers 130 jets in its 600-liter tank.
The Luxa 5-person Jacuzzi features Balboa technology, skimmer filtration and a secure cover.
The indoor Jacuzzi Balneo bain Simba is equipped with a very silent whirlpool system, 16 jets to ensure the hydromassage of the whole body, 2 loudspeakers and large LEDs to create the atmosphere.
Tank capacity
2 to 4 people
4 persons
3 seats and 2 recliners
2 persons
180 x 66 cm
155 x 65 cm
200 x 200 x 95 cm
180 X 90 cm
Number of jets
96 slots
4 side jets - 12 back jets
Tank volume
669 l
600 l
1200 l

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How to choose your spa

#1 - The materials

There are several materials used to cover the interior and exterior of a spa. For the exterior, you have :

  • Stone: it is both aesthetically pleasing and fashionable and is perfectly resistant to weather and UV rays.
  • Concrete: very resistant and can accommodate any spa, whether you want it to be built-in or elevated. Concrete spas are ideal for outdoor spas.
  • Synthetic materials: less aesthetic and less resistant, but the least expensive
  • Liner: very watertight, it sometimes complements wooden spas
  • Acrylic: it contains fiberglass and has the particularity of being solid.
  • Polyethylene: light and resistant, generally affordable; polyethylene also has the advantage of not rusting, flaking or mildewing.
  • PVC: affordable, light and strong; however, it is not sufficiently insulating.
  • Wood: for a sophisticated and design spa, but requires a lot of maintenance. Note that wood is a perfect insulator and will keep the heat of the water longer. Wooden spas are perfect for indoor spas.

For assured moments of relaxation, the interior of the tub must be comfortable, soft to the skin, and non-slip to avoid any risk of accident. There is no standard or defined size for a spa. There is no standard or defined size for a hot tub, but the size depends on the number of people expected to use it. There are spas for 2, for 4, for 8 or even more people. For a more relaxing experience, here are the usual sizes recommended:

  • For 1 to 2 people: dimensions from 1.8 x 1.2 m
  • For 2 to 3 persons: dimensions from 2 x 2 m
  • For 3 to 4 persons: dimensions from 2.1 x 1.6 m
  • For 4 to 6 people: dimensions from 2.2 x 2.2 m
  • For 6 people and more: dimensions from 2.5 x 3 m
  • For a swim spa: 6 x 2.5 m

#2 - The size

There are 2 types of locations for a spa: outdoor and indoor.
For outdoor spas, it is advisable to install them on an area away from the wind (so you are comfortable and can enjoy your bath) and from the weather (to allow your hot tub to have a better lifespan). You may want to consider a spa enclosure. If you want to place it in your garden, you can embed it in the ground and therefore choose a built-in spa, or you can install it high up. For a balcony location, it is preferable that the area be ventilated and the floor non-slip.

For indoor spas, choose a room with enough space and ventilation to avoid the inconvenience of fumes from your spa. A dehumidifier may be necessary. Also, make sure it has the right location, as a spa has large dimensions. It is important that the floor is strong and that the environment is waterproof.

#3 - Location

A hot tub is a real cocktail of technology that offers you perfect ease. There are different models of jacuzzi that will be able to satisfy you: spas with mood lights, LED screen to enjoy a good movie at the same time, speakers to enjoy a good music... There are also different jets that you can find on the spa :

  • The hydrojets: my nozzles provide a combination of pressurized air and hot water to massage a specific part of the body (neck, arms, shoulders, legs...). You will be able to enjoy a good relaxing, invigorating, energizing massage... It is necessary that the spa has at least one booster pump accompanied by a suppressor to provide the massage function.
  • The blower: this is a bubble pump that supplies air nozzles placed on the bottom of the seats. Unlike the hydrojet, the blower does not target the body areas, but still provides relaxation.

#4 - The technology

The filtration circuit leads the water from a skimmer to evacuate the impurities to the filter. This is called "surface filtration". It should be maintained on a regular basis.
Some spas are equipped with a strainer to pump out the dirt on the bottom of the tub. In the case of an overflowing spa, the water is channeled to a gutter. The dirty water is purified by the filter, passes through a heating system and is returned to the tank. Several pumps are needed to ensure this system.
For permanent filtration, you need a pump that operates independently, without the need for the massage water circuit. The filtration is then carried out permanently, H24. Accompanied by an anti-bacterial filter, you will not need to use disinfectants.
Alternating filtration should work 8 hours a day, depending on the number of people using the spa, the location of the installation and the climate.

#5 - The filtration system

Spa Maintenance

Spa maintenance is an important step in preserving your spa and allowing you to relax in clean, healthy water. Follow our tips for cleaning your spa in just a few steps.

Water quality
: The water in your bath must be cleaned to ensure your hygiene. It must go through a filtering system to be installed when you buy your spa. Once the water is filtered and renewed, it must be disinfected. This can be done with chlorine or bromine. Also make sure that the water is balanced by checking its ph. There are specialized products that regulate the levels.

: Ideally, a spa should be cleaned weekly or bi-monthly, and thoroughly through the tank, the pipes, the filter, etc. There are cleaning kits available in specialized stores where all the necessary tools are present: brushes, cleaning products, nets, etc. A simple sponge cleaning is sufficient for the cover. For outdoor and acrylic spas, there are "polish" products that can make them shine and protect them from UV rays.

Stain Removal
: Typically, stains that appear on hot tubs are caused by mold and mildew. When the ph level or bromine level is not balanced, it encourages the appearance of stains. You can start by adjusting the ph balance and using specialized products if they do not come off. White vinegar can also be effective in helping you get rid of them.

Maintenance of pipes
: Dirt left in the pipes is a source of bad odor and promotes the multiplication of bacteria. It is therefore important to clean them, as cleaning products accumulate inside the pipes and become ineffective. Liquid cleaners, pellets or granules help to de-grease the pipes.

: Draining is done quarterly and before winter for outdoor hot tubs that will not be used. Take advantage of the draining to clean your tank and pipes. For a winter draining, remember to cover your spa once the tank is completely emptied and cut off all power supplies.

The different types of spas

There are many different types and models of spas available today. But basically, there are indoor and outdoor spas, which are then declined in several versions.

The inflatable spa

The inflatable spa is simple to install, inexpensive and easy to operate. Just unpack it, inflate it in the location of your choice, fill the tank with water and make the electrical connections. They are as aesthetically pleasing as the solid hot tubs. They come in different shapes (square, triangle, round, octagonal, ...) and different colors. They also have the advantage of being portable. And to leave space in your garden or during the bad days, you can pack them up and store them. Inflatable spas can be bubble, jet or both. However, the jacuzzi or inflatable spa has a shorter lifespan. In addition, it is less comfortable and efficient and quite fragile since it is usually made of PVC.

The built-in spa

The inground spa can be buried or partially buried. The in-ground or semi-in-ground spa needs some layout work to make it accessible and suitable for the environment. You can still arrange and customize it to your liking. However, it is important to ensure that it is secure to avoid any risk of accident, especially with children. To install it, you will need independent plumbing; a room for access to the plumbing, heating and filtration; an electrical connection. For this type of spa, it is best to hire a professional to ensure its installation.

The portable spa

This is the most fashionable and best-selling spa. Unlike the previous type of spa, it is easier to install: simply place it on the ground, on a solid and flat surface; connect it to a water and electricity source. There is no need to connect it to a plumbing system or equipment room. The advantage of a free-standing spa is that it can be moved and installed indoors or outdoors. The technical unit of this type of portable spa can be already integrated. This makes it easier to use once placed. For a portable spa with an external power unit, you can add a powerful power unit placed several meters away to minimize noise. This type of spa is less expensive than a built-in spa, but on the other hand less aesthetic and does not go unnoticed.

The swim spa

A swim spa is a combination of pool and spa allowing to practice sports and relax. It still requires a certain price. It is perfect for aquagym or for rehabilitation. The pressure and current are adjustable to suit the desired exercises. Compared to a swimming pool, this type of spa does not take up much space. For a counter-current pump, the power varies from 1.5 kW to 3Kw. This spa has a relaxation area with hydro massage jets and a swimming area for double pools or a single pool with smaller dimensions.

Spa or Balneo

The spa and the whirlpool bathtub both provide the same pleasures: water at the right temperature and jets that offer a hydro massage. They also provide treatments such as aromatherapy and chromotherapy. But what is the difference between these two products?

The spa

The spa is a little larger than the balneo and takes place in a room dedicated solely to it. In terms of consumption, the larger the spa, the greater the volume of water it will need and the more energy it will consume. The spa must be permanently treated with water and chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. Although filtration is usually automatic, the water system must also be disinfected. A spa can accommodate up to eight people or more, while allowing for various positions: sitting, lying down.

The whirlpool bathtub

The whirlpool is usually placed in the bathroom. It comes in various forms and is quite small. The whirlpool bathtub uses 5 times less water than the jacuzzi (200 l on average). However, it should be noted that it must be drained after each use, unlike the spa which, thanks to its filtration system, can be emptied and refilled once every two months. Since the whirlpool bathtub must be emptied after each use, it must be cleaned each time to minimize the fixation of limescale and soaps on the tub which, over time, can clog the nozzles. To get rid of bacteria and fungi in the pipes, the hydraulic circuit must be disinfected every month. The whirlpool bathtub is generally used with a maximum of two people in the prone position. There are some rare models with 4 seats in a seated position.


Between the spa and the whirlpool bath, you will obtain more or less the same result. The difference lies in the price, where the whirlpool is cheaper. However, there are also cheap spas. If you have enough space, the jacuzzi is perfect for relaxing with family or friends. For more solitary or intimate moments, the whirlpool will do the trick. The latter also requires more maintenance. If you have enough space, the spa is the perfect product to enjoy the benefits of a whirlpool.


To reduce the consumption of an outdoor spa

Choose a hot tub made of insulating materials when you buy one to better retain the heat of the water and reduce heating time. If your spa is already purchased, you can also add insulating materials to the walls of your unit (aluminum foam insulation, for example). Also, make sure your spa has a thermal cover. And important too, clean your filters regularly. And finally, keep the temperature constant even when your spa is not in use. This will make it quicker for you to raise the temperature when you use it. Heating water that has been completely cooled down uses a lot of electricity.

To heat the spa quickly and efficiently

The ideal spa temperature should be between 35°C and 37°C. The heating time takes into account the location (water cools down faster outdoors), the volume of water (a large amount of water takes longer to heat) and the power of the unit. Keep the temperature constant at 27° to 30°C so it can heat up faster. Thermal heating is more efficient, and comes before electric heating. Solar heating comes last. And finally, choose an insulating material for your tank (wood comes first). You can also add polyurethane foam between the tub and the deck.

Balancing the PH of the spa

The pH is used to assess the acid-base balance. Jacuzzi water should have a pH between 7 and 7.4. A lower acidic ph indicates water that is too acidic, and a ph above 7 indicates water that is too basic. You can check this with a tester. There are specific products to balance the ph. A few things you can do to keep the water balanced: regular maintenance of the spa, cover the spa when not in use, take a shower before entering the spa.

For a perfect installation of an indoor hot tub

Make sure that the floor is solid and stable, flat, and non-slip. To prevent moisture from settling in, the room should be ventilated, with a ventilation system, and the walls should have a well-sealed covering. Make sure that your room is equipped with all the necessary wiring and connections, knowing that a Jacuzzi works mostly with electricity.

To get rid of moisture stains on the ceiling

For sure, the vapors emanating from the spa are a source of humidity and end up creating stains on the walls and ceiling. To help you get rid of them naturally, mix water with white vinegar and scrub the walls until you are rid of the mold. Then rinse with clean water and dry. You can also add tea tree oil to the water and vinegar mixture to eliminate fungus.


What is the best cheap spa

The best cheap hot tub depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide to find out more.

How do I remove mold from an inflatable spa after storing it in the winter?

It must have been stored in a damp area. A special liner product is effective in cleaning it before installing it again.

How come the hot tub makes foam?

Poorly maintained water, dirt deposits, ... can cause the appearance of foam. Just clean the water, the tank and the drains with suitable products and it should be fine.

What products do you recommend for disinfecting water?

Use bromine, it's the most practical. I make 2 tablets every month. It takes a long time to dissolve, so you have to wait a bit between putting each tablet in the float.

How do I prime the water jets?

Press the on and off button alternately to prime the pump. Be careful not to do it dry. It can damage the pump. Normally, if you also drain your spa and refill the tank, the pumps should work and prime.


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BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi 9
BESTWAY - Lay-Z Spa - Round inflatable Jacuzzi
O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi 10
O'SPAZIA - Square inflatable Jacuzzi
LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi 11
LUXA - Rigid Jacuzzi
GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain 12
GRAFICA MA.RO Jacuzzi d'intérieur Balnéo bain


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