The best complete baby rooms in the UK 2023

Are you expecting a happy event? Congratulations! But you should know that you have a lot to do during the next few months in order to welcome baby as it should be. And one of the most important points concerns the furnishing of the baby's room. To avoid wasting another minute, why not opt for a complete baby room? We explain it all to you through this guide.

Viktoria Pinolino 2-piece set 1

Editor's Choice

Viktoria Pinolino 2-piece set

The best complete baby room in 2021

Give your child the best by choosing this evolving bed + dresser set with changing table. Made of solid materials and white color, this complete nursery meets the EU standards.

479 £ on Amazon

If you like minimalist design baby rooms, you will fall in love with this furniture set proposed by Pinolino. This set includes a chest of drawers and a cot. The dresser is a 2-in-1 piece of furniture that can also be used as a changing table. It features 3 rows of sliding drawers with a metal handle for a modern and sleek look.

The crib, meanwhile, is a pull-out bed that converts to a toddler bed once your baby grows. Made of solid and reliable materials, this complete nursery meets EU standards. It's simple, but its white color fits in with any nursery decor you're considering for your child.

New Basic Baby Price Duo Pack 2

The best cheapest

New Basic Baby Price Duo Pack

The best entry-level complete baby room

If you're looking for a complete and timeless nursery, consider the New Basic Duo Pack from Baby Price. It includes an evolving bed and a changing station with pretty star-shaped cuffs.

261 £ on Berceau Magique

This complete nursery promises your child soft and comfortable nights. It is composed of a bed that has an adjustable bed base on three heights. It can be transformed into a bed for children from 3 to 7 years old. The dresser can be used as a changing table, thanks to the removable dedicated device, and as storage for your baby's things.

The New Basic Baby Price dresser features 3 drawers adorned with pretty smoky gray star cuffs. It's a baby room that's as practical as it is elegant, with clean lines and perfect whiteness! Guaranteed solvent-free, it meets the standards required for the safety and health of your child.

LittleSky by Klups Sofie 3

The best high-end

LittleSky by Klups Sofie

The best high-end complete baby room

For a larger room, this complete nursery with a bed, dresser and 2 door closet is perfect. You'll have enough room for baby's clothes and personal belongings.

679 £ on Amazon

This is the perfect set for larger baby rooms. It isa very complete set called LittleSky by Klups Sofie. Already, you have a crib with a three height adjustable base and with dimensions big enough to offer a real comfort to your child. You also have a chest of drawers with a removable changing device, it has three drawers and a fourth storage space with three levels.

The 2-door wardrobe that makes up the LittleSky by Klups Sofie is a very practical storage unit for hanging up baby's little winter coats, or for storing some of mom's clothes. The design of this complete baby room is rather modern.

Joy Baby Price Duo Pack 4


Joy Baby Price Duo Pack

A great alternative

Welcome baby in a beautiful room composed of this Baby Price crib and changing station. Evolving, the Joy Baby Price duo pack will accompany your child during his growth.

344 £ on Berceau Magique

For your baby's well-being, you can rely on this Baby Price Joy complete nursery. Its solid beechwood evolving bed promises longevity, while the chest of drawers with 2 large drawers and a locker is very practical. It also includes a removable changing table.

The Joy duo pack from Baby Price is in any case a beautiful set in white and beige. Its natural varnished beech wood legs also ensure the aesthetic and original side of the baby's room. But its design goes hand in hand with its quality, because this complete baby room meets the European standards.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best complete baby room

Any specific needs?

The best complete baby room in 2021

The best entry-level complete baby room

The best high-end complete baby room

A great alternative

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Comparison table of the best complete baby rooms

Viktoria Pinolino 2-piece set 5
New Basic Baby Price Duo Pack 6
LittleSky by Klups Sofie 7
Joy Baby Price Duo Pack 8
Viktoria Pinolino 2-piece set
New Basic Baby Price Duo Pack
LittleSky by Klups Sofie
Joy Baby Price Duo Pack
Give your child the best by choosing this evolving bed + dresser set with changing table. Made of solid materials and white color, this complete nursery meets the EU standards.
If you're looking for a complete and timeless nursery, consider the New Basic Duo Pack from Baby Price. It includes an evolving bed and a changing station with pretty star-shaped cuffs.
For a larger room, this complete nursery with a bed, dresser and 2 door closet is perfect. You'll have enough room for baby's clothes and personal belongings.
Welcome baby in a beautiful room composed of this Baby Price crib and changing station. Evolving, the Joy Baby Price duo pack will accompany your child during his growth.
Set components
Evolving bed + 3-drawer chest
Evolving bed + 3-drawer chest of drawers
Bed + chest of drawers + 2-door cabinet
Bed + chest of drawers with 2 drawers and niche
MDF panels, beech and pine wood
Solid beech wood, MDF panels
White, gray
Beech and white
White and beige
NF EN 716 n°1 & 2 (2008) + A1 February 2013 and NF D60-300-4 (2012) for the bed, standard NF EN 12221 n°1 & 2 (2008) + A1 October 2013 for the chest of drawers
EN 716-1-2 and EN 12221-1-2/A1

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Buying guide - complete baby room

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How to choose your complete baby room

You would certainly like to offer a real cosy nest to your child when he comes into the world. To make sure that the complete nursery is to your child's taste, but also to yours, consider the following five criteria!

#1 - Safety

A complete nursery must be a safe space for your baby. The same goes for the various pieces of furniture that will make up the room. For a complete nursery, make sure that all of the furniture meets current safety standards. In fact, every detail must be taken into account when it comes to safety, including the type of paint used to paint all the furniture. Consider the number of drawers and storage space you will have available to put all your baby's things. For a larger space, you have sets that include both a closet and a dresser besides the crib. These models offer more ways to store your child's belongings. If you have a smaller room, you can have only a dresser, but make sure it has enough drawers or shelves to store all his clothes.

#2 - Storage

Prefer practical and aesthetically pleasing complete baby rooms. For example, you can bet on evolving rooms that can accompany your child sometimes until his adolescence. It will be in particular the bed with bars which will be able to metamorphose into standard bed for child once he will be bigger. The room must also be practical for you. A dresser with a built-in, removable changing table is a great space saver. With casters, you can move it around very easily, while a pull-out drawer system is more practical than simple shelves. The closet should include a closet for your child's small winter coats.

#3 - Convenience

You will find different styles of complete baby rooms on the market. For example, you will have the choice between modern, Scandinavian, classic or vintage styles, it's up to your preferences. The same goes for the colors, which must be harmonious with the rest of the decor, the color of the walls and the different accessories of the baby's room. As an example, you can choose pastel tones, shades of gray and white, or more traditionally pink for girls and blue for boys.

#4 - Style

All of the above criteria should go hand in hand with the comfort of your child. The complete baby room should indeed offer a cocooning and soothing atmosphere. Your baby will spend most of his time there, knowing for example that he will sleep in his bed for hours during the first few weeks. Also, make sure that the furniture is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing, practical and safe at the same time.

#5 - Comfort

How do you design your baby's room?


In addition to choosing the furniture, you will also need to think about the layout of the room. This includes the arrangement of furniture and decorative accessories as well as the installation of baby-proofing. So follow our tips for having a room


complete baby on top!

Build on soft, bright colors

To offer a serene atmosphere to the whole room, choose soft colors like white, gray, powder pink, sky blue, pastel. Unlike bright colors like red or yellow, these tones offer a relaxing atmosphere! This will not only be valid for the entire baby room, but also for the walls.

Prefer natural light

The nursery should also provide real visual comfort for your child. To do this, it should have a large window so that she can enjoy natural sunlight during the day. At night, you should avoid hanging lights installed just above the bed, lights that are too dazzling or that create phosphorescent stars that can disturb his sleep or even scare him! Instead, opt for a small ceiling light with soft light, a simple bedside lamp installed on the dresser.

Arrange the furniture the right way

The comfort of a baby's room also depends on a smart arrangement of furniture. For example, place the baby's crib a little away from the front door to prevent the slightest noise from disturbing his sleep, but, on the other hand, oriented toward it so that he can easily see the person entering his room. Similarly, the changing table should not be too far from the cabinet where his clothes are stored to make it easier for you.

For the chair, you can put it in the corner of the room so it doesn't get in the way, but close to the crib so you can watch over his sleep without disturbing him or tiring you. Don't put low furniture like the toy box near the window, as he may climb on it.

Don't neglect safety

To avoid any accidents in baby's room, consider securing the room properly. Place outlets high or use outlet covers. Install corner guards and even drawer blockers. Also remove anything from the room that could interfere with safety, such as extension cords, curtain cords, etc.

The different types of complete baby rooms

You will find mainly in specialized stores and on sales platforms two types of complete baby rooms: the models composed of two elements and the sets of three elements.

The complete duo baby room

This type of complete baby room is composed of 2 elements: a crib and a storage unit. So you have either a bed and a chest of drawers or a bed and a wardrobe. With a chest of drawers, you often get a multifunctional piece of furniture that can also be used as a changing table. It is therefore essential from the first months of baby.

The wardrobe, on the other hand, is much larger and allows you to store more things. It is for the latter that you should opt if you are considering an evolving room for your child. The complete duo baby room is rather minimalist... But it is still a big advantage if you only have a small surface to fit out for your newborn. You'll actually be able to accommodate him in a comfortable space without having to overload the room.

The complete trio baby room

If you're really hesitating between buying a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, you'll get both with a complete three-piece nursery. In fact, this one includes both a crib and these two pieces of storage furniture at the same time. This is the most practical option for having lots of storage space!

For example, you can put baby's clothes in the wardrobe, and store diapers and diapers in the dresser. This last one will also be very practical if it integrates at the same time the changing table, which you can later remove when your child is older. Indeed, this second option can also be an evolutionary room and accompany the child for many years.

Complete baby room or furniture purchased separately?

To equip your child's room, you have 2 choices. Either you buy each piece of furniture separately, or you invest in a complete baby room.

The complete baby room

The complete baby room offers a real time saving to quickly arrange the room where you will welcome your newborn. It is harmonious, functional and very practical. It's the perfect option if you want to buy everything you need in one go, especially since you'll be able to get great deals!

Furniture purchased separately

In this case, if you have to buy each piece of furniture individually. This alternative is ideal to have a greater freedom of choice, because the available models will be much more varied. You can even choose different brands for the bed and the chest of drawers for example. However, furniture bought separately requires time, and the investment can be more substantial!


In order not to waste another minute and to ensure the quality of all your furniture, do not hesitate to invest in a complete baby room. It guarantees a perfect coordination between the different elements and a certain serenity, because a single purchase is enough to have a room ready to welcome your child.

Why invest in a complete baby room?

A complete nursery is an investment you won't regret for your child. You'll understand this when you discover these five incredible reasons to opt for this alternative!

1- Saves a lot of time

Buying the furniture for the baby's room in one go is possible if you opt for a complete baby room. It's a great time saver knowing that you won't have to visit many different stores and websites to furnish your child's room.

2- Well-matched furniture

The sets offered for complete baby rooms ensure that you have well-matched elements. You don't have to search for other furniture with the same colors and styles, because the set is already harmonious in itself.

3- Varied options

You have many possibilities with the complete baby rooms. If you want, you can buy a bed and a dresser. If you prefer a wardrobe, that's also possible. And you can have both options at the same time with the trio nursery. Depending on your preferences, you can also buy an evolving model, perfect as a long-term investment.

4- A multitude of styles

Just like furniture purchased separately, complete baby rooms are available in different styles depending on your preferences and the gender of your newborn. Vintage style models are very fashionable. Similarly, Scandinavian style is very sleek, soft and pleasing to the eye.

5- A guaranteed savings

Opting for a complete baby room is not only a guaranteed time saver. This alternative also allows you to invest in quality furniture at a really affordable price compared to buying furniture separately. All in all, investing in a complete nursery will give you peace of mind! By the time your baby is born, everything will be ready to welcome him in his new room.

The best brands of complete baby rooms

In our opinion, the best brands of complete baby rooms in 2022 are :

Baby Price
LittleSky by Klups

Created in 1997, this German brand specializes in childcare. It manufactures furniture and toys for children and babies. It is known for the robustness of its products whose wood is PEFC certified, a commendable ecological approach.

The French brand is among the leaders in the manufacture of furniture and items dedicated to babies. Founded in 1948, the company offers a wide range of cribs, dressers and complete baby rooms that are as aesthetic as they are qualitative.

This brand specializes in the design and sale of furniture for children and adults. Its complete baby rooms are elegant, proposed in pure lines, being in the top of the range.

The French brand of the Gautier group is focused in the furniture for children since 1960. Its furniture is mainly made of wood, ensuring quality and longevity. They are designed for those who are looking for high-end items to welcome their baby at home.

It is an American brand offering ecological furniture and accessories for toddlers. It uses only natural materials in the design of its products. Made in the purest respect of family traditions, they offer an excellent quality/price ratio.

What is the price for a complete baby room

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

250 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 650 £
more than 650 £
Price range diagram


Position the crib properly

Place the crib near a sunny window so that your baby gets his fill of vitamin D or in case he was born with jaundice. However, to keep the bright light from disturbing his sleep, soften the rays with curtains or a canopy.

Don't overcrowd the room

To provide a peaceful atmosphere to the room, avoid putting too much storage furniture. A chest of drawers and a closet can be enough to store baby's things. The same goes for the decoration, which should be light and uncluttered.

Don't forget the crib tower

Your baby's crib should be embellished with a soft bumper pad. This will prevent him from bumping his head or body against the bars when he turns over in his bed. It's also handy to prevent pacifiers and comforters from falling out when they play in his crib.

Be sure to install an anti-pinch system on your dresser drawers

An anti-pinch system keeps your drawers closed. It will prevent your child from opening the drawers out of curiosity and inadvertently hurting themselves. This is a way to secure the dresser in the baby's room.

Accessorize your baby's room

The complete baby room is very sufficient to furnish the room. On the other hand, you will also need to invest in different accessories to bring the baby's room to life: rugs, toy chests, stuffed animals, toys, nightlight are among the accessories you can add to the room.


How to decorate the baby's room ?

Start by painting the walls or adding wallpaper with a nice, soft, soothing pattern. Add wall decorations, such as alphabet books, a growth chart, baby's first name initials to brighten up the room. You can also add family photos to the room. The furniture that makes up the complete baby room can also be customized.

When to prepare the complete baby room ?

There's really no hard and fast rule to start investing in a complete baby room. You can begin preparations early in the pregnancy for peace of mind. But the most recommended time is towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. This way, you can make sure it will be ready before the eighth month.

When to put baby in his room ?

After baby is born, it is recommended to have him/her sleep in the parents' room for the first few months, up to six. Then you can set up the entire nursery in a corner of the room where you sleep. Then, you can gradually get baby used to sleeping in his room, first during the day, then at night.

How to paint the baby's room ?

Start by favoring a natural paint, like that of the complete baby room for the room. Choose light tones like pastel, shades of pink, or just white. You can paint on two or three tones and draw beautiful geometric patterns, or soft shapes of clouds for example on the wall.


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Viktoria Pinolino 2-piece set
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New Basic Baby Price Duo Pack
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LittleSky by Klups Sofie
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