The best women's backpacks in the UK 2023

Carrying something on your back means your hands are free. Of course, to free your hands, you need some form of backpack that does the job for you. Once primarily unisex, there are now backpacks for women. To choose wisely and not waste time searching, read this guide.

Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces 1

Best value

Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces

Best women's backpack in 2021

Here you have a nice backpack, made of high quality nylon as the outer waterproof fabric and polyester as the inner fabric. It is a stylish and durable bag.

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The Kaukko women's backpack has a versatile, casual style. You can take it to work, travel, hike, camp or just for shopping. Its large capacity and storage spaces make it possible. Measuring 25 x 14 x 40 cm and capable of holding a 12 inch laptop or tablet, this model has a 12 L capacity.

It is equipped with 4 small pockets inside, 1 laptop compartment, 2 side pockets, 1 zipped front pocket. The elegant strong magnetic buckle makes the pocket design narrower. The interior compartment has been reinforced to effectively protect your belongings. Finally, the shoulder strap and backrest padded with sponge are comfortable and reduce pressure.

Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce 2

Best cheap

Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce

Best entry-level backpack

Very feminine, with its blue and sailor color, this backpack is suitable for a laptop. It is very practical and spacious, and your belongings can be organized as you wish.

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At first glance, this women's backpack seems small. But it is quite the opposite since it can hold a 15.6 inch laptop and the accessories that go with it. It is also multi-pocket, so you can store more stuff (phone, notebook, etc.). Thanks to the USB port, you can put the power bank in one of its pockets and continue to use your cell phone while charging.

This women's backpack is not at all bulky, as it is lightweight, yet sturdy. Made of high quality canvas, it is water, rain and scratch resistant. Storage features include a laptop compartment, a large open pocket, two side pockets that can hold an umbrella or water bottle, a large zippered pocket, two small open bags, two pen holders and a USB charging port. There's even a hole in the side to hold paper towels.

Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage 3

Best premium

Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage

Best high-end backpack

With a very elegant brown color, this women's backpack is one of the vintage types. It is very appropriate for the office and will enhance your everyday outfits.

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The front compartment of this backpack has 3 coin pockets, 2 pen loops and 3 card slots. The second compartment offers a large space that can hold a laptop with its accessories. You can even put a laptop keyboard in there, it will still fit. These pockets and pouches are well separated from each other to keep your things organized.

This elegant genuine leather backpack is easy to carry. It doesn't hurt your back and has sturdy, comfortable straps. Plus, the hidden magnetic buttons for a perfect closure of the bag make it even more stylish. This bag has a pretty unique design. And at first glance, it is fashionable, practical and comfortable.

Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction 4

Women's tactical backpack

Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction

Best tactical backpack for women

Are you looking for a sturdy bag to go hiking, camping or trekking? This Mardingtop military backpack is for you. It is large, practical, light and comfortable.

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This Mardingtop tactical military backpack has a capacity of 28 to 35 L. It is made of waterproof 600D polyester, which makes it a really strong bag, but also light, water repellent and very easy to clean. It is a tactical backpack with a design based on a technology that easily reduces the pressure exerted by the straps on the shoulders, regardless of the load carried.

Of course, the Mardingtop has many practical and robust pockets, as well as MOLLE buckles. These allow you to carry heavy objects over a long period of time and over long distances. With its 3 separate compartments, you will be able to easily organize your stuff.

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Best women's backpack

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Best women's backpack in 2021

Best entry-level backpack

Best high-end backpack

Best tactical backpack for women

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Comparison table of the best women's backpacks

Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces 5
Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce 6
Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage 7
Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction 8
Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces
Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce
Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage
Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction
Here you have a nice backpack, made of high quality nylon as the outer waterproof fabric and polyester as the inner fabric. It is a stylish and durable bag.
Very feminine, with its blue and sailor color, this backpack is suitable for a laptop. It is very practical and spacious, and your belongings can be organized as you wish.
With a very elegant brown color, this women's backpack is one of the vintage types. It is very appropriate for the office and will enhance your everyday outfits.
Are you looking for a sturdy bag to go hiking, camping or trekking? This Mardingtop military backpack is for you. It is large, practical, light and comfortable.
A very elegant design
Chic and classy
Genuine leather backpack, with a classy vintage style
Very sturdy, water-resistant backpack
A good capacity for basic use (14 L)
Desktop backpack
Easy to carry, sturdy and comfortable
Lots of storage space
Durable and robust
Can hold a 15.6-inch laptop
Irresistible design
Versatile use

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Buying guide - women's backpack

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How to choose your women's backpack

#1 - The capacity

The capacity of a backpack refers to the space inside the bag, measured in liters or, in rare cases, cubic inches. Many large backpacks come in different sizes, and therefore different capacities. Which capacity is right for you? That depends on what you're going to use it for and what you're going to carry. Here are a few ideas of ideal capacities by activity:

  • weekend (1-3 nights; 30-50 L),
  • several days (3-5 nights; 50-80 L),
  • extended trip (5 nights or more; 70 L or more).

For example, a backpack for an overnight trip may require a capacity of 30-50L. It will depend on you, whether you're a minimalist or someone who loves to cram in stuff.

#2 - The backpack frame

Internal frame backpacks: they have a molded internal frame designed to keep a hiker stable on rough, off-road terrain. They can incorporate a variety of load support technologies that all work to transfer the load to the hips. External Frame Backpacks: An external frame backpack may be an appropriate choice if you are carrying a heavy, irregular load, such as carrying an inflatable kayak to the lake. External frame bags also offer good ventilation and many options for organizing gear. Frameless backpacks: ultralight enthusiasts who like to hike fast and light may choose a frameless bag or a climbing bag where the frame is removable to save weight.

#3 - The pockets

  • Elastic side pockets: lie flat when empty, but stretch to hold a water bottle, tent pegs or other loose items.
  • Belt Pockets: These hold small items you want to get to quickly - a smartphone, snacks, energy gel packets, etc.
  • Shovel Pockets: These are essentially flaps sewn onto the front of a backpack with a buckle closure at the top. Originally intended to hold a snow shovel, they are now appearing on many 3-season bags, serving as hiding places for a map, jacket, or other light, loose items.
  • Front Pockets: Sometimes added to the outside of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less bulky items.

#4 - The hydration reservoir

This does

not apply to work backpacks or trendy backpacks that women can use in the city. The hydration reservoir criterion only applies to sports backpacks; almost all backpacks offer an internal sleeve into which you can slide a hydration reservoir (almost always sold separately) plus 1 or 2 "hose portals" through which you can slide the sipper tube.

#5 - Ventilation

Some bags feature a suspended mesh back panel to combat the sweaty back syndrome you tend to get with internal frame bags that move against your back. Also called "tension mesh suspension," this is a trampoline-like design. Simply put, the frame-supported backpack moves along a few inches of your back, which instead rests against the highly breathable mesh. Ventilation "stacks" that are built into the back panels and promote airflow are another option designed to solve the same problem.

How to take care of your backpack?

Backpack care starts before you even travel. Place the contents evenly in the backpack, so as not to overload certain parts. Watch out for sharp-edged items, they could damage the backpack material, so don't place them near the edges.

Instead, hide them in the middle, ideally between clothes. It is also a good idea to observe the maximum load capacity of the backpack. A backpack that is too full can loosen its seams and the straps and zippers are also too tight. During the trip, during breaks, you should always place it in a dry place, so that it does not get wet. Do not place it near sharp stones.

After the trip, carefully inspect the backpack, it may have been damaged during the trip. If you find a hole, fix it. Now, it may be just a small hole, but these holes can get bigger pretty quickly. Empty the backpack and shake out the crumbs and other debris. Use a brush to go through the zippers, where a speck of dirt, sand, etc. is stuck.

You can easily replace cracked buckles; all you need is a few spare parts and a sewing kit at home. Wash a dirty backpack with warm soapy water. Do not wash it in a washing machine or dry it in the dryer, as this will damage it. After washing, let the backpack dry, otherwise it may start to rot. Store the backpack in a dry place, where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

The different types of women's backpacks

Work backpack

People who work will most likely need a backpack that has a compartment for his laptop and will hold other things he will need such as extra company clothes, shoes, socks and maybe some papers and books. Also, called laptop backpacks.

The specificity of a computer backpack is that it is always more organized with functional storage pockets and adapted to business storage. This work backpack is designed for professional use. They come in all sizes (12 to 17 inches) and the most famous brands are Samsonite, Davidt's, Tumi, Targus, Elite... The advantages of this type of bag is that it is discreet but has several compartments where you can store all the things you need for the office.

Travel backpack

Travel backpacks should not be confused with those for long hikes or camping trips. They are designed so that you can pack and access them as you would a suitcase, instead of loading them from the top like an outward facing backpack. They have plenty of zippered compartments to make them easier to live with when you don't know what kind of adventure you'll be on that day.

In short, it''s a bag that you strap to your back to carry all your stuff and items needed for a trip. Typically, this backpack is carefully designed to withstand the rigors of the road, with pockets and compartments to help you stay organized while traveling. This type of backpack is easy to store. It makes travel light and organized. It is comfortable and takes up less space than a regular suitcase.

Hiking backpack

It is

a large backpack that can hold food, water, bedding, shelter, clothing, a stove, and a cooking kit. Since backpackers must carry their gear, the total weight of their pack and its contents is a major concern.

Many backpacking camps are just patches of brushless ground. In remote wilderness areas, backpackers must choose their own site. Established camps are rare and the philosophy is to leave no trace once you leave. Hence the need for a large bag such as the hiking bag.

Women's backpack or shoulder bag?

Women's backpack

The bag is a very popular item because it is comfortable thanks to the shoulder straps. It divides the weight of whatever you're carrying in half, keeping your shoulders and back from tiring quickly, even with a heavy load. It also comes in several types depending on your needs and preferences.

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag is also very practical. Both classy and stylish, it allows you to show your elegant side while relieving one of your shoulders of the weight of your belongings. Various models are offered on the market according to your needs.


The choice will depend on your preferences: if you prefer comfort and ergonomics, a backpack is the best choice. This type of bag allows you to carry a lot more stuff without getting in the way. On the other hand, if elegance is important to you, look for a shoulder bag.


Make sure you choose the right size

It is recommended that women carry no more than a 70L backpack if they are small, and most women's backpacks on the market will only have a capacity of about 70L. The shorter back length of women's backpacks is what sets them apart from unisex models. If you're not sure if you should buy a women's backpack, you can measure the length of your back before you jump in. Simply measure the length of your back from the base of your neck (C7 vertebrae) to the iliac crest to see whether or not you'll benefit from a backpack that's suitable for shorter torsos. If you are tall enough, perhaps a unisex bag will work for you.

Consider what your back can handle!

One of the main reasons we would recommend buying a women's backpack would be that they come in more manageable sizes, especially if you're on the short side of the height spectrum. In general, you'll have a hard time finding a women's backpack with a capacity larger than 70L, which may seem like a negative if you like to pack everything but the kitchen sink. However, smaller travelers should try to limit their bag size to 50-70 L maximum, as no more than that could cause strain on their back! Another advantage of the generally smaller nature of women's backpacks is that you won't be able to overpack for your trip.

Consider the quality of the materials


seems obvious, but the quality of a backpack is measured not only in the type of fabric, but also in the quality of the zippers, the strength of the handles, the ergonomics of the back and shoulder straps, the ventilation of the materials, the padding of the handles and belts, the waterproofness of the fabric, whether or not it is a stain-resistant fabric, whether it is eco-friendly materials


Stay comfortable


mentioned above, women-specific backpacks tend to be smaller, which will make them lighter and more comfortable to carry. In addition to that, the shorter back length is designed to comfortably fit the shorter female torso and many manufacturers also make the shoulder straps shaped to fit around the chest. With unisex packs, you'll find that the shoulder straps don't take into account the anatomical differences between men and women and can potentially hollow out your chest if you're a woman... especially if you're a buxom woman! Some women-specific backpacks also have extra padding in the hip belt to make it more comfortable to wear against your hip bones. Buying a backpack with an adjustable back system is also smart, as this allows you to adjust the length of the harness to fit your back length more comfortably.


What is the best backpack for women?

The best backpack for women depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

How to wear a backpack properly?

First of all, you have to tighten the straps of the backpack so that it is always well above your buttocks. Then, in order to distribute the weight of the backpack properly, you should put the heavier objects at the bottom of the bag. This is to avoid unbalancing your centre of gravity. Then, to keep the straps of the backpack in place, you should put the strap at the level of the chest, to make the carrying comfortable and relieve you at the same time. And finally, remember to choose backpacks with padded straps to avoid lacerations when carrying.

Is it possible to be stylish while wearing a backpack?

Of course I do! It's true that when we talk about backpacks, we always tend to think of middle school eras, even more high school. But no, since the backpack relieves unnecessary clutter and fatigue, being stylish while wearing a backpack is possible. Currently, new designs exist. Innovation on the side of this accessory has done wonders, that today, backpacks for going to the office exist without you looking like a hiker or a tourist. Whether your taste runs to leather, black, pink or suede, you'll find a bag to suit your needs. There are models adapted to your desires. An extra detail will be added to your outfit with your backpack. Original or classic, it doesn't matter what you choose, the important thing is that you know how to match your backpack to your outfit. For sure, people will turn around on you in the street.

What should be the maximum weight of a backpack to protect the back?

To preserve the health of your spine, the weight of the bag should be proportional to the weight of the person carrying it. In general, the weight of the backpack should be 15% of the person's weight and should not exceed 20%. Otherwise, your back will suffer and you will feel more tired. A 13 kg bag corresponds to a weight of 86 kg and a 12 kg bag to a weight of 80 kg. Make sure you respect this maximum ratio for all your equipment (big bag + small bag) to avoid back pain before the end of your trip.


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Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces 9
Kaukko - Sac à dos loisir pour ordinateur 12 pouces
Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce 10
Lovevook - Sac à dos pour ordinateur portable de 15,6 pouce
Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage 11
Cluci - Sac à dos pour femme business vintage
Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction 12
Mardingtop - Sac à dos militaire tactique multifonction


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