The best folk guitars in the UK 2023

Acoustic or electro-acoustic, the offer in terms of guitars has diversified a lot for the greatest pleasure of musicians. Among the most popular models, we find the folk guitar, notably because of its price and its suitability for amateur guitarists. You've been looking for one for a long time, but have trouble deciding? Our guide to the best folk guitars should make it easier for you.

Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-28VE WN 1

Editor's pick

Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-28VE WN

The best folk guitar in 2021

Looking for a folk guitar designed for both live performance and practice? This auditorium-sized model from Harley Benton will not disappoint.

231 £ on Thomann
Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE 2

Best cheapest

Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE

The best entry-level folk guitar

Harley Benton is a must in terms of cheap folk guitar. With this electro-acoustic model, it offers an instrument accessible to a wide audience.

76 £ on Thomann

With the Delta Blues DCE, Harley Benton offers a high performance folk guitar at an unbeatable price. This electro-acoustic cutaway features a mahogany neck and body. With its blackwood fingerboard, rounded tail and bronze strings, you have everything you need to play your favorite acoustic folk, blues or rock songs. Note the chrome-plated, die-cast tuning machines, a detail that guarantees the solidity and fluidity of the device.

Harley Benton has proven its expertise by equipping this model with ABS saddles and a Blackwood bridge. This has resulted in a guitar that performs well sonically while being affordable. The icing on the cake is that this folk guitar is equipped with a PT20 preamplifier with a built-in tuner. In short, with this folk guitar, you have everything you need to learn, to improve and can consider playing live.

Takamine EF341SC

Best high-end

Takamine EF341SC

The best high-end folk guitar

This gorgeous electro-acoustic guitar was crafted with finesse and precision by the legendary Takamine brand for another legend, rocker Bruce Springsteen.

739 £ on Thomann

Solid cedar top, rosewood fingerboard, maple back and sides, Takamine has selected the finest woods to build the EF341SC. Make no mistake, this is a signature guitar for rocker Bruce Springsteen. The already fastidious builder has gone above and beyond to create an electro-acoustic guitar that lives up to the legend of the artist.

The result? A breathtaking folk guitar! The Takamine EF341SC is a marvel, both in sound and aesthetics. The guitar, with a cutaway, has a great sound and visual finesse. It is equipped with a pickup, a tuner and a CT4B preamplifier.

Fender CC-60SCE Nat WN 3

Safe value for beginners

Fender CC-60SCE Nat WN

The best value for beginners

Once again, Fender shows us that we can always count on them to offer us good guitars, including folk models.

191 £ on Thomann
Buying guide • November 2023

Best folk guitar

Any specific needs?

The best folk guitar in 2021

The best entry-level folk guitar

The best high-end folk guitar

The best value for beginners

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Comparison table of the best folk guitars

Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-28VE WN 4
Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE 5
Takamine EF341SC
Fender CC-60SCE Nat WN 6
Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-28VE WN
Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE
Takamine EF341SC
Fender CC-60SCE Nat WN
Looking for a folk guitar designed for both live performance and practice? This auditorium-sized model from Harley Benton will not disappoint.
Harley Benton is a must in terms of cheap folk guitar. With this electro-acoustic model, it offers an instrument accessible to a wide audience.
This gorgeous electro-acoustic guitar was crafted with finesse and precision by the legendary Takamine brand for another legend, rocker Bruce Springsteen.
Once again, Fender shows us that we can always count on them to offer us good guitars, including folk models.
Solid Sitka spruce
Solid cedar
Solid spruce
Pau ferro
Fishman Presys-II with built-in tuner
Harley Benton PT20 with 4-band EQ and chromatic tuner
Fishman CD
Cut panel
Dreadnought vintage
Dreadnought Bruce Springsteen

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Buying guide - folk guitar

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How to choose your folk guitar

Folk guitars come in many different types, sizes, dimensions and designs. To find the one that suits your needs, consider the following parameters:

#1 - Type

There are two main families of folk guitars: acoustic and electro-acoustic. Acoustics are standard models that cannot be amplified, unless an external microphone is used. The electro-acoustics have a preamplifier that allows you to play live or to record the songs played by plugging the jack of the guitar. Choose according to your activities. If you play in a band, an electro-acoustic would be better.

#2 - Format

You can find 4 sizes of folk guitars. The first one is the dreadnought, the most iconic and most common at the moment. This is the ideal format to get balanced sounds with nice bass and power. Then we have the jumbo format, very popular in the rock world thanks to its powerful sound. The auditorium format has a very wide sound spectrum, perfect for playing blues or soul music. Finally, we have the concert format which, as its name indicates, is perfect for concerts, considering the powerful and balanced sound it produces.

#3 - Materials of manufacture

Generally speaking, quality folk guitars are made of wood, at least, the major part including the body, the neck, the top as well as the back. Where you have to be very careful is with the headstock and bridge saddles. The best ones are made of bone. Finally, pay attention to the materials of the frets and tuners, as these will be used very often.

#4 - The brand

In the world of folk guitars, the brand name is of paramount importance. Indeed, the know-how and the experience of manufacturing makes a big difference. So, if you have the possibility to opt for models signed Takamine, Yamaha, Fender, Gretsh or Harley Benton, do not deprive yourself. Especially since they offer a wide range of products to suit all financial possibilities.

#5 - Design

The design of a guitar does not really influence its performance. On the other hand, this instrument brings a real plus in terms of decoration. In addition, a guitar with good aesthetics makes you want to play more often. Finally, in the weeks or months following the acquisition of the guitar, you may be asked to record cover videos or clips and you will be happy to have a guitar that attracts attention.

The different elements of a folk guitar

A standard folk guitar has the following 3 basic elements:

The headstock

Located at the end of the guitar, it is the element on which the nut and the tuning machines are fixed. It is an important element because it is used to tune the guitar. It is also the part where the guitar's brand is found.

The neck

The neck is the part of the guitar between the nut and the body. On the neck are the two essential elements, the fingerboard and the frets, the devices that allow you to simply play the guitar.

The body

The body is the end of the guitar. It is this part that produces the sound by amplifying the vibration of the strings. It also houses the bridge and its saddle, as well as the preamplifier when it is an electro-acoustic model.

The different types of folk guitars

You can choose between 2 types of folk guitars: acoustic and electro-acoustic. Let's zoom in on their respective characteristics:

Acoustic folk guitar

The acoustic folk guitar is very common. It is appreciated by many amateur and professional guitarists. Designed for learning and perfecting techniques, or for playing in front of a small audience of 5 or 6 people, it is also perfect for composing.

This type of guitar is lighter and its selling price is often lower than that of electro-acoustics. On the other hand, the absence of an amplification device is a real handicap if you want to record yourself or play in front of a large audience. Also, if you are a member of a band or if you plan to make videos while playing, it would be better to choose an electro-acoustic guitar.

Electro acoustic folk guitar

The electro-acoustic folk guitar fulfills all the roles of an acoustic folk guitar. It can be used for practicing, teaching, or hosting music sessions with your loved ones. In addition, this type of guitar is equipped with a preamplifier that allows you to use an amp to boost the sound.

This detail is particularly important if you want to make covers, send tutorials on YouTube or record and mix your work. Thus, the electro-acoustic guitar is the ideal model for folk guitar. However, you'll have to pay the price. Indeed, this kind of instrument is not cheap.

Folk or classical guitar ?

Folk guitar

The folk guitar is a guitar that is classified among the acoustic or electro-acoustic guitars. Often more imposing than the classical model, it differs in particular thanks to a thinner neck which allows to optimize the sensations. But the real difference is in the strings. Indeed, the folk models have high steel strings and low ones coated with bronze. This detail makes a big difference, because this type of string can hurt the finger when you are not used to playing.

Classical guitar

The difference between a folk and a classical guitar is in the strings. The classical model is equipped with nylon strings, which allows it to produce rounder and warmer sounds. In addition, nylon is softer than metal, which will appeal to aspiring guitarists who still need practice. On the other hand, if you're looking to play folk or blues tunes, it's better with the slightly more metallic sound of folk guitars, with which there are virtually no restrictions on musical style.


If you are at an advanced stage and want to improve your guitar skills, a folk guitar will be perfect for you. Moreover, this type of guitar allows you to obtain more pronounced sounds, especially if you use a pick. If you're just starting out, it's best to preserve your fingers with the strings of a classical guitar and gradually move on to folk.

Why buy a folk guitar ?

To perfect your technique

The folk guitar is a versatile guitar that gives a warm and authentic sound, thanks to its metal strings. If this type of string can discourage beginners, it represents a good way to improve by exposing your fingers to harder strings. In short, if you were used to playing with metal strings on a classical guitar, the ones on a folk guitar will allow you to move on.

To have fun with your friends

Getting together with friends over a few drinks with a folk guitar for atmosphere is an experience you should have at least once in your life. Thanks to the pronounced sound with a good bass presence, you will discover incredible sensations. However, be careful: this type of guitar will lead you to folk and acoustic atmospheres. This is often conducive to nostalgia.

To compose songs

The guitar is the faithful ally of composers whose inspiration often arrives without warning. When you have a melody in mind, it is better to have your guitar at hand. Plus, the authentic sound of metal strings can help you get in the mood and stimulate you, which will boost your creativity.

To make covers

If you want to cover songs and do it the right way, you need an electro-acoustic folk guitar. Of course, any guitar will do as long as you have a microphone to record with. On the other hand, it will be easier and more melodic if you use a folk guitar. Moreover, you will be able to process the sound once it is recorded.

To play outside

If you love music and want to share your music with the public in the street, choose an electroacoustic folk guitar and use a pick. If you can also use a power amp, that's fine. But a folk guitar alone will be more than enough if you want to sing and play in the streets.

The best brands of folk guitars

In our opinion, the best brands of folk guitars in 2022 are :

Harley Benton

Takamine is a high-end guitar brand based in Nakatsugawa, Japan. It has been in the market since 1966 and is now one of the world's leading electro-acoustic folk guitar manufacturers.

The Harley Benton brand was established in 1997. Designing various instruments such as mandolins, bass guitars as well as microphones and other amplifiers, it is notably known for its affordable yet high-performance guitars.

The Yamaha brand needs no introduction. This icon of the Japanese industry has made a name for itself thanks to its motorcycles, engines, electronic devices and especially its musical instruments, including the unavoidable L-series folk guitars.

Fender is also an icon of the music industry, having produced some of the most beautiful guitars in history, including the Stratocater or the Fender Jazz Bass. Its folk guitars are also in high demand by music lovers around the world.

Cort has a solid reputation in the music world for its mid-range electric and acoustic guitars. Its Earth series folk guitars are among the most in-demand models available today.

What is the price for a folk guitar

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

90 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Get extra sets of strings

Even if we take care to choose the most resistant strings on the market, we are never safe from a breakage. In fact, wear and tear and uncontrolled stops are parameters that expose you to see your strings break, especially for the trebles. That's why it's a good idea to have at least one spare set.

Use a pick

If you want to get the most out of a folk guitar, you'd better get used to playing with a pick. Some well-known musicians such as Mark Knopfler of the Dire Straights play without one and do just fine. But to broaden your skill set, it's best to get used to this accessory from the start.

Tune well before playing

Only start playing when you feel the folk guitar is in tune. For this, nothing beats a digital tuner or a tuning fork. The trouble with playing a guitar out of tune is that you get used to it very easily. Moreover, playing with a guitar in this state can annoy your listeners, especially the most sensitive ones.

The guitar should be accessible

In order to improve quickly, you must practice as often as possible. To do this, the guitar must be within easy reach. Also, avoid storing it in its case or cover and putting it somewhere you almost never go. It's best to put it on a guitar stand, next to the bed or next to your desk so you can pick it up whenever you get the chance.

Play arpeggios

Don't just strum chords on your folk guitar. When you're just starting out, there's a tendency to do that, which is nice but not conducive to improving your technique. Try alternating your playing with some fingerpicking or pick arpeggios. This will allow you to progress more quickly.


How to tune a folk guitar ?

To tune a folk guitar, you need a digital tuner. If you have an electro-acoustic model with a built-in tuner, that's fine. Otherwise, use a tuning fork. Start with the A string (2nd string from the top) then continue with the 5 others. As a reminder, from the bottom to the top, you have the low E, the low A, the D, the G, then the high B, and finally the high E.

What styles are the most suitable for a folk guitar ?

As the name suggests, this is a perfect guitar for playing folk songs. However, if you want to play alternative rock, blues, R'n'B, bossa, zouk or even classical music, really don't hesitate. One of the main advantages of the folk guitar is its versatility.

Can you start playing guitar with a folk guitar ?

Yes, you can perfectly start practicing with a folk guitar. However, since this type of guitar is equipped with metal strings that are known to be harder than nylon ones, you will have to be patient and endure some finger pain during your learning process. Whatever happens, you must persevere.

How to maintain a folk guitar ?

To prolong the life of a folk guitar, you must clean it regularly, especially after playing it. Clean the strings one by one with a cloth and also go over the keys. Remember also to dust it regularly, especially at the level of the body. Finally, avoid big shocks, because you should not forget that this instrument is generally made with a rather fine wood.


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Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-28VE WN
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Harley Benton Delta Blues DCE
Takamine EF341SC
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