The best wireless rear view cameras in the UK 2023

The wireless rearview camera is on the rise. Better than reversing radars and offering a wider angle of vision than the usual mirrors, this innovative equipment makes parking and maneuvering easier, whether you have a van, a camper or a 4x4. Want to reverse like a pro? Check out our selection of the best wireless backup cameras.

Auto-Vox TD2

Editor's Choice

Auto-Vox TD2

The best wireless backup camera in 2021

Easy installation, top night vision, waterproofing, wide compatibility ... The Auto-Vox TD2 has everything to satisfy your needs in terms of wireless rear view camera.

87,99 £ on Amazon

No interference will be felt. This is largely due to the presence of a transmitter already integrated into the camera. Coupled with the frequency hopping technology, it is able to transmit a relatively stable signal. You do not need to call a professional for the installation. Simply connect the screen to the tail lights via the cigarette lighter power cable. Best of all, this wireless rearview camera will prove to be very durable even if you subject it to extreme temperatures between -4 and 149°C.

The Auto-Vox TD2's waterproofing allows you to drive with peace of mind in the rain. As soon as you reverse your car, the screen automatically turns on and shows you a wide-angle view of the rear. For those who tend to drive at night, you should know that the 5 glass lenses of this model provide you with an unequalled night vision even if the luminosity is 0.1 lumen.

Beeper H2Wifi

Best cheapest

Beeper H2Wifi

The best entry-level wireless backup camera

Regardless of the type, make and model of your vehicle, you can control this convenient and inexpensive wireless rearview camera via your Android or iOS smartphone.

75,92 £ on Oscaro

The Beeper H2Wifi is suitable for sedans, minivans, station wagons, SUVs, 4x4s, and all other types of vehicles. It doesn't come with a control screen, but you can pair it with your smartphone or tablet to get the most out of it. The images are displayed with a resolution of 800 x 480 px, so you can view them clearly and crisply.

The kit includes a Wi-Fi wireless rearview camera with a bracket antenna, a power cable, a mounting adhesive and 2 screws. Apart from giving you a very wide viewing angle of up to 120°, this model also gives you the possibility to record and save your last 4 maneuvers on the internal memory of your mobile device. The lack of LED is very unfortunate. You can not enjoy a night vision.

Garmin BC30 sans fil

Best high end

Garmin BC30 sans fil

The best high-end wireless backup camera

To be connected to a Garmin GPS, this model ensures a transmission of the videos in wireless mode on a distance of 10 m. Its manufacturing quality is such that it supports all weather conditions.

130 £ on Amazon
Caméra de recul solaire Norauto

Excellent choice

Norauto solar backup camera

A solar model

Ideally designed for passenger vehicles, the Norauto Solar Backup Camera is equipped with a 4.3-inch color screen and runs exclusively on solar energy.

79,96 £ on Norauto

Do you own a towed vehicle or a passenger car? Norauto's Backup Camera could be just what you need. 100% autonomous, it will not have to exhaust the energy stored in the battery. Its 110° angle of vision guarantees you a good view of the rear of the vehicle, and it offers you a feeling of optimal safety, which will limit possible collisions and the repairs that may follow. Note that despite low light levels, this wireless LED rear view camera will remain functional.

The Norauto Solar Backup Camera is equipped with a 4.3 inch screen (about 10.9 cm) that will easily find its place on your dashboard. This accessory is fixed by means of a suction cup arm and is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. The link between the receiver and transmitter is via a Wi-Fi connection with a maximum range of 8 m.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wireless rear view camera

Any specific needs?

The best wireless backup camera in 2021

The best entry-level wireless backup camera

The best high-end wireless backup camera

A solar model

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Comparison table of the best wireless rear view cameras

Auto-Vox TD2
Beeper H2Wifi
Garmin BC30 sans fil
Caméra de recul solaire Norauto
Auto-Vox TD2
Beeper H2Wifi
Garmin BC30 sans fil
Norauto solar backup camera
Easy installation, top night vision, waterproofing, wide compatibility ... The Auto-Vox TD2 has everything to satisfy your needs in terms of wireless rear view camera.
Regardless of the type, make and model of your vehicle, you can control this convenient and inexpensive wireless rearview camera via your Android or iOS smartphone.
To be connected to a Garmin GPS, this model ensures a transmission of the videos in wireless mode on a distance of 10 m. Its manufacturing quality is such that it supports all weather conditions.
Ideally designed for passenger vehicles, the Norauto Solar Backup Camera is equipped with a 4.3-inch color screen and runs exclusively on solar energy.
Compatible Vehicles
Fits most car models
Sedan, minivan, station wagon, SUV, 4x4
All vehicles
Coupled and passenger vehicles
800 x 480 px
640 x 480 px
Power Supply
12 V
12/24 V
12 - 24 V
Viewing Angle
110 °
120 °
140 °
110 °

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Buying guide - wireless rear view camera

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How to choose your wireless rear view camera

The acquisition of a wireless back-up camera should not be done at random. Apart from taking into account the budget to be allocated to the purchase, it is also important to take into account several parameters.
choisir caméra de recul sans fil

#1 - Video quality

Wireless rearview cameras with sharp, clear images are the best choice. This will make it easy for you to spot obstacles while maneuvering. If possible, choose a model that can show you high-definition video. It will be even better if the camera is equipped with an LCD screen. The possibility of night vision via LEDs is a major asset not to be overlooked.

#2 - Viewing angle

Other than the quality of the images, you should consider the viewing angle of your future wireless backup camera. The best models of the moment put at your disposal a wide field of vision ofa minimum of 120 °, which makes parking and reversing safer. Typically, the device is angled slightly downward to give you a broad, all-encompassing view of any obstacles on the ground. This configuration also gives you an accurate idea of how far the wall is from the back of your vehicle in the event of a reverse.

#3 - Storage capacity

Most of today's wireless backup cameras have internal storage memory giving you the opportunity to save videos at any time. This feature varies from model to model and depends mostly on the resolution of the videos. Although the high definition models have a fairly limited capacity, make sure you find a model that fits your needs exactly. Wireless backup cameras sold without a screen take advantage of the storage space of the receiver such as a smartphone, tablet or GPS.

#4 - Design quality

The quality of design will have a considerable impact on the durability of the wireless backup camera. As it will be installed outside the vehicle, it is best to opt for a model with the ability to withstand external aggression and the vagaries of the weather in the image of humidity, UV rays and heat. Think about its installation, among other things, because if the camera is placed under the bumper and the license plate, it will enjoy additional protection.

#5 - Additional options

In order to best meet the needs of each user, today's manufacturers compete in ingenuity to design increasingly efficient wireless backup cameras. Optional features that will make your equipment more versatile include night vision (via infrared lights or LEDs), motion detection, video recording option and GPS system. Models that come with a remote control are not to be missed, as are those with a folding screen.

How to install a wireless rear view camera?

avis caméra de recul sans fil

The wireless backup camera performs the same function as a wired model except that it does not require any connection. Instead, the device uses transmitters and receivers to attach the camera to the screen.

No need for professional help. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can install your wireless rearview camera yourself. The installation procedure is already indicated in the user manual, and here are the important points to remember.

Installation of the wireless rearview camera

Choose a strategic location when installing your wireless rearview camera. In this area, you can choose between the license plate, the tail light or the bumper of the car. To get the best viewing angle, you need to make sure that the device is facing outwards and that your vision is not obstructed.

Installing the transmitter

Generally, the transmitter, ensuring the link between the camera and the screen, is included in the kit. You will have to mount it on one of the rear lights of your vehicle. Proceed to the disassembly of the headlight in the manner of a bulb change. Then, connect it to a power source and to the screen.

Installing the screen

The screen is installed last. Here, you can put it on the dashboard as well as on the windshield of your car with a suction cup mount or a double-sided adhesive mount. Connect it to a power source like a cigarette lighter for example. Turn it on and perform a few tests by putting the car in reverse. The images should usually appear instantly.

Camera or wireless back-up radar?

You should not confuse wireless rear view camera and wireless rear view radar, the two devices work in completely different ways. In what situation to use one or the other? Let's take a closer look:

Wireless Backup Camera

The wireless rear view camera, unlike a dashcam, is placed near a light source of your car such as tail lights or a license plate. However, you can install one in the front of the vehicle depending on your financial capabilities, but especially your needs. The device will film in real time and in HD everything that happens at the back of the car with a very wide field of view reaching 140 °. The images are transmitted on a screen located on the dashboard (accompanying or not the camera to the purchase). To connect the transmitter to the receiver, you must have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Wireless reversing radar

The wireless back-up radar, for its part, is equipped with several ultrasonic sensors. It is best installed on the front or rear bumpers of the car. Unlike the rearview camera, one model is not enough. You are required to place up to 4 or 5 devices on the vehicle. The way it works is quite different. Instead of videos, the radar emits a sound signal whose volume increases gradually as you approach an obstacle.


Both the backup radar and the wireless backup camera are parking aid equipment. If you just want a minimalist, easy-to-use model, a wireless back-up radar will do the trick. The wireless rearview camera, on the other hand, gives you a more direct view of what's going on behind the vehicle. You can even save the images on an internal storage memory. Of course, combining the two is the best option for getting the best of both worlds.

Why buy a wireless backup camera?

pourquoi acheter caméra de recul sans fil

Pedestrian and driver safety

The presence of a wireless rearview camera will keep you safe from all the dangers associated with driving, including collisions between two vehicles, accidents with pedestrians, hitting a mile marker or a pole... If you often drive at night, models with an infrared LED display ensure good visibility even in the dark.

Easier parking

By getting a wireless rearview camera, you'll be able to drive your big car in comfort. The equipment acts as your eyes on the rear of the vehicle, so maneuvering and parking will be seamless. You can even park in tight spaces without having to turn around.

A comfortable driving posture

The wireless rearview camera makes up for the shortcomings of rearview mirrors by preventing you from craning your neck when maneuvering and backing up. You'll have an immediate overview of obstacles behind the car by simply viewing the screen connected to the camera. The risk of running into a bollard, block or pole is virtually non-existent.

A better vision angle

The rearview mirror is quite practical, admittedly, but its functionality is very limited. You won't be able to get an unobstructed view of what's going on in the back because of blind spots. With a wireless rearview camera, you'll have a perfectly clear view and an optimal field of vision that extends from 110 to 140 degrees.

Durable and solid equipment

The wireless rearview camera is usually of a solid and durable design. Indeed, each model has a very good ability to resist water as well as the vagaries of the weather. If you want to preserve the equipment as much as possible, mount it under the license plate or bumper.

The best brands of wireless rear view cameras

In our opinion, the best brands of wireless rear view cameras in 2022 are :


The Chinese brand Auto-Vox specializes in the sale of high quality rear view cameras. In order to simplify use and installation, most of its models are offered in a wireless version. Whether you have a penchant for the standalone wireless rearview camera or the model fully integrated into the rearview mirror, you will certainly find the camera corresponding to the configurations you are considering.

With an experience of more than 20 years, Beeper produces safety and alarm equipment specific to all types of vehicles (utility car, city car, motorcycle...), but also a whole range of electric micromobility items. Its wireless back-up cameras, among which are the solar models, demonstrate remarkable reliability and performance.

Expert in GPS navigation, the American giant has good references in terms of wireless back-up cameras. Beyond their main function, these devices can connect to a Garmin GPS, so you won't have to juggle two screens. Their compatibility with the brand's various product lines makes them convenient to use.

ID CAM was founded by the Intermed Distribution group. It has quickly made a place for itself among the leaders in the wireless reversing camera market thanks to its reliable, effective and easy-to-use models. In addition to these parking aids, the firm offers a full catalog of GPS, connected objects and car radios.

A French-based automotive supplier, Valeo primarily markets original/spare parts in nearly 100 countries worldwide. The brand only designs a very limited number of wireless backup cameras to ensure you get the best build quality.

What is the price for a wireless rear view camera

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 150 £
more than 150 £
Price range diagram


Find the right location

You need to find a suitable location to ensure that your wireless rearview camera works properly. The equipment will help you park your car and reverse easily. In this sense, it's best to mount it on the license plate, bumper or backup lights. As for the screen, it will be visually accessible to you on the dashboard.

Install the wireless backup camera in a protected area

Some models have the ability to withstand long exposure to UV rays and weather, but this is not the case with all wireless backup cameras. To ensure the longevity of your equipment, opt for strategic locations. Put the camera as well as the screen well away from heat and moisture.

Refer to the user's manual

The set-up process remains the same. Even a DIY novice will manage to install a wireless backup camera with the help of the user manual. Of course, a minimum of electrical knowledge is required, but if you follow all the directions to the letter, installation will be a breeze.

Start by installing the camera

Professionals and manufacturers alike recommend installing the camera first. The transmitter will come next and you can finalize the steps by installing the screen. Make sure the camera lens is pointed outward. Once the devices are established, check the quality of the images. The same is true for the quality of the transmission.

Removal of headlights is required

Dismantle one of your reversing lights to fit the frequency transmitter for your in-car camera. This step is actually essential to power the device. Connect it to the cam using a suitable cable. Make the necessary connections and test.


How does a wireless backup camera work?

The principle of operation of a wireless backup camera is quite simple: you must power the frequency transmitter by connecting it to the circuit of the tail light of your vehicle. To do this, disconnect the battery and then disassemble the headlight as if you were going to replace a light bulb. Put the monitor inside the car, more precisely at the dashboard level, so that it is accessible to your field of vision.

Where to mount a wireless backup camera?

Ideally, bet on a place where your wireless backup camera will be protected from external aggressions such as rain, snow, heat... You can choose the location that suits you between the license plate, the bumper and the tail lights. Don't forget to adjust the viewing angle before tightening the camera screw.

How to maintain a wireless backup camera?

Like other equipment on your car, the wireless backup camera requires regular maintenance. A few swipes with a clean cloth dampened with clear water can be sufficient. If the damage is severe enough, we recommend using a window cleaner. To dry it, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

How to prevent dirt on the wireless backup camera?

To keep the lens of your wireless backup camera from getting dirty, coat it with an anti-rain product. This will provide an invisible protective barrier that will prevent rainwater, snow, and hail from collecting on it. Better yet, you can use the same product to protect your glass surfaces.


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Auto-Vox TD2
Auto-Vox TD2
Beeper H2Wifi
Beeper H2Wifi
Garmin BC30 sans fil
Garmin BC30 sans fil
Caméra de recul solaire Norauto
Norauto solar backup camera


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