The 31 best webtoon in 2021

Webtoon is the name given to comic books that are distributed online via free or paid platforms. This type of service is very popular and allows users to follow, without interruption, the adventures of their characters. in the UK, you have, for example, the sites Webtoon Factory of Dupuis, Verytoon or Webtoon of Navre.

At the beginning, there were only Korean comics but now the offer has greatly diversified. Between romantic, dramatic, fantasy, sports and other stories, you will be spoilt for choice. Below are the 31 best Webtoon this year.


A night with the emperor 1

A night with the emperor

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Penelope Zecalione decides to indulge in drinking after her fiancé decides to go elsewhere. But when one door closes, another one opens. She wakes up from her drinking session at the side of the King! The latter, conquered by her charm, will do everything to seduce her.

The beautiful and the beast 2

The beautiful and the beast

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The story tells the life of a woman divided between her boyfriend who cheats on her and a job that stresses her. After getting drunk, she kills herself in a car accident and when she regains consciousness, everything changes. Reincarnated in the body of a hairy princess, her story has only just begun.

I raised a beast 3

I raised a beast

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This is the story of Blondina, a young orphan girl who has been entrusted to a shameless tenant. Her life is littered with misfortunes until the day she meets her father: the emperor. The life of a castle seems promised to her, but ....

Let's play 4

Let's play

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Single and full of ambition, a computer enthusiast puts her first video game online. The expected result is not there. The cause, the comments of a critic living near her home. Friendship or budding rivalry?

Age issues 5

Age issues

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A lonely billionaire hires an assistant who is romantic by nature, but desperate in love with a certain lack of self-confidence. Over time, their synergy will lead them to explore other facets of friendship.


The fallen duchess 6

The fallen duchess

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Médeïa is the daughter of the Duke of Belliard who will be selected to become the wife of the prince. While everything is going smoothly, a character will come and upset the story: Psyche enters the life of the latter.

True beauty 7

True beauty

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After discovering the power of makeup, a shy comic book enthusiast becomes the most beautiful girl in her school. While everything is going well, her secret is in danger of being discovered and so is her true appearance. And to make matters worse, she doesn't want to lose the cute boy she loves. So what's next?

My biggest secret 8

My biggest secret

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For Emma, it's a dream to have a cute, caring, but also kind boyfriend in her life. While a simple look from him is enough to make her heart beat faster, she doesn't know that Elios is hiding a secret that could change everything for their future.

Midnight Poppy Land 9

Midnight Poppy Land

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After a gruesome discovery in the countryside, an editor finds herself embroiled in stories of murders, crimes, perpetrated by the most dangerous criminal organization in town.

High School mercenary 10

High School mercenary

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We are on the tracks of Ijin, a former mercenary, who must return to high school after a curious event. The plot takes shape when he miraculously escapes a plane crash of which he is the only survivor. Will he manage to return to a normal life?


Mage & demon queen 11

Mage & demon queen

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It is an IR RPG where a group of adventurers must eliminate a queen. The paradox is that the group's mage has fallen under her spell and is looking to marry her. Quite a dilemma!

The honeymoon of the witch and the dragon 12

The honeymoon of the witch and the dragon

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A promising witch from the Tower of Wizards in the Moronada Empire, Wendy Blanchette secretly loved a man, but the love was not mutual. When he marries, the witch is in a weakened state and commits the irreparable.

Like wind on a dry branch 13

Like wind on a dry branch

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While the empire is devastated by the plague, a widow enchantress is condemned by a nobleman. She must be buried next to him when he dies. Distraught, her salvation lies in the arrival of a fallen prince!

Omniscient reader 14

Omniscient reader

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In this fantastic universe, the scenario of a novel has suddenly become reality. To survive, you'll have to know the three ways. The problem is that only one person has been able to read the entire book. It is the key to save everyone.

White blood 15

White blood

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Park Hayan, a pure-blooded vampire with a good heart dreams of living in peace with humans. While her fellow vampires are only decimating the human race, fear is growing and so is hatred. Will she then have the chance to live out her wish and live in harmony with humans?

Siren's lament 16

Siren's lament

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Lyra's peaceful and pleasant life will suddenly change when she dives into a water that will lead her to the world of mermaids. Trapped by a spell, she discovers that her world is bigger than she ever thought.


Adventures of God 17

Adventures of God

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This story gives you the privilege of meeting God in a paradise somewhat different from your expectation. Described as a rather devious workplace with an alcoholic boss, this adventure introduces you to a paradise that is less sacred, but more fun than anyone expects.

The dose 18

The dose

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To fight against the monotony and sadness of everyday life, this story offers you a little happiness through funny facts of everyday life. The dose is then a guide that illustrates people's lack of knowledge of life as well as the bizarre reactions to the daily occupations of society.

Colossal 19


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Jade is pursuing an already established social life between luxurious parties, a prestigious school and a busy schedule. All she needs is the perfect partner to complete her life, but how can she do that when her passion is bodybuilding, which takes up all her days?

Sex, drugs & RER 20

Sex, drugs & RER

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There is nothing worse than studying in Paris and at the same time moving to a suburb where you don't know anyone. Fortunately, Léon will have the opportunity to meet Félix, Anissa and their gang of friends. By participating in the drunken parties and various galleys, he could find the love of his life.

My favorite thing about home 21

My favorite thing about home

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It tells the story and the daily life of the webtoon characters when they are not in the most captivating stories. Between gardening, washing dishes, cooking, sports and other activities, discover everything they like and their hobbies in a funny and captivating comic book.


The boxer 22

The boxer

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This is the story of a character who discovers the world of sports and martial arts through boxing. It turns out that he has a special talent that gives him advantages in his fights. And yet, the rest of the story reveals that this asset is not always a blessing for him, but can also be a curse.

Ecstasy hearts 23

Ecstasy hearts

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The daughter of two former world tennis champions will also try to make her mark in the business. In search of glory, Anya Shimizu is crushed by her long-time rival. A one-sided rivalry is born.

Dance for me 24

Dance for me

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Léo, a classical dancer, does not succeed in becoming a star choreographer despite his efforts. He then meets Eve, a dance enthusiast who will help Leo reach his goal with the help of his friends. The two of them will form a duo so that he can accomplish his dream.

Z United 25

Z United

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An Indian billionaire buys the biggest soccer clubs in Bordeaux and merges them into one: Metropolis FC. Jealous of his independence, a coach creates a rival club and challenges the giant. Their future now depends on Majid's talent.

My anti-fan 26

My anti-fan

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Whojoon is one of the biggest k-pop stars who has an anti-fan who is not like the others. Geun-Yeong, an atypical character who has never liked him, will however start a cohabitation with him. They will have to get along.


Aime-moi follement 27

Aime-moi follement

Le garçon au fusil 28

Le garçon au fusil

Cruelle innocence 29

Cruelle innocence

Boyfriends 30


Revenge game 31

Revenge game


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