The best wallpaper strippers in the UK 2023

Do you want to give your walls a facelift or redo your entire interior? The old paper is recalcitrant? Don't worry, the solution exists and it is called wallpaper remover. It can be a chemical product or a device sending steam jets like the Tolegano 2000 W wallpaper remover, the model that stands out for its quality/price ratio.

Décolleuse à Papier peint Tolegano 2000 W 1

Best value for money

Décolleuse à Papier peint Tolegano 2000 W

The best wallpaper stripper in 2021

Remove wallpaper quickly and easily with this wallpaper remover. With a power of 2000 W, this machine gets up to temperature very quickly.

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The Tolegano wallpaper stripper has a 2000 W motor and a 4.5 L tank. Equipped with an overheating protection system and a safety shut-off valve, this machine has a working time of 80 minutes. It is designed to remove even the toughest wallpaper.

This powerful stripper is also practical thanks to a 3 m hose that is completely flexible. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a large steam plate to make your job much easier. There is no need for chemical additives with this device, as it works with tap water.

Quelyd Dissoucol 2

Best value for money

Quelyd Dissoucol

The best entry-level wallpaper stripper

Quelyd Dissoucol is sold in a standard 500 mL bottle. It works in less than 15 minutes to remove all types of wallpaper. But it will be necessary to make several passes in case of superimposed layers.

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Quelyd Dissoucol is able to effectively remove old thick, expanded, washable, vinyl, non-woven or standard wallpaper. It can also treat paper-backed wall coverings. To use, simply pour a capful of the product into a spray bottle and spray the wallpaper. However, if you don't plan on redoing your floor, you may want to cover it with a tarp before spraying with Dissoucol.

A very good alternative to steam strippers, this chemical-acting product also works on very thin paper stuck to the plaster. If there are several layers, proceed one after the other. Indeed, this liquid is not strong enough to remove everything in one pass. It is also advisable to scratch the wall with a wallpaper punch for optimal efficiency.

Wagner 339050 3

Best high end

Wagner 339050

The best high-end wallpaper stripper

Remove all types of wallpaper without chemicals with the Wagner model 339050. This device has an operating time of 80 minutes.

44,90 £ on Rueducommerce

This device is great for removing wallpaper or tapestry. Equipped with a 4 L tank, it has an autonomy of 80 min before refilling. More powerful and lighter than the Fartools with its 2,000 W, this stripper has a 3.5 m long hose. This avoids the need to constantly move or carry the water tank.

Moreover, the steam plate is large enough to speed up the process. We really appreciate its ease in removing paper from high ceilings and large wall surfaces. For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to use a wallpaper perforating roller before using the steamer.

Fartools DV 5L 4


Fartools DV 5L

The most convenient

The Fartools DV 1850 W wallpaper stripper is self-sufficient and works with tap water or river water. Its 5 L tank and its 3 m hose reinforce its efficiency.

49,87 £ on Rueducommerce

With its 1,850 W power and 5 L water tank, this wallpaper remover has what it takes! To remove the paper from your wall, the spray tray of this device provides quick steam and for a long time. We appreciate the long 3 m hose that allows you to easily reach every corner of your home.

Working with tap water or even river water, the Fartools is very easy to use. Just remember to check that the small hole in the spray paddle is unblocked. If it is not, use something sharp to fix it, such as a screwdriver.

PERFAX 1703888 5

Very good

PERFAX 1703888

The best stripper product

Here you have a powerful biodegradable stripper. The product works between 5 and 15 minutes. The 500 mL will allow you to treat up to 200 m² of wallpaper.

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As you may have already noticed, this is not a machine! Rather, it is a concentrated mixture of surfactants in an aqueous and biodegradable solution. Specially designed to remove wallpaper with reinforced glue, this liquid can also be used to remove several layers of paper. The 500 ml bottle can treat up to 200 m² of wall or ceiling.

When using, we recommend concentrating the mixture more than what is indicated, i.e. ¾ of a cap for 1 L of water. To go fast, the ideal would be to use a garden sprayer. After direct application on the paper, 10 min are enough to see the wall stripping by itself. Considering the price, this is a purchase to make with your eyes closed.

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Best wallpaper stripper

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The best wallpaper stripper in 2021

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The best stripper product

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Comparison table of the best wallpaper strippers

Décolleuse à Papier peint Tolegano 2000 W 6
Quelyd Dissoucol 7
Wagner 339050 8
Fartools DV 5L 9
PERFAX 1703888 10
Décolleuse à Papier peint Tolegano 2000 W
Quelyd Dissoucol
Wagner 339050
Fartools DV 5L
PERFAX 1703888
Remove wallpaper quickly and easily with this wallpaper remover. With a power of 2000 W, this machine gets up to temperature very quickly.
Quelyd Dissoucol is sold in a standard 500 mL bottle. It works in less than 15 minutes to remove all types of wallpaper. But it will be necessary to make several passes in case of superimposed layers.
Remove all types of wallpaper without chemicals with the Wagner model 339050. This device has an operating time of 80 minutes.
The Fartools DV 1850 W wallpaper stripper is self-sufficient and works with tap water or river water. Its 5 L tank and its 3 m hose reinforce its efficiency.
Here you have a powerful biodegradable stripper. The product works between 5 and 15 minutes. The 500 mL will allow you to treat up to 200 m² of wallpaper.
2.23 kg
0.5 kg
1.93 kg
2.72 kg
0.4 kg
4.5 l
0.5 l
4 l
5 l
0.5 l
Environmental rating
Safe to use

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Buying guide - wallpaper stripper

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How to choose your wallpaper stripper

Removing wallpaper is a tedious task. It can take a long time unless you use the right tool. To know which tool is the right one, here are some criteria to consider

#1 - Power

The power of the stripper has a lot to do with its operation. The more powerful it is, the faster it works, which speeds up the work considerably. Domestic strippers generally offer a power of 2000 W or more, which is not bad, however, you will have to compare this element to the capacity of the tank.

#2 - Steam flow rate

The wallpaper stripper is a bit like a kettle: the water tank is heated and the steam produced is sent to a tray thanks to a pipe. It is this tray that, when placed on the wallpaper, soaks the glue and allows the wallpaper to be removed. Thus, the output of the steam is crucial for a quick removal. It varies between 50 to 100 g/min for high-end wallpaper strippers, however it is important that it is adjustable, which allows to adapt it to different kinds of wallpaper.

#3 - Tank capacity

It plays a lot on the autonomy of the wallpaper stripper: the bigger the tank, the longer you will be able to use the stripper. As an example, a 4-liter tank allows you to work for about 1 hour without having to stop to refill water. Note that the capacity of the tank influences the price but also the weight of the stripper.

#4 - Hose length and insulation


hose connects the tank to the tray and allows you to easily handle the latter to spread the steam on the wallpaper. Generally 3 meters long for the most used consumer models, the hose allows to reach more easily the height of the wall. It is absolutely necessary that it has a thermal insulation coating, to avoid overheating and for the safety of the user.

#5 - Cost

Although very practical and useful, the wallpaper remover is of occasional use, so there is no need to buy a super expensive one if you use it 1 time every 4 years. However, for large renovation jobs, it would be ideal to buy a large capacity stripper, which is more self-contained and efficient.

Repainting on wallpaper: good or bad idea?

Removing wallpaper is a tedious task that requires a lot of patience. So it may seem more practical to paint directly on the wallpaper to go faster and save money. However, it is not always recommended to do so, especially when repainting on patterned or dark colored paper. These are likely to appear, even with several layers of paint.

In addition, to completely hide the wallpaper, you must use a good quality paint and put several layers. In sum, repainting directly on wallpaper requires a larger budget and exposes to several risks. Therefore, it is recommended to use the wallpaper remover to refurbish wallpapers in the best way.

The different types of wallpaper strippers

To remove wallpaper quickly and efficiently, you can choose between two methods corresponding to two types of products: the steam machine and the wallpaper remover. Here are some details on these two types:

Steam decollator

The steam stripper releases moisture to facilitate the removal of wallpaper. The device is equipped witha tank of at least 4 liters and a motor of about 2000 W

. The products on the market today have a minimum of one hour of autonomy. Some high-end models have several sizes of nozzles that adapt to the surface of the wall, as well as a steam flow programmer.

This first type allows to reduce considerably the efforts devoted to the work of taking off. Nevertheless, it is necessary to sand the wall before starting the work. To avoid accidents when using this device, it is recommended to wear gloves and protective glasses.

Stripping product


second type of product is an aqueous solution used to dissociate the wallpaper from the wall or ceiling. Generally, its use follows that of the wallpaper punch. The majority of the products of removal acts in 10 minutes. They are intended in particular for the fine and special papers conceived in vinyl


Although highly effective, this type of product has been somewhat abandoned in favor of steam strippers, as they require more work. Moreover, chemicals are not recommended for their effects on the environment, but especially on the health of users.

Wallpaper stripper or wallpaper punch

Wallpaper stripper

The wallpaper remover is a steam tool that moistens the walls in order to facilitate the removal of wallpaper. It is perfectly adapted to remove all types of wallpaper. On the other hand, it is necessary to use a stepladder or a scaffold to reach the ceiling, unlike the perforator.

Wallpaper punch

The wallpaper punch is a tool made of rollers with an adaptable blade. This equipment has a long handle which is more convenient to reach high areas, compared to the hose of a stripper. The blades can easily reach the coating under the wallpaper and damage the walls, unless you are very careful.


If you want to remove several layers of wallpaper at a height of less than two metres, it is advisable to use a wallpaper stripper. However, a punch with adjustable rollers would be more suitable for ceiling wallpapers, as it will make the job easier.

Why buy a wallpaper stripper?

Very effective

The wallpaper remover makes it much easier to remove your wallpaper. It works with steam. Applied directly to the wallpaper, this steam will soften it and dissolve the glue. Even the most durable and thick wallpaper will then be easy to peel off and remove.

Very easy to use

Compared to other wallpaper removal methods, this device makes the work much easier. It consists of a water tank, a heating element that heats the water to steam and a smooth tray with a handle for convenient use. In case of power failure, you can use a generator.

Saving of working time

The wallpaper stripper works quickly and without tiring you. Just press the plate against the wall for 5 to 20 seconds and the paper is removed. On average, it can remove up to 1 square metre of paper in just one minute, if you have prepared the surface well so that the steam can easily get inside the wallpaper. Say goodbye to scratching the wall for hours on end!

No chemical products required

The wallpaper remover works only with steam. It does not require the addition of chemicals such as detergent or solvent to increase its performance. In addition, some chemicals are not compatible with all walls. This makes it an economical and ecological solution.

Possibility to purchase as an option

Would you like to buy a wallpaper stripper? It can be purchased as a complete unit or simply as an additional accessory. You can thus choose according to your needs and your means since this kind of device is quite accessible and easy to find.

The best brands of wallpaper strippers

In our opinion, the best brands of wallpaper strippers in 2022 are :


Tolegano stands for quality from start to finish. It is a young and innovative brand that has made it its mission to create new high-quality products. Apart from the wallpaper stripper, which has become a European reference, it has become known for its evaporators and other equipment for beekeeping.

It is the main brand of the Far Group, a French SME located near Tours. It specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of electrical DIY and gardening products for the general public, including its DV 5 L wallpaper stripper.

Arebos is a little known brand, except for DIY enthusiasts. Its wallpaper stripper has largely contributed to its recognition among the general public and professionals.

Professionals and hobbyists alike are snapping up Wagner strippers, so much so that it is becoming difficult to find them. The Wagner 339050 is one of the most popular models at the moment.

Perfax is a Belgian brand specialising in the production and marketing of wallpaper adhesives. The stripper it has produced is also one of the most popular solutions for wallpaper removal.

What is the price for a wallpaper stripper

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

5 £ to 10 £
10 £ to 40 £
more than 40 £
Price range diagram


Be meticulous with the steam stripper

Before using the steam stripper, first sand the wall with coarse sandpaper so that the steam is effective. Also, as its temperature can rise up to 100°C, it is recommended to wear gloves and goggles to avoid possible burns.

Think about your safety and that of the site

For your own safety, it is essential to turn off the electricity from the circuit breaker before removing your wallpaper. Also remember to cover the room's outlets and switches in case they come in contact with water. Finally, don't forget to put a plastic sheet on your furniture so that it doesn't get wet.

Carefully remove adhesive residues from the wall

It wouldn't be very aesthetic to stick a new wallpaper on glue residues. So be sure to remove them at the same time as your old wallpaper. To do this, gently scrape off the glue stains with a metal spatula. If they are persistent, apply acetone on a clean cloth and rub gently.

Use a homemade tip

If a stripper remains the fastest and most effective solution to remove your wallpaper, it is however possible to do without. To do so, mix hot water with detergent or dishwashing liquid. Then, using a spray bottle or a sponge, moisten the wallpaper until you see bubbles forming inside. Finally, peel back the wallpaper with a wide spatula.

Make your own wallpaper paste

Think about using a homemade glue to put up your new wallpaper. To start, dilute 280 g of flour with 1 L of cold water, then add 200 g of sugar and mix well. Then boil 1 L of water and pour the mixture into it. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes. Once the mixture has thickened, remove it from the heat and let it cool.


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Décolleuse à Papier peint Tolegano 2000 W
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Quelyd Dissoucol
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Wagner 339050
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