The best laser engravers in the UK 2023

The choice of a laser engraver is based on several criteria, taking into account the use and the type of engraving to be done. Indeed, this type of equipment is intended for the realization of precision work (text, photo, logo, symbol), hence the importance of choosing the right equipment. In the same way, the choice is also conditioned according to the material to be engraved, especially in terms of hardness. Follow our buying guide.

Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro 1

The best

Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro

The best laser engraver

For 329,90 €, Mostics offers you a professional CNC engraving machine. This 2 in 1 machine named 3018 Pro benefits from all the advantages of a high performance equipment at a low price, thanks to its 5500 laser module, and even better, from a 12 months warranty.

264 £ on Amazon
HomdMarket 3w K5 2

The best cheap

HomdMarket 3w K5

The best cheap laser engraver

The HomdMarket Plug and Play Laser Scribe is a great piece of home equipment that can be used in a small office. Its ease of use and small size allow it to be easily integrated in various places to ensure high precision work.

128 £ on Amazon

The 3W desktop laser engraver is equipped with an 8 cm² working area, suitable for home or beginner work. This device from HomdMarket has an optimal speed, as well as a high engraving precision. This is due to the fact that the laser beam is controlled by the computer, with a speed of 500 mm per second and a very fine minimum engraving line width of 0.1 mm. Wood, MDF, rubber, cardboard, leather and other not too hard materials can be processed with this 3W K5 engraver.

This is a compact entry-level laser engraver with a small weight of 1.37 kg. The software of the equipment integrates Plug and Play. The software is specifically designed for simple and easy use, with free installation. To access its functions, you just need to connect it to the USB connector of the computer system, and the recorder is operational. Given its category, its engraving area is limited to 7.5 mm², with support for basic Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff, Png, Pcx and PCD formats. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Mac systems. The purchase represents an interesting investment thanks to the one-year warranty of the material.

LaserPecker PRo Black 3

The best high end

LaserPecker PRo Black

The best high-end laser engraver

Laser Pecker offers a high performance laser engraver. A compact, hand-held machine that fits in a backpack pocket, the Laser Pecker Pro Suit operates from a 5V 2A power source, or an external battery.

463 £ on Amazon

The Laser Pecker laser engraver is equipped with a precision and auto-focusing technology. This is due to the fact that its system is equipped with a focusing support that allows for automatic adjustment of the laser distance in a matter of seconds. It is a 405 nm blue-violet laser with a 0.01 mm spot size, which gives twice the detail of conventional laser engravers.

The Pecker Pro laser is a tiny mobile device, operating via a Bluetooth connection, to enable engraving with an engraving area of up to 100 mm². Thus, this small gadget can be used to engrave labels, as well as decorative elements on phone cases, wallets or laptops. Otherwise, it is possible to use this engraver on fabric, leather, cardboard, felt, wood, non-transparent acrylic or even pita bread. The laser source can perform up to 10,000 hours of work, and a 24-month warranty covers the investment if purchased.

SainSmart 3018-PROVer 4

The best of the 3018 series

SainSmart 3018-PROVer

The latest version of 3018 Desktop CNC DIY series.

Genmitsu Router CNC 3018 -PROVer is the new innovative gadget from SainSmart. It is a high-end device that can be used even by beginners, due to its ease of use. Very powerful, it acts as a milling machine and engraver at the same time.

280 £ on Amazon

The youngest of SainSmart's 3018 Destktop CNC DIY series, the 3018-PROVer is equipped with an open source Grbl v1.1 driver, friends with more powerful and quieter drivers from Toshiba, TB6S109. Pre-assembled device, it can be up and running in less than 15 minutes, with the added benefit of increased performance without too much effort, as well as optimal protection of the control board to avoid the risk of damage to the mechanics in case of sudden stop.

Genmitsu CNC 3018-PROVer has an aluminum frame and structure that offers great stability, as well as the ability to mill on various materials. It also features automatic cleaning of the acrylic shields. Innovative control elements allow for easy control of the machine, including an LCD screen for offline control, i.e. without a computer. In case of an emergency, the accessible emergency stop switch allows for immediate shutdown of the equipment. Best of all, there are acrylic protective windows for optimal operator protection during the engraving or milling process.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best laser engraver

Any specific needs?

The best laser engraver

The best cheap laser engraver

The best high-end laser engraver

The latest version of 3018 Desktop CNC DIY series.

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Comparison table of the best laser engravers

Editor's Choice PAs expensive top of the line the latest version of the 3018 series
Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro 5
HomdMarket 3w K5 6
LaserPecker PRo Black 7
SainSmart 3018-PROVer 8
Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro
HomdMarket 3w K5
LaserPecker PRo Black
SainSmart 3018-PROVer
For 329,90 €, Mostics offers you a professional CNC engraving machine. This 2 in 1 machine named 3018 Pro benefits from all the advantages of a high performance equipment at a low price, thanks to its 5500 laser module, and even better, from a 12 months warranty.
The HomdMarket Plug and Play Laser Scribe is a great piece of home equipment that can be used in a small office. Its ease of use and small size allow it to be easily integrated in various places to ensure high precision work.
Laser Pecker offers a high performance laser engraver. A compact, hand-held machine that fits in a backpack pocket, the Laser Pecker Pro Suit operates from a 5V 2A power source, or an external battery.
Genmitsu Router CNC 3018 -PROVer is the new innovative gadget from SainSmart. It is a high-end device that can be used even by beginners, due to its ease of use. Very powerful, it acts as a milling machine and engraver at the same time.
60 watts
3 watts
10 Watts
60 watts
Burn area
300 x 180 x 45 mm
75 x 75 mm
100 x 100 cm
260 x 155 x 35 mm
Compatible files
Burn speed/engine
10000 r / min
500 mm / s
10000 r / min
Lasergrbl, G-code
Grbl control (Candle), G-code
10,000 Hours
10,000 Hours
10,000 Hours
+ of 10,000 Hours
Material to burn
plastics, soft aluminum, wood, acrylic, PVC and PCBs.
wood, MDF, rubber, cardboard, leather and other materials of equivalent hardness
Cardboard, cardboard, fabric, felt, leather, wood, non-transparent acrylic, cookies, etc.
with a wide variety of materials,

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Buying guide - laser engraver

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How to choose your laser engraver

Before deciding on a particular laser engraver, it is important to determine the most important criteria, especially with regard to the application.

#1 - The power

To find a good laser engraver, it is advisable to favour machines with a laser power between 25 and 80 Watts for engraving. If you use a combination of laser cutting and engraving equipment, or if you have high speed applications, you should consider more powerful lasers, above 80 Watts. This specification is mentioned in the system booklet, and will help you to better choose your device.

#2 - The materials

When choosing your laser engraver, it is important to take into account the materials that will serve as your work supports. Indeed, if a gas laser machine is suitable for softer and organic materials, you will have to use more solid laser machines (fiber optic or crystal) to work on hard, non-organic supports (metal, plastic).

#3 - Ventilation

The laser engraver is a piece of equipment that tends to heat up, especially for the dual motor models. Therefore, to optimize performance, ventilation should be considered, so that the various cooling systems manage to maintain the right temperature of the machine. This can be air or water operated ventilation, but as long as it is there, it makes it an efficient machine.

#4 - The exhaust pipe

The use of a laser engraver leads to the production of a lot of waste that can be harmful to the human body, especially in case of aspiration. In this case, it is necessary to opt for equipment with an exhaust air tube to get air and residue out. This allows to have a healthy working environment to be able to use the machine in the long term.

#5 - The details that make a difference

Finally, the other criteria to be taken into account for the choice of the laser engraver are the depth of the marking, expressed in millimeters, the engraving speed, as well as the engraving resolution. Concerning particularly this last criterion, the points to check consist mainly in the precision, the sharpness and the contrast.

How do you use a laser burner?


As laser marking is an innovative printing process, discover how to use a laser engraver to immerse yourself in this evolving technology.

The materials suitable for laser engraving

Engraving is a technique aimed at the removal of material from the mass for the realization of a design, text or logo, so as to allow a refined personalization, an elegant and precise rendering, while being durable. In this case, the materials to be favored are wood, metal (precious or not) or even ceramic.

Laser engraving is also possible on textiles, including fleece or microfiber fabrics. The final rendering of this technique is very accurate by opting for a light colored substrate and a contrasting color for the engraving.

Media suitable for laser engraver

The laser engraver allows you to make a marking even on small objects, such as personalized USB keys, advertising pens or other goodies. In addition to that, this printing method is environmentally friendly in that it does not use solvent inks, while conferring an indelible marking with a high-end result.

How a laser engraver works

Laser engraving is made possible by using a high-temperature laser beam to melt metal, frost glass or burn wood. The light source that is the laser allows you to modify the structure of the material (metal, wood, plastic, glass or textile) to give it a very distinct engraved look that is totally personalized to your image.

Bref, the laser engraver makes it possible to have personalized objects with sharp, precise, yet thin patterns, even on small-area media.

The different types of laser engravers

The gas laser engraver

The CO2 laser engraver, also called gas laser engraver, is the most popular and accessible model on the market. The engraving obtained from this machine is made with carbon dioxide, which is used as ink on the supports, with an engraving carried out via a laser beam on a wavelength of 10,6µ. It is particularly suitable for organic materials, including leather, paper, rubber, wood, plastic and fabric.

Some models can also be used for milling or cutting. The advantage of this equipment lies in its high precision, which is effective in providing a burr-free finish for engraving codes, dates or serial numbers on packaging. Its use in a workshop requires a plexiglass shield to optimize the user's safety. However, despite its efficiency, this type of laser engraver cannot be used for engraving on metal supports.

The fiber optic laser engraver

The fiber optic laser engraver is a powerful equipment, used in particular for engraving hard materials. Indeed, its power goes beyond the most resistant non-organic materials, to mention only metal (stainless steel, silver, gold, platinum), ceramics, or thermoplastic. This equipment works via a laser seed that produces intense beams with small spot size to offer sharp and precise engravings, while being able to be with contrast.

Thus, in addition to engravings on jewelry, it also allows the realization of engraving of bar codes, QR codes, or other graphics in optimal quality. Operating at a length of 1µ, the fiber laser engraver should be installed in a separate room or at least behind a protective partition to avoid accidents.

The crystal laser engraver

The crystal laser engraver is among the most powerful and robust machines on the market. This is evidenced by its ability to engrave on a variety of reinforced materials, including metal, ceramic, or even plastic, with a diode run time of up to 15,000 hours. Three times more powerful than a fiber laser, the crystal laser engraver can be used to engrave plastics or aluminum, using a high contrast mark.

Its short pulses provide sharper, more legible marks to the scanner for better traceability. Its main advantage lies in its ability to engrave delicate materials, such as crystal. Given its strength and power, this performance becomes its handicap because of the rather high price.

Laser engraver or laser marker

Laser engraver

The laser engraver has been designed to produce engraved items that are durable over time, regardless of external aggression or weather conditions. Indeed, laser engraving makes it possible to express a motif, or other inscription in an indelible and perennial way on a support. The laser engraving serves to sublimate the support in order to obtain a precise, clear and especially aesthetic rendering. Thus, the laser engraver will use the laser to change the support material from a solid state to a gaseous state by creating an image, text or logo.
Once made, a laser engraving is irreversible as the engraving penetrates deeply into the material.

Laser marker

Laser marking is a method for printing a logo, motif, image or code indelibly on a material used as a support. The operating principle of this type of device is based on heating to melt the support in order to mark the inscription, before solidifying again. It is possible to vary the contrast of the marking as there are two ways to make the marking. Thus, to have a clear marking on the support, the light rays must be reflected on the roughness that has appeared, while for a darker marking, the surface roughness must absorb them.
Laser marking cannot be carried out on surfaces that have been sandblasted or otherwise heat treated to avoid premature wear.


Laser marking is recommended for superficial and non-durable inscriptions. As for laser engraving, it is suitable for all projects regardless of treatment, materials or constraints, as it is not very sensitive to wear.

Why should I buy a laser engraver?

A technique with lasting results

The laser engraver is a piece of equipment used to carry out a permanent and indelible engraving technique on various supports, organic or not. Indeed, the engraving can go from paper to crystal, passing by fabrics, leathers, plastic and metal (precious or not), and this, always in fine, precise and clear inscription.

A fine technique to be realized on all sizes of surface

The laser engraver is a device that can be used to engrave both small and large parts. With this type of machine, the marking can be very fine and precise, as it can be less than 0.1 mm.

An easy-to-use device

The laser engraver is also an easy-to-use piece of equipment. In this case, the implementation of the device is simple, and the engraving times are very short. Thus, it allows you to make lists of names, codes, logos, fine texts or other inscriptions without damaging the support, whether it is paper, cardboard or metal.

A device for the smallest parts

The laser engraver is a very efficient process in the industrial sector, especially for laser engraving on metal, mechanical and electronic parts, in accordance with the required standards.

In addition, in the jewellery sector, this device is also used for laser engraving on rings, necklaces or bracelets, whether on precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) or non-precious metal (stainless steel or copper).

The laser engraver for varied and aesthetic results

The use of a laser engraver allows for variations in terms of engraving. Indeed, there is the hollowed out engraving technique, favouring the mechanical effect of the laser beam in order to hollow out the support or to remove the surface coating. As a second option, it is possible to choose the blackened engraving, which consists in privileging the thermal effect of the laser beam in order to change the aspect of the surface while avoiding digging the support too much.

The best brands of laser engravers

In our opinion, the best brands of laser engravers in 2022 are :

Laser Pecker Pro

HomdMarket is a brand that focuses on the manufacture of entry-level laser engravers. Most of its models are compact and small in size, suitable for occasional use. Besides that, the equipment of this brand is easy to use insofar as you only need to connect the USB connector of the equipment to the computer to be able to burn. The models are designed for engraving line from 0.1mm on organic materials.

Mostics is a pioneer brand in the professional engraving sector. The machines from the manufacturing plant focus on technology so that they can be connected to various equipment. Moreover, the laser engraver from this brand can, depending on the model, be used as a milling machine. Thus, many materials can be worked with the Mostics laser engraver, for a clean, precise and fine rendering.

Laser Pecker Pro is a brand for professional engravers. This is due to the fact that with the laser engraver models of this brand, it is possible to make fine engravings even under heavy use. Moreover, it is a quality device, offering at least 10,000 hours of service to the user. This brand can be used on organic materials and is easy to use, with a very fine and precise result.

Vogvigo is another brand evolving in the production of laser engravers. Manufacturer of mid-range devices, its models are often equipped with heaters and fans to avoid overheating. It allows engravings on organic and non-organic soft supports. Its laser beam offers a high degree of precision, allowing engraving to be carried out to less than 0.1 mm.

Gorifei is a brand that uses the Ortur intelligent laser to manufacture its laser engravers. Its top-of-the-range products are appreciated for their ease of use and their results, which are as clean as they are precise. It is also equipped with a sensor that automatically stops the beam in case of unauthorized movement of the system.

What is the price for a laser engraver

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

100 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Always take care of the user's safety

The beams of the laser engraver can be dangerous to the eyes. So, for the safety of the user, it is recommended to always wear protective glasses, even to monitor only the production. This way, you will protect your retinas from light, as well as sparks.

Batch engraving to reduce production time

The laser engraver can be used for batch production to maximize output. To do this, opt for printing several pieces at a time to save time, and this is done taking into account the size of the work table.

Adjust the resolution to increase output

Also in the context of increasing production, it is recommended to adjust the resolution of the image to be printed on the laser engraver to have a clearer vision. This is to reduce the dpi resolution a little to reduce the time of making engravings at the same time.

Clean regularly to keep your device in top shape

To enable you to preserve the quality and duration of use of a laser engraver, it is important to make sure to clean it regularly. This could be done after every long use to reduce the cleaning time later. This also helps to optimize the quality of engraving achievement with each use.

Focus on maintenance to extend the life of the laser engraver

Among the actions to be performed for the maintenance of the laser engraver, there is the cleaning of the optical system. This even represents a way to extend the life of your device. Thus, as far as possible, if the equipment is used on a daily basis, it should be done once a week so that it does not lose its brilliance.


What types of graphics can I engrave and cut out?

With a laser engraver, you have several possibilities for engraving and cutting. For example, it is possible to use scanned photos, texts, AutoCad files, logos, bitmaps or other graphics. Indeed, as long as the graphic can be printed, it is possible to engrave it. When cutting, it is necessary to have a vector graphic or other of optimal quality, either a file type Illustrator or .eps.

Which machine to engrave jewellery?

The laser engraver is also very popular with jewellers for the production of personalised jewellery. For this, the dedicated machine consists of a compact device, the size of an A4 paper, which can fit even in a small workshop, while being compatible with a mobile use. The handling should be easy for more precision, and the laser engraver should allow for optimal quality. A good machine should be equipped with a worktable, gripping jaws, and a movable diamond tip.

How to make glass engraving?

The best option for engraving on glass is to choose flat materials, such as glass, wine or champagne glasses, conical or round glass pieces, mirrors, or bottle-type supports. For information, engraving on moulded glass is easy, thanks to the high lead content in this material, but the support must be handled delicately to avoid cracking or breaking.
The method consists of removing a layer of the material via the tip of the laser to engrave text, photo or logo. To optimize the final result, a damp paper towel can be used to apply to the glass to eliminate the formation of air bubbles.

Can a laser engraver engrave metal?

In the aeronautical, medical, automotive and electronic components sectors, metal engraving is common, for the creation of the smallest parts. The supports to adopt are notably steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, aluminium, anodised aluminium, precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver. Laser engraving on metal is used to specify the serial numbers of a specific part, electronic components and logo marking.


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Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro 9
Mostics 2 en 1 CNC 3018 Pro
HomdMarket 3w K5 10
HomdMarket 3w K5
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LaserPecker PRo Black
SainSmart 3018-PROVer 12
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