The best wireless surveillance cameras in the UK 2023

Since the last CNIL count in 2012, France has probably exceeded 1 million installed surveillance cameras. At home, at work, to fight against theft or vandalism, this device reassures. But you still need to find the surveillance camera that suits your needs among the many brands (Netatmo, Nest, TP-Link ...). Do not panic, our guide will help you.

Anker T81143D2 1

Editor's Choice

Anker T81143D2

The best surveillance camera in 2021

Anker T81143D2 is a wireless security equipment, and very autonomous, combining technology and practicality at the same time.

120 £ on Amazon
Eufy T81133D3 2

Best Cheap

Eufy T81133D3

The best entry-level surveillance camera

Eufy T81133D3 is a camera available in wired and wireless versions, with a resolution of 1080 p to ensure the surveillance of your home.

63,99 £ on Amazon

Benefiting from HD technology, Eufy T81133D3 offers the ability to watch live broadcast or record high definition footage of scenes in your home, in low or high light. Also incorporating AI technology, the camera identifies only humans and focuses on those elements while dodging objects.

Highly autonomous equipment, it allows you to have 180 days of video on a single charge. Apart from that, Eufy T81133D3 guarantees the privacy of the captured videos during transmission and storage via AES-158 data encryption. The storage capacity of this camera is 3 months of recording through the 16GB eMMC memory.

Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230 3

Best High End

Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230

The best high-end surveillance camera

The Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230 films in Full-HD 1080P, has night vision as well as the wide-angle 130 ° and a zoom x8. This surveillance camera even incorporating a motorized shutter to preserve your privacy.

550 £ on Amazon
Eufy T88313D2 4


Eufy T88313D2

A good alternative

The Eufy T88313D2 is the perfect example of a professional-grade surveillance camera that you can install yourself in minutes. In addition to being affordable and easy to set up, the Eufy T88313D2 is also easy to use.

192 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless surveillance camera

Any specific needs?

The best surveillance camera in 2021

The best entry-level surveillance camera

The best high-end surveillance camera

A good alternative

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Comparison table of the best wireless surveillance cameras

Anker T81143D2 5
Eufy T81133D3 6
Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230 7
Eufy T88313D2 8
Anker T81143D2
Eufy T81133D3
Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230
Eufy T88313D2
Anker T81143D2 is a wireless security equipment, and very autonomous, combining technology and practicality at the same time.
Eufy T81133D3 is a camera available in wired and wireless versions, with a resolution of 1080 p to ensure the surveillance of your home.
The Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230 films in Full-HD 1080P, has night vision as well as the wide-angle 130 ° and a zoom x8. This surveillance camera even incorporating a motorized shutter to preserve your privacy.
The Eufy T88313D2 is the perfect example of a professional-grade surveillance camera that you can install yourself in minutes. In addition to being affordable and easy to set up, the Eufy T88313D2 is also easy to use.
Night vision
10.67 cm x 5.7 cm x 5.7 cm
18.9 cm x 11.1 cmx 9 cm
180 days of video on one charge
180 days of video on one charge
Day and night color screen

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Buying guide - wireless surveillance camera

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How to choose your wireless surveillance camera

When it comes to security, we don't look at the expense! In this respect, surveillance cameras have significantly reduced thefts and violence in urban areas. Here are the criteria to take into account when choosing your camera.

#1 - Your needs

Before you sign up for a security contract or purchase a surveillance camera, it is important to know what you are going to do with it. Each camera has its own particularities that prove to be effective when used properly. Take a look around your home, premises or office and analyze your needs: number of possible cameras, locations...

#2 - The definition of video

It would be disappointing if poor image quality prevented you from identifying burglars. Opt for a surveillance camera that films clearly, regardless of the weather or lighting level. On the market, you will find devices to record and broadcast images in very high definition (FHD), even in 4K. At the very least, choose a camera with 720 p or HD definition

#3 - The power supply

If you plan to install a wired video surveillance system, be aware that the electricity bill will take a hit! However, this set offers the advantage of a continuous connection, except in case of power failure. In order to solve this problem, there are cameras that work with an integrated battery. They have a limited autonomy and it will be necessary to recharge the devices regularly at the risk of breaking down. However, wireless surveillance cameras have a good quality/price ratio. If you want to go green, opt for models powered by solar panels. Your camera will work at all times, but you'll have to increase your budget.

#4 - The accessories


majority of burglaries take place at night. Faced with this, opt for a surveillance camera with infrared vision and motion detection. This way, you can clearly observe the surroundings or your living room in the middle of the night with little light. Then, it is useful to evaluate the quality of the embedded microphone, the speaker and the alarm, 90 dB, to allow you to react quickly. Finally, if you intend to buy an outdoor camera, pay special attention to the IPX standard to ensure that the device is weatherproof.

Surveillance camera: what does the law say?

In order to preserve the privacy of others, the installation of a surveillance camera must respect the standards, the law, in force. There are two cases that we will present here.

Interior camera

In order to monitor the actions of your dogs and cats, you have decided to install a surveillance camera inside your house. Know that you do not need permission for your device. An individual can film everything inside his property including: his garden, the interior of his house or apartment.

However, it is vital to respect the privacy of the people living with you, you can only use the images for private purposes. In addition, if you have professionals such as a plumber or a home help, you must tell them that your home is protected by a surveillance camera. You can place a sign at your door to warn visitors.

Outdoor camera

The installation of a security system based on outdoor surveillance cameras requires an authorization from the police. It is art.9 of the Civil Code concerning the protection of privacy and art. 226-1 that governs the installation of surveillance systems.

Then, it is good to know that it is forbidden to direct its surveillance camera towards a public street or any private space. You only have the right to film the outside of your garage, according to the limits of the property, as well as your private access. Moreover, it is forbidden to hide the camera behind bushes, it is an act punished by law.


Your neighbor has just installed his surveillance system and the angle of the camera encroaches into your garden or your room. To file your complaint, you have 2 choices:

  • The complaints department of the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL)
  • The municipality, the police station or the gendarmerie.

The different types of wireless surveillance cameras

In order to choose the right surveillance camera system, we list below the different types that could be used to protect your property at a lower cost.

Wired surveillance camera

A wired video surveillance system requires the installation of cable to function. In practice, this cumbersome installation requires the intervention of a professional and additional costs. Once in place, it will be difficult to update your installation, such as adding a camera. However, this system remains the most efficient, with a very stable signal.

Wireless surveillance camera


video signal is transmitted over Wi-Fi. The range of the signal is the main drawback. Too low, it causes transmission delays or poor quality images. But this is a quickly manageable problem when you compare the price difference between the two installations. The main advantage of the wireless camera is the flexibility of the installation. Indeed, you can do everything yourself and add cameras in the future.

Spy camera


s a mini-sized device that allows you to discreetly monitor your dog's or cat's movements at home. Want to know who is eating your piece of cake? Install a mini spy camera in front of your fridge! Note that this type of camera is more of a gadget than a real video surveillance device.

Fixed or motorized surveillance camera?

Fixed surveillance camera

One of the most important things about a surveillance camera is its field of view. This is called the range of the equipment. Beyond this perimeter, your device becomes blind. In the case of a fixed surveillance camera, the device takes place on a wall or the overhang of a roof. Its angle of view will be determined by the quality of the focal length. Here, you will be able to monitor a large perimeter at once and you will have no loss.


This type of camera can rotate, which makes surveillance easier because you can zoom in on a specific area or walk the camera to cover more ground, at least in theory. In practice, when you rotate the camera 180 degrees, it leaves a gaping corridor where criminals can sneak in.


A fixed camera is useful to monitor a private access or the garden without too much expense. For individuals and companies, it represents a winning bet, because it is difficult to escape the camera. For optimal efficiency, motorized cameras should complement fixed cameras.

The best brands of wireless surveillance cameras

In our opinion, the best brands of wireless surveillance cameras in 2022 are :


No need to introduce itself anymore, it is the world number one in video surveillance. Hikvision has already helped many professionals and individuals around the world. Having several R&D specialists, the company innovates every year.

As soon as its first product was launched in July 2019, Reolink got recognition from several industry professionals. From then on, the brand has been continuously researching to provide the best level of security possible.

Wansview's vision is to become the world's number one security product. Founded in 2009, the brand is present in 100 countries and is dedicated to research and technological innovation in order to develop its offerings.

This is a Chinese company founded in 2006 that has experienced incredible growth. Indeed, it dominates the Chinese market in the sale of security products and advanced surveillance systems.

The goal of this American company, leader in the sale of connected surveillance camera, is: Our passion: your peace of mind. Arlo provides effective surveillance solutions to protect your property.

What is the price for a wireless surveillance camera

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

15 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Put your surveillance cameras prominently.

Don't go to the trouble of hiding your outdoor security cameras. Most burglars take the presence of security cameras into account when choosing a target and avoid homes where they might be caught in the act. Covering them up would remove any deterrent effect.

Protect more than just your front door.


should also cover less obvious areas of your home. Back doors are a common entry point for intruders, since they are more likely to be left open (lock your back doors!). First floor windows on the sides or back of your home are also an attractive option for intruders. Consider putting cameras in these vulnerable areas.

Don't forget the power source!.


goes without saying that your outdoor cameras will need a power source. Remember to consider power sources before installing your camera.

Configure motion detection as well.

You don

't have time to monitor your cameras 24/7 or watch hours of video, so make sure you have a camera with motion detection. Some cameras allow you to set certain spaces in your camera's field of view to monitor for motion.

Test your equipment before proceeding with the full installation.

Function the camera and make sure everything works as expected. If possible, do a test run in the intended area of the camera (secure it with tape, a nail, or other temporary accessory) so you can monitor and evaluate the feed. You'll see right away if anything is wrong: for example, if your camera isn't covering the area you want to monitor properly. Also check that the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, and if there is no glare or an obstacle that blocks the field of view.


What is the best surveillance camera?

The best surveillance camera depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

What storage solution is the best: NVR or NAS?


NVR solution is the best if you are an individual. You won't have to buy additional licenses like on a NAS.

Where to place my surveillance camera?


is interesting to cover as many perimeters as possible. In this sense, consider placing the device facing the entry way of the house, such as a gate, garage or window. Then, take care to fix it at 2 or 3m from the ground for safety reasons. Alternatively, you can place an indoor camera at a window and pointing it towards your entrance.

How to know if a surveillance camera is waterproof?

Outdoor cameras must be rain resistant, but to be sure look at the manual of your equipment and pay attention to the IP or IPX mention. This is a standard certifying that a product is water and dust resistant.

What is a focal length on surveillance cameras?


focal length refers to the field of view of a camera. If the lens is small, you will have a so-called wide-angle view, ideal for covering a large area. When purchasing, pay attention to this detail, as you may be disappointed with the system once installed.


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Anker T81143D2
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Eufy T81133D3
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Somfy Home Alarm Plus 1875230
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Eufy T88313D2


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