The best yogurt makers in the UK 2023

Making homemade yogurt or cheese without additives or chemicals is now possible with a yogurt maker. But to make these dairy products, you need to know the characteristics of the right appliance. With this in mind, our guide could surely direct you to the yogurt maker that best suits your expectations and your budget.

Lagrange 459602

Best value for your money

Lagrange 459602

The best yogurt maker in 2021

Multifunction, the Lagrange 459602 is not only for yoghurt, but also for cottage cheese or faisselles. It's a must have for all homemade cheese lovers.

67,99 £ on Amazon

The Lagrange 459602 is a yogurt machine entirely made and designed in the UK to meet the needs of those who wish to start making homemade yogurt and cheese. It offers a total capacity of 1,5 L, ideal to load up to 9 pots of 185 g or make 4 cheeses. The cleaning is made easier by the brush that will be included in the delivery.

The machine is supplied with glass jars, their respective lids (made of polypropylene and stackable) and a pallet of 4 faisselle jars of 250 mL each. The greatest asset of this model is its programmability up to 25 hours, the presence of its automatic stop system and its sound signal that warns you at the end of the cycle.

Leogreen 7 pots

Best value for your money

Leogreen 7 pots

The best entry-level yogurt maker

Easy to clean and easy to use, the round Leogreen with timer lets you make up to 1.47L of light and tasty yogurt.

27,03 £ on Amazon

The Leogreen 7 pots is made from materials guaranteed to be free of BPA and other health hazards. This machine, with its large capacity, can treat a whole family of up to 7 people. The choice of ingredients is yours, as are the flavors. You can add pieces of fruit, dried fruit, peanuts, grated coconut... Your recipes will be unstoppable if you place your yogurt pots without their lids in the machine.

The Leogreen 7-pot yogurt maker is equipped with a transparent lid. This way, you can easily see the progress of your preparation. The start-up is done quickly by simply pressing a button. Depending on the type of milk you are using, set the timer between 8 and 15 hours. Of course, an instruction manual gives you more details about the operation of your yogurt maker.

Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express

Best value for your money

Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express

The best high-end yogurt maker

With the Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express, homemade desserts will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will even benefit from the express function of this yogurt maker to save time.

87,20 £ on Amazon

This yogurt maker features 12 140 ml jars each, lids, exclusive patented drip pans and a measuring ladle. Needless to say, all accessories are dishwasher safe. Its 4-hour express program takes advantage of advanced steam technology and promises successful recipes by cutting the fermentation time in half.

Thanks to its 5 programs, you can choose from a wide variety of milk recipes to customize endlessly, such as white cheeses, soft desserts, yogurts... The removable tray makes it more comfortable to use. More practical, place all the jars at the same time in the refrigerator without moving them from the tray with the help of its ergonomic non-slip handles.

Cuisinart YM400E

Excellent selection

Cuisinart YM400E

A very practical yogurt maker

The Cuisinart YM400E excels in two main areas: yogurt and fresh cheese preparation. It is possible to prepare several batches if you buy extra pots.

44,80 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best yogurt maker

Any specific needs?

The best yogurt maker in 2021

The best entry-level yogurt maker

The best high-end yogurt maker

A very practical yogurt maker

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Comparison table of the best yogurt makers

Lagrange 459602
Leogreen 7 pots
Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express
Cuisinart YM400E
Lagrange 459602
Leogreen 7 pots
Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express
Cuisinart YM400E
Multifunction, the Lagrange 459602 is not only for yoghurt, but also for cottage cheese or faisselles. It's a must have for all homemade cheese lovers.
Easy to clean and easy to use, the round Leogreen with timer lets you make up to 1.47L of light and tasty yogurt.
With the Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express, homemade desserts will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will even benefit from the express function of this yogurt maker to save time.
The Cuisinart YM400E excels in two main areas: yogurt and fresh cheese preparation. It is possible to prepare several batches if you buy extra pots.

Yogurt maker, cheese maker
Yogurt maker

Yogurt maker, cheese maker
Number of jars
9 x 185 g (yogurt)
4 x 250 mL (cheese)
7 x 210 mL
12 x 140 mL
6 x 125 mL (yogurt)
2 x 250 mL (cheese)
26 x 25 x 16 cm
27.8 x 27 x 16.2 cm
20.2 x 34 x 38 cm
23 x 30 x 14.5 cm
25 h
0 to 15 h
1 to 19 h
18 W
21.5 W
600 W
40 W

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Buying guide - yogurt maker

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How to choose your yogurt maker

Buying a yogurt maker depends on many things. If you are a first-time buyer, you should consider the following criteria:

#1 - The capacity

This determining factor depends mainly on the eating habits in your household. Since they do not contain any preservatives, homemade yogurts should be consumed within 2 to 5 days. The capacity of a yogurt maker is usually defined by the number of pots inside the machine itself. These can hold up to 12 pots.

If you choose this option, also take into account the size of the jars, which is 100 mL for simple yogurt and 200 mL for fruity yogurt, for example.There are also multi-functional yogurt makers that have only one tank that can produce several liters of yogurt. This is a good alternative for large families.

#2 - The features

The more features a yogurt maker has, the better it performs. It can be equipped with an automatic stop system to avoid a long wait in front of the machine. There are also programmable yogurt makers that adapt to the time you want the yogurt to be ready and multi-functional ones that allow you to make other dairy products.

#3 - The ergonomics

Since this appliance is going to be used frequently, it should be quick and easy to use. The presence of a control screen is required to avoid various manipulations that can shorten its life. There are also indications that must be clear for easy use: date, recommended flavor on each jar, etc.

#4 - The size and design


size of the appliance greatly influences its location. A yogurt maker must find its place in a corner of your bench or worktop so that it can be used at any time. Therefore, prefer light models of conventional shape: square, rectangular, rounded.

#5 - The possible preparations

Of course, a yogurt maker is an appliance that is used to make yogurt, but there are currently models that offer many more options: artisan cheese, ice cream, etc.

How does a yogurt maker work ?

The best yogurt makers 1

Basically, a yogurt maker is a domestic appliance useful for making yogurt. It is a set of several utensils and devices: heating base, glass jars or vat, plastic lid for most models. For the yogurt to set, the mixture of milk and other ingredients must be prepared beforehand to fill the small jars or the vat inside the base.

A wait of several hours is required to obtain a satisfactory result. The preparation must be kept at a constant temperature between 40° and 50°C. It is also imperative to keep the device stable during the whole process.

The operating principle is simple. You need milk, ferment or yoghurt ready to be consumed and of course the yoghurt maker which does all the work. The latter prevents the mixture from being attacked by other external elements, as the fermentation is done slowly and progressively.

Electric yogurt maker or autonomous yogurt maker ?

Electric yogurt maker

Electric yogurt makers offer several features depending on the budget. They are adjustable and can be used for other purposes. Moreover, this type of yogurt maker allows for quick preparation and sometimes without any supervision. The only drawback is that they are energy consuming and require an electrical source to run. Some of the options on these machines are inefficient or even useless.

Self-contained yogurt maker

The advantage of this type of yogurt maker is that it does not need electricity to operate. The models sold on the market are also robust and easy to maintain. Stand-alone yogurt makers are recommended for travel. However, they require much more preparation time and you cannot choose the consistency of your yogurt. In addition, there is no guarantee of success.


If you're looking for simplicity, stand-alone yogurt makers are the most convenient. However, electric yogurt makers are more powerful and offer many options, such as making other desserts.


Optimize the conservation of homemade yogurt

If the fermentation process and cooling of two hours after the batch are complete, you can keep your yogurt for about ten days. The best would be to put it in the freezer or at room temperature. The lids should be tightly closed to prevent air from entering the jars or the vat.

Vary the flavors of yogurt


fresh yogurt is good, but it's even better if the flavors are varied. Use a blender to mix the mixture well with the flavors. You can use coloring, chocolate, vanilla sugar or caramel, or why not fresh fruit to further enhance the taste.

Make homemade yogurt thicker

Using the right ingredients brings a firm texture to yogurt, but you can make it thicker by increasing the cooking time, pouring powdered milk into the preparation. If you opt for the latter trick, know that you need 1 port of milk powder for 1 liter of milk. Be sure to respect this dose, otherwise you will have slimy and tasteless yogurts.

Obtain non-fat yogurt

Yogurts made from whole milk are often very high in fat. Use organic milk or semi-skimmed milk for less fatty yogurts, but just as delicious if you're on a diet. Ideally, you should sweeten them when you eat them.

Make yogurt less acidic


homemade yogurt tastes sour. You can avoid this by lowering the temperature when cooking or by putting the yogurts in the refrigerator right after cooking. Also, choose a ferment instead of store-bought yogurt to make the yogurts more luscious.


What is the best yogurt maker?

The best yogurt maker depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

How long can I keep my homemade yogurt?


homemade yogurts contain no preservatives, the maximum shelf life is 7 days. If you use fresh fruit, you should eat it quickly to avoid the risk of indigestion.

Can I eat the yogurt right out of the yogurt maker?


the yogurts directly after the end of the process is not recommended. It would be best to let them rest for at least 48 hours in the refrigerator before eating them.

How do I clean my yogurt maker after use?


remember to

unplug the yogurt maker before cleaning. Never wash it directly with water to avoid rusting since some components are made of metal. Use a slightly damp cloth and liquid soap to remove dirt stuck to the base. Then let it air dry.

Do the pots need to be covered during the cooking process?


, the jars or jars should never be covered once the cooking process has begun. You can only cover them when you place the finished yogurts in the refrigerator.


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Lagrange 459602
Lagrange 459602
Leogreen 7 pots
Leogreen 7 pots
Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express
Seb YG661500 Multidélices Express
Cuisinart YM400E
Cuisinart YM400E


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