The best infrared thermometers in the UK 2023

Make your life easier with an infrared thermometer. It's an effective tool, whether it's for medical use, in a commercial kitchen, in a factory or in a garage. The infrared thermometer is fast (instantaneous), provides good temperature indication and allows users to collect data remotely. Read our guide to learn more.

Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 1

Best value for money

Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520

The best infrared thermometer in 2021

Recommended by pediatricians and endorsed by 8 out of 10 doctors, the Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 is considered a benchmark in precision thermography.

50,39 £ on Amazon

The Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 is a thermometer recommended by most doctors and pediatricians because of its professional accuracy. Thanks to the patented Age Precision technology, it provides an accurate measurement of the child's temperature. It also features an exclusive pre-warming technology that minimizes the cooling effect of the probe tip, and maintains its accuracy when you take repeated temperature readings.

There is also the ExacTemp positioning that provides tips for correct handling of the device. Finally, the Braun irt6520 Thermoscan can store 9 associated temperature readings and provide the closest temperature to reality. The Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 is very easy to transport: it comes with a hard case that will protect your thermometer if you need to take it on your travels.

Etekcity 1080 Thermomètre Infrarouge Sans Contact 2

Best value for money

Etekcity 1080 Thermomètre Infrarouge Sans Contact

The best cheap infrared thermometer in 2021

Need an affordable infrared thermometer that can measure sub-zero and very hot temperatures without too much trouble? The Etekcity 1080 non-contact is for you.

19,99 £ on Amazon
Bosch PTD 1 & Inspection Camera 3

Best premium value

Bosch PTD 1 & Inspection Camera

The best high-end infrared thermometer in 2021

If you are looking for a truly versatile and reliable infrared thermometer, the Bosch PTD 1 and its inspection camera will satisfy you. This device offers 3 measurement modes, including surface temperature, for various applications.

141 £ on Amazon

The PTD 1 thermal detector automatically measures and interprets surface or room temperatures and humidity levels to quickly locate thermal bridges and areas at high risk for mold. The results are displayed on a color-coded LED display: red, yellow and green to indicate risk levels. It has a temperature range of -20 to 200 °. You can choose between 3 measurement modes: surface temperature mode; thermal bridge mode to detect sources of energy loss; mold risk mode to detect areas with high mold risk.

The PTD 1 infrared thermometer is delivered with an inspection camera that will allow you to have an optimal visibility of your target. It is very practical: 180 ° rotation, storage of 8 photos (possibility of using a micro - SD card). It is equipped with a camera head equipped with 4 LEDs, 8 levels of brightness adjustable according to the light environment of work, 3 levels of zoom and white & black contrast. This camera has an IP67 protection level, it is totally waterproof to solids and liquids.

iHealth PT3 4

A good alternative

iHealth PT3

A great alternative

You have here a medical infrared thermometer of great precision, easy to use and safe. It is suitable for use on an adult and a child.

26,04 £ on Amazon

The iHealth PT3 thermometer is a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer that displays body temperature in 1 second. It has a built-in distance sensor and environmental sensor to reduce the risk of invalid readings and make adjustments for accurate readings. Highly accurate: the ultra-sensitive infrared sensor measures the IR energy emitted from the target's forehead and collects over 100 data points per second. It gives very fast results: you can have an instant and accurate body temperature reading in 1 second.

This thermometer is safe and hygienic: it has been designed for a non-contact and non-invasive measurement. It is also equipped with a "silent alert" option that warns you with a soft vibration that the reading is over, no annoying beeps. Finally, it is equipped with an LED backlit display, easy to read, even at night.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best infrared thermometer

Any specific needs?

The best infrared thermometer in 2021

The best cheap infrared thermometer in 2021

The best high-end infrared thermometer in 2021

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best infrared thermometers

Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 5
Etekcity 1080 Thermomètre Infrarouge Sans Contact 6
Bosch PTD 1 & Inspection Camera 7
iHealth PT3 8
Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520
Etekcity 1080 Thermomètre Infrarouge Sans Contact
Bosch PTD 1 & Inspection Camera
iHealth PT3
Recommended by pediatricians and endorsed by 8 out of 10 doctors, the Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 is considered a benchmark in precision thermography.
Need an affordable infrared thermometer that can measure sub-zero and very hot temperatures without too much trouble? The Etekcity 1080 non-contact is for you.
If you are looking for a truly versatile and reliable infrared thermometer, the Bosch PTD 1 and its inspection camera will satisfy you. This device offers 3 measurement modes, including surface temperature, for various applications.
You have here a medical infrared thermometer of great precision, easy to use and safe. It is suitable for use on an adult and a child.
plus or minus 0.2 °C
Plus or minus 2 °C
More or less 0.3 °C
Result appearance
A few seconds
A few seconds
a few seconds
1 second
Repeated measurements

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Buying guide - infrared thermometer

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How to choose your infrared thermometer

To find the infrared thermometer that best suits your needs, here are some criteria to consider:

#1 - Temperature range

Think about the temperature range you need for your use. For example, if you plan to use your laser thermometer only for medical use, or for everyday use around the house (to measure surface temperatures of your grill or air conditioner), you may not need a wide temperature range. However, if you plan to use your infrared laser thermometer when working with machinery, engines, or in an industrial environment, a higher temperature range may be more relevant.

If you're looking for the best infrared thermometer for pizza ovens, for example, you'll need a thermometer that has a temperature range that can go above 400°C. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) repair work, on the other hand, will require a more precise temperature range: from about 4 °C to 50 °C or higher.

And if you're looking for the best infrared thermometer for measuring human body temperature, a temperature range that goes from about 34°C to 41°C should be sufficient. But it should offer much greater accuracy than industrial infrared thermometers.

#2 - Accuracy or sensitivity

Accurate measurements are vital, especially when you're working with expensive machinery or in a commercial kitchen where accuracy is paramount. For example, when using a digital model in food safety applications, you need a specific, accurate reading every time. Check the specifications of your model, because the more accurate it is, the better your results will be.

So the accuracy and sensitivity you need will depend on how you want to use your thermometer. The best infrared thermometer for humans, for example, will be accurate to within 0.1° of error. If you're looking to measure heat buildup on your car tires, however, an error of +/- 2% or several tens of degrees is perfectly acceptable.

#3 - Target distance ratio (D:S ratio)

This is the ratio of how far you can measure a surface to the area of the surface that the infrared thermometer will measure. For medical infrared thermometers, a ratio close to 1:1 may be sufficient, as they are usually held a few inches from the forehead or ear. If you're looking for the best infrared thermometer for work in a commercial kitchen, automotive repair, or HVAC work, you'll need a much higher ratio to be able to measure surface temperature at a comfortable distance.

#4 - Emission

Emission refers to the ability of an object or material to emit infrared energy, which IR thermometers use to measure the temperature of an object. Emissivity values range from 0, for a perfectly reflective surface, to 1.0 for a perfectly absorbent surface.

Infrared thermometers with a fixed emissivity setting of 0.95 will be suitable for high emissivity surfaces, meaning that the surface will effectively radiate the temperature of an object. They will work well if you need to measure the temperature of dark matte surfaces such as asphalt, walls or tiles.

Fixed emissivity settings will cause problems when measuring reflective surfaces with low emissivity ratings, for example, measuring polished metal will give false readings when the emissivity settings are not adjusted. A thermometer with adjustable emissivity settings (between 0.10 and 1.00) will be more accurate because you can calibrate the thermometer for each surface you measure.

How to use an infrared thermometer

Turn on your device. Make sure it is set to degree Celsius mode. Some thermometers actually also offer a degree Fahrenheit mode setting.

Read the instruction manual to make sure you are familiar with the D:S ratio (target distance ratio) of your device. This will provide better accuracy when taking measurements. As a general rule, the closer you are to a surface, the more accurate the measurement. However, keep in mind that it can be dangerous to get too close to extremely hot objects.

If your model's emissivity is adjustable, go ahead and change the emissivity to the optimal setting for the surface you are trying to measure.

With laser guidance, point your thermometer at the object you want to measure and pull the trigger to display the temperature on the screen. Try to choose a location on your surface that is not too close to other objects with very different temperatures.

Do not use your device to measure objects with highly reflective or shiny surfaces without adjusting the emissivity. Do not attempt to use your instrument to measure objects behind smoke or glass as the thermometer will measure the temperature of the smoke or glass instead.

The different types of infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers for medical use

Medical infrared thermometers allow you to measure the temperature of the human body more quickly and with less risk of contact with infectious fluids or particles than traditional mercury thermometers. They are an excellent alternative to mercury thermometers which are now banned from sale (too harmful to health). Medical infrared thermometers are not harmful to health, and they are not invasive.

There are mainly two types of infrared thermometers: forehead thermometers (without contact) and ear thermometers. The connected version of this type of thermometer is starting to gain popularity today. Indeed, they improve temperature monitoring of babies and help reassure parents.

Infrared thermometers for non-medical use

Non-medical non-contact infrared thermometers allow you to measure temperatures of very hot objects without the risk of burns or property damage. It is a device that will therefore allow you to measure the temperature of an object at a distance and with great accuracy. This type of thermometer is particularly useful for measuring the temperature of a moving object.

Infrared thermometers for non-medical use are therefore intended to be used for measurements that require very short response times, and which must be done at a distance. For the control of packaged food products, for the verification of mechanical equipment or electrical circuits, for the control of the heating or cooling of materials with precision. And even for the detection of hot zones during a fire.

Infrared thermometer or traditional thermometer?

Infrared thermometer

The infrared thermometer is perfect for situations where you cannot directly touch the target you need to measure, whether it is an object or a person. This type of thermometer is much safer: the non-contact option is safer. It allows you to take measurements much faster and can usually measure a wide range of temperatures.

They do not, however, allow for internal measurements, and cannot measure all surfaces equally well (e.g., shiny metals are more difficult to measure).

Traditional thermometer

By traditional thermometer we mean the one that is made of glass to clearly see the temperature. It is thus composed of a bulb with a long capillary tube to contain the liquid. This liquid is usually gallium or alcohol, they have replaced mercury, too toxic and now banned in many countries. This type of thermometer is suitable for measuring low temperatures, because the freezing point of the liquid is generally low. It is also more accurate than infrared thermometers.

Its main disadvantage is that it must be left in place for at least 5 minutes to be effective. It is also more fragile, and can expose the user to risks in case of breakage.


Infrared thermometer or traditional thermometer, the choice is yours. However, if you are more comfortable with a non-contact measurement that takes only a few seconds, an infrared thermometer is right for you. But if you are more comfortable with precision, a traditional thermometer will suit you better.

6 reasons to buy an infrared thermometer

  1. Quick Readings: Infrared thermometers provide quick and easy temperature readings that are also very accurate. The whole process is hassle-free because the thermometer works like a handheld scanner. Just point it at a subject (human or not) and you're done.
  2. Usable in the dark: They usually come with an illuminated LED screen that helps to record readings even in dark environments. The bigger the screen, the better your reading experience.
  3. Non-invasive and more hygienic: This is especially true of fever thermometers. They are very beneficial because they make it easy to record a baby's temperature while he or she is sleeping, for example. Or to take the temperature of a fearful child without stressing him too much. The whole process is simple and non-invasive, as it does not require instantaneous contact for accurate temperatures. It therefore limits the transmission of contagious diseases.
  4. Safe: This applies especially to infrared thermometers for non-medical use. The fact that it is possible to take the temperature without contact limits the risks of accident. Indeed, no need to get too close to a hot surface to know the exact temperature.
  5. Multiple uses: Thermometers have multiple uses, because they can record other temperatures. For a clinical thermometer, it can also be used to check baby's bath water, or formula water. This feature ensures a steady supply of milk at the right temperature for your baby. And for a non-medical thermometer, it can be used to check the temperature in the kitchen (of the frying pan, of the oil on the fire, etc.), as well as the heating, etc.
  6. Cost-effective: this type of thermometer is not more expensive than any other, so it is easily accessible to everyone. Its use generates impressive energy savings, especially for parents who had to struggle to take their child's temperature before. It also saves an incredible amount of time, especially in the commercial and industrial fields.

The best brands of infrared thermometers

In our opinion, the best brands of infrared thermometers in 2022 are :


Braun is a German brand created in 1921. It first specialized in radio equipment before turning to the electric shavers that made their reputation. Today, the brand touches all fields: from household appliances to infrared thermometers. And their reputation has continued to grow, fueled by the excellent quality of their products.

Etekcity is an original brand of Vesync Co, an American company specializing in the production and distribution of small appliances in the online market. Recently, it has also turned its attention to the connected object market. The Etekcity brand offers excellent entry-level and mid-range products.

Here is a brand that really needs no introduction. Founded in 1886 in Stuttgart, Bosch has been characterized since its inception by its innovations and strong social commitment. Today, Bosch brand products are renowned for their performance, reliability and robustness.

iHealth is a brand that has made it its mission to make it as easy as possible for people of all ages to play a more active role in managing their health. It does this by designing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative, user-friendly, and mobile personal health products that connect to the cloud.

Flir is a brand of U.S.-based Teledyne. The brand is known for designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing thermal imaging, visible light imaging, video analysis, measurement and diagnostics, and advanced threat detection systems. Flir offers innovative infrared thermometer solutions.

What is the price for an infrared thermometer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

8 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Check if the thermometer is suitable for medical use

Some infrared laser thermometers are intended exclusively for use on non-living objects and surfaces. Never use such thermometers to measure body temperature, as this could cause accidents. Indeed, the laser used in this type of thermometer can be more powerful, with risks of burns to the skin and especially the eyes. Before using an infrared laser thermometer, read the instructions for use properly and confirm that it is suitable for medical use.

Be careful with children

If you have to use an infrared thermometer with children around, you have to be very careful: make sure they do not get the laser in their eyes. Thus, for the medical thermometer, prefer infrared ear thermometers. Since they go into the ear, there will be less risk of burning the child's eyes with the laser.

Keep the laser beam away from the eyes

It cannot be repeated enough, laser beams are dangerous when misused, let alone when directed at the eyes. They can cause serious injury or even blindness. Be very careful when using an infrared laser thermometer: make sure the beam does not touch your eyes or the eyes of anyone nearby.

Always keep the cover in place

To avoid pointing the laser beam at unwanted surfaces, keep the cover in place when not using the thermometer. Be very careful when opening the cover before measurement. As soon as you have finished measuring, replace the cover and store the thermometer in a cool, dry place. Protect the thermometer from moisture, dust, and excessive heat so that it can function properly.

Release the trigger or button after measurement

All infrared laser thermometers have a button or trigger that you must push to start the operation. Remember to release the button or trigger after you finish taking a measurement. Not doing so will shorten battery life, and the laser beam may also hit people or other objects that do not need to be measured.

Be careful around reflective surfaces

If the laser beam hits a reflective surface such as a mirror, it can reflect back and hit you or someone else nearby. Therefore, proper planning and positioning are essential when using the device, especially if it is not for medical use, near a reflective surface. In any case, keep young children away as a priority in this case.

Use the thermometer in an area free of explosive gases

If a laser beam strikes an explosive gas or combustible surface, it can cause an explosion. Never use the device near combustible liquids or gases to avoid fire or explosion.


What is the most accurate infrared thermometer?

To put it simply, these are the clinical thermometers. But really it depends on what you want to use them for. Medical thermometers offer high accuracy (of 0.1° or less than 0.1%), compared to industrial infrared thermometers that offer a 2-3% variation in accuracy. However, medical thermometers have a very inadequate temperature range for other uses.

Are they really better than traditional thermometers? Are infrared thermometers safe? How to test the accuracy of the infrared thermometer? Can infrared thermometers work through glass?

The answer is yes. Infrared thermometers are accurate, reliable, and have a variety of uses for which they are well suited. If you need to buy a thermometer, whether for home use or industrial use, this type of thermometer is highly recommended.

They can be used safely. They allow you to measure temperature with a safe distance. For humans, as long as the laser beam is not directed into the eyes, the infrared thermometer is perfectly safe for everyone - babies, children and adults.

Use ice water: fill a glass with ice cubes and add enough water to fill the spaces formed between the ice cubes. Stir several times for an even surface. Point your infrared thermometer directly at the surface of the ice water from a distance of less than 5 cm. Make sure the thermometer lens is at a 90° angle and the laser is pointing at the center of the surface. Record the temperature at this setting. If your infrared thermometer reads about 0°C, your device is within the specified accuracy.

Infrared thermometers cannot accurately measure temperature if there is glass, liquids, or any transparent surface between the subject and the thermometer. The temperature values displayed under such conditions are those of a transparent surface, not the target.


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Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520 9
Braun Thermoscan7 irt6520
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Etekcity 1080 Thermomètre Infrarouge Sans Contact
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Bosch PTD 1 & Inspection Camera
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