The best beard trimmers in the UK 2023

Over the years, the razor has become less popular with men. The beard has become trendy again, and it is now the beard trimmer that is in charge. Whether corded, battery-powered or rechargeable, there is a trimmer for every taste and budget. This guide offers you the best beard trimmers of the moment.

Hatteker 5-en-1 1

Best value for money

Hatteker 5-en-1

The best beard trimmer in 2021

Male customers are raving about this Hatteker kit. It includes the perfect accessories for a precise and painless cut.

20,76 £ on Amazon

The Hatteker 5-in-1 beard trimmer has self-sharpening stainless steel blades. Its settings ensure a precise cut for all beard styles. Its cordless operation and non-slip handle make it easy to hold anywhere, even in the shower. In fact, this beard trimmer is IPX7 certified.

Its Lithium-ion battery provides 60 min. A full charge takes 90 minutes. Refer to the LED display to check the remaining charge in real time. Finally, Hatteker has included in its package everything needed for trimming and maintaining beards, hairs and moustaches.

Philips MG1100/16 2

Best value for money

Philips MG1100/16

The best entry-level beard trimmer

For those on a budget, here's a 2-in-1 beard trimmer from a top brand. The Philips MG1100/16 is ideal for fine-tuning the line and height of a beard.

15,99 £ on Amazon

This beard trimmer uses double-sharpened blades and combines their use with a movement with very little friction. This process is called DualCut and it sets the Philips MG1100/16 apart. The 3 blades allow you to carefully work the beard. The shaver offered helps to refine the contours.

Suitable for young and old men, the Philips MG1100/16 runs on rechargeable batteries, compatible with any standard interface via a USB cable. The pack also includes the necessary accessories for a quality shave. The rubber coating makes the device easy to handle.

Panasonic ER-SB60 3

Best value for money

Panasonic ER-SB60

The best high-end beard trimmer

If you care about your beard and are particularly concerned about its condition, you'll need the Panasonic ER-SB60. I promise, it won't disappoint you.

85,60 £ on Amazon

Panasonic represents a safe bet when it comes to clippers, especially beard clippers. The ultra powerful linear motor of the Panasonic ER-SB60 proves it. Moreover, this model has everything you need. Starting with razor-sharp blades for a clean, tear-free cut. When fully charged, this cordless device has a 60-minute runtime. Note that it takes only 1 hour to fully recharge the battery.

With the Panasonic ER-SB60 beard trimmer, you'll get 19 cutting heights, ranging from 0.5 to 10 mm. This waterproof and robust model will not go unnoticed by its elegance. The 2 shoes and the charging base offered make its use more convenient. But considering the price, we would have liked more accessories.

Braun BT7240 4


Braun BT7240

A true multi-function trimmer

Beard, hair, stubble - the Braun BT7240 cuts it all and cuts it very well. 39 cutting heights are available and the included shaver ensures better precision.

54,63 £ on Amazon

Combine your hair trimmer, shaver and epilator in one with the Braun BT7240. It's simple, this trimmer cuts it all and shaves it all - nothing stands in its way! And if that's still not enough, Braun has included a shaver in the package. The innovative Auto Sensor technology adapts the power of the motor to the thickness of your beard to better suit your needs.

The sharp, wear-free metal blades of the Braun BT7240 pluck hairs without tugging, no matter how high they are. Note the 100-minute runtime (a record!). And when it comes to cutting height, a precision button offers no less than 39 different settings. It's up to you to see what suits you.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best beard trimmer

Any specific needs?

The best beard trimmer in 2021

The best entry-level beard trimmer

The best high-end beard trimmer

A true multi-function trimmer

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Comparison table of the best beard trimmers

Hatteker 5-en-1 5
Philips MG1100/16 6
Panasonic ER-SB60 7
Braun BT7240 8
Hatteker 5-en-1
Philips MG1100/16
Panasonic ER-SB60
Braun BT7240
Male customers are raving about this Hatteker kit. It includes the perfect accessories for a precise and painless cut.
For those on a budget, here's a 2-in-1 beard trimmer from a top brand. The Philips MG1100/16 is ideal for fine-tuning the line and height of a beard.
If you care about your beard and are particularly concerned about its condition, you'll need the Panasonic ER-SB60. I promise, it won't disappoint you.
Beard, hair, stubble - the Braun BT7240 cuts it all and cuts it very well. 39 cutting heights are available and the included shaver ensures better precision.
Beard, hair, bristles
Beard, hair and bristles
Cutting heights
3 to 6 mm for beard6
, 9, 12 and 15 mm for hair1
to 10 mm for precision
1, 3 and 5 mm
1 to 10 mm
0.5 to 20 mm
Autonomy and charging time
60 min90
120 min60
60 min60
100 min60
Blade quality
Stainless steel, self-sharpening
Stainless steel blades with Dual Cut technology (cuts hair without tearing)
Japanese blade with wider tips for more precise finishes
Sharp, wear-resistant metal blades
Accessories included
5 types of clippers (beard, precision, long hair, body hair, nose and ears)
6 cutters1
cleaning brush1
cord pouch1
USB charging cable with plug

1 precision trimmer1
mini shaver3
AA battery1
cleaning brush

1 trimmer1
charging cradle1
bottle of lubricating oil1
cleaning brush

1 beard trimmer1
hair trimmer2
precision combs1
charger with power outlet1
cleaning brush1
charging base

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Buying guide - beard trimmer

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How to choose your beard trimmer

For an effective shave of your beard, find the best beard trimmer by considering the following criteria.

#1 - Type of mower

To choose the beard trimmer that offers the best features for your needs, first look at the main criterion: the type of trimmer. Some models can be used to trim your hair, but also your beard. If you are looking for a multi-functional device, they will certainly meet all your expectations. Otherwise, turn to a classic model.

#2 - The brand

Opting for a product of a renowned brand means investing in a device that is both robust and efficient. In addition to quality, we advise you to choose a clipper designed by a manufacturer with a solid reputation, in order to facilitate your research and find replacement parts more easily. For your information, the beard fashion has given birth to many startups specialized in the design of clippers.

Although some of them offer great value for money products, they often find it difficult to stand out from the big competitors such as Philips or Wahl, and can quickly disappear from the market. Investing in a product from a brand that is on the verge of disappearing can be particularly disadvantageous, as it will be extremely difficult to access replacement parts in the event of a breakdown.

#3 - The feeding mode

After determining the brand of your mower, decide which power method is right for you. Cordless mowers offer more freedom of movement, but their effectiveness depends largely on their battery charge. Corded models restrict users' movement, but they are particularly powerful and provide a consistent cut. Apart from the power, a corded mower is not subject to the risk of battery failure, which is quite common with heavily used cordless devices.

#4 - The charge level indicator



choice a cordless model? Check to see if the device offers a charge indicator. This can be particularly useful for effectively assessing the battery level before and after each mowing session. To access more information about your battery, choose a mower with an LCD display that shows the percentage of charge.

#5 - Cutting heights

A trimmer should be suitable for both long and short beards. In other words, it should offer different cutting heights or guides. Before you go out and buy any equipment, we recommend that you take a serious look at the cutting options it offers. The best products on the market are equipped with a guide whose height can go from 0.1 mm to 16 mm. For devices dedicated to both beards and hair, the settings must allow for more than 16 mm. In many cases, they are equipped with interchangeable guides of different sizes.

#6 - Adjustable or interchangeable guide?

As said before, a clipper can be equipped with an adjustable or interchangeable guide. Models with adjustable guides are convenient, but they rarely allow mowing at heights greater than 16 mm. On the other hand, machines with interchangeable guides require more preparation. You'll need to determine exactly what accessories you'll be using before you start grooming your beard. When it comes to cutting height, interchangeable guides offer more possibilities than adjustable guides. If you want to focus on practicality, the latter will definitely meet your needs.

#7 - Accessories

A beard trimmer is not necessarily suitable for hair care. Nevertheless, it can help you in other operations such as nose hair trimming, depending on its accessories. When buying your equipment, opt for a model that offers different heads and various useful accessories, among which we can mention the brushes used to effectively remove hair from the blades.

#8 - Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your clippers, you must perform regular maintenance sessions. Of course, the brushes that come with your equipment will allow you to effectively remove the hair lodged between the blades. Nevertheless, you should know that cleaning your equipment should not be limited to this relatively simple operation.

For precise cuts and to avoid any possible problems, you should also oil the blades regularly and clean the dirt deposits. In order to be able to carry out maintenance operations with peace of mind, we recommend that you opt for a waterproof model with high-quality components. Mowers with too many plastic components should be avoided. In addition to the lack of robustness, they are relatively difficult to clean.

How to maintain your beard trimmer?

You and your beard trimmer will go a long way together if you take care to maintain it regularly and calmly: be careful, the accessories of the beard trimmer can hurt you, be vigilant in your gestures.

To begin with, you must remove one by one the different parts that connect to the blade: remember the order so as not to confuse them when assembling. Normally, you have a small brush to clean the hairs attached to the blade.

Don't hesitate to spend time on this detail since your beard trimmer may jam in its operation if any residue remains. After getting rid of all the hair, disinfect your blade with alcohol if possible.

Wipe with a dry cloth and don't forget to pour a little lubricating oil on the blade to boost its efficiency: ask your dealer for advice if oil is not included in your pack. After this maintenance, turn on the beard trimmer for a few minutes to "break in" the system, then charge it up well so that it is ready for the next use.

The different types of beard trimmers

The beard trimmer exists in several variants depending on its usefulness and the tasks you want to assign it.

The corded beard trimmer

Corded beard trimmers are the most popular and one of the most appreciated by consumers, despite their few weak points.

This type of trimmer comes with a power cord and must be plugged into a power outlet to operate. Its power is one of its main assets. It guarantees an even cut and is particularly suitable for thick beards with stubborn hairs.

If the connection to a power outlet offers optimal power and avoids possible drops in performance, it is also one of the great weaknesses of the corded trimmer. First of all, the power cord will greatly limit your movements.

Second, it will force you to do your trimming sessions in an area with an electrical outlet near a mirror.

Advantages :

  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price

Disadvantages :

  • Power cord greatly restricting the user's movement
  • The need to have an electrical outlet near a mirror

When to choose a corded beard trimmer?

Corded beard trimmers are popular with consumers because of their power. It is the ideal model if your bathroom is well equipped to facilitate trimming sessions. The presence of an electrical outlet near a mirror is essential, to take full advantage of the benefits offered by this type of clipper.

Cordless beard trimmer


the corded trimmer, the cordless beard trimmer comes with a power cord. Nevertheless, the latter is mainly intended for recharging the battery of the device.

The way this type of device works is one of its greatest strengths, but it is also a weakness. The absence of a power cord offers a great deal of freedom of movement during mowing sessions. On the one hand, you will not feel any discomfort and on the other hand, you will be able to trim your beard wherever you are, without necessarily having a power outlet at your reach.

However, it is important to note that the level of charge of the battery can affect the power of the device. If you forget to charge it, you may find yourself with a half-shaved beard.

Also, without taking certain precautionary measures, you will accelerate the wear and tear of your battery and at some point, you will need to replace it in order to enjoy the many benefits your device offers.


  • Convenient
  • Offers great freedom of movement
  • Can be used on the go


  • Power not always optimal depending on the load level
  • Quite expensive to maintain

When to choose a cordless beard trimmer?

If you are regularly on the go, we recommend investing in a cordless beard trimmer. The latter stands out from its corded counterpart by its practicality. However, you should know that the homogeneity of the clipping of a cordless device depends largely on the level of charge of its battery. To avoid unpleasant surprises (sudden stop, significant drop in power, etc.), we advise you to opt for a model offering a charge indicator.

The beard and hair clippers


type of trimmer will allow you to sculpt your beard, but also your hair. Its dimensions are generally larger than those of classic beard trimmers and it offers different cutting heights.

Note that the clippers dedicated mainly to beard trimming are often equipped with adjustable guides, while the "multipurpose" models offer interchangeable shoes. The latter are much less practical than the adjustable cutting guides, but they offer a more consistent cutting height.

The shoe is the part that comes in contact with your skin. It acts as a protective device and allows you to adjust the height of the hairs. In most cases, it comes in the form of a comb.


  • Can be used for beard and hair
  • Different cutting heights
  • Easy to use


  • Dimensions sometimes consequent
  • Interchangeable blades often impact on practicality

When to choose a hair and beard trimmer?

The beard and hair trimmer is the essential device if you want to take care of your beard and hair trimming without the intervention of a professional. It usually comes with interchangeable blades and offers a wide variety of cutting heights.

Beard trimmer or electric shaver?

Beard trimmer

The beard trimmer makes it easier to shave your bush and to refine the style without direct contact with the skin, thus without the risk of itching or skin intolerance. With the beard trimmer, you save time because the work is done quickly. Invest in efficiency by choosing a well-equipped, self-contained beard trimmer with a sharp, waterproof blade. This way, you'll be sure to have the perfect accessory to design your beard the way you want it: all styles are allowed!

Electric shaver

The electric shaver is much more useful for those who prefer to have a smooth skin after shaving. It cleans the face of all stray hairs and makes the skin soft. Combined with a shaving foam, the electric shaver works particularly well. It works just as well on dry or wet skin, depending on your comfort level. Please note that using an electric shaver can irritate the skin.


Before you choose the right device for your shaving, you need to define the style you want to assign to it. The beard trimmer offers you a variety of results, while the electric shaver helps you to gently clean your face. If you like to change your head often, why not opt for a 2-in-1 trimmer.

Why buy a beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers are much more efficient and practical than a simple razor. This device is a must for those who want to keep their style and maintain their beard carefully. It has several advantages:

To carefully maintain your beard

The bearded style is currently in fashion and many people adopt it. This does not mean, however, that you should let the hair grow just any old way. It is necessary to maintain them carefully, in particular to trim them regularly so that they can grow back quickly. Beard trimmers are a must, especially for those who don't want to shave their entire body.

Even if having a beard is no longer a sign of neglect, it is still essential to take care of it. Just like hair, it's important to trim your beard to make it look more even and neat.

For a personalized style

A beard can be stylish if you do it right. And to keep it that way, you need the right tools: clogs. There are different types of trimmers that usually come with a beard trimmer. They represent the cutting lengths available to you. So, the choice is yours on the length adapted to your style.

However, for a harmonious result, be sure to take into account the proportions of your face. The beard should neither hide nor exaggerate your facial features. For example, if you have a small mouth, a shorter style is better than a thick, full beard. Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits.

Shave your beard quickly and comfortably

Beard trimmers offer more safety and convenience than a simple razor. It also guarantees a fast and comfortable shave. This device can trim your beard in seconds, especially if you choose the maximum cutting speed (Turbo). Expressed in strokes per second, the speed usually depends on the unit. Some models offer a customizable cutting speed.

In terms of comfort, most beard trimmers have a rubber-coated handle for a comfortable grip. These devices are also designed not to irritate the skin or cause injury.

To save time

Having a beard trimmer eliminates the need to go to a barber shop. This is a significant time saver when you consider the journey and perhaps even the long queue that awaits you. In addition, this device offers various possibilities thanks to the different shoes, blades and heads.

You won't have to go to your barber to take care of your beard before an important meeting or a dinner party. This device is the best alternative for a quick and impeccable shave.

It's easy to use

Its ease of use is a major advantage of the beard trimmer. Indeed, it is easier to handle than an ordinary razor. All you have to do is press the "On" button and run it over your face. Of course, you have to choose the right guide for your style beforehand. Note that it is the guide that defines the cutting height.


Know where to draw the neck line.

Glue your index and middle fingers together, and place them directly over your Adam's apple. Imagine a dot at this point, just above the two fingers. Next, draw a U-shaped line across the back of each ear. The center point of this line should be the point you imagined, about a quarter inch above your Adam's apple. Shave everything below this line, and keep everything above it.

Narrow the neckline of your beard.


the neckline of your beard, so you'll have a more subtle cut: the neckline will subtly fade into the longer hairs


Cleaning the beard trimmer.

Most of the time, when you buy a men's electric shaver or electric beard trimmer, it comes with a few items like oil and a brush. The brush is specifically used to remove any hair that has gotten stuck inside the beard trimmer, where the blades are located. Once you have removed all the hair from the trimmer, turn it on for a few seconds to get rid of any residue that may still be inside.

Oil the trimmer.


quality beard trimmer comes with a small bottle of oil. This oil will be used to lubricate the blades of your trimmer. It is important to remember that beard trimmers are like a small machine with a lot of working parts inside. So it's important to keep it lubricated so that all the little parts, including the blades, move properly when you turn on the trimmer.

Use beard oil.


beard oil to keep your beard soft and healthy. These lightweight oils help keep the hair and skin moisturized. This will make it easier for you to discipline your beard and mustache.


What is the best beard trimmer?

The best beard trimmer depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How to travel with a corded beard trimmer?

Normally, the plug always connects to a source in the country of purchase. If you are traveling to a completely different country, consider carrying a universal adapter to be safe.

Can the beard trimmer work on other parts of the body?

As the name suggests, the design of the beard trimmer is specifically dedicated to the treatment of the beard and its intricacies. However, many more advanced models include other features, which are specified on the box. Be sure to check out the model you need before making a purchase.

What to do if the beard trimmer blade stops cutting?

Normally, the models have an automatic sharpening system. Otherwise, you can always sharpen it carefully with a grinder. However, if you find that it is twisted or bent, it is high time to replace it to avoid injury.

What is the use of the laser on the beard trimmer?

The laser guide is a high-precision gadget that pre-draws the areas where you need to trim the hair for a perfect cut.


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Hatteker 5-en-1
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