The best work pants in the UK 2023

Far from being a casual outfit, work pants are a real work accessory, just like your tools. As long as your job requires a lot of manual effort, this garment will be of great use to you. In fact, so that you can find the model that meets the requirements of your profession, read this guide to buying the best work pants.

DeWalt Pro Tradesman 1

Editor's Choice

DeWalt Pro Tradesman

The best work pants in 2021

It's clear that DeWalt doesn't just excel in power tools. The manufacturer also impresses with its workwear collection that is both stylish and practical.

42,24 £ on Amazon

Made with cotton and polyester, these work pants are comfortable and very light. They are perfect for roofers, carpenters, joiners and plumbers. Its numerous pockets at the waist and on the legs allow to have the main work tools at hand.

Unmatched strength, this model is designed to adapt to all circumstances. On its key areas, the seams have been tripled. These pants have been purposely made in a low rise to optimize your comfort. Despite its many advantages, this pant has a slight drawback: it lacks a little flexibility, but this should be fixed after the first two washes.

LMA Lebeurre Clay 1261 2

Best cheap

LMA Lebeurre Clay 1261

The best entry-level work pants

Made by a French family business, these multi-pocket work pants are suitable for both men and women. Stylish and resistant, these work clothes guarantee comfort and safety.

29,26 £ on Amazon

The Argile 1261 is LMA Lebeurre's iconic and best-selling work pant for many years. Beautifully designed and very stylish, these work pants will help you catch the eye of your customers, be sure. This garment is especially appreciated for its various pockets in which you can put your essential tools.

Even if you are working at height, your tools will not fall out, because the pockets are closed with flaps or zippers. The use of polycotton, polyester, knee reinforcements and triple stitching make the Argile 1621 the ultimate pants for manual workers. Indeed, its durability is foolproof.

Oregon Yukon pantalon de protection 3

Best high end

Oregon Yukon pantalon de protection

The best premium work pants

Lightweight, comfortable and surprisingly rugged, these protective pants are perfect for landscapers, arborists, loggers and other professionals who work outdoors in the wilderness.

53,12 £ on Amazon
TMG work pants 4

Best work pants for craftsmen

TMG work pants

100% cotton

These TMG work pants are made of 100% high density cotton (400g/m²) which gives them a good resistance and a great flexibility.

32,79 £ on Amazon

Whatever guild you belong to, these 100% cotton work pants with multiple pockets should meet the requirements of your trades. This model is quite popular with roofers, carpenters and carpenters. If you work as a plumber or tiler, be happy, because these work pants are reinforced at the knees.

Cordura knee pockets have been added to the knees so you can work in a crouched position without getting hurt. These work pants come in a variety of sizes, but if you like to be comfortable, choose the size above. As for care, machine washing is recommended.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best work pants

Any specific needs?

The best work pants in 2021

The best entry-level work pants

The best premium work pants

100% cotton

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Comparison table of the best work pants

DeWalt Pro Tradesman 5
LMA Lebeurre Clay 1261 6
Oregon Yukon pantalon de protection 7
TMG work pants 8
DeWalt Pro Tradesman
LMA Lebeurre Clay 1261
Oregon Yukon pantalon de protection
TMG work pants
It's clear that DeWalt doesn't just excel in power tools. The manufacturer also impresses with its workwear collection that is both stylish and practical.
Made by a French family business, these multi-pocket work pants are suitable for both men and women. Stylish and resistant, these work clothes guarantee comfort and safety.
Lightweight, comfortable and surprisingly rugged, these protective pants are perfect for landscapers, arborists, loggers and other professionals who work outdoors in the wilderness.
These TMG work pants are made of 100% high density cotton (400g/m²) which gives them a good resistance and a great flexibility.
Polyester and cotton
Cotton Poly (60% cotton and 40% polyester) - Oxford 900 D 100% polyester
100% cotton
Construction, agriculture, carpentry, construction sites
All trades
Lumberjacks, landscaping technicians
Construction, carpentry
Hand or machine wash
Machine washable at 60° C
Mild machine wash
Machine wash
Pants run small. So choose a size above yours.
Belt is adjustable with elastic side tabs
Thick but lightweight
These pants are densely woven.
Unknown information
EN 14404 Level 1- CE EN 13688
EN 381-5 Class 1
S1P protection class and EN 20345 : 2011

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Buying guide - work pants

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How to choose your work pants

Being a work tool, the work pants must be chosen with care. The criteria to consider before buying are :

#1 - The safety standards of the pants

The work pants say to respect the safety standards preconceived within the framework of your profession. If your job exposes you to risks, you must wear very resistant work pants. CE certified models go through a battery of tests before being offered on the market. In addition to being robust, they are malleable, waterproof, flexible and hygienic.

#2 - The material

Work pants are designed with different materials whose qualities are not equal of course. The most popular models are made with very thick denim or Stretchfit Anthracite which is light and comfortable. There are also some with Grey Stretchfit which is a very stretchy fabric. However, the superstar of work pant fabrics is still the 100% cotton work blue.

#3 - The comfort

While safety standards are very important, never neglect the comfort of the pants. Since you are going to have to wear them during your work day, make sure you are completely comfortable in them. The best work pants should allow you to perform your movements without any discomfort.

#4 - The fit

The fit is an essential selection criterion to consider. Nowadays, work pants are made to fit all morphologies. So, regardless of your physique, you need to find a pair of pants that meets your professional requirements, but more importantly your personal requirements.

#5 - The ease of care

Maintenance is a key criterion. Most work pants are simple to care for. Prefer models that can be machine washed without any restrictions. See if this workwear can withstand high-temperature washings which is ideal for removing the most stubborn stains.

Work pants for every profession

As varied as the technical and manual professions are, the work pants differ from one profession to another. If you work in the construction sector as a mason, you will need very resistant and reinforced pants. On the other hand, if you are a plumber or a tiler, prefer pants that have many pockets, especially at the knee level. As for the carpenter, it is a resistant and comfortable pants of the largeot style which it needs.

Just like the rest of your outfit, you'll have to wear your work pants for 8 to 10 hours, sometimes a little more if you work extra hours. So expect to spend more time in them than in your favorite jeans, which is why you need to choose one that's comfortable, sturdy and easy to maintain.

The largeot, the ancestor of work pants

Created by Adolphe Lafont in 1896, the largeot is considered the ancestor of work pants. It is the emblematic garment of journeymen and craftsmen specializing in wood processing such as cabinetmakers, roofers, carpenters and joiners. Traditionally sewn with velvet or moleskin fabric, the largeot is known to be not only wear-resistant but also immensely comfortable.

Special working conditions require workers to wear work pants with fluorescent or retroreflective stripes. The purpose of these work clothes is to make them visible both day and night. So, if you work as a tow truck driver, these pants are highly recommended.

The different types of work pants

An excellent work pant should allow you to carry out your activities with flexibility. It is usual to differentiate these clothes according to their fabrics and the period during which they must be worn.

Summer work pants

These work pants are quite classic in their cut and design. It is often associated with the cargo pants which is easily recognized with its many pockets. However, the work pants are sewn in a thick fabric, 100% cotton for example. Summer pants are known for their comfort and flexibility. In addition to offering great freedom of movement, these pants are optimized to keep you cool when working even in extreme conditions, such as being exposed to high temperatures. Some of the most popular summer fabrics include 100% cotton, cordura, polycotton which is a blend of cotton and polyester, and stretch.

Winter work pants

There are different categories of winter work pants. The most popular of these workwear items is what is known as multi-layer or lined pants. These pants are usually made with Softshell which is a technical multi-layer fabric known to offer very good protection against wind and cold. Despite an inner lining of microfleece, Softshell pants remain stretchy and breathable, so they are very comfortable. For workers who don't like the fleece-lined softshell, there are still winter pants made of a thick 350 g/m² fabric.

Work pants with or without knee pockets?

Work pants with knee pockets

Don't get me wrong, the knee pockets are not used to hold tools, but rather foam plates. Regulated by the EN 14104 standard, these reinforcements prevent premature wear of the pants at the knee. So, if you have to work crouching or kneeling, this type of pants will suit you perfectly.

The pants without pockets on the knees

Of course, this category of pants is for workers who do not need to work in a kneeling position. For the most part, these pants without knee pockets are convertible into work shorts. To do this, simply unzip the lower part at the knee.


It's all about activity, but ideally, prefer pants with knee pockets. If you don't need to work while on your knees, simply remove the foam plates for added comfort and lightness.

5 good reasons to wear work pants

To protect you in the exercise of your work
The main purpose of work pants is to protect you from the risks associated with your profession. Do not forget that the dangers at work are numerous. If your pants respect the NF EN 340 standard, they will have to protect you effectively from chemical components, cuts, sparks and many others.

To meet the requirements of your profession
All professions have their own specificities. In your line of work, you need to dress for the demands you are exposed to. A tiler will need comfortable pants with foam reinforcements on the knees. An electrician will need heavy-duty pants with zero metal.

To give you a professional look
Yes, work pants are a tool like any other, but they will also allow you to have a professional look. In the eyes of your customers, you will look serious and competent in your work pants. Don't think that work clothes are superfluous, because in the professional world, you will always be judged by your appearance.

To work at ease
Since you will have to work in unlikely positions, you might as well be as comfortable as possible. Since work pants are durable and comfortable, they will prevent you from getting tired too soon. In winter, waterproof and windproof pants will keep you warm.

To have your tools at hand
Work pants are equipped with several pockets and clips on which you can hang your tools. For working at height, this is the best. You don't need to lug your toolbox around since you'll have your accessories with you.

The best brands of work pants

In our opinion, the best brands of work pants in 2022 are :

TMG Clothing
LMA Lebeurre SAS

TMG Clothing has built its reputation by offering clothing, shoes and work accessories adapted to all trades. Its collection of work pants appeals for its sturdiness, but also for its fit that ensures unprecedented comfort.

LMA Lebeurre SAS is a French family-owned company that specializes in workwear and whose know-how has been carried on for 7 generations. If you're looking for work pants that are 100% made in the UK, this manufacturer offers a huge quantity of them in its galleries.

The commercial brand of the American firm Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt is best known for its electroportable equipment. More recently, the manufacturer has decided to expand its activities by offering ready-to-wear clothing, to the delight of all workers' guilds.

Founded in 1889, Carhartt has never turned away from its main activity: the manufacture of "cotton duck" work clothes. The company's work pants are fashionable, stretchy, and highly resistant to wear and tear and high temperatures.

Workwear, safety footwear, and PPE have been Blakläder's specialties since its inception in 1959. Whatever your trade, Blakläder work pants will not only keep you looking stylish, but also productive.

What is the price work pants

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

30 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 70 £
more than 70 £
Price range diagram


Reinforce the seams

If you are not confident in the seams of your work pants, don't hesitate to have them reinforced. Three seams are better than two. You'll find that it's a good way to extend the longevity of your pants.

Choose cordura reinforcements

Cordura is known for its durability and amazing resistance to tearing and abrasion. Plumbers, painters, drywallers and tile setters, pants with cordura reinforcements are recommended for you.

Prefer multi-pocket models

SSo your profession requires you to use many tools, multi-pocket work pants will come in handy. Otherwise, you can wear a belt or suspenders specifically designed for your equipment. Either of these accessories will allow you to have your tools within easy reach.

Don't forget the high back

The presence of a rising back at the waistband improves the comfort of the work pants especially if you have to work while squatting all day long.

Refer to the size guide

The size of the pants is often an issue, so to avoid ending up with work pants that are too small or too big, take a look at the manufacturer's size guide.


How to clean your work pants?

Maintenance is required whenever you do not wear your work pants. For the majority of the models, the washing is done with the machine and the tepid water. To remove stains, you can wash this garment with warm water and mild detergent. If the stains are stubborn, feel free to add a stronger but not very aggressive cleaner.

How to know the size of your work pants?

You should know that a pair of work pants is not chosen the same way as a classic pair of pants, especially in the waist. To feel comfortable in work pants, always choose a size above your own. To do this, refer to the manufacturer's size guide.

What are the main criteria to choose a work pants?

To get the work pants that best meet your job requirements, focus primarily on the materials, fit and standards of the pants. Of course, the design is also a criterion of choice although it is secondary. Never choose a pair of pants that you feel cramped in. It is better to wear something that fits larger for more comfort.

How to wash your work pants in the machine?

Most work pants are machine washable, at least those made of materials that can withstand hot washes. For best results, washing at a temperature of 60°C is recommended. If you ignore the manufacturers' recommendations, expect your work pants to wear out quickly or shrink in the wash, which would be very unpleasant.


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DeWalt Pro Tradesman 9
DeWalt Pro Tradesman
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LMA Lebeurre Clay 1261
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Oregon Yukon pantalon de protection
TMG work pants 12
TMG work pants


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