The best drones under 100 euros in the UK 2023

Drones are very popular, the market is now worth nearly 6 billion dollars. These devices are used to make videos or photos, with a surprising result. The most powerful models are offered at more than 700 €. However, there are still models for less than 100 € for beginners, and also for the purpose of entertainment or to get used to flying a drone.


Best value for money


The best drone under 100 €

This drone is produced by a recognized brand. It adopts a good design with interesting features and easy handling. It is powerful and incorporates a camera offering good HD video quality.

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From the first startup and the first flight of this device, the pilot feels a great ease of piloting by maneuvering it. This drone is perfectly suited for beginners. You can guide it from the joystick of the remote control or opt for a flight on trajectory (without remote control). You use your smartphone to define the trajectory to follow and the device makes the desired path. This is a four propeller model with a 720p HD resolution camera.

The filmed images are transmitted in real time to your smartphone. Two batteries equip this drone with a power of 550 mAh. This capacity offers an autonomy of about 7 to 10 minutes of flight. The device is quite heavy with a weight of 700 g and it is large in size. The drone operates in headless mode to prevent you from losing orientation. It can also fly at a constant altitude. The return button is very convenient to order the device to return lest it is lost.

Potensic A20 2

Best value for money

Potensic A20

The best drone under 100 € entry-level

The Potensic A20 is a mini-drone that can be flown by children, with an acceptable autonomy and great maneuverability. Beginners will also find their account with this very affordable model.

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This mini-drone is a quadricopter. For the protection of children or people near the flight area, this model is equipped with protective frames. It is more resistant to shock and is more stable. It comes with a remote control and is easy to fly. It has an option of maintaining altitude for a stabilized flight. A button is used for the takeoff and landing of the aircraft. In case of a problem, you will only have to press the emergency button and the drone will return to the take-off area and land. This feature prevents you from losing it.

3 speed levels can be selected to perfectly fit your flying style. The manufacturer has equipped this model with 2 removable and rechargeable batteries. You also have 2 more pairs of spare propellers in case you need them. Even though the Potensic A20 is a mini drone for kids and beginners, professionals will be able to have great fun with this device.

NPC Drone HD Camera R Raptor 3

Best premium value for money

NPC Drone HD Camera R Raptor

The best drone under 100 € high-end

This product offers performances that are close to the much more expensive models. It is perfectly manageable and embeds a camera that provides good image quality.

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The R RAPTOR HD is a foldable drone equipped with 720p HD camera. It is possible to record the shots on your smartphone, but also to see in real time what the camera is filming. The control is done from your smartphone using a wifi connection and an application to download depending on the mobile platform. It has a range of 30 to 50 m. The piloting can be done normally or in sensory mode. With the latter you will only have to tilt your smartphone in a direction for the device to go in that direction. It also has an altitude hold mode.

The model is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Po battery of 359mAH with an autonomy of 7 min. An additional battery of the same characteristic accompanies the device for more autonomy. The recharge is done from the USB charger provided. A carrying case is also provided by the manufacturer to take your drone anywhere you want.

EACH E38 4

A good alternative


A great alternative

The EACHINE 38 is a drone equipped with a camera filming at full HD standard of 720 p with a powerful battery, well thought out features and a longer autonomy compared to other models.

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To immortalize your beautiful moments with your family or on vacation for example, film them from another angle with this camera drone with a resolution of 7200 p very fluid. You can easily connect your drone to your smartphone, because it is Wifi compatible. It is very stable and has a good resistance to wind, it also incorporates a robust chassis. The drone is equipped with a height lock function. It allows the aircraft to float smoothly in the air for a more stable and crisp video.

This drone has a powerful motor backed by a high capacity 1600mAh Lipo battery. In addition to its height lock function, it also allows one-click landing, 360° rotation at a height of more than 2 meters, and it even has a VR mode that can provide incredible visual fidelity and an outstanding 3D experience.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best drone for less than 100 euros

Any specific needs?

The best drone under 100 €

The best drone under 100 € entry-level

The best drone under 100 € high-end

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best drones under 100 euros

Potensic A20 6
NPC Drone HD Camera R Raptor 7
EACH E38 8
Potensic A20
NPC Drone HD Camera R Raptor
This drone is produced by a recognized brand. It adopts a good design with interesting features and easy handling. It is powerful and incorporates a camera offering good HD video quality.
The Potensic A20 is a mini-drone that can be flown by children, with an acceptable autonomy and great maneuverability. Beginners will also find their account with this very affordable model.
This product offers performances that are close to the much more expensive models. It is perfectly manageable and embeds a camera that provides good image quality.
The EACHINE 38 is a drone equipped with a camera filming at full HD standard of 720 p with a powerful battery, well thought out features and a longer autonomy compared to other models.
Onboard camera
Yes (720p)
Yes (720p)
Yes (720p)
550 mAh
180 mAh
359 mAh
1600 mAh
7 to 10 min
6 min
6 min
15 min
Remote control/smartphone
Remote control

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Buying guide - drone for less than 100 euros

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How to choose your drone for less than 100 euros

To choose the right drone model for your needs, it is important to take care of these criteria.

#1 - The weight

The weight is of paramount importance in the choice of the drone. Depending on this parameter, the drone will have more or less range and autonomy. The heavier the device is, the more energy it requires to fly it and the autonomy is reduced.

#2 - Battery capacity


power of the battery is an important criteria. A powerful battery offers an increased autonomy. It is advisable to opt for known brands, as their batteries are more reliable and guarantee more power compared to drones of uncertain and little known origin.

#3 - Ease of use and control


is essential to choose a model that is easy to handle and


A device that is difficult to handle does not give you any pleasure and moreover you can even damage it as a result of a wrong maneuver or handling. In general, the device has controls for piloting and also other buttons for taking pictures if your drone is equipped with a camera. Most models on the market come with user guides to help you maneuver them properly.

#4 - The scope


if your drone is a sub-€100 model, it is necessary that it offers an acceptable range. Depending on the model, the range can vary from a few dozen meters to hundreds of meters. For maximum comfort, make sure you have a consistent range for more comfort and convenience.

#5 - Image quality

Depending on

the model, your drone may be equipped with a camera. If it is equipped with one, check the image quality: an HD resolution is already a good thing, but a higher resolution is always welcome.

#6 - Autonomy

Autonomy is essential when using a drone. There are several parameters that affect this. A powerful battery and a light weight are the guarantee of more autonomy. Some models come with additional battery to increase the flight time.

What uses for drones under 100 €?

Drones are increasingly present in our daily lives. Since these devices are used by civilians and not exclusively by the military, we see them everywhere. Professionals and amateurs are rushing to use them. There are models that are offered at prices that can go to more than 1000 €. This is where cheap drones come into play and in particular for our case, models under 100 €. Admittedly, their performance is nothing like that of high-end models, but they can be used for various reasons.

These models are ideal to familiarize yourself with the piloting of drones if you are still a novice or beginner in this field. They can carry cameras for amateur photo and video taking and for fun. Also, although they are cheaper, these kinds of drones are the best transition for your kids from their mini drones to more expensive drones so they can first learn how to fly a real drone with less cost if the device crashes or gets damaged.

However, it is necessary to opt for known brands and models so as not to waste money unnecessarily on counterfeit gadgets that would break down for less than a day. There are good models on the market with excellent value for money.

The different types of drones under 100 euros

Toy drone for beginners/mini-drone

This type of drone at less than 100 € is mainly intended for the use of children. They can also be adapted for beginners to drone piloting. It allows you to get familiar with the basics for flight maneuvers. They are usually guided by remote control, but some are steerable by smartphone. Depending on the model, it can include a device to take pictures. They are offered at relatively low prices. These models can be used indoors, but there are exceptions that can be used outdoors.

Drone with camera


category of drone is the most sought after on the market. You can find this kind of drone at less than 100 € even if the more expensive models logically have more features and performance. They are equipped with HD or Full HD camera with more or less stability. You can record and see in real time what your device captures. They can have other practical features such as flight on a preset trajectory, emergency landing, return to the point of departure, GPS, etc. Other models can be connected to virtual goggles for more immersion and sensation.



use of recreational, professional or competition drones is regulated. It is strictly forbidden to fly over people, in urban areas (built-up areas). The flight during the night is also prohibited.

Quadricopter drone or hexacopter drone and more?

Quadricopter drone

The propellers are the essential elements of the drone to be able to take off and carry out the various flight manoeuvres. The number of propellers varies according to the model. 4-propeller drones are the most common models. They equip the majority of civilian drones and mini-drones. They are the most suitable to make a first hand in piloting a drone and to familiarize with the basic controls such as takeoff, flight itself and landing without hindrance. Quadcopters are less expensive and easy to maintain. Repair is less painful. In addition, they are lighter and have a smaller size. These characteristics offer more autonomy and allow you to enjoy a longer flight time. Transporting the device is also easier. Nevertheless, compared to a drone with 6 or even 8 rotors, a quadcopter drone is less resistant to wind action and offers less stability. Moreover, if one of the propellers has problems, the maneuverability of the device is compromised.

Hexacopter drone and more

Drones with six or more propellers are more stable and have a high resistance to difficult wind conditions. It is possible to hover, even in complicated situations. In the event of a motor or propeller problem, it is always possible to maneuver your aircraft back home. However, even though these kinds of drones are more convenient, it requires much more energy to operate them. They are heavier and have a substantial size. It takes more power to fly them, so range is affected. In addition, these models are more expensive and more difficult to maintain.


In conclusion, for drones under 100 €, we recommend you to take the quadricopter models, they are perfectly suitable for initiations to piloting, have more autonomy and a great ease of maintenance. If you have a larger budget, you can look at hexacopter drones and more.


Recharge the battery at the right time

The drone will be more autonomous with a fully charged battery just before the flight than with a fully charged battery a few days before. After using it, get used to partially charging the battery (e.g., 60%) and do the rest just before the flight.

Charge the battery sufficiently, but not excessively

Just because you charge the drone for a long time doesn't mean the battery will store more energy. The capacity remains the same. Be aware that a Li-Po battery can explode and may wear out easily if plugged in for too long.

Avoid flying a drone with less than 20% battery charge

Be very careful, as leaving your battery at less than 20% will significantly decrease its lifespan. So be reasonable and bring the drone back for a new recharge when it reaches the 20% charge threshold.

Prepare your trip

You should ask these questions when flying your drone: am I in a prohibited area or do I have the right to fly over this place? Know that in the UK, the government has made available to all drone pilots an interactive map indicating the authorized places and those with restrictions, or prohibited (Geoportail). Once you know the authorized places, identify their assets and their constraints to make your choice. Check the place of the sun according to the time of the day and it's the ideal way to know how to pilot your drone and how to do the shooting.

Remove the removable parts

You can remove the camera if you only want to fly your drone. Also remember to remove the propeller guards since they can have some weight. However, be very careful when flying a drone in a safe area, because used without protection, it can hurt someone and do damage.


What is the best drone under 100 €?

The best drone under £100 depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which are the best products out there.

What law governs the use of drones?

New rules have been adopted by the European Commission to better regulate the use of drones and avoid abuses. For example, aircraft weighing more than 25 kg must be registered. Those weighing more than 800 grams (including battery and equipment) must be reported on the AlphaTango platform. However, this regulation does not concern most of the leisure drones.

What are the basic rules for using drones?

As a reminder, the government has already proposed a drone usage guide, summarized in three main lines. Firstly, the pilot must always monitor his drone during flight and must avoid flying at night beyond 150m from the ground. Secondly, the flight of a drone should not be done in public areas or in built-up areas or with people around. Thirdly, be aware that a drone must fly far from airfields and sensitive sites.

Are children allowed to use drones?

The law requires all users of aircraft weighing 800 grams or more to undergo training to become familiar with the basic rules. This training is available on the AlphaTango platform. At the end of this training, you must always carry this certificate, which is valid for 5 years. Note that to be able to fly these drones, the telepilots must be over 14 years old.

Where can I use my drone?

The use of recreational drones is authorized in private areas, in model airplane sites as well as in certain public areas. Above protected or sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants, military grounds or airports, flying is strictly prohibited. You can consult the interactive map of the government Geoportal for more information.


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