The best wireless thermostats in the UK 2023

The wireless thermostat is a practical and efficient solution to regulate your home heating and ensure you reach that perfect temperature in each room, according to your needs and preferences. It is becoming indispensable in these times, but among the different models available on the market, which ones to choose? We invite you to follow this guide to orient yourself on the best wireless thermostats to buy.

Honeywell Home T6R 1

Editor's Choice

Honeywell Home T6R

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The Honeywell Home T6R thermostat with its base is a mobile thermostat that can be placed on any flat surface in your home.

138 £ on Amazon

The temperature control of this thermostat is location-based. In fact, you can keep control from a smartphone or tablet wherever you are. This allows you to save energy while you're away and ensure you have the right temperature when you return. Honeywell Home T6R is also programmable, adjustable and adaptable, as you have the choice of seven-day programming or changing your settings remotely if your plans change.

In addition, it features geofencing, which allows you to turn the heating on or off based on your location relative to a specific geographic parameter. With its modern and attractive design, this thermostat blends in perfectly with your interior decor. Finally, it also partners with Apple's Homekit to allow you to manage the comfort of your home. Honeywell Home T6R is the thermostat that helps you make your home more intelligent.

Delta Dore 6053005 TYBOX 117 2

Best cheap

Delta Dore 6053005 TYBOX 117

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

This thermostat is ideal for your boiler or your electric heating on contactor. It allows you to avoid handling errors for your equipment.

46,18 £ on Amazon

The TYBOX 117 programmable thermostat from Delta Dore can automatically manage the heating level throughout the day by controlling the operation of your boiler or circulator according to the desired temperature. You can choose between 2 adjustable temperatures from 5 to 30 °C. Its programming is daily or weekly that you can customize day by day on 1 zone.

Also, it has a program copy function to allow you to reduce a program over several days. This thermostat also has the override function making it possible to adjust the temperature manually if needed without changing the programs. Finally, it is powered by 2 LR03 batteries that will be provided at the time of purchase. Delta Dore 6053005 TYBOX 117 is the thermostat that allows you to save on your heating bill.

Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC 3

Best high end

Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The Netatmo NTH01-FR-EC wireless thermostat has a modern and elegant design. It is programmable and offers many advantages for the comfort of your home.

142 £ on Amazon

Netatmo NTH01-FR-EC is a thermostat designed specifically to allow you to use it intuitively and personally, no matter where you are, because it comes with an app that you can download for free and that gives you access to a maximum of possibilities from your smartphone, your tablet or your computer. So you can control multiple thermostats from the App and always keep an eye on your energy consumption. It's a very cost-effective thermostat, as it allows you to save up to 25% on energy. And during long absences, it can remotely manage the heating and even switch to frost-free mode with ease. In addition, it adapts to most oil, gas and wood boilers and can be installed in less than 10 minutes. With all these features, this thermostat is very practical and economical, ideal for your home.

Salus RT510RF/TX 4

Best excellent choice

Salus RT510RF/TX

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The Salus RT510RF/TX is a reasonably priced thermostat with many features. It is very smart and can meet your daily needs.

60 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless thermostat

Any specific needs?

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

The best wireless thermostat in 2021

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Comparison table of the best wireless thermostats

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High quality Excellent choice
Honeywell Home T6R 5
Delta Dore 6053005 TYBOX 117 6
Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC 7
Salus RT510RF/TX 8
Honeywell Home T6R
Delta Dore 6053005 TYBOX 117
Netatmo NTH01-EN-EC
Salus RT510RF/TX
The Honeywell Home T6R thermostat with its base is a mobile thermostat that can be placed on any flat surface in your home.
This thermostat is ideal for your boiler or your electric heating on contactor. It allows you to avoid handling errors for your equipment.
The Netatmo NTH01-FR-EC wireless thermostat has a modern and elegant design. It is programmable and offers many advantages for the comfort of your home.
The Salus RT510RF/TX is a reasonably priced thermostat with many features. It is very smart and can meet your daily needs.
Location-based temperature control
daily or weekly programming
Allows you to save up to 25% in energy costs
room thermostat with programmable weekly program
Superb heating thermostat
Thermostat for heating and boiler
Thermostat for heating and boilers
hermostat for heating
featuring geofencing
powered by 2 LR03 batteries
With a free downloadable application
communication with the RXRT510 radio receiver

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Buying guide - wireless thermostat

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How to choose your wireless thermostat

A wireless thermostat connects to your home's internet service and allows you to remotely check and change your home's temperature from an app on your smartphone or tablet. If you're considering buying one, consider these few criteria.

#1 - The programming mode

This is an element not to be neglected when purchasing, as all models on the market offer several modes. In general, there are 3 programming modes for a thermostat.

The economy mode: this programming mode is used to lower the temperature during the night. You can also activate it when you are away from home in order to minimize consumption while maintaining a pleasant temperature when you return.

The comfort mode: or default mode, this mode gives you access to set the temperature between 19°C and 21°C for an occupancy at traditional times. It is possible to modify the temperature of certain rooms only. For example, with this mode, you can keep the classic settings, but ask for a slightly higher temperature in the bathroom just before taking your shower in the morning or evening.

Frost protection mode: This programming mode allows you to keep the heating on standby. The idea is to avoid freezing. Thus, the heating is triggered if the temperature in the house falls to 7°C. It is to be used if you are away for more than 2 days, especially during vacations.

#2 - The power supply type

Thisis the second element to take into account. Indeed, there are models powered by batteries. In fact, most wireless thermostats are powered by batteries. And they install very quickly wherever you want, even without an electrical connection.

#3 - The connectivity

It's important to choose an ultra-modern wireless thermostat with connectivity. Because they allow you to manage your installation very simply from your smartphone on an app, on your Tablet or computer. This means you can manage all the settings wherever you are. It can also accompany you to change the programming mode of your heating or cooling.

#4 - The price

Theprice of a wireless thermostat varies by brand and depending on the technologies on board, but also the options you choose. If you buy a wireless thermostat, the budget to spend will be higher with models accessible from 100 euros. Then, depending on the number of programs included, the size of the screen, or the design and options supported, the prices could increase to over 200 euros or more.

#5 - The location

Thequestion you need to ask yourself is, where should you locate your thermostat to regulate the temperature according to the type of your home? For this, the general principle is to install it in the main room. If you choose the living room, the temperature in your whole house will be set according to the one in the living room. But the wireless model is very easy to install and you can even move it as you wish.

Steps to install a wireless thermostat

-Mount the electronic interface module (receiver) on the wall next to the boiler.

-Run two wires from the receiver to the appropriate zone valve.

-Run two more wires from the receiver to a transformer. Secure the wires to the wall and ceiling with cable clips.

-Follow the manufacturer's easy push button instructions to connect the receiver to the thermostat.

Mount the thermostat on an inside wall of the room, away from any windows or heat-producing electronics.

-Use two cavity wall anchors to screw the thermostat mounting base to the wall.

-Snap the thermostat onto the mounting base, then program it to the desired room temperature.

-Heat can be controlled wirelessly at the wall thermostat or via the Internet on your computer, tablet or cell phone. Another type of wireless thermostat includes a receiver that connects to the existing thermostat wires, greatly simplifying the wiring process.

The different types of wireless thermostats

Let's define the types of thermostats to be clear on their main features, as each manufacturer may use different words to describe the same thing. To do this, here are the main types of thermostats:

Programmable thermostat

The programmable thermostat can be set to a specific temperature for ON and OFF cycles to heat or cool your home depending on the time of day. These thermostats typically operate on 7-day cycles and hours for the ON and OFF periods. Days can be programmed individually, divided into weekdays and weekends, or Monday through Friday and Saturday/Sunday.

Wi-Fi thermostat

TheWi-Fi thermostat can be connected to your home wireless network, then controlled remotely from a smartphone app or desktop computer. It can also wirelessly connect to other smart devices, such as remote room sensors placed in different areas of your home, to provide temperature, humidity, and occupancy data from other areas of the home. In addition, can take into account local weather data when adjusting your home's climate, or use your smartphone GPS location to know when you're home or away to switch between energy saving and comfort modes.

Z-wave thermostat

TheZ-Wave-enabled thermostat is similar to the Wi-Fi thermostat, but it uses slightly different technology. Z-Wave technology operates on a different radio frequency than a Wi-Fi network. Z-Wave devices connect to create a special network topology called a mesh network. Within this network, a message is passed from one device to another until it reaches the device the message was intended for. The advantages of Z-Wave thermostats are that they generally do not require a C-cable, and are instead powered by batteries. In addition, their price is lower than Wi-Fi thermostats.

Wireless or wired thermostat

Wireless thermostat

The first advantage of the wireless thermostat is that it has multiple settings. Indeed, it is programmed with several settings. Secondly, it allows you to be energy efficient without much effort, because once you program the unit for your specific needs, you can let it do all the work. Finally, it informs you of maintenance needs, meaning it will alert you when it's time to change your air conditioner and furnace filter. Its main drawback is the cost, they are more expensive than manual thermostats and some units require professional installation. Also, there is compatibility, as your existing heating and cooling unit may not be compatible with a wireless thermostat.

Wired thermostat

The first advantage for wired thermostats is the price, they are cheaper and even reasonably priced compared to wireless thermostats on the market. Also, they allow more than profitable energy savings. And finally, they are easy to use. The disadvantage with these thermostats is obviously its wire, because the fact of being connected by a wire, they can not move throughout the house. Then, its installation always requires the intervention of an electrician.


If you have a very large budget, opt for wireless thermostats because they are more convenient and easy to install. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, you can go for wired thermostats because they are the cheapest on the market.

5 benefits of having a wireless thermostat at home

It's useful if you travel often

If you live in a cold climate and travel, you should definitely get wireless thermostats to keep an eye on your furnace when you're away. In cold weather, a furnace failure can endanger animals and plants and lead to frozen pipes and catastrophic water damage.

It's easy to program

Setback thermostats save energy, but are difficult to program. If programming your current setback thermostat drives you crazy, you'll appreciate the ease of programming a Wi-Fi unit. Simply download the app and enter times and hours on your phone or tablet.

It doesn't need to be reprogrammed when your schedule changes

If you have a variable schedule, wireless thermostats will adapt to your changes. They detect when you're home and away, learn your schedule and calculate a setback program to match your routine. For example, they can raise the temperature when you return from a trip and are a few miles from home.

It changes the temperature from anywhere

If you feel too hot or too cold, but don't want to get out of bed or your comfy recliner to adjust the temperature? Just grab your smart device, pull up the app and raise or lower the temperature a few degrees. You can also warm up the house right before you arrive, thermostats offer the convenience of adjusting the temperature wherever you are.

It's cool

You can get devices that display your digital photos, play your tunes, change colors to match your walls, display the outside temperature or work with multiple sensors

The best brands of wireless thermostats

In our opinion, the best brands of wireless thermostats in 2022 are :

Delta Dore

This brand is rather known in the manufacturing that deals with air quality. For their thermostat also are among the best qualities on the market.

The brand Delta Dore is a French company manufacturing several million thermal and energy control products like thermostat, regulators. It is the most appreciated brand by the French.

Itis a French brand that offers smart connected products. Their thermostat is among the most sold on the market because of its good qualities.

It is atechnical design and brand distribution company that offers energy control solutions. It has a unique position in the sectors of electrical equipment, heating, air conditioning, intelligent energy management.. Their products are reliable and especially the thermostats.

Thisbrand is among the most reputable brands for heating, sanitary, air conditioning.. Quality made in Europe, their thermostats are also known to be the most requested products on the market.

What is the price for a wireless thermostat

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 70 £
70 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Program it to meet your needs

A programmable thermostat can be a game changer if you want your home's temperature to adjust throughout the day. This can help you reduce your monthly bills and increase the efficiency of your unit by not using it too often when you need it. With this option, you can reduce the temperature in your home at night while you sleep or during the work day when no one is home.

Check your home for air leaks

Whenyour home has the ability to adjust the thermostat, you are in the best position to enjoy the desired temperature wherever you are in the house. But even the best heating and cooling unit will fail if the air manages to escape before it reaches its final destination. If you have air leaks, your unit will run harder, cost you more, and lead you to change your thermostat settings more often.

Enjoy your Wi-Fi

Ifyou change your thermostat settings regularly, it can be inconvenient if you forget to set it correctly before you leave home. Worrying about heating your home correctly is normal, but there is a way to avoid this stress. You can eliminate this problem by using the Wi-Fi settings on your thermostat. This will give you access to your home's temperature wherever you are, as long as you have a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device, computer or tablet.

When using a 2-zone thermostat

Don't set both to the same temperature. Not everyone gets two-zone thermostats to combat their family's variable temperature preferences. For most people, it's all about heating their home on multiple levels. You think it would be as simple as setting each floor to your preferred temperature, but sometimes it can have the opposite effect.

Remember the heat is rising

Duringthe winter months, you probably won't mind if your house gets a little warmer as you go up. The attic might then become a haven for your family. But when summer comes, it's uncomfortable to have hot second and third floors. Then you always have to keep in mind that the heat rises, and as it rises, it pushes the colder air down to your lower floors.


How to install a wireless thermostat?

The installation of a wireless thermostatis very simple, as it does not require the intervention of an electrician. You just need to follow the instruction provided with the purchase to enjoy this device.

How does Netatmo work?

Thethermostat communicates via radio with the Netatmorelay, which is positioned on any electrical outlet in your home. This provides wifi connection to the internet and remote control from your device's app.

Where to place a wireless thermostat?

Thelocation of the wireless thermostatis usually in the center of your home. It is especially ideal in your living room because like that, because if it is placed in the center, it can be easily handled.

Is it possible to manually turn off a connected wireless thermostat?

Theanswer is no, it's impossible to turn it off without cutting off the power that supplies it. If you want to disable the temperature control, when your house is in heating mode, you can only lower the temperature of your thermostat set point to the frost free value you set in your schedule.


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