The best cheap air conditioners in the UK 2023

The mobile air conditioner is indispensable in summer. Easy to install and with a high cooling capacity, it lowers the temperature of a room, unlike a fan. But this efficiency can increase your monthly bill by 25%. Cutting costs starts with buying a low-cost unit. To help you, read our comparison of the best cheap air conditioners.

Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco 1

Best value for money

Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco

The best cheap air conditioner in 2021

With the summer heat wave upon us, it's best to stay cool at home. Reliable and efficient, the Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco will help you withstand the heat waves. Its value for money is unbeatable.

240 £ on Amazon

The Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco is a 3-in-1 air conditioner that can cool, ventilate or humidify a room up to 34 m². In hot weather, you can set the temperature between 16 and 31°C. The cooling capacity of this unit reaches 9000 BTU/hr with a maximum sound level of only 65 dB. With 2 ventilation levels and optimized circulation, the cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

In addition to the air conditioner, this model can also function as a fan and dehumidifier. It has 2 ventilation levels and the dehumidifier function can extract 1.2 L of water per hour from the air. Handling this model is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-understand LED display and convenient remote control. In addition, the unit has a timer function and a silent mode to make your daily life easier.

Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 2

Best under €250

Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7

The best cheap air conditioner under 250 euros

Do you hate the heat? Are you looking for an inexpensive mobile air conditioner that can be taken out and stored quickly? We recommend the 5,000 BTU version of the Comfee MPPHA.

187 £ on Amazon

Thanks to the omni-directional casters, you can roll the Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 3-in-1 mobile air conditioner into the room where you need cool air. The unit has a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTUs and can keep a room up to 17 square meters, the equivalent of 50cubic meters, cool . Once running, the Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 generates 63 dB of noise in cooling mode at maximum power.

Moreover, this mobile air conditioner works with a remote control through which you can set the temperature, timer and cooling power yourself. Designed to be used in medium-sized environments, the Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 can be perfectly installed in a motor home due to its compact size and relatively low weight. At this price, it's a gift!

  • Correct cooling capacity
  • Practical "Follow me" function
  • Price equivalent to some air coolers
  • In fact, it is difficult to efficiently cool a room of more than 15 m²
  • The pipe provided is poorly insulated
Klarstein NewBreeze 9 3

Best under €300

Klarstein NewBreeze 9

The best cheap air conditioner under 300 euros

The Klarstein New Breeze 9 is a powerful and efficient air conditioner for use in rooms of 20 to 30 square meters, or even 40 square meters in some configurations. As long as you point it where you need it, this model will amaze you.

232 £ on Amazon

With the Klarstein New Breeze 9, the heat wave will stay outside! Its 9,000 BTU/h of cooling power or 2.6 kW can cool a room of 20 to 30 m² to between 16 and 30 °C. Of course, it will have trouble getting below 25°C if the outside temperature exceeds 35°C. And despite its power, this class A device remains economical.

You can use it as an air conditioner but also as a dehumidifier or fan with 4 adjustable speeds. Thanks to the programmable timer up to 10 hours, it is possible to plan the start and stop of the device. Finally, this air conditioner supplied with a remote control has a maximum sound level of 64 dB.

Argo Relax Style 4

Best under €400

Argo Relax Style

The best cheap air conditioner under 400 euros

The Argo Relax Style is very robust. Designed to withstand high temperatures, it can also be used as a heater in winter. Class A, this mobile air conditioner ensures considerable savings.

279 £ on Amazon

The Argo Relax Style mobile air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU. Considering the price, you'll get a great deal! The device will make you benefit from its 3 modes for an above average comfort of use. You can use it as a dehumidifier, fan and air cooler, among others. In addition to its 3 fan speeds, the device also offers an Auto function.

The motorized vanes, which you can adjust horizontally or vertically, allow for a wide oscillation that can be set via the remote control to direct the flow of cool air in a specific direction. The LED display makes it easy to use. Note that the Argo Relax Style has a timer that can be programmed over a 24-hour period, a sleep memory mode and a self-diagnosis system.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best cheap air conditioner

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The best cheap air conditioner in 2021

The best cheap air conditioner under 250 euros

The best cheap air conditioner under 300 euros

The best cheap air conditioner under 400 euros

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Comparison table of the best cheap air conditioners

TOP OF THE TOP Less than €250 Less than €300 Less than €400
Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco 5
Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7 6
Klarstein NewBreeze 9 7
Argo Relax Style 8
Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco
Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7
Klarstein NewBreeze 9
Argo Relax Style
With the summer heat wave upon us, it's best to stay cool at home. Reliable and efficient, the Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco will help you withstand the heat waves. Its value for money is unbeatable.
Do you hate the heat? Are you looking for an inexpensive mobile air conditioner that can be taken out and stored quickly? We recommend the 5,000 BTU version of the Comfee MPPHA.
The Klarstein New Breeze 9 is a powerful and efficient air conditioner for use in rooms of 20 to 30 square meters, or even 40 square meters in some configurations. As long as you point it where you need it, this model will amaze you.
The Argo Relax Style is very robust. Designed to withstand high temperatures, it can also be used as a heater in winter. Class A, this mobile air conditioner ensures considerable savings.
Cooling capacity
9000 BTU
5000 BTU
9000 BTU
10,000 BTU
Maximum cooling coverage
34 m²
44 m²
Noise level
65 dB
63 dB
64 dB
52 dB
Additional features
Fan, dehumidifier
Fan, dehumidifier
Fan, dehumidifier
Fan, dehumidifier
27 kg
23 kg
24 kg
20 kg

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Buying guide - cheap air conditioner

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How to choose your cheap air conditioner

Apart from the price and the brand that we will discuss later, 5 criteria should be kept in mind when buying a low cost air conditioner. It is essentially a question of mobile air conditioners, the fixed ones do not fit into the "cheap" category.

#1 - Cooling capacity

Expressed in BTUs (British Thermal Units), cooling capacity determines how quickly the air conditioner lowers the temperature in a room. The higher the BTU, the more power the unit will have. In the case of an air conditioner, the BTU rating reflects the heating capacity in heating mode. For conversion purposes, 1 W corresponds to 3,415 BTUs.

As a rule of thumb, a mobile air conditioner delivers 100 W per square meter, or 1.5 kW or 7,000 BTUs for a 15 m² room. Count 8,000 BTU for 20 m², 9,000 BTU for 25 m², 10,000 BTU for 30 m². Beyond 10,000 BTU, we can no longer talk about cheap air conditioners.

#2 - Energy efficiency

Air conditioners are energy consuming appliances. Buying a cheap model requires serious consideration of the energy efficiency ratio abbreviated as EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is a standard measure for comparing home appliances. It is obtained by dividing the BTU power by the electrical energy consumed.

Clearly, the higher the EER, the less energy the air conditioner will consume. It will therefore cost less to operate. Manufacturers translate the EER ratio into an energy class on a label placed prominently on the unit. It can read A, A+, A++, etc. However, this is not a 100% reliable indicator.

#3 - Noise level

In contrast to dual unit air conditioners, which have the motor outside, most cheap air conditioners are single unit. This means they have a higher noise level. Where splits go down to 40 or 30 dB, single-package mobile air conditioners typically have a noise level of 50 to 70 dB.

However, some models offer a night mode, also known as sleep or silence. Thanks to this function, the cheap air conditioner can operate more discreetly by gradually reducing its power. Obviously, the temperature of the room will rise slightly. But this mode helps to sleep better and to bear the noise.

#4 - Available options

All air conditioners dehumidify the air. Some are equipped with a specific button to perform this task without cooling the air. Temperature control, timer and filtering are also available on all units. There are activated carbon filters, others are electrostatic and can remove bacteria and allergens from the air.

Depending on the price, you may find units with a timer. This is an intelligent timer that can refresh the room according to your needs. The ionizer or ionization function is an option that allows a rebalancing of the ions present in the air.

Finally, the least expensive models offer a fan mode. For this comparison, we have selected mobile air conditioners below 400 euros. Therefore, the reversible function that can transform an air conditioner into a heater is not among the available options. Indeed, it is necessary to count 500 euros minimum to benefit from this functionality.

Installation and use of a cheap air conditioner

The best cheap air conditioners 9

The exhaust duct

Portable air conditioners come with 1 or 2 exhaust ducts. A single-duct configuration uses the same pipe for fresh air intake and hot air exhaust. The cooling is not efficient. A dual duct configuration uses separate intake and exhaust pipes. It is more efficient and uses less energy.

Exhausting the hot air requires a hole in the wall or usually a window. Depending on the size of the room, there is a temptation to extend the duct, especially since extensions are sold on the internet. But don't do it, because the air conditioner's output is regulated by the length of the duct.

If you extend the hose or duct, the air conditioner will have difficulties to discharge hot air and condensation due to the lack of power. There is even a risk of condensate backflow into the room! In addition, the unit will be permanently in overdrive, causing premature wear.

Our installation tips

The installation of a cheap air conditioner can be done without the help of a professional and without specialized tools. Place the air conditioner in a clear and dry space. Attach the exhaust duct(s) to the outside through a half-open window or a hole in the wall. Caulking solutions are available for a more aesthetic installation.

The duct should be as horizontal as possible, not vertical. Avoid bending it too much so as not to force hot air into the room. Above all, do not connect it to a chimney duct or to an air intake of a ventilation system. In this case, the air will be blown back into the whole house and the humidity can damage the VMC.

Maintenance and storage

Regular maintenance increases the life of the air conditioner and stabilizes its energy consumption. Typically, this involves cleaning the filters and draining the water collection cassette. Don't forget to descale the air conditioner at least once a year to avoid overloading it.

If your air conditioner has simple ventilation, run it for a few hours in this mode before unplugging it for the cold seasons. This will help dry out its ducts and pipes for storage. Do the same thing in the spring, when the heat returns, before using the air conditioner again.

Our tips for reducing consumption

To cool a 25-square-metre room, a 2,500-W or 10,000-BTU unit will cost you 16 cents per hour of operation. This will amount to a little less than 4 euros/day in continuous operation, a mode of use most likely in summer. For a daily use of 3 to 4 hours, your electricity consumption will increase by 15%.

Rest assured, there are simple and easy to apply solutions to save even more. First of all, don't lower the room temperature by more than 5°C compared to the outside temperature. A quality installation kit also limits energy loss. And prefer a programmable, Class A air conditioner with a high COP.

To avoid increasing your electricity bill and limit your pollution, use the air conditioner with moderation. Running it continuously is less energy consuming than turning it on only when you are at home. Finally, keeping the blinds closed during the day and airing out at night helps reduce the air conditioner's consumption.

Good to know

In addition to the energy label, the European regulation 842/2006 on fluorinated greenhouse gases requires the reduction of their impact. The refrigerant gas R410A has harmful effects on the environment, which is why it is increasingly replaced by R290 and R32.

Air conditioner or fan?

Air conditioner

Indispensable in this summer period, the air conditioner reduces perspiration and minimizes dehydration. Its main role is to considerably improve the indoor air quality of a room and create a healthier atmosphere. It is also very beneficial to your health, as it can fight allergies by filtering pollen, dust and preventing the development of mold.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider with the air conditioner. As it draws moisture from the air, it can cause your skin to dry out. Besides, if you spend more time in air-conditioned places, you can easily get headaches because of the temperature that is always kept very low.


The best thing about a fan is that you can put it anywhere: on the floor, the table, or on your desk. It can send a pleasant current of air at an intensity that you want. Compared to an air conditioner, the fan requires little energy to operate. It is also very simple to maintain without the need for a specialist. Indeed, it can easily be disassembled and cleaned by yourself.

On the other hand, since the fan can rotate at high speed, there is a high chance of accidents, especially if you have small children. They can put their fingers into the moving fan and it can even cause fatal injuries. Also, a fan does not cool the air in a room: it simply stirs up the warm air, creating a breeze. That's why it feels so cool.


Both the fan and the air conditioner help you cope with the summer. If you live in an area where it's not too hot, the fan will do the trick. If not, you'll have no choice but to get an air conditioner to handle the heat.

Why buy a cheap air conditioner?

For occasional use, especially in summer, the cheap air conditioner provides sufficient guarantees and efficiency. Here is why you should buy one.

The price

Of course! Why buy a cheap air conditioner if not for the price? This type of device is available from 70 euros and does not exceed 400 euros. In addition to the purchase price, the cheap air conditioner attracts by its energy consumption much more moderate than that of fixed air conditioners, split or mobile high-end.

Easy installation and maintenance

You will only need a few minutes to install a cheap air conditioner, without necessarily resorting to a professional. Plus, you don't have to worry about condominium regulations or outdoor unit overhangs like with split system air conditioners. And the installation doesn't spoil the view from the window.

Maintenance is so simple that you can change the filters yourself, unlike a conventional air conditioner where you have to call a technician. In addition, doctors recommend mobile air conditioners especially for sensitive and allergic people. But the cheap air conditioner is a mobile air conditioner...


Of monobloc form and equipped with wheels, the cheap air conditioner accompanies you everywhere in the room, even in all the house. In very large rooms, do not hesitate to place the device near you to take advantage of it as much as possible. And once the summer is over, you can easily put it away.


Properly maintained, a cheap air conditioner will last between 5 and 10 years. In fact, most inexpensive units last longer than advertised, provided the filters are cleaned regularly and winterization is done properly. In fact, a short life span is often due to improper installation and lack of maintenance.

The best brands of cheap air conditioners

In our opinion, the best brands of cheap air conditioners in 2022 are :

Olimpia Splendid
Suntec Wellness

Whether it's household appliances, air conditioning or kitchen appliances, Klarstein makes everything for a low price. To this diversity, the German brand adds quality manufacturing. Since its creation, it has been a success, especially for its low-cost air conditioners.

Distributed by all the giants of online commerce, this brand has gained in popularity in recent years. It must be said that its prices accessible to the greatest number of people are a strong argument. For air cooling, OneConcept is a must.

Olimpia Splendid is a world leader in air conditioning, heating, air handling and hydronic systems. Founded in 1956, the Italian brand is best known for its Dolceclima air conditioners. Made in Italy in all its splendor.

Originating from Greece, this brand has been in existence for about 50 years. Specialized in air-conditioning appliances, it has been able to diversify by manufacturing refrigerators, minibars and wine cellars. The Chilly air conditioner is its greatest success.

This brand is among the world leaders in mobile air conditioning, ventilation and auxiliary heating. Its Klimatronic range stands out for its diversity and quality. If you look hard enough, you will find what you are looking for at Suntec Wellness.

What is the price for a cheap air conditioner

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Avoid lowering the temperature too much.

When setting the air conditioner, respect a maximum difference of 8°C between the room temperature and the outside temperature, the ideal being 5°C. Beyond the energy savings and a not too high bill, this provision protects the occupants of the room from a possible thermal shock.

Clean the air filters regularly.


you live in the city or in the country, filters accumulate dust and pollen. That's why you should take them out and clean them every two weeks. Use a vacuum cleaner. Then clean the filters with soapy water and a cloth. Wait until they have dried completely before putting them back in. Don't forget to drain the water pan.

Isolate the room from the outside air.


supply of warm air from outside limits the efficiency of the air conditioner, no matter how powerful or expensive

it is.

For optimal room cooling, close the openings. For glass windows, close the curtain or blinds. This way, the air conditioner will reach the desired temperature faster.

Call a professional to replace the refrigerant.


, R290 or R410A, the refrigerant allows the transfer of calories. In addition to pollution, this product is dangerous for the hands and eyes but also in case of inhalation. Tinkering with the refrigerant circuit will bring you more problems than solutions. Call in a qualified technician.

Range the air conditioner when not in use.

This will

keep the unit and filters from collecting dust unnecessarily. And when you store it, keep the air conditioner in an upright position so you don't damage the cooling system. The manufacturers didn't choose this shape by accident or just to look pretty!


Which cheap air conditioner to choose?

In our opinion, the best cheap air conditioner for most people is the Klarstein New Breeze 9. The OneConcept CarribeanBlue, sold for less than 100 euros, should be of interest to many. For those who are looking for power, the Olimpia Splendid Dolceclima Compact 10 P is just right. Finally, the Inventor Chilly is for those who want to buy smart.

How to choose your cheap air conditioner?


cooling capacity, expressed in BTUs, is the main criterion of choice. Also consider the energy efficiency or energy class, the noise level without forgetting the available options.

How to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner?


by buying an A or A+ energy class air conditioner. Mount the unit properly and caulk the window properly. Don't lower the room temperature more than 5°C from the outside and keep the blinds closed. Also, running the air conditioner continuously will moderate its energy consumption.

How to maintain a cheap air conditioner?

It couldn't be

easier. Just clean the filters and drain the water recovery cassette. Don't forget to descale the air conditioner at least once a year to avoid over-revving it. And if possible, run it for a few hours in fan mode before and after hibernation.

What are the best brands of cheap air conditioners?


is a benchmark of its kind. So is the Italian brand Olimpia Splendid. Other brands like Suntec, Inventor, and OneConcept offer great deals.


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Suntec CoolFixx 2.6 Eco
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Comfee MPPHA-05CRN7
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Klarstein NewBreeze 9
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