The best chair risers in the UK 2023

Your little one is growing up. It's time to get him a chair booster so he can join you at family meals. But which one to choose between classic, folding and travel booster seats? Find the answer to that question in our guide to the best chair risers in 2020.

Munchkin - Rehausseur de voyage GoBoost 1

Best value for money

Munchkin - Rehausseur de voyage GoBoost

The best chair booster in 2021

This dual-purpose chair booster is the best possible choice. Its comfortable seat provides a practical touch for both parent and child.

30,36 £ on Amazon

The Munchkin is suitable for all sizes. As a result, this chair booster is adjustable according to the age and growth of the child. Its sturdy, yet lightweight structure provides unparalleled comfort for baby's posture. The seat is highly secure, with a reliable and effective harness system.

The main advantage of the Munchkin is its storage pocket, which provides convenience if you're going out on the town or on a trip. It also transforms into a stylish bag to follow you wherever you go.

Tigex chair booster Soft range 2

Best value for money

Tigex chair booster Soft range

The best entry-level chair booster

For very little money, Tigex offers you the best allies for family meals through this practical, ergonomic booster seat that fits all chairs.

16,42 £ on Amazon

Designed for 6 to 36 months (15 kg maximum), this booster seat provides comfortable seating for toddlers. Since it does not have a shelf, it allows the child to share the family table directly. It is also easy to attach to an adult chair thanks to the straps around the back of the seat. This booster seat signed Tigex is quite easy to transport thanks to its compact size (L: 10 x W: 30 x H: 30 cm) and its lightness (990 g) which will easily find its place in the trunk of a car.

Finally, the maintenance of the Tigex is simple: the plastic material is easily cleaned with a sponge, and the straps are removable and can go in the washing machine. However, it is essential to check with the manufacturer about the length of the booster straps before purchasing, as some users have reported that they are too short while others have said they are long enough.

Koru Kids KKTB04 3

Best value for money

Koru Kids KKTB04

The best high-end chair booster

Made in Germany, this beautiful Koru Kids booster chair has a particularly elegant design. Its comfortable seat will please your little one.

87,20 £ on Amazon

Looking for quality? Try this Koru Kids KKTB04 chair booster. Made in Germany, this unique model offers many qualities that won't make you regret your investment. We like the simplicity of its plug-and-sit attachment system. Thanks to it, the installation becomes a child's play.

Rigid, the material of manufacture does not make this chair with booster foldable. However, it has the right dimensions for both the child's comfort and ease of transport. Thanks to its sturdiness, you can use it until 6 years old. But after a certain age, you will have to remove the safety harness.

Rehausseur de chaise Chicco Mode Eléphant 4


Rehausseur de chaise Chicco Mode Eléphant

A particularly scalable chair booster

This booster seat designed by Chicco Mode is simply perfect for toddlers to join the family around for meals. Adjustable in height and offering an ergonomic seat, it accompanies them efficiently until the age of 36 months.

47,92 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best chair booster

Any specific needs?

The best chair booster in 2021

The best entry-level chair booster

The best high-end chair booster

A particularly scalable chair booster

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Comparison table of the best chair risers

Munchkin - Rehausseur de voyage GoBoost 5
Tigex chair booster Soft range 6
Koru Kids KKTB04 7
Rehausseur de chaise Chicco Mode Eléphant 8
Munchkin - Rehausseur de voyage GoBoost
Tigex chair booster Soft range
Koru Kids KKTB04
Rehausseur de chaise Chicco Mode Eléphant
This dual-purpose chair booster is the best possible choice. Its comfortable seat provides a practical touch for both parent and child.
For very little money, Tigex offers you the best allies for family meals through this practical, ergonomic booster seat that fits all chairs.
Made in Germany, this beautiful Koru Kids booster chair has a particularly elegant design. Its comfortable seat will please your little one.
This booster seat designed by Chicco Mode is simply perfect for toddlers to join the family around for meals. Adjustable in height and offering an ergonomic seat, it accompanies them efficiently until the age of 36 months.
Durable, easy-to-clean fabric
Nylon, polupropylene
Premium GAP (plastic)
Harness system
A strap system around the booster seat
Plug-and-sit with a harness
Belt system at back and seat
Maximum weight
15 kg
15 kg
about 20 kg
15 kg

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Buying guide - chair booster

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How to choose your chair booster

For your toddler's optimum comfort, look for the following criteria for his or her chair booster.

#1 - Safety

Your little one is still in a stage of recognition and incessant movement. For any product intended for him, the safety criterion is absolutely mandatory. The booster seat must have at least two straps that allow the child to stay securely in the seat. You should also choose a booster seat with a safety harness that can be adjusted to the child's growth. If the booster seat comes with a meal tray, make sure it's immobile so your child doesn't get his fingers caught in it.

#2 - Comfort

If you're going to keep your little one securely seated in his booster seat, be strict on the comfort issue when you buy. Just put yourself in his shoes: you yourself won't last long in an unpleasant chair. For your child, choose a booster seat with a padded or upholstered cushion, which guarantees a comfortable and cosy posture and will make him want to stay as long as he wants. Also, keep a close eye on your child's positioning on his booster seat to avoid any accidents.

#3 - Material

The booster seat belongs to a little being who cares nothing about cleanliness. At mealtimes, you can expect splashes at any time and crumbs everywhere. So, choose a booster seat made of a sturdy but easy-to-clean material, preferably washable without the risk of fading quickly. In the same vein, consider favoring the color or designs that would please your baby, an added bonus that would encourage him to sit on it in a good mood.

#4 - Transportability


booster seat is part of baby's personal belongings that must follow him everywhere he goes. In order to favor practicality, find a compact and foldable model that you can carry on vacation, in the car or simply if you are invited to friends' houses.

#5 - Fit size

Like a shoe comes in different sizes, the booster seat is available in varying sizes depending on your child's size. You can usually adjust it as your baby grows, however it has a maximum weight limit that you must respect. It is up to you to determine which one is ideal for your baby.

What material should I choose for a chair booster?

The material of the chair booster you buy will determine its use. However, safety standards must remain in force, regardless of the material you choose.

Fabric models are soft and aesthetically pleasing, but since any product intended for a baby is constantly exposed to the vagaries of dirt, they require regular cleaning, even after each meal. The fabric chair booster has the advantage of being light and modular, easy to move around. If it is equipped with a few pockets, you will have more peace of mind when it comes to storing your child's little things.

The plastic models are much easier to clean but also more flexible and resistant. Unlike the fabric one, the plastic booster seat cannot generally be folded down, but it is still practical for travelling even if it takes up some space. A removable tray often accompanies the plastic booster seat. It guarantees a comfortable sitting posture for your child while preserving its safety.

For a domestic installation, don't hesitate to opt for the wooden models, which are very solid and don't require complicated washing. All you have to do is find the ideal place for your child and then install the booster seat. By choosing a wooden booster seat, you are guaranteed a durable, comfortable and standard-sized product.

The different types of chair risers

The many models on the market can be confusing. By looking closely, we have managed to distinguish 3 types of chair risers. Discover them.

The classic chair booster

This is the model suitable for infants from 6 to 36 months, capable of supporting a maximum weight of 15 kg. The classic booster seat is usually made of very soft plastic and is comfortable and washable, designed for the little one's feeding time. The wooden booster seat is also very useful for a domestic installation. This type of booster seat is available in different colors. They have the proper safety standards for your child: the straps that hold him on the chair and the harness that keeps him sitting upright.

The folding chair booster


structure of a folding chair booster is more compact compared to the classic booster. As the name implies, its ability to fold makes it easily mobile. This convenient maneuverability comes down to the design material, which is usually solid fabric or soft plastic. Safety standards are relatively similar, however, the folding booster's adjustments are tailored to the height and comfort you are looking for. Some models with solid trays offer you the added advantage of simplifying baby's meals.

The travel booster


safety of your child is reinforced on this model: in addition to the straps for the seat and the harness for the maintenance of the posture, another strap fixes the small one on the back to support stability and comfort on the long trips. For better resistance, the preferred material for this type is a more robust fabric. The question of balance remains an essential issue in the design of the travel booster. Some models can be folded into a mini bag to optimize transportation. The travel booster has the huge advantage of adapting to any seat where it will be attached.

Chair booster or baby high chair?

Chair riser

The chair booster is part of the educational and awakening tools of a growing baby: from the moment he sits and is able to hold his spoon, it is time to integrate him at the table at mealtime or during family discussions. This device allows baby to be fixed with straps on a chair at the height of the table.

Many chair risers contain trays for his meals, however the choice is made according to your space and your habits. The advantage of a booster seat is that it is portable: whether you are going to a restaurant, on vacation or visiting friends, your baby will always feel safe and secure in his or her cozy little throne and this will encourage him or her to eat well.

High chair

The highchair offers your child greater independence during mealtime: he feels big from his own little space. Properly placed, the highchair provides stability and security if your child doesn't fidget much.

If your child does not like the constricting effect of the straps, the highchair is an ideal alternative: he can move without being "trapped". On the other hand, the high chair is not intended for travel, but rather for domestic use only.


In both cases, the idea is to give your toddler the right to enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the table. Both products have the same objective but have different characteristics. The booster seat is interesting if you want to focus on mobility and safety. The high chair is a risk for a restless child but gives a certain feeling of freedom for a child of a more settled nature.


Check the stability of the chair.

To increase your child's safety, make sure that the chair to which your booster seat will be attached is solid and stable. Some models require a flat seat without padding to avoid imbalance, especially if your child is a wiggler. Plastic or folding chairs are also not recommended.

Place the chair booster correctly.


a child never stops wanting to play even while at the table, avoid placing him near the wall: he will tend to think he's on a swing with his chair and risk tipping over in a serious fall. The ideal is to keep him close to you, so you can keep an eye on him and encourage him in his meals at the same time.

Be careful with the height of the chair booster.


the height of the booster seat to the height of the table at which you will install it. This rule guarantees your child's comfort when he leans over to eat.

Don't forget the seatbelt!


course, your baby will sit up perfectly straight in the seated position, however you will never be safe from wiggling at times, which puts him or her potentially off balance. The seat belt comes into play here, especially for infants who are not aware of the consequences of their movements. You will lose nothing by being extra careful.

Buy matching cutlery!

These are completely

different products, but still think about stimulating your child's senses by choosing small cutlery that matches his booster seat, in color or pattern. Who knows, he'll be more eager to eat when he sees these colorful assortments just for him. Choose unbreakable and healthy cutlery to protect your child.


What is the best chair booster?

The best chair booster depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to learn more.

Is there a specific age for chair booster use?


baby grows at their own pace. In any case, a baby should only be placed on a chair booster if you're sure he or she has acquired a sitting posture.

What makes a chair booster different from a table seat?


table seat attaches to the table and allows the child to eat at the table, while the booster attaches to the chair to place the child at table height


What other options can you have on the chair booster?

Depending on the model, you may have storage pockets, a handle for carrying or non-slip feet on your chair booster, in addition to the detachable meal tray


What are the advantages of the evolving chair booster models?


are more economical because their use can last for many years due to their adjustable nature



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Munchkin - Rehausseur de voyage GoBoost
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