The 31 best wedding gifts for the bride and groom

Whatever your affinity with the bride and groom (close or distant family, friends...), it is customary to give them a nice gift after the ceremony. Of course, they have already established a wedding list to simplify the task of the guests. But if you want to stand out and be sure that your gift will please, let yourself be tempted by our selection of wedding gift ideas to give to the bride and groom.

Wooden USB key LXSINO 1

Wooden USB key LXSINO

14,39 £ on Amazon

Delivered in a small maple wood box and laser engraved, the LXSINO Mrs and Mrs wooden USB flash drive is perfect for newlyweds who want to keep fond memories of their honeymoon. This unique heart-shaped gift offers a reading speed of up to 90 Mbps.

Coussin Coeur Photo

Photo Heart Cushion

15,92 £ on Cadeaux

Looking for an original wedding gift? Let yourself be seduced by this Photo Heart cushion. The front side is customizable. You can print the photo of the newlyweds in a beautiful heart. This gift will surprise them and will mark the affection that you carry for the couple.

Bougie gravée Personnalisable - Corset

Personalized engraved candle - Corset

15,92 £ on Cadeaux

Give a newlywed couple the Personalizable Engraved Candle - Corset. Its corset theme will add a touch of sensuality to their wedding day. To make your gift as original as possible, engrave the couple's names on the glass jar and choose from three available colors.

Duo Flûtes à Champagne Personnalisables - Mr. & Mrs.

Duo Customizable Champagne Flutes - Mr. & Mrs.

15,92 £ on Cadeaux

One of your loved ones is getting married? Mark the event by making him a gift of the duo Personalized Champagne Flutes - Mr. & Mrs. One flute for Mr., another for Mrs.. Each will have his name engraved on the glass. A beautiful accessory that will amaze the day of celebration.

Lots de Sous Verres Personnalisables - Photo

Customizable Coasters - Photo

10,32 £ on Cadeaux

Personalized coasters are an original gift for big events like weddings. On, choose the number of coasters, upload the photo of the bride and groom and place your order. You will really please the newlyweds on their big day.

Cœur en bois avec prénom

Wooden heart with name

10,36 £ on Yoursurprise

The wooden heart with name is the best gift you can give to a wedding. The wooden heart can be engraved with the names of the happy couple. It will make a beautiful piece of decoration that will mark forever the unforgettable day they said yes.

Album photo - Amour

Photo album - Love

15,96 £ on Yoursurprise

The photo album is a classic wedding gift. This model is rather original. Why? Because you could print the couple's photo and their names on the cover. The personalized album will be the best keeper of the wonderful memories of their wedding day.

Wonderbox Moments en duo 2

Wonderbox Moments en duo

23,92 £ on Wonderbox

Ideal for newlyweds, the Wonderbox Moments en duo allows you to experience a magical moment for two (for a whole weekend) among a whole range of activities such as a meal for two, a massage session... The gift box remains valid for 3 years and 3 months from the date of purchase.

Coffret massage de la tête aux pieds

Head to toe massage set

23,96 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

This head-to-toe massage set is an excellent wellness gift to give to newlyweds. The set contains several accessories that allow you to massage the whole body and relax alone or with your partner in the greatest comfort. Each piece of the set is made of eco-friendly materials.

Third of Life Volar 3

Third of Life Volar

23,96 £ on Amazon

After the wedding night, the newlyweds will be leaving for their honeymoon. And what better way to ensure a comfortable ride than with a travel pillow like this one? By car, plane or even train, it's sure to give them a great time. A perfect example of a gift for the couple, as the Third of Life Volar will serve them for many years to come.

Syhood 2 Rooms Mr. and Mrs. 4

Syhood 2 Rooms Mr. and Mrs.

16,79 £ on Amazon

Made of poly cotton yarn dyed fabric, this unique wedding gift is machine washable. The Mr. and Mrs. 2 Piece Syhood is especially fade resistant. As light as it is comfortable, this pair of couple's aprons features an adjustable strap to better accommodate all sizes.

Myestado 6er Set Beauty 5

Myestado 6er Set Beauty

27,92 £ on Amazon

A decorative object that will certainly find its place in the new home of the bride and groom, the Myestado 6er Set Beauty benefits from all the quality of a German manufacture. This poster board is even more robust thanks to its ultra-thick paper design. It includes 6 posters, 4 of which are A3 size and 2 A4 size.

Niimo 3D Kit 6

Niimo 3D Kit

31,92 £ on Amazon

The Niimo 3D Kit is essential to immortalize an unforgettable moment such as a wedding or a birth. This kit includes 453 g of alginate, 1 kg of ceramic plaster, a 3 L container and a bamboo stick. Just follow all the instructions correctly to obtain a perfect casting.

Do Your Gin - DIY Kit 7

Do Your Gin - DIY Kit

43,96 £ on Amazon

If the newlyweds are DIY aficionados, then this exclusive kit is for them. No more prefabricated mixes! With the Do Your Gin it is now possible to make your own gin. The kit consists of 12 spices or herbs requiring only a few drops of vodka as a base and 2 days of infusion.

Coffret Sommelier + Bouteille de Vin Personnalisable

Customizable Wine Box + Bottle of Wine

27,92 £ on Cadeaux

You think that a simple bottle of wine is too classic a wedding gift? Why not choose this sommelier box which is much more unique? The beautiful bamboo box contains the accessories of a professional sommelier and a bottle with a customizable label.

Couverture à manches personnalisée couple - Prénom

Personalized sleeve blanket couple - First name

39,92 £ on Cadeaux

A blanket for two with pairs of sleeves is already a very special wedding gift. You can take it a step further by printing the couple's names on the plaid. The blanket will keep them warm in the winter and will always remind them of the best time of their lives.

Plaque de porte personnalisée - Famille

Personalized door plaque - Family

19,92 £ on Cadeaux

A wedding symbolizes the creation of a new home? Mark this event by giving the bride and groom this beautiful personalized door plaque - Family. The natural slate plaque will be engraved with the name of the new family and the first name of each member.

Paillasson personnalisé - Bienvenue

Personalized doormat - Welcome

19,92 £ on Cadeaux

Give this personalized doormat as a gift to a young couple who just got married. This is not just a classic gift. It is possible to print the couple's names on the doormat, next to the word "welcome". This personalized gift will not cost you more than 25 €.

36 heures 125 week-ends en Europe

36 hours 125 weekends in Europe

23,99 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Your wedding gift will be unlike any other. Give the 36 Hour 125 Weekends in Europe as a gift to the newlyweds. This guide contains a selection by the New York Times of the 125 best tourist destinations to discover Europe.

Cadre Personnalisable - Couple

Customizable frame - Couple

23,92 £ on Cadeaux

Make the newlyweds happy by giving them the gift of this wonderful Customizable Frame - Couple. They will choose the photo to put in the frame. You'll print their names side by side along with a small loving message that you share with them.

Lampe livre lumineux personnalisable - Jour de rencontre

Customizable illuminated book lamp - Jour de rencontre

39,92 £ on Cadeaux

An unforgettable wedding deserves an unforgettable gift. For the occasion, offer the personalized luminous book lamp - Meeting Day. Once opened, this wooden book emits a pleasant soft light. The names of the newlyweds can be engraved on the cover.

Smartbox Unusual stay for two 8

Smartbox Unusual stay for two

55,92 £ on Smartbox

Are the bride and groom to be fervent adventurers or nature lovers? In that case, offer them this Smartbox Unusual Duo Stay. They will simply have to choose among the 4,200 escapades offered by the brand, reserve a date and experience unusual and unforgettable moments together. Note that they will benefit from a night with free breakfast for 2 people during their stay.

eGenuss - Wicker Picnic Basket 9

eGenuss - Wicker Picnic Basket

52,79 £ on Amazon

During or after the honeymoon, the bride and groom may decide to have a little picnic. To make this moment special, offer them the eGenuss wicker picnic basket. Specially designed for 2, this model comes with a cooler, stainless steel cutlery, ceramic plates and wine glasses.

Pot de fleur en lévitation personnalisable - Cadeaux

Customizable levitating flower pot - Gifts

79,92 £ on Cadeaux

As amazing as it is original, this customizable gift stands out for its almost magical aspect. The flower pot will float in the air because of its magnetic base. In addition to brightening up the interior of the bride and groom, it will carry a personal message that makes it so original.

Coffret œnoludique vin rouge

Red Wine Gift Set

52 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

The bride and groom love good wine? They'll love the gift you're giving them: a red wine gift set. The pack contains everything you need to become a great red wine taster. The box and bottles come with lots of easy-to-read instructions.

Coffret cadeau couple - 3 box au choix

Couple gift box - 3 boxes to choose from

74,40 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

Give pleasure to the bride and groom while supporting the craftsmen of all France. Opt for the couple gift box - 3 boxes to choose from. Choose the container of the box and pack for the wedding. Organic wines, coffees, teas, gourmet foods and more are among the components you can choose from.

Tableau Photo Alu Encadré 50x50 chez Photobox

Framed Alu Picture 50x50 at Photobox

44,79 £ on Photobox

Forget the classic frames that have become too ordinary. At Photobox, the photo will be printed with UV ink and placed in an aluminum frame with a modern design. This Framed Aluminum Photo Frame will make a great wedding gift.

Set de valises personnalisées - Princess Traveller

Customized luggage set - Princess Traveller

232 £ on Yoursurprise

Want to give a truly unique and original wedding gift? The Princess Traveller Personalized Suitcase Set will do the trick. Choose the bride and groom's beautiful photos and print them on each hard case in the set. Your gift will follow them throughout their romantic travels.

Lanterne solaire en teck

Teak solar lantern

124 £ on Natureetdecouvertes

To be placed on a porch, on a terrace or in a garden, the Solar Lantern in teak decorates while providing a pleasant light. The 300 lumen lamp is powered by a high efficiency solar panel. You can give it as a gift to a couple getting married.

Housse de couette imprimée 200x200

Printed comforter cover 200x200

144 £ on Yoursurprise

Choose a truly personal gift that will surprise the newlyweds. Give them this personalized comforter. The couple's photo will be printed in high definition on the top of the comforter, which will make a beautiful decorative object in their bedroom.

Vive les mariés ! Excellence

Long live the bride and groom! Excellence

240 £ on Smartbox

Smartbox makes newlyweds happy by offering them this Vive les mariés! Excellence. This wonderful gift entitles the recipient to a stay for two in one of the 2000 destinations and getaways in the UK and Europe carefully selected by Smartbox.


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