The best hedge trimmer in the UK 2023

Trimming hedges and shrubs gives your environment an aesthetic and warm appearance. That's why it's so important to choose the right hedge trimmer for your garden. But given the multiplicity of models, this is not a task to be done in a hurry. So to help you choose the best hedge trimmer of the moment, read this guide.

Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change 1

Best value for money

Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change

The best hedge trimmer in 2021

GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change is a powerful hedge trimmer ideal for cordless maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes. With a weight of 2 kg, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle with a 46 cm blade for 2200 cps/min.

113 £ on Amazon

GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change is a powerful hedge trimmer from Einhell designed for cordless maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes. This hedge trimmer is characterized by its very light weight of 2 kg and its ergonomic handle, which guarantees a comfortable working environment. The device has metal gears with laser-cut and diamond-sharpened double-action steel blades to ensure optimal cutting results.

This gardening tool is cordless and runs on a powerful 18V 4Ah Li-Ion battery for up to 160 minutes of operation. Allowing for precise and safe cuts, it is equipped with a two-handed safety switch at its handle. The hedge trimmer has a blade length of 52 cm for a cut of 46 cm with 15 mm tooth spacing. It offers a power of 2200 cps/min for a cutting size of 11 mm. The equipment is supplied with a protective sheath as well as a protective stop with wall attachment.


Best value for money


The best entry-level hedge trimmer

The DUH523Z hedge trimmer has an optimal grip with Soft Grip ergonomics and is equipped with intuitive control buttons. It offers a cutting power of 2700 cps/min with a blade of 52 cm for a cutting diameter of 15 mm.

72,08 £ on Amazon

The DUH523Z is a classic cordless hedge trimmer from the Japanese brand Makita with an optimal grip supported by a Soft Grip ergonomics and intuitive button controls. In terms of cutting, it offers a cutting power of 2700 cps/min with a blade of 52 cm with a tooth spacing of 26 mm for a cutting diameter of 15 mm. Regarding its autonomy, the device is powered by a Li-Ion battery of 18 V variable according to the choice at your purchase.

The batteries are available from 2 Ah to 6 Ah for an autonomy ranging from 40 minutes to 2 hours. With an anti-vibration structure, the hedge trimmer has an electrolytic nickel coated blade for anti-abrasion treatment for a clean cut and long life. For more safety in use, it is equipped with all necessary guards on the longitudinal handle. The hedge trimmer has a length of 93.8 cm with a width of 19.5 cm and a depth of 19.4 cm for a weight of 3.3 kg with a shell made of PVC.

Bosch Home and Garden - Advancedhedgecut 36 3

Best value for money

Bosch Home and Garden - Advancedhedgecut 36

The best high-end hedge trimmer

The Advancedhedgecut 36 offers excellent performance for the highest demands with high quality power. Powered by a 36V-2Ah battery, it has a 50 minute run time with a larger cutting capacity.

192 £ on Amazon

The Advancedhedgecut 36 is the perfect hedge trimmer for maintaining and beautifying your garden. From Bosch, it offers maximum performance with cordless mobility thanks to a 36V 2Ah battery with 50 minutes of autonomy. To its function, the hedge trimmer adapts a Bosch Quick-cut technology for cleaner and effortless cuts of branches up to 25 mm in diameter. The device is even equipped with a Syneon chip that improves energy efficiency depending on the cutting power.

The hedge trimmer has a blade length of 54 cm with a tooth spacing of 20 mm and a power output of 2000 cps/mn. For its cuts, the device is equipped with an electronic blocking system in order to cut without interruption. It is also equipped with a protective stop to protect the blade and the edges of walls and fences. The Advancedhedgecut 36 has a length of 115 cm, a width of 22.5 cm and a height of 21.5 cm for a total weight of 3.5 kg.

HYCHIKA Taille-haie Brushless sans fil 36V 4


HYCHIKA Taille-haie Brushless sans fil 36V

A great hedge trimmer

HYCHIKA Cordless Brushless Hedge Trimmer features a dual action blade for better cutting performance. At full power, the hedge trimmer is equipped with two 18 V - 2 Ah batteries for a 60-minute runtime.

128 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best hedge trimmer

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The best hedge trimmer in 2021

The best entry-level hedge trimmer

The best high-end hedge trimmer

A great hedge trimmer

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Comparison table of the best hedge trimmer

Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change 5
Bosch Home and Garden - Advancedhedgecut 36 7
HYCHIKA Taille-haie Brushless sans fil 36V 8
Einhell GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change
Bosch Home and Garden - Advancedhedgecut 36
HYCHIKA Taille-haie Brushless sans fil 36V
GE-CH 1846 Li Solo Power X-Change is a powerful hedge trimmer ideal for cordless maintenance of hedges, shrubs and bushes. With a weight of 2 kg, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle with a 46 cm blade for 2200 cps/min.
The DUH523Z hedge trimmer has an optimal grip with Soft Grip ergonomics and is equipped with intuitive control buttons. It offers a cutting power of 2700 cps/min with a blade of 52 cm for a cutting diameter of 15 mm.
The Advancedhedgecut 36 offers excellent performance for the highest demands with high quality power. Powered by a 36V-2Ah battery, it has a 50 minute run time with a larger cutting capacity.
HYCHIKA Cordless Brushless Hedge Trimmer features a dual action blade for better cutting performance. At full power, the hedge trimmer is equipped with two 18 V - 2 Ah batteries for a 60-minute runtime.
Cutting length
46 cm
52 cm
54 cm
60 cm
Cutting diameter
15 mm
15 mm
20 mm
26 mm
Cutting speed
2200 cps/min
2700 cps/min
2000 cps/min
2000 cps/mn
160 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
60 minutes
2 kg
3.3 kg
3.5 kg
3.3 kg

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Buying guide - hedge trimmer

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How to choose your hedge trimmer

#1 - Blade type

This criterion is of paramount importance in choosing the right hedge trimmer for you. Garden tool manufacturers offer hedge trimmers withsingle-action or single-cutblades as well as hedge trimmers withdouble-action or double-cutblades. A single-cut blade has teeth only on one side of the cutting bar. The bottom portion of such a blade does not move when the hedge trimmer is in operation. Conversely, a double-action blade has two moving tooth faces that are driven alternately. For straight work, choose a hedge trimmer with a single-action blade. Single-sided blades are safer, although they are not really suitable for left-handed users.Double-action blades are best for shaping. They also offer a higher efficiency due to the presence of 2 toothed faces. Finally, they vibrate less, which makes them more comfortable to use.

#2 - Blade length

How long is a hedge trimmer blade? In general, the length varies from 30 to 65 cm. The longer the blade, the easier and straighter the cut. However, lack of precision will impact the end result.To trim hedges well and sculpt them, go for 30 to 40 cm blades. In reality, there areno fixed rules regarding blade length. In fact, some brands offer hedge trimmers that look like giant hair clippers, but have extremely short blades. You should also be aware that despite its lack of precision, a long blade cuts faster than a short one.

#3 - Blade tooth spacing

In addition to the type and length of blade, you'll need to consider the distance between the teeth of the hedge trimmer you're interested in before you buy. This refers to the distance between the teeth of the blade and determines the maximum branch circumference the tool can cut. To help you choose, consider a tooth spacing of 2 cm for young hedges, between 2 and 3 cm for medium-sized hedges and over 3 cm for taller, denser hedges. However, always keep in mind that the wider the distance between the tines, the less precise the result will be.

The diameter of the branches

Buy a hedge trimmer adapted to your needs. For this, you need to take into account the thickness of the branches. If it does not exceed 1 cm and the hedge is not very high, most models worth 50 to 120 euros will do the trick. Beyond 1 cm, be more careful. And start to be wary of the figures provided by the manufacturers. Indeed, the maximum diameter announced is ALWAYS overestimated. That's why you should choose the big gardening brands for green or very hard wood.

#4 - Weight and ergonomics


hedges doesn't happen in a few minutes. So you will need to consider the weight of the tool you are interested in. If possible,go for a hedge trimmer that weighs 3.5 kg or less. Unfortunately, the more powerful and sophisticated it is, the heavier it will be. And light weight usually means lack of power. When it comes to weight, thermal hedge trimmers can't be beaten, with most weighing between 4.3 and 7 kg on the scale. Electric models generally weigh 2 to 6 kg, depending on their battery and power. Finally,pole-mounted hedge trimmers can weigh up to 9 kg. In addition to weight, you should also consider maneuverability and ease of use. These 2 parameters can vary depending on the power source. Corded electric hedge trimmers won't give you as much latitude in your movements as a cordless hedge trimmer,while thermal hedge trimmers are by far the most balanced


#5 - Additional options

Various features help make a hedge trimmer easier to handle. It's highly unlikely to find them all on one model. But having a few is a big plus. The rotating handle makes it easy and effortless to switch from vertical to horizontal cutting or vice versa. Having extra batteries on hand will not go amiss if you are using a cordless hedge trimmer. For powerful hedge trimmers with dual action blades, the blade brake is a safety feature. Some models also have an anti-twist system. Finally, the vibration reduction system ensures that thermal hedge trimmers last longer.

How to maintain a hedge trimmer?

Precautions to take

Hedge trimmers are cutting tools. A simple blade cleaning could lead to an emergency if you don't take the proper precautions. Before handling, turnoff your hedge trimmer. Always wear safety gloves. And put the blade in its sheath when you're finished with it.


Once you have put on your gloves,start by removing any plant debris(leaves, shavings, etc.) from the blade byhand. Indeed, a blade filled with leaves loses efficiency and cutting quality. Only then can you clean the blade.

With a brush and soapy water or alcohol, remove resin residues and other dirt from the blade. Wipe clean with a clean, dry cloth. This will prevent rust and corrosion. If the residue is stubborn, use a special resin cleaner available on the Internet and in stores.

Also considercleaning the air filter. Better yet, if you have an air compressor, you can use it to blow out the hedge trimmer components. Do this after 6 hours of use or after each use if you are willing.

Don't forget tocheck the quality of the blade and lubricate it. Finally, check the various screws on the hedge trimmer. Vibration can loosen some of them.

Electric Hedge Trimmer

Whether corded or battery-powered, hedge trimmers require little maintenance. After cleaning the blade, clean the cooling vents as well. To do this, remove any leaves or branches that may have gotten inside.

For cordless hedge trimmer users,avoid draining the battery completely during use. This will force you to buy a new battery sooner than you think. And to save time, remove the battery and recharge it after each use.

Thermal Hedge Trimmer

For 4-stroke engines,check the oil level regularly. An unlubricated engine will inevitably break down. For 2-stroke engines, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct oil and gasoline mixture. It often happens that the manufacturer markets mixtures for its thermal engines.

It goes without saying thatregular and thorough maintenance of a thermal hedge trimmer determines its life span and efficiency over time. This includes the air filter. To clean it, remove the housing and then the foam filter. Wash the dirty filter with soapy water. Rinse and dry before replacing.

The spark plug is also an important part of the engine's starting system. To maintain it, remove it and clean it with a wire brush. And don't forget to replace it every year. Finally, make sure the fuel filter screen is not clogged or punctured.

How to sharpen the blade

A rougher, less clean cut usually means that the hedge trimmer blade is dull. You will need to sharpen it. But don't worry,a flat file is all you need to do this job. File the teeth of the blade in the direction of the cutting edge, with the file at a 45° angle. Do this on both sides of the blade.

After sharpening with the file, run the blade through a sharpening stone. This will remove the metal shavings, which are small pieces of metal that stick to the blade. Remove the filings with a cloth. Always remember to put the blade back in its protective sheath after sharpening.

The different types of hedge trimmer

As mentioned above, hedge trimmers can be differentiated according to their power supply. Thus, you will find electric hedge trimmers and thermal hedge trimmers on the market. How do they differ?

Corded electric hedge trimmer

This type of hedge trimmer is extremely easy to use. Simply plug in the tool and pull the trigger. Depending on the power and blade length, the weight varies from 2.5 to 3.5 kg. In addition to being emission-free, a corded electric hedge trimmerrequires very little maintenance


However, the power cord severely restricts your reach and movement, soan extension cord with a reel is a must. And for safety reasons, we don't recommend using a corded electric hedge trimmer in wet conditions. And be careful not to cut the extension cord inadvertently!


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Unlimited autonomy
  • Very little maintenance to do (cleaning and sharpening of the blades only)
  • Attractive price


  • If you don't have an extension cord, buy one in addition to the hedge trimmer!
  • Not suitable for large gardens or intensive cutting

Who is it for?

A corded hedge trimmer is perfect for people with limited physical strength or mobility. Hedges in small gardens are also suitable for this type of tool. But check the diameter of the hedges in your garden and the tooth spacing of the model you are interested in.

Cordless electric hedge trimmer

Also known as battery hedge trimmers

, they

arejust as easy to use as corded hedge trimmers

, but typically weigh between 2.6 and 7 kg. As the battery power increases, so does the weight (18V, 36V). At full load, some models have a power similar to entry-level thermal hedge trimmers.

However, the autonomy is limited to 20 to 60 minutes, so you need tobring extra batteries if you have a large garden. Fortunately, batteries from the same brand of tools are usually compatible. Like corded electric hedge trimmers, battery hedge trimmers are low noise and low maintenance.


  • The least noisy of the 3 types
  • Very handy and easy to maintain
  • Perfect for small and medium sized gardens
  • Suitable for young and medium sized hedges


  • Limited autonomy and very long recharge time
  • Powerful batteries are optional and cost more than the hedge trimmer!

Who is it for?

If you can't stand the noise of thermal hedge trimmers and the cord of corded hedge trimmers, choose a cordless hedge trimmer. But choose a battery that meets your needs. And avoid abnormally cheap deals, or you'll end up paying more for the battery than the hedge trimmer.

Thermal hedge trimmer

This is by far the most powerful and rugged type. It outperforms the electric models in pure performance. Plus, you'll never have to complain about a dead battery or a short extension cord. The beast weighs 4.3 to 7 kg, as much as cordless electric hedge trimmers with a 36 V battery.

However, it comes with the constraints associated with petrol-powered gardening tools: regular maintenance is required, you have to prepare or buy a petrol-oil mixture, the noise level is more than 90 dB and there are chronic difficulties in starting up. On the other hand, the thermal hedge trimmer remains the best choice for dense hedges and large gardens.


  • For large gardens and dense, large diameter hedges
  • Cuts quickly and smoothly
  • Exceptionally robust if well maintained
  • Suitable for professionals and private individuals


  • Many constraints: noise, maintenance, starting, etc.
  • Weight can quickly become a problem

Who is it for?

Modern gas-powered hedge trimmers are not as dirty or polluting as they used to be. And their power makes professional gardeners happy. If you're looking for a durable, versatile hedge trimmer or a lot of hedges to cut, we recommend this option.

The special case of the pole hedge trimmer

This is not a type of hedge trimmer per se, but a variation of the thermal, corded electric or cordless electric models. Also known as telescopic hedge trimmers, pole hedge trimmers have an extendable support on which the tool is fixed. This feature provides access to high branches without the need for a ladder.

Hedge trimmer or pruner?

Hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmer seems to be the ideal and most recommended gardening tool if you want to do precision work in your garden. Indeed, its main functions are to cut and trim hedges, to do finishing work on borders, to complete the work of the lawn mower...

It is both light and easy to handle, thus avoiding recurring heavy fatigue. Moreover, you can choose between several types of hedge trimmers depending on your needs. The electric models are particularly suitable for individuals and small hedges, while the thermal hedge trimmers are more suitable for professionals. They have a more powerful motor and are heavier.


The pruner is used specifically if you plan to work on trees in your garden or in the woods. It is best suited to pruning and cutting thick branches without damaging the tree in question. This method is very practical if you want to keep all the plants healthy.

The pruning machine also allows you to get rid of annoying branches that could disturb your surroundings or your roof. However, it should not be confused with a chainsaw, although both tools offer the same cutting efficiency. In addition, you should know that you will have to choose between a pole pruner and a hand pruner, depending on your use.


The choice will be easier since it will be made according to the type of plants in your garden. If you have a hedge with branches no larger than 3 cm in diameter, choose a hedge trimmer. Here again, take into account the cutting capacity of the blades, the power of the motor and the autonomy of the device. If you want to cut back a hedge that is too high or cut thick branches on a tree, a pruner is the best solution.

Why buy a hedge trimmer?

For trimming almost all types of hedges

The hedge trimmer guarantees a perfect finish. Each type of model is suitable for hedges of all sizes. For example, telescopic models are perfectly suited to reach the top of a fairly high hedge. On the other hand, a battery-powered hedge trimmer will satisfy those with a medium-sized hedge.

A safe garden tool

Some models are equipped with a double switch to turn off the motor in case of trouble and to prevent accidental starting. In addition, the hedge trimmer has been designed so that hands cannot get too close to the blades.

Increased performance

Regardless of the type of model you choose, the hedge trimmer ensures a clean cut through any dead branches up to 3 cm in diameter. It is equipped with a fairly powerful motor and its design materials are both durable and robust.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance of a hedge trimmer will always be essential and highly recommended if you want to prolong its life. Remove debris after each use with a brush. Clean the blade with a cloth and a few drops of alcohol. Do not hesitate to sharpen and grease the blade if necessary.

Taking care of your garden yourself

Hedge trimmers are suitable for both private and professional use. So choose the model that suits your skill level and the size of your hedge. There are many accessories that can certainly help you, such as ropes.

The best brands of hedge trimmer

In our opinion, the best brands of hedge trimmer in 2022 are :

GT Garden

Black+Decker, one of the world's leading DIY and gardening brands, needs no introduction. The American brand is known to manufacture some of the very best hedge trimmers on the market. The Black+Decker GTC1845L20-QW proves to be both affordable and efficient.

The German brand is world-renowned for its thermal, corded and battery-powered chainsaws. But to limit Stihl to tree felling and limbing is to be ignorant. No consumer thermal hedge trimmer rivals theirs.

Decidedly, the Germans know how to do it when it comes to garden tools. And don't count on Bosch to undermine the reputation of the Deutsche Qualität! The Gerlingen-based firm via its Home and Garden range offers electric hedge trimmers for all budgets.

Originating from across the Rhine, this brand is a global reference in the gardening field. Belonging since 2007 to Husqvarna, Gardena quickly became one of the flagships of the Swedish firm. Its pole-mounted hedge trimmers sell like hotcakes.

Don't be fooled by its name, GT Garden is a French brand! Specialized in the design and manufacture of power tools, it stands out for its quality products but at affordable prices. If you find the Stihl model too expensive, buy a GT Garden thermal hedge trimmer.

What is the price hedge trimmer

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Progress methodically when trimming your hedge

The job should start at one end of your hedge. Always start at the bottom to avoid the cut branches and leaves getting tangled up with those that are not yet cut. To get a flat and uniform cut, go slowly by first cutting 20 cm of the hedge. You can then adjust the cut by removing the few centimetres that are sticking out. You should also make sure that the bottom of the hedge is a little wider than the top. This trick will allow even sunlight to reach your hedge.

Use ropes to get a straight cut

If you're worried about bumps or holes in your hedge, the best trick to get a straight cut is to use a string. First, plant stakes at each end of the hedge and tie the rope to them so you have a taut line to use as a guide. A wire can also do the trick if you're worried about cutting the rope in the meantime.

Make the right moves

With your electric hedge trimmer, make circular motions cutting from the bottom up, then up and down to easily remove overhanging branches. Always keep the hedge trimmer blade parallel to the hedge to avoid dips or bumps. Then, to finish cutting the top of the hedge, proceed with mowing motions.

Save your strength

Always keep your hedge trimmer close to you. Do not reach out to try to cut a branch or leaf. Ideally, move around to reach it more easily or take a step ladder if your hedge is very tall. In fact, this technique will prevent you from quickly feeling fatigue, or worse, unnecessary accidents!

Work safely

Before you begin your work, make sure no one else is near the hedge. You'll also need to protect yourself by wearing proper attire, safety shoes or at least sturdy ones, goggles and thick gloves. Since most hedge trimmers emit considerable noise, you should also wear noise-cancelling headphones for comfort.


What power for an electric hedge trimmer?

The power of an electric hedge trimmer depends mainly on the size of the hedge to be trimmed and the size of the hedge. A device with a power of 400 W can be used to trim a medium height hedge. Models with a performance of over 700 W, on the other hand, are used for large-scale work. It's up to you to choose the device that you think is best for you based on the criteria you choose.

How to properly maintain a hedge trimmer?

Maintaining a hedge trimmer starts with cleaning. To do this, soak a cloth or sponge in methylated spirits and rub the blades with it. Be careful, you should never clean with water to avoid oxidation of the metal.

Are pole models more efficient?

The pole or telescopic hedge trimmer is equipped with a metal shaft that allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas or high places. So you don't need a ladder to trim your hedge since the pole can be adjusted from a few centimeters to several meters. However, the performance of your tool will depend on the model and motorization of your hedge trimmer.

What safety equipment is needed when using a hedge trimmer?

To avoid any mishaps while trimming, it is highly recommended that you wear protective eyewear, protective clothing that covers the entire body, and a pair of gloves before using a hedge trimmer. This equipment will protect you from branch debris or if the machine is mishandled. Wearing work shoes is also a good idea.

How to use an electric hedge trimmer?

The choice of an electric hedge trimmer depends on the nature of the plants to be maintained. If they are less dense and not more than 1 cm thick and the hedge is still young, then a hedge trimmer with a motor power of 400 to 500 W is perfectly suitable. However, if the plants are large, it would be best to opt for a more powerful electric hedge trimmer. You should start with a vertical cut at the top of the plant and work your way down. The bottom should be done last. Be careful, never hold your device with only one hand to avoid accidents.

How to sharpen the blade of an electric hedge trimmer?

You can sharpen the blade with a small grinder after cleaning to optimize the operation of the hedge trimmer. It is possible for you tosharpen the blades with a Dremel. This tool can also be used to smooth the surface of the blade and finish the sharpening.


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