The best Beko air conditioners in the UK 2023

Are you looking for a premium quality air conditioner with the latest innovations? We have the solution for you. Within reach of all budgets, the Beko air conditioner is the best alternative in terms of energy consumption, reliability and durability. Don't wait any longer, find the Beko air conditioner that suits you quickly with the help of our buying guide.

Beko BEVPA120 1

Editor's Choice

Beko BEVPA120

The best Beko air conditioner in 2021

Reversible, quiet and relatively economical, you won't find better. We have found for you the best Beko air conditioner. The Beko BEVPA120 combines the qualities of a reliable air conditioner and will be a good ally for your home.

364 £ on Amazon

The Beko BEVPA120 is a wall-mounted air conditioner that fits easily with your different rooms thanks to its timeless white color and its quite compact size. However, this first advantage is only a taste of its efficiency. The Inverter technology that it has allows this Beko air conditioner to run continuously to ensure a better temperature distribution. The noise level of the device of 31 dB is particularly striking.

Its reversible character makes the Beko BEVPA120 air conditioner absolutely useful in all circumstances during the year. You will enjoy a homogeneous air diffusion thanks to the Jet Cool function to cool you down and Jet Heat, to warm you up for about fifteen minutes. The device includes a dehumidifier function and a timer for settings at your convenience.

Beko BX109C 2

Best cheapest

Beko BX109C

The best entry-level Beko air conditioner

For a limited budget, there is always the Beko BX109C, with appreciable essential criteria. Compatible with all interior styles, its options are no less interesting. Satisfaction guaranteed with the Beko BX109C.

319 £ on Amazon

Easy to handle and install, the Beko BX109C will suit your needs right away. Although noisier than other models, the 2600 W power provides you with an even airflow for maximum comfort in your home. Extremely versatile, it can switch to dehumidifier only or fan only mode, depending on your affinities. For its part, the night mode allows you to have a peaceful sleep at the room temperature of your choice.

The other features available on the Beko BX109C accentuate its ergonomic character: LED display screen to permanently control your various operations, remote control to facilitate your settings, programmer up to 24 hours to manage your needs in variations, etc. Finally, its mobile side on wheels makes it easy to move around if you need to move.

Beko BA112C 3

Best premium

Beko BA112C

The best high-end Beko air conditioner

The ultimate in modernity, you'll find it on this top-of-the-line Beko air conditioner: simplify your life with the smart properties of the Beko BA112C connected air conditioner.

423 £ on Amazon

You'll live in comfort with the options of the Beko BA112C, the connected air conditioner of the modern generation. It works through voice commands on Google or Amazon, a supporting technology that makes your daily life easier: to adjust your temperatures, to turn on or off your Beko BA112C air conditioner, you just have to ask clearly and your air conditioner will directly start to execute.

The HomeWhiz Wi-Fi app promotes remote control for guaranteed efficiency and speed. Next to it, the ZoneFollow remote control does its job well regarding temperature adjustment. The large touch-sensitive control panel gives you precise visibility of your settings. And finally, the included caulking kit for windows and doors is a welcome installation benefit.

Beko BPN112C 4

Best laptop

Beko BPN112C

The best portable Beko air conditioner

Introducing the best Beko portable air conditioner: the Beko BPN112C. For a wellness on measure, it is the device that you need. You will also enjoy its efficient features for a warm interior.

344 £ on Amazon

The Beko BPN112C split air conditioner features ZoneFollow technology that detects the temperature near the remote control and adjusts the airflow accordingly: this guarantees you better control thanks to its additional remote control. Its mobile nature makes it even easier for you to arrange your furniture, as it will be discreet and will not interfere with your furniture.

Particularly powerful, the Beko BPN112C is nevertheless silent and guarantees you a cooling in all peace. The remote control device is convenient for quick handling. In this way, the Beko BPN112C is a good compromise in terms of energy consumption, ergonomics and performance.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best Beko air conditioner

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The best Beko air conditioner in 2021

The best entry-level Beko air conditioner

The best high-end Beko air conditioner

The best portable Beko air conditioner

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Comparison table of the best Beko air conditioners

Value for money Inexpensive High end Portable
Beko BEVPA120 5
Beko BX109C 6
Beko BA112C 7
Beko BPN112C 8
Beko BEVPA120
Beko BX109C
Beko BA112C
Beko BPN112C
Reversible, quiet and relatively economical, you won't find better. We have found for you the best Beko air conditioner. The Beko BEVPA120 combines the qualities of a reliable air conditioner and will be a good ally for your home.
For a limited budget, there is always the Beko BX109C, with appreciable essential criteria. Compatible with all interior styles, its options are no less interesting. Satisfaction guaranteed with the Beko BX109C.
The ultimate in modernity, you'll find it on this top-of-the-line Beko air conditioner: simplify your life with the smart properties of the Beko BA112C connected air conditioner.
Introducing the best Beko portable air conditioner: the Beko BPN112C. For a wellness on measure, it is the device that you need. You will also enjoy its efficient features for a warm interior.
3,500 W
2600 W
3,500 W
3,500 W
Monobloc mobile
Energy class
Noise level
31 dB
64 dB
65 dB
48 dB
Surface area covered (max)
30 m2
25 m2
30 m2
30 m2

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Buying guide - Beko air conditioner

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How to choose your Beko air conditioner

Among a huge variety of existing models, you will find the best Beko air conditioner by referring to the following criteria.

#1 - The power

The most important thing is to determine the size of the room where you plan to install your Beko air conditioner. This is the factor that will determine your choice. The power of an air conditioner is expressed in W (Watt, a common unit used by consumers) or in BTU (British Thermal Unit, a reference unit more valued by manufacturers).

To give you an idea of relativity, you should count about 130 W maximum perm2. So for example, an air conditioner of 2000 W, equivalent to 7000 BTU, would cover a space of 15m2. The Beko air conditioner, in particular, is compatible with a maximum space of 37m2.

#2 - The utility

In order to get your hands on the right Beko air conditioner for you, you should also think about channeling your needs. For chronic uses, the ideal would be to invest in a reversible mobile Beko air conditioner: easy to install and to handle you will be able to turn it on during the whole day, all night and all year long.

To keep up with the latest innovations, you can also bet on the efficient and versatile connected Beko air conditioner, whose controls (temperature change, on/off, etc.) are adjustable from your Google, Amazon or Alexa assistant. For the air conditioning of a large area, prefer the Beko split air conditioner, less energy consuming and relatively quiet.

#3 - The noise level

This criterion can sometimes generate setback on the purchase of any device because it plays an important role regarding the comfort of use. An air conditioner that is too noisy would cause a discomfort that is sometimes unbearable. The sound level is generally measured in decibels (dB): among other things, the smaller the value indicated in dB, the quieter the air conditioner.

The Beko air conditioner has a rather good average compared to other models on the market. This being the case, you will be sure to find a Beko air conditioner with good sound quality among the existing ranges.

#4 - The energy consumption

This criterion is never negligible in the choice of any household appliance, as it directly affects your monthly fundamental expenses. You will evaluate the reliability of your Beko air conditioner in terms of energy consumption by taking into account its power and the energy class to which it belongs. An energy class A model is already a good compromise for your monthly bill. This is actually the dominant class on Beko air conditioner models.

#5 - The ergonomic feature

The Beko air conditioner is not behind on technological advances: it asserts itself by having effective ergonomic criteria for better comfort of use. To avoid the development of allergic reactions, it contains filters that absorb intruding particles to release light and pleasant air.

Some models are suitable for modern architecture thanks to a caulking kit that fits sliding windows. The power of connectivity is also taking over, allowing for multiple remote temperature settings via smartphones, remote controls or even voice commands.

Some safety measures

At times, you may not realize that some of the things you do can be dangerous. It is therefore important to be aware of the essential reflexes to avoid any accident.

  • If your Beko air conditioner has suffered any kind of shock, you should unplug it immediately and check it at all levels for any damage that would affect its operation.
  • Thunderstorms are an imminent enemy of any electrical connection, so as soon as the weather turns bad, it is always best to cut off any connection to electricity.
  • The power cord of your Beko air conditioner is relatively sensitive, but also unsuspecting trigger. Never place it under a carpet, rug or other similar item. Also, avoid placing it under furniture, appliances and especially areas where it could be trampled.
  • For all repairs, no matter how large or small, you should only use qualified personnel.
  • Your Beko air conditioner should be located at least 30 cm from all sides, away from walls, curtains and furniture.
  • Do not clean your Beko air conditioner with chemicals. Do not allow any chemical substances to get inside the unit.

Some of the above may seem obvious to you, but we just want to reinforce them so that you are extra careful when using your Beko air conditioner.

The different types of Beko air conditioners

Among the different ranges of Beko air conditioners, we can deduce the following classification.

The Beko split air conditioner

The Beko split air conditioner allows you to distribute the air conditioning to several rooms by means of the refrigeration link. It filters the air to give a soft and pleasant atmosphere in the rooms concerned. Each unit is installed in the rooms of your choice in order to cool them as well as possible. A block is also placed outside to evacuate unwanted substances in the open air.

For efficient performance, be sure to place your Beko split air conditioner where there are no objects to restrict the flow of cool air. Also consider a location that will make cleaning your unit easier. Finally, avoid putting it near windows because the noise caused could sometimes bother you.

The Beko reversible air conditioner

In simple terms, reversible air conditioning involves taking energy from the air and then releasing it back into the air itself. Therefore, the Beko reversible air conditioner accompanies you all year round, as it is suitable for all seasons: it cools in summer and warms in winter. One of its advantages is also the simplicity of installation.

If your Beko reversible air conditioner model contains both the split function, you can only enjoy the thermal comfort per room: so you can enjoy different temperatures as you like. Thanks to your Beko reversible air conditioner, the ambient air in your living space will be healthier.

The Beko connected air conditioner

We live in an era of technological innovations and our very daily life is gradually becoming robotic. When it comes to heating the home, the wood in the fireplace is now giving way to this device that is called air conditioner. But more than that, the air conditioner is now totally modern thanks to its connectivity.

This being the case, the Beko connected air conditioner absolutely simplifies your life through its programming compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Voice control quickly solves your worries about temperature settings, turning on, off or changing modes. Wherever you are, an app links your smartphone to your Beko connected air conditioner and allows you to manage temperatures at your leisure.

Beko air conditioner or Beko air cooler?

Beko air conditioner

The advantage of a Beko air conditioner is that it adapts to all temperature variations. If it's cold, it warms you. If it's hot, it cools you. The different models of Beko air conditioners are designed to fit a wide variety of surfaces. For areas where high temperatures prevail over a long period of time, the Beko air conditioner becomes indispensable in the home. As the demand is growing, manufacturers are constantly updating the versions to consolidate the efficiency. Recently, the Beko air conditioner has acquired the option of connectivity, a remotely programmable alternative to meet your precise temperature needs. However, the Beko air conditioner can sometimes be heavy on energy consumption due to its noisy nature.

Beko air cooler

What about a Beko air cooler? This one is suitable for a rather occasional use. It is used to produce fresh and soft air when the heat tends to impose itself. It has the advantage of being mobile, so you can cool each room as you wish. But there are limits to its influence: if the high temperature continues, the Beko air cooler becomes almost ineffective. On the other hand, you won't complain about your electricity bill, because it is practically economical.


If you have to choose between a Beko air conditioner and a Beko air cooler, the first thing to think about is which seems more practical for your living space. The Beko air cooler is good for instant cooling needs. The more versatile Beko air conditioner is an ally in all circumstances, especially in hot weather.

Why buy a Beko air conditioner?

For a guarantee of quality

The Beko brand is a powerful international reference in the field of household appliances. In fact, it is one of the best known names in the household appliance market. In particular, it has experienced exceptional growth in the sale of mobile air conditioners in recent years. All these achievements are a testimony to the undeniable quality of its products.

For an environmental commitment

By thinking deeply about the design of energy-efficient appliances, the Beko brand is proving its commitment to the environment. With Beko air conditioners of energy class A or A+, the impact on the environment is remarkably reduced.

For a simplified daily life

For every situation, you will find a Beko solution. For your indoor comfort in particular, the Beko air conditioner provides the right performance and the right options. That said, the Beko brand never ceases to produce appliances to suit every need, so as to optimize a busy day.

For social causes

By purchasing a Beko air conditioner, you are actively participating in many social causes. In particular, you are helping to promote sports around the world. Human cohesion, passion for what we do, innovation, these are values that the Beko brand wants to support through its productivity.

For an assured durability

Not only is the Beko air conditioner a good compromise of durability, the brand has also thought to make available to its customers many technical parts necessary for the durability of its use.

What is the price for a Beko air conditioner

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

300 £ to 400 £
400 £ to 500 £
more than 500 £
Price range diagram


Filter cleaning

To keep your Beko air conditioner running efficiently, be sure to clean the filters regularly, preferably every 15 days. This will get rid of dust buildup that could cause allergic reactions.

Peaceful sleep

To sleep peacefully in the ideal temperature, plug in your Beko air conditioner an hour before bedtime and then, when you go to bed, turn it off.


It's ideal for any air conditioner, including the Beko air conditioner, to be installed near an opening: this will allow the air to be exhausted more easily.

Beware of children

When you have appliances as sophisticated as the Beko air conditioner, it's always wise to keep children away. A child of at least 8 years old would already be aware on what to do. However, he or she will still need the assistance of an adult.

No moisture

It is strictly forbidden to install the Beko air conditioner in wet rooms such as the bathroom or laundry room. Also, do not touch it if your hands are wet.


How to install a Beko air conditioner?

Generally speaking, the installation of Beko air conditioner is relatively simple. After choosing a clear, flat location, attach the exhaust hose to a window opening and connect it to an electrical source.

How to reduce the noise of a Beko air conditioner?

This problem does not present an effective solution, as the compressor itself must emit noise when operating. However, it is possible to reduce the noise by placing your Beko air conditioner away from the place where you are. In this case, the temperature change will be felt more slowly. You can also simply activate the silent mode.

How to activate the timer on the Beko air conditioner?

If the unit is on, you will start the automatic shut-off time by pressing the TIMER button on your Beko air conditioner: after selecting the desired time using the UP and DOWN buttons, wait five seconds to press TIMER again and then you will start the automatic start time setting. Be careful, any sudden malfunction will cancel this operation.

How to drain the Beko air conditioner?

In simple terms, this is a process of cleaning the device completely to get rid of any polluting agent that is attached to it. If you don't do this regularly, your Beko air conditioner can get damaged quickly. The steps are simple though. Make sure your Beko air conditioner is in a safe place, then drain it of any water that has accumulated, locate and replace the clamp and cap, gently wipe the accessible parts with a cloth, and put it back together for use again. This operation should normally be repeated every off-season.


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Beko BEVPA120
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Beko BX109C
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