The best white noise lint in the UK 2023

Your child can't adapt to the outside world and can't sleep at night or during his nap? There is an effective and playful solution to help him: the white noise plush. Producing sounds similar to those he heard when he was still in his mother's womb, this accessory will soothe him so that he falls straight into the arms of Morpheus. Through this guide, we take you to discover the best white noise plushies of the moment.

Moby Whale 1

Best value for money

Moby Whale

The best white noise plush in 2021

Thanks to the Moby Whale plush designed by Flow, no need to wake up in the middle of the night to put baby back to sleep! Its soft melodies will lull him back to sleep in a few minutes.

33,26 £ on Berceau Magique

The Moby white noise whale plush is the perfect companion for baby. It is made of polyester and therefore safe for your little one. He can play with Moby during the day and at night, it brings him the comfort he needs. Your baby will fall asleep easily lulled by the different melodies from the musical box. In addition to these melodies, your child will enjoy other sounds such as heartbeats and rain.

Practical, this plush is equipped with a timer and can stop automatically after 15 min, 30 min or 60 min. If baby starts to cry, it turns on again immediately to calm him with soothing sounds. Two AA batteries are required to operate it properly. Moby can accompany your little cherub from birth!

Ella the unicorn 2

Best value for money

Ella the unicorn

The best entry-level white noise plush

Putting your baby to sleep will be child's play with the musical plush Ella the unicorn. As soon as your little treasure hears her soothing melodies, she will fall asleep naturally. Fortunately, Ella is there!

28,79 £ on Berceau Magique

The white noise musical plush Ella the unicorn will help your little one to fall asleep peacefully. It complies with European standards and its polyester design is safe for children. Ella the unicorn integrates a sound box which proposes 4 white sounds as well as 4 melodies. The soothing effect of the music will ensure that your little one will have no trouble falling asleep!

This plush has a timer and can stop by itself after 23 min or 45 min. You can adjust the volume to suit your little one's preference. In addition, it is easily attached by its universal velcro. Concerning the maintenance, the plush is machine washable, but do not forget to remove the musical box beforehand. This one works with 2 AA batteries.

Maya 3

Best value for money


The best high-end white noise plush

No need to sing lullabies to put your little one to sleep, the Maya plush will take care of it! Her secret? Noises as soothing as each other and that hit the spot every time.

47,99 £ on Amazon

At bedtime, your baby will have no better friend than the Maya teddy bear! Meeting the European standards in force, it represents no danger for your little angel. To help your baby reach dreamland, Maya is equipped with a sound box that can play up to 5 soothing noises. By hearing them, baby calms down quickly to fall asleep in the next few minutes.

Once you've selected the sound of your choice, you can adjust the volume to suit your little treasure. Maya includes an automatic deactivation system and stops gradually after 60 minutes. It has a noise sensor that detects crying or if there is too much noise around. If it is the case, the musical box is engaged automatically with the last made adjustments.

Bruno the bear 4


Bruno the bear

The best alternative

With the Bruno the bear white noise nightlight plush, baby won't resist the call of sleep for long. The soft light and soothing sounds will help your little one fall asleep as quickly as possible.

39,99 £ on Berceau Magique

The Bruno the Bear white noise nightlight plush will make it easy for your child to cross the sandman. To achieve this, it offers no less than 7 sound modes as well as an orange nightlight. And since baby is not insensitive to the voice of his parents, this plush offers them the possibility of recording a 30 second song. It has an adjustable volume, so it's up to you to set the one that seems most appropriate!

Bruno the bear is able to turn itself off after 20 minutes of use. However, it can be triggered automatically by detecting the shaking or crying of baby. Thanks to its velcro attachment, this plush night light will be able to accompany your baby whether at home or outside. It needs 3 AAA batteries to function normally.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best white noise plush

Any specific needs?

The best white noise plush in 2021

The best entry-level white noise plush

The best high-end white noise plush

The best alternative

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Comparison table of the best white noise lint

Top Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Moby Whale 5
Ella the unicorn 6
Maya 7
Bruno the bear 8
Moby Whale
Ella the unicorn
Bruno the bear
Thanks to the Moby Whale plush designed by Flow, no need to wake up in the middle of the night to put baby back to sleep! Its soft melodies will lull him back to sleep in a few minutes.
Putting your baby to sleep will be child's play with the musical plush Ella the unicorn. As soon as your little treasure hears her soothing melodies, she will fall asleep naturally. Fortunately, Ella is there!
No need to sing lullabies to put your little one to sleep, the Maya plush will take care of it! Her secret? Noises as soothing as each other and that hit the spot every time.
With the Bruno the bear white noise nightlight plush, baby won't resist the call of sleep for long. The soft light and soothing sounds will help your little one fall asleep as quickly as possible.
21 x 13 x 20 cm
36 x 21 x 14 cm
5 x 13 x 24 cm
16 x 10 x 24 cm
Polyester and cotton
Fabric, PVC
Sounds available
Rain sound, heartbeat and melodies
4 white sounds : heartbeat, rain, waves, whale song 4 melodies : Twinkle-Twinkle, Rockabye baby, classic lullaby, quiet melody
5 sounds : White noise, pink noise, rain, sea waves, intrauterine sounds with heartbeat
7 sound modes: heartbeat, white noise, shushing (SHH .... SHHH; a doctor proven technique to stop babies from crying), background music, 3 Lullabies
15, 30 or 60 min
23 and 45 min
Continuous mode : 12 hours Auto shut-off after 60 min
Auto shut-off after 20 min
Power supply
2 AA batteries
2 AA batteries
3 AAA batteries
3 AAA 1.5V batteries

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Buying guide - white noise plush

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How to choose your white noise plush

Nothing better than a white noise plush to help baby fall asleep in no time. But given the many models available on the market, there are a few criteria to consider when looking for the right plush.

#1 - The sounds offered

The first criterion to consider before buying a white noise plush is the sounds it makes. There is a wide variety, but the most common ones are the sound of a beating heart, melodies, nature sounds or animal sounds. It's up to you to select the plush toy that plays the most appropriate sound for your child.

#2 - The automatic functions

This is a criterion not to be underestimated. Indeed, the automatic shutdown offers the possibility to stop the noise when your little one is already asleep. A little advice: if possible, choose a plush with a timer that suggests several delays! Why should you do this? Simply because some babies fall asleep faster than others.

#3 - The hygiene

Since the plush will be in constant contact with the child, it is essential to opt for a model that is not complicated to clean. In general, make sure that the electronic part can be removed easily. This way, you can clean the plush by running it through the machine or wash it under water.

#4 - The volume

Before you fix your choice on a specific plush model, first check that it incorporates an adjustable volume. This is for one obvious reason: some babies are more sensitive to noise than others. The second reason is that if another child is sleeping in the same room, being able to adjust the volume of the plush will help avoid disturbing him in his sleep.

#5 - The light diffusion

Other than the white noises they produce, there are also plush toys that also act as a nightlight. They are intended to reassure a child who is not really comfortable in the dark. Some models offer a light that can be projected directly onto the walls of the room. Note that the light can be dissociated from the emission of white noise.

What is a white noise plush and how does it work?

It's simply a plush toy dedicated to babies that includes a sound box. The latter can deliver a variety of sounds such as white noise, melodies, lullabies or animal and nature sounds. You may wonder what white noise is? Like white light, which contains all visible color frequencies, white noise contains all audible frequencies. White noise has the ability to mask other sounds from the environment around us.

How does a white noise plush work?

A white noise plush toy includes an audio system that is able to produce different sounds. It is very easy to use! Just slip it into the child's room and it will do the rest. If you chose a model with a light function, it can be used as a nightlight. In order to activate the sounds, you need to press a button provided for this purpose. The plush will stop automatically and progressively after 20 minutes of use (or more depending on the model).

What about maintenance?

The cleaning of the white noise lint can be done without effort. Simply remove the music box and wash the plush by hand or in the machine. Drying should be done in the open air so that bacteria cannot multiply.

The different types of white noise lint

There are different types of white noise plush. What are their positive points and their disadvantages? Details below!

White noise plushies that make soothing sounds

White noise plush toys that produce soothing sounds are models of plush toys that suggest a wide variety of soothing sounds. These include the sounds of nature, the sounds of rain, the sounds of waves and the sounds of animals. As the name suggests, they have a calming effect on small children.


  • Calms the baby.
  • Allows the baby to become familiar with the sounds around him.
  • Promote the development of the child. At 6 months of age, the child is able to produce sounds.
  • Participate in the sensory evolution of the baby.


  • Deliver sounds that are considered "high" for a small baby, even if the volume is set to the minimum.
  • Consume more energy than other products.
  • Not suitable for all babies.
  • Can be frightening to some children. Animal sounds, for example.

For whom?

White noise plush toys that suggest soothing sounds are suitable for children who tend to get restless before bedtime. They are ideal for babies from 9 months of age. The reason is simple: it is at this age that the child begins to combine and produce different sounds more easily. In short, it contributes to the development of his language.

White noise plushies

White noise plush toys are plush models that produce monotonous sounds. For example, it could be a noise made by a fan running or a hair dryer. Other examples are the sounds of a person's heartbeat, intrauterine sounds or the sounds of breathing.


  • Helps babies sleep.
  • Makes them feel safe and secure.
  • Can calm and soothe the baby.
  • Block out other noises that may disturb baby.


  • Can lead to dependence on the child. That is to say, the child can no longer fall asleep without hearing a white noise.
  • Can emit loud sounds that are not adapted to baby's still sensitive hearing.
  • Cannot work on all babies. Some babies are indifferent to these sounds.
  • Have an impact on the auditory system and the brain.

For whom?

White noise cuddly toys are best for babies from 0 to 12 months! Indeed, it is during this age group that the child encounters the most difficulty to fall asleep. Most often, he is also quite agitated. That said, this does not prevent you from using this type of plush even if your little one is over 12 months old. In this case, you should only use it in moderation.

White noise plush or mobile ?

White noise plush

Compared to the mobile, the white noise plush offers quite a few advantages. First, your toddler can use it as a toy and play with it. Secondly, white noise plush toys offer noises/melodies that last long enough for your baby to fall asleep. And the biggest advantage of white noise plush toys over mobiles is their ability to detect crying and automatically turn back on.

Despite their many positive points, white noise plushies also have their drawbacks. First, it has been found that many models exceed 50 decibels when turned on. In the long run this can affect baby's hearing. Secondly, it can happen that the child cannot do without white noise to fall asleep. This is problematic if the family has to stay in a place (far from home) and the parents do not have such a plush toy at their disposal.


A mobile constitutes for the child a sound and visual cue which is assimilated to sleep. In this way, it favors the establishment of a conditioned reflex in the baby. In other words, when the child sees and hears the mobile, his brain will immediately interpret this as an element that will trigger sleep. The mobile will thus help baby to reach a state of appeasement conducive to falling asleep.

The music produced by a mobile can sometimes lack softness, but the major disadvantage is that the melody lasts only a few minutes. This is not white noise lint because they can work at least 20 min. The concern is that if your little one is not yet asleep, you will be forced to start the mobile again.


Whether it's white noise plush or baby mobile, these two toys can both help baby fall asleep. Nevertheless, the mobile is not really suitable for small babies under 5 months because of its many details that are not suitable for the visual abilities of the child. For toddlers, it is better to turn to stuffed animals, paying attention to the volume of sound they offer.

Why buy a white noise plush?

To put baby to sleep easily

A white noise plush is specially designed to help baby fall asleep faster! The sounds it emits have a soothing effect on the child insofar as it will remind him of the noises when he was not yet out of his mother's womb. Feeling safe, baby will be calm and should fall asleep quite easily.

To watch over baby

Thanks to the presence of the plush and its soothing sounds, your little angel feels less alone in his cozy bed. While baby is sleeping, she is there to watch over him! And when the child is not sleeping, he can play with the plush. The reassuring side of this one will allow the baby not to notice too much the absence of his parents.

To offer to baby a nice toy

A white noise plush toy is not only useful to help the child to find easily the sleep. In fact, it can also be used as a toy! Your little treasure will be able to play as much as he wants with this very soft and colorful toy. He will have a lot of fun manipulating it in all directions and caressing it.

To reduce stress in newborns

Baby is very sensitive to all external stimuli, which can be visual, but also sound. These stimuli (especially if it is something new) are likely to cause nervousness in the child. When activated, the plush toy is able to block these different sources of stress. As a result, the baby calms down by hearing the white noise.

To reduce crying

The vast majority of white noise cuddly toys are equipped with a crying detector. As soon as baby starts to cry, the plush automatically turns on. This is very practical, because you won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it back on. Moreover, thanks to the action of the plush, the crying of the child is not likely to last a long time.

The best brands of white noise lint

In our opinion, the best brands of white noise lint in 2022 are :

Fisher Price
Tommee Tippee

The brand MyHummy was born in 2015. It specializes in the design of plush toys with white noise. After only 2 years of activity, the brand is already very successful and is ranked among the top 100 innovations in Europe. In 2018, no less than 800,000 children around the world fall asleep to the sound of its plush toys. Whether it is the basic model, the Premium model or the Premium Plus model, the plushies offered by MyHummy are of superior quality.

It is a recent brand of Dutch origin that focuses primarily on the world of babies. It manufactures, among other things, plush toys, comforters and other nightlights! Through its products, the brand does everything to guarantee comfort and safety to babies. Apart from that, it strives to combine aesthetics, simplicity and practicality in the design of its various items for toddlers.

This Dutch brand was founded by a couple in 2013. It suggests white noise plush toys, nightlights, alarm clocks or even mood lights for babies. The brand has become known and famous thanks to its two flagship products Sam and Lou. In addition, it stands out from its competitors by equipping its products with intelligent technology.

American brand, Fisher Price made its first appearance in 1930. It designs toys mainly for children under 3 years old. Its main goal is to offer toys that are solid, playful and ingenious at the same time. When it comes to white noise plush toys, Fisher Price is among the best brands that have convinced thousands of parents around the world.

This brand was born in 1965 and was launched in the United Kingdom. It has set itself the goal of accompanying parents while suggesting reliable, high quality and innovative products. This explains why the brand has won many awards! Nowadays, many parents have been won over by the brand and do not hesitate to recommend it.

What is the price for a white noise plush

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 30 £
30 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Place the plush at a distance of 1 meter from baby

Due to the reasonable sound frequency of the plush toy, a distance of one meter should be observed between it and the baby. Beyond this distance, the baby either takes longer to fall asleep or is disturbed by other noises. Otherwise, a plush toy placed too close to the infant can jeopardize his still fragile hearing system.

Don't set the volume too high

The volume of the white noise of the plush toy is adjustable and must be at a level not exceeding 50 dB. The higher the sound pressure, the more the baby is disturbed by the noise that is supposed to help him fall asleep easily. During the period of diffusion of the white noise, a constant volume of sound is ideal for a more stable sleep.

Respect the age indicated in the user manual

On the notice, each manufacturer of white noise plushies fixes the age range of the babies concerned by the product. In most cases, only infants under one year old are the most sensitive to this soothing sound. This does not prevent the use of the plush to put to sleep a child aged 3 years who is very receptive.

Choose basic white noises during baby's first months

The purchase of a white noise plush is a crucial moment that will determine the future and the development of the child to be rocked. For the first few days after his birth, it is proven that noises like bird whistles are beneficial. The choice of the plush should be focused on a model that produces this noise or that of a heartbeat.

Pink noises: a good alternative!

Pink noises can be reproduced on a plush: noise related to rain or water flow. The main advantage of this option is that the decibel of a pink noise is low to ensure a deep and restful sleep. With an acoustic pressure of up to 3 dB, a pink noise alternating with a white one softens the infant's night.


How to choose a white noise plush?

In principle, at least 2 criteria of choice are to be fixed before opting for any white noise plush. To be useful over time, the plush should provide various sounds that the child will need regardless of his age. It is meant to be a source of noises with a changeable volume to provide quality and recuperative sleep.

Are white noises really effective for babies to fall asleep?

While adults need to be quiet to fall asleep, babies are more attracted to certain noises. Scientific research supports this thesis, and the manufacture of white noise plushies is the materialization of the theory. The time needed for the child to fall asleep and the quality of his sleep depend on the frequency of the noise emitted.

How long should baby listen to white noise?

After birth, a period varying between 1 to 3 years is recommended for theuse of a white noise plush. A few more years can be added to this period if the parents consider it necessary according to the behavior of the child. During the infant's first 12 months, relaxing white noises are those that mimic the sounds of nature.

At what age is white noise effective?

The white noise of a plush toy remains effective as long as its quality and frequency are age appropriate. For instructions on how to do this, it is important to refer to the instructions for use of the plush noise maker. As a newborn grows, his or her daily listening needs may vary from white noise to pink noise.


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Moby Whale
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Ella the unicorn
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Bruno the bear


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