The best draisiennes in the UK 2023

The draisienne is a bicycle or tricycle mainly made of wood, suitable for children aged 2 years and over or measuring 80 cm. Of course, the seat will be raised according to the age of the child. Learning balance, stimulating coordination of the limbs, etc.. There are many advantages to using a draisienne for your child. But which model to choose? Follow this guide.

Puky LR M 1

Best value for money

Puky LR M

The best draisienne

It is a steel draisienne with an ergonomic saddle and footrest that offers little ones from 2 to 5 years old a low access for an easy grip and a good stability.

55,99 £ on Amazon

Ideal for two-wheeled beginners, the Puky draisienne owes its popularity to its particularly ergonomic design. Weighing in at 3.5 kg, it has a steel frame that is easy to step over, wheels that are not too big (8.4 inches) and can be ridden on asphalt, a banana-shaped seat that is raised at the front for a good seat, a footrest that is wide enough to stabilize the child, and handles that are surrounded by thick protective foam to limit the risk of injury.

The Puky also owes its flexibility to its height-adjustable handlebars and seat (up to 110 cm for a maximum of 25 kg). Apart from all this, many parents are unanimous about the sturdiness of this draisienne and have said that they were amply satisfied with their purchase.

Chicco Draisienne 2

Best value for money

Chicco Draisienne

The best entry-level draisienne

Do you want to offer a miniature draisienne to your toddler? Take a closer look at this model that combines comfort, safety and practicality. It's sure to delight toddlers from 2 to 5 years old!

29,31 £ on Amazon

The high quality of Chicco's products is well known among parents. In this model, Chicco makes sure that your child can enjoy an ultra comfortable and safe draisienne. This is thanks to a highly adjustable saddle and handlebars that can follow your child's growth until he or she is 5 years old. The two-wheeler also has a non-slip seat and wrists, rigid 10-inch wheels that won't puncture, and a light weight of 2.7 kg.

Apart from that, it is worth noting that its handlebars turn 360 degrees. This is ideal for the little ones. Basically, this Chicco pedalless bike is a great value and perfect for an easy transition to a pedal bike.

Early Rider Classic 3

Best value for money

Early Rider Classic

The best high-end draisienne

Boys and girls will find their happiness with this draisienne for children from 2 to 5 years. With its nice design, the little ones will have the impression to roll on a small racing car.

104 £ on Amazon

Suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years old who are new to two-wheeled riding, this high-end birch wood draisienne mounted on aluminum spoked rims offers a stylish look and premium quality design. It's a 4.8 kg off-road model that mimics the cool look of a Harley Davidson, with its front tire larger (14 inches) than its rear tire (12.5 inches). Although this bike is made of wood, its design has been well thought out to resist humidity. The Early Rider Classic's saddle offers a comfortable seat and its tire design provides exemplary stability.

However, it is quite heavy at 4.8 kg and the child will have a tendency to lean forward due to the different wheel diameters of the Rider Classic. Although this bike has attractive features, it also has its limitations, especially in terms of its sturdiness. However, this does not prevent many children and parents from appreciating its true value!

Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike 4

A great choice

Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike

The best ally for toddlers

Much better than a walker, this draisienne for children from 1 to 3 years old will be perfect to stimulate balance. Ideal for introducing the child to cycling later on!

31,99 £ on Amazon

The Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike is very practical for small children, from 1 to 3 years old. This little bike without pedals helps them to learn how to walk. They can lean on it and push it. In addition, this model is equipped with a seat, very useful from a certain age. The Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike is much more comfortable than a walker. The child sits on it, but is not suspended. Rolling encourages the child to move his or her legs and stimulates balance.

Moreover, the double front and rear wheels accentuate the stability of this draisienne. No wonder it is recommended by psychomotor experts to help babies with motor delays.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best draisienne

Any specific needs?

The best draisienne

The best entry-level draisienne

The best high-end draisienne

The best ally for toddlers

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Comparison table of the best draisiennes

Puky LR M 5
Chicco Draisienne 6
Early Rider Classic 7
Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike 8
Puky LR M
Chicco Draisienne
Early Rider Classic
Arkmiido Baby Balance Bike
It is a steel draisienne with an ergonomic saddle and footrest that offers little ones from 2 to 5 years old a low access for an easy grip and a good stability.
Do you want to offer a miniature draisienne to your toddler? Take a closer look at this model that combines comfort, safety and practicality. It's sure to delight toddlers from 2 to 5 years old!
Boys and girls will find their happiness with this draisienne for children from 2 to 5 years. With its nice design, the little ones will have the impression to roll on a small racing car.
Much better than a walker, this draisienne for children from 1 to 3 years old will be perfect to stimulate balance. Ideal for introducing the child to cycling later on!
Ergonomically designed and easy to straddle
Height-adjustable seat and handlebars
Made of birch wood, treated to resist humidity
Made of child-safe EVA
8.4 inch wheels that can roll on asphalt
Ergonomic and safe
Features a stylish look combined with a high quality design
Easy to assemble, sturdy and comfortable
Heavy foam grips to reduce the risk of injury
Rigid 10-inch wheels with no puncture protection
Suitable for all types of terrain thanks to its large 14 and 12.5 inch wheels
Stable and quiet
Adjustable seat and handlebars
Lightweight scooter
Ideal for having fun while learning balance
Very nice design
Lightweight and very maneuverable scooter
Great design
Solid and durable
Lack of pedals limits scalability

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Buying guide - draisienne

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How to choose your draisienne

#1 - The model

There are two main models of wheelchair. Firstly, there is the standard seatbelt. It is a fixed model, specifically adapted to a child in a specific age range. Once this age is exceeded, it will no longer be able to serve the child properly. Next comes the evolving model. The latter is much more flexible and practical since it changes shape and evolves according to the age and size of the child. The evolutive draisienne is more interesting for parents wishing to invest in a model that can accompany the child over several years.

#2 - Size and ergonomics

The size of the draisienne is crucial for an optimal use. It depends entirely on the size of the child. It must therefore have a seat at the height of the child's pelvis so that he can easily ride it without the help of an adult. For a draisienne intended for a child of more than 4 years, the pedals must be at the good level so that the child can easily put the feet. They should also allow him to pedal without having to stretch his legs too much to ride.

Some parents may want to get a slightly larger bike so that it can be used and accompany the child for an extra year or two. This is not a good idea. The child will have too much trouble using it and the seat will be uncomfortable for him. In this sense, a wheelchair that is too small also risks distorting the child's posture.

#3 - Robustness and maneuverability


wheelchair must be very sturdy to support the child's weight. The vast majority of pushchair models are made of wood. These are very reliable and easy to assemble. There are also more and more metal models, which are much more robust and long-lasting. Regardless of the material of which the wheelchair is made, it must be strong enough to support the child and any bumps it may face. It must also be light enough for the child to handle it without difficulty.

How to maintain your draisienne?

Without chain, brake or pedals, a draisienne does not require much maintenance like a child's bike. However, you must take care of it and take some precautions because it is the key to its longevity. Moreover, it is very important to always check it to guarantee a better safety to your child.

First of all, you should regularly check the fixation of the parts, especially those of the wheels at the risk of damaging them. In addition, you should also make sure that the adjustable parts such as the handlebars and the saddle are tight. Not all bikes need to be cleaned with water, as this could cause serious problems with the chain. This depends on the material of which they are made.

For example, aluminum or stainless steel wheels can be cleaned with water. With metal or plastic bikes, you only need to hose them down to restore their shine after a bad muddy experience. As for wooden toys, they simply need a quick wipe down with a cloth.

For handbrake toys, you must pay special attention to protect your little one from any possible danger. It is therefore essential to tighten it regularly because your child is already used to using it to stop. He won't necessarily think about using his feet, nor will he have any control.

If your draisienne is equipped with inner tubes, you must inflate it often with a simple hand pump to avoid premature wear of the tires, but especially for the comfort of your child.

Draisienne or bike for children with stabilizers?


A draisienne is best suited to young children who are not yet familiar with cycling. It is light and easier to handle. Your child's feet are almost always touching the ground to keep their balance and to move forward or stop. This is a real advantage, because your child will not have trouble riding and will be less likely to fall off. The main positive point of a draisienne is that the child will be more confident and become more independent.

In addition, the transition to a real pedal bike will be very short for him. You won't have to push him for a long time until he can ride the bike by himself. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, most bikes do not have a footrest. This can make the child tired if he wants to lift his feet over a wide distance. In addition, those made of wood require a lot of maintenance.

Child's bike with stabilizers

A child's bike with stabilizing wheels allows the child to work on his or her stamina by getting used to pedaling. Some models are equipped with directional sticks to help the child pedal easily or to substitute this action in case he/she does not pedal. This children's bike also has the advantage of being convertible into a draisienne by removing certain parts such as the crankset.

The disadvantage of this type of bike is the difference between its weight and the child's driving force. As a result, the child has to make a lot of effort to pedal well. Also, if the child is already familiar with the stabilizer wheels, it will be very difficult for him/her to drive when you decide to remove them.


The choice between a pushchair and a child's bike with stabilizers depends on the child's age and the parents' sensibilities. Choose the draisienne for its practicality. It is more adapted to the little ones who want to master the bike. Opt for a child's bike with stabilizing wheels if you are patient and want to teach your child to ride a bike directly.

Why buy a good wheelchair

A support for growth

The use of a draisienne allows the child to remain active and to strengthen his body. By pedaling on two wheels, the child is better able to work his muscles. It is therefore a good exercise to help him in his growth.

To play in complete freedom

A draisienne allows any child to play freely and safely. Specially designed to build self-confidence and encourage independent play, the wheelchair is primarily for your child to play and have fun while following his or her learning process.

A developmental tool

A draisienne is a great developmental tool for children. It teaches them to better master their sense of coordination. The child is more attentive when riding on a draisienne. It teaches them to visualize obstacles and to approach them better. Therefore, the draisienne is very useful for a child's personal development.

A source of autonomy

A draisienne teaches a child to be more independent. It gives him the freedom to explore the environment around him in a new way. All the manipulations he performs on it make him more autonomous. Thus, a draisienne is a very good way to make a child more responsible and independent.


The sooner you buy your child a pram, the better.

Teach your child to ride a bike as early as possible. Around two years old is the ideal age for a balance bike. Even if the bike seems too big and high for his little legs, let him get used to it little by little. However, never let him play on it alone, keep an eye on him and you can easily avoid accidents.

Congratulate your child.


your child when he uses his bike. Praise him for every little progress he makes. It will only make him more motivated.

Equip him with a helmet.


a well-fitting helmet immediately and make sure they wear it every time.

Have him play with other children.

This way

, he'll make much faster progress, stimulated by the presence of other children


Be patient.

Don't ask him for results too quickly, give him time. Consistency and time really make a difference. It's always better to take it slow and enjoy it than to scare your child.


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Puky LR M
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Early Rider Classic
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