The best baby wipes in the UK 2023

Today, baby wipes have taken over from traditional hygiene techniques. The ANSM (French National Agency for Health and Safety) recommends that products intended for toddlers should have a maximum content of 0.4% phenoxyethanol. Between the composition, the efficiency, the practicality and other essential points to remember about baby wipes, this guide helps you make the right choice!

Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes 1

Best value for money

Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes

Best baby wipes in 2021

Discover this set of 25 washable cotton wipes for baby's toilet and diaper. Soft and ecological, they will be the best allies for a perfect hygiene for baby and mom (baby diaper, wash cloth, make-up removal of mom...)

23,96 £ on Amazon

The Modulit wipes come in a 15 cm square shape. Certified Oeko-tex, they scrupulously respect the fragile skin of the toddlers and are thus ideal for the change and the daily toilet of your loulou. They are also suitable for daily use for hand or face cleaning. The softness of the fabric is compatible with any part of his body and makes his skin even smoother than it already is.

The fabric can be machine washed at 30°C for effective laundry and can be tumble dried without any problem. However, in order to guarantee a better longevity, remember not to wash them too regularly, at the risk of making them too rough or tearing them.

Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge 2

Best value for money

Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge

Best entry-level baby wipes in 2021

These delicately scented wipes are a sure bet for a soft, clean and protected skin. Specifically developed for sensitive skin, they effectively prevent redness and irritation.

1,73 £ on Amazon
Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes 3

Excellent choice

Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes

Best premium baby wipes in 2021

The brand works in simplicity, but guarantees 100% effectiveness in this 100% natural product, based only on water and grapefruit seed extract.

32 £ on Cdiscount

Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes rival the competition! Simple, yet effective: these words perfectly describe this good quality product. With a good price/quality ratio, these disposable baby wipes have only two ingredients: 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract. The mixture is equivalent to washing with plain water and cotton, except that these baby wipes have a special touch that is none other than the fragrance without paraben or harmful substances.

The grapefruit extract raises a fruity note that comes to rest delicately the skin of baby. In view of their treatment and design, these wipes are perfectly suited to fragile skin and can be used on any part of the body (buttocks, face, neck, folds ...).

Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty 4

Very good

Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty

Disposable baby wipes, sensitive skin

100% organic and eco, these ecological baby wipes - 168 pieces - Eco by Naty are designed to make your baby's skin even softer than it already is!

11,54 £ on Amazon

Enjoy 168 fresh, thick and soft disposable baby wipes in this Eco by Naty product. Eco by Naty's eco-friendly baby wipes - 168 pieces - are environmentally friendly and do not contain any chemical additives that may cause irritation.

Dermatologically tested and certified hypoallergenic, these baby wipes enriched with chamomile have been designed with premium plant ingredients. The set includes 3 packs of 56 compostable baby wipes without any plastic; it is therefore a product suitable for sensitive skin.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best baby wipes

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Best baby wipes in 2021

Best entry-level baby wipes in 2021

Best premium baby wipes in 2021

Disposable baby wipes, sensitive skin

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Comparison table of the best baby wipes

Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes 5
Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge 6
Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes 7
Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty 8
Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes
Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge
Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes
Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty
Discover this set of 25 washable cotton wipes for baby's toilet and diaper. Soft and ecological, they will be the best allies for a perfect hygiene for baby and mom (baby diaper, wash cloth, make-up removal of mom...)
These delicately scented wipes are a sure bet for a soft, clean and protected skin. Specifically developed for sensitive skin, they effectively prevent redness and irritation.
The brand works in simplicity, but guarantees 100% effectiveness in this 100% natural product, based only on water and grapefruit seed extract.
100% organic and eco, these ecological baby wipes - 168 pieces - Eco by Naty are designed to make your baby's skin even softer than it already is!
Oeko-tex certified and non-aggressive for the skin of toddlers
100% biodegradable and made of 99% natural ingredients
100% natural
Suitable for sensitive skin
Suitable for daily use for changing and bathing
Very convenient size
Satisfactory quantity and thickness
Certified COSMOS by Ecocert, chemical and plastic free
Machine washable and tumble dryable
Generated specifically to care for sensitive skin
Suitable for sensitive skin
Satisfactory thickness and moisture content

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Buying guide - baby wipes

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How to choose your baby wipes

When it comes to baby's daily toilet, wipes are more effective and convenient than warm water and cotton. These little gizmos are a must, especially when you travel or are outside with baby. But be careful, it is important to choose the right product to avoid possible infections and itching! In addition to selecting special baby wipes, find below other essential criteria.

#1 - compatibility with baby's skin

Like any parent, you care about your little one's well-being! It goes without saying that babies constantly deserve the best to satisfy their needs... When it comes to hygiene, that's the least we can say, knowing that their delicate skin requires special attention. Indeed, we must not forget that the skin of infants and young children does not have the same elasticity and resistance as that of adults. Also, we will not fail to remind you that the buttocks is an extremely fragile part and prone to irritation. For this reason, pay special attention to your baby's skin type: sensitive, dry, oily, etc.

#2 - efficiency

Who says efficiency, says quality, consistency and thickness ! If you opt for baby wipes that systematically dry out as soon as they come out of their packaging, you might as well go without. To clean your little one's skin effectively and quickly, you will necessarily need baby wipes that are sufficiently moist and thick. This way, you'll be sure to get the same results as a wash with soap, water and washcloth.

#3 - practicality

Parents especially appreciate the convenience of baby wipes when they're on the go. Whether it's at the park, in the car, at the office, with friends or family, or even on the train or plane, there's no better way to get baby out of his or her diaper in a hurry. It's clear that carrying a thermos, a cup, liquid soap and a pack of cotton when you leave the house is far from practical. This is one of the reasons why we can't do without baby wipes, but we still need to find the most practical ones! Opt for a product that is easy to open and with which you can easily recover the wipes one by one, even with a busy hand. To do this, some brands even offer baby wipes with an opening system that allows you to remove the wipes by piece, so they don't pile up.

#4 - the quantity

Washable wipes are sold in sets. Disposable wipes, on the other hand, are available in packs of 20, 50, 100, or even more (over 500 pieces). But whether you choose the former or the latter, you'll need to think about quantity at all costs. If you're still in the pregnancy stage and are already planning to buy for your baby, you'll want to consider a pack of 50 wipes per week. During their first month, babies have several bowel movements a day, so you'll need to be well equipped for the circumstances. If your baby is a few months old, however, you've probably gotten used to his habits and changing frequencies. In general, 8 to 10 toilets a day are necessary to guarantee the well-being and hygiene of babies

. We therefore advise you to choose the most numerous batches and packages, to avoid being caught unprepared in the middle of the night or during long journeys outside.

#5 - the composition

The composition of the wipes relates particularly to the first criterion of choice in this list, which is none other than the compatibility with the skin of baby. If you opt for biodegradable disposable wipes or washable wipes, this criterion is not to be taken into account. The components and fabrics chosen for the design of the latter are 100% natural. Conversely, this is not the case with all conventional disposable wipes. In addition to the mixture of polyester and cellulose, some also contain cleaning chemicals to ensure their effectiveness. These include ingredients such as phenoxyethanol, parabens and perfume. Toxic and main sources of irritation, these substances have been reduced over the years according to the recommendations issued by the ANSM. Nevertheless, for commercial purposes, some brands still use them in their products. We therefore recommend that you check the labels to make your choice easier.

#6 - recyclability

Finally, the recyclability of baby wipes remains a criterion to be taken into account. Do you prefer the economical side of washable wipes or the practicality of disposable wipes, whether they are classic or organic? The first alternative will save you the trouble of buying wipes again and again, but of course it involves a lot of maintenance. As for the second choice, you won't have to do the laundry because once used, the baby wipes end up directly in the trash. You'll have to invest a lot more until your little one is independent enough to go potty. Parents' needs are different, some prefer temperance, others prefer ease. So think about what suits your habits, your availability and your budget.

Which substances should be avoided?

Childcare services, health services and the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) cannot repeat it enough: choosing healthy products is crucial for babies! Wipes are therefore among the cosmetic products for which it is essential to select the components carefully. Although the ANSM has recommended that manufacturers limit the content of chemical agents such as phenoxyethanol to 0.4%, some brands persist in circumventing this regulation. If you choose disposable baby wipes, your attention will be focused on the composition rather than the other details described on the packaging. Are to be avoided imperatively, the following substances:

  • The phenoxyethanol Despite its antibacterial virtue, this agent is one of the main causes of allergies and irritations in infants and young children. It is also an endocrine disruptor, whose effects are not necessarily immediate and appear automatically after several years.
  • The parabens Used in a large number of cosmetic products, it is a carcinogenic and allergenic agent par excellence.
  • The methylisothiazolinone (MIT): many brands of baby wipes use it to replace parabens. It is an extremely allergenic agent, especially for sensitive skin.
  • The perfumes Scented baby wipes: intended to bring a soft and cuddly smell after the toilet, scented baby wipes remain harmful, given the content of phthalates and parabens of many perfumes.
  • Other chemical substances: PEG, phthalates, BHA, EDTA (disodium, tetrasodium, calcium disodium...), SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate).

The different types of baby wipes

Baby wipes are invading the market, so much so that parents sometimes have trouble finding their way around. Theoretically, it's the brands that are numerous. In terms of diversity, there are basically two kinds of baby wipes to choose from: disposable baby wipes and washable baby wipes.

Disposable baby wipes

As their name indicates, they are single-use wipes Once used, the wipe will be directly thrown away. They are the most popular on the market, and brands are rushing to manufacture this type of baby wipes. However, you can also distinguish two types of disposable wipes: the classic and the biodegradable. The difference is essentially in their composition, knowing that the classic disposable wipes contain chemical agents, while the organic ones are based on natural products. The latter are said to be ecological and contain only water and organic ingredients such as fruit extracts (grapefruit, lemon, etc.) or organic ingredients (aloe vera, chamomile, etc.). In view of the warnings issued by health authorities, opt for disposable baby wipes that respect the sensitivity of toddlers' skin.

Advantages :

  • Not expensive to buy
  • Practical and comfortable in all circumstances
  • Hygienic
  • Transportable

Disadvantages :

  • Investment required on the long term
  • Not ecological in the case of traditional disposable wipes

Who is it for?

In addition to being a parent, you have to work all day long? Disposable wipes are for you! You are often on the move for various responsibilities, and your baby has to accompany you everywhere? Opt for disposable wipes too! In other words, this type of baby wipes is especially designed for parents who want to be practical. No question of getting bogged down when you have to take care of baby while going about your other business... Disposable baby wipes can be used directly and thrown away, wherever you are!

Washable baby wipes

Unlike the first choice, washable baby wipes are recyclable. There is no need to buy them regularly, they are used over the long term and are renewed at a spaced interval. You will have understood it, they also avoid the impromptu ruptures. Moreover, it is the best way to banish the toxic agents that are systematically found in traditional wipes.

Manufacturers offer different materials to guarantee baby's hygiene during diaper changes. Usually, parents and health authorities recommend washable baby wipes made of cotton, bamboo or micropolar. The first option is known for its resistance during use and over time, even after several washes. In addition to your baby's bottom, you can also use them during morning bathing to clean the folds of your baby's neck, hands and face.

The washable bamboo baby wipes are appreciated for their softness. Ultra-absorbent, soft and pleasant to the touch, they avoid irritation, whatever the part of the body to be cleaned. Another advantage: these wipes keep their flexibility, even after several washes.

Finally, washable baby wipes made of microfleece are also soft. You can use them for diapering, or to apply baby's toiletries (cream, massage oil, etc.).


  • Economical in the long run
  • Soft and resistant
  • 100% natural and healthy
  • Washable by hand or in the washing machine


  • Costly to purchase
  • Requires regular and rigorous maintenance

Who is it for?

Are you a full-time stay-at-home parent with enough time to spend on laundry? Turn to washable baby wipes! Don't trust even the best known brands of wipes? The alternative of disposable baby wipes is for you! You are respectful of the environment and militate for ecology? Choose washable baby wipes without hesitation!

Washable or disposable baby wipes?

Washable wipe

Each of these alternatives has advantages that deserve to be discussed, especially since many people are still hesitant when it comes to shopping. As all parents are concerned about their children's health, logic would normally turn to washable wipes because they are absolutely risk-free. The quality of baby's skin is respected, not to mention that it is a good deed towards the environment. However, if we do not take into account the economic side in the long term, these baby wipes are far from being practical in terms of their maintenance.

Disposable wipe

So the other option would be to turn to biodegradable disposable wipes. Just like with the washable models, you respect baby's skin and the environment. You'll note that you'll have to buy them regularly to avoid running out, which means a frequent investment.


In the end, the choice is yours alone. To decide, don't hesitate to evaluate your needs, your lifestyle and your budget by projecting yourself over a long period. If you're an eco-friendly person, washable wipes will suit you perfectly. However, if you need convenience above all, look at disposable wipes.

The best brands of baby wipes

In our opinion, the best brands of baby wipes in 2022 are :

Love & Green

It is certainly the number 1 in the world for 100% natural wipes! Specialized in the conception of baby wipes, the brand works for soft, pure and safe products for the most sensitive skins. Consumers are especially won over by the composition of Waterwipes baby wipes, made with 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract.

Created in 1994, the Swedish brand Naty, better known as "Eco by Naty", targets mainly women and babies. It offers products that are 100% ecological and certified by environmental organizations. Its manufacturing techniques based on high quality natural materials have now conquered parents from the four corners of the planet.

The brand is first known in the creation of baby diapers, and then developed in the design of products for toddlers and women. Its commitments? To offer healthy and environmentally friendly products. It is the leading brand for "parents looking for products that respect their baby's health."

Lillydoo offers many lines of products for toddlers, the best known of which are diapers and wipes. Over the years, the designers of this brand have worked to reduce the ingredients used in their items, including fragrances. Consumers have complete confidence in the effectiveness and quality of Lillydoo products, which are gentle and skin-friendly.

Pampers is known worldwide, in the support of parents and in the design of early childhood hygiene products (diapers and wipes). Since its inception in 1961, the brand has been committed to offering 100% safe, dermatologically tested products with no added toxic substances. Consumers have complete confidence in the quality and safety of Pampers products.


Don't rely on brand awareness

Even though many brands are literally known in the early childhood trade, there are still several that are not reliable. Their reputation does not mean that they respect the composition recommended by the health authorities. We therefore advise you not to rely on their reputation nor on the prices they display, but rather on the labeling.

Don't let the packaging fool you


beautiful packaging is not necessarily synonymous with quality. As with any product intended for children, it is common for the package to be very captivating and for you to systematically want to choose it. So don't rely on the packaging, but rather the information it contains.

Opt for fragrance-free wipes

Although we're

used to babies smelling good, health authorities advise fragrance-free products, which is the case with wipes. Prefer unscented wipes that ensure baby's cleanliness and naturally absorb bad odors. If you particularly want to have a scented note, recommend organic wipes that contain extracts of scented, but natural ingredients.

Clean only the external parts of baby's body

Baby wipes, whether washable or disposable, are for external parts only. Never venture to introduce them into baby's mucous membranes, either on his body or his face.

Don't hesitate to use a wipe as much as possible before throwing it away


doing the right things during baby's diaper change, you can save money with disposable baby wipes. Unfold the wipe completely before using it. Then fold it, and reuse it as much as possible, repeating the same process until it's no longer usable.


Which baby wipes to choose?

In our opinion, the best baby wipes for most people are the eco-friendly and biodegradable disposable wipes. Like the Eco by Naty 168 piece eco-friendly baby wipes pack, this type of baby wipes is completely harmless and healthy for your little one. Find in these products 100% natural and environmentally friendly qualities.

When can you use baby wipes?

Whether on an infant or a young child (between 12 and 36 months), there is no particular problem in using baby wipes. They can be used from birth and do not choose the age. Their softness and their absorption are recommended for the toilet of the toddlers, provided that they respect the required compositions.

Where to buy baby wipes?

Depending on your availability and use, you can buy baby wipes from physical or online childcare stores, as well as from the hygiene product sections of supermarkets or e-commerce sites.

How to care for washable baby wipes?

Washable baby wipes should be cleaned regularly after use. You can wash them by hand or in the washing machine, using stain-removing soap or natural products to preserve their properties (such as a mixture of white vinegar and soda crystals). If you use a washing machine, soak them overnight to remove stubborn dirt before washing them at a temperature of 30 to 40°C.

How often should I use baby wipes?

Babies need to be changed on average 8 times a day. That said, to avoid irritation and to save money, you can only use them if your little one has done a lot of shopping. Cleaning with clear water and cotton wool will be enough to remove the smell and traces of urine.


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Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes 9
Modulit 25 washable bamboo wipes
Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge 10
Biolane 72 lingettes nettoyantes épaisses H2O ecorecharge
Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes 11
Natural baby wipes - 720 pieces - Waterwipes
Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty 12
Lingettes bébé écologiques - 168 pièces - Eco by Naty


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