The best wall-mounted reels in the UK 2023

A garden hose is necessary to maintain the garden, but you need a great wall-mounted hose reel to store it. So if you're looking for a way to store your garden hoses, choose a wall-mounted hose reel. Find out everything you need to know about this equipment and the best products in this guide.

Hozelock 2496R0000 1

Best value for money

Hozelock 2496R0000

The best wall-mounted reel

Looking for an easy-to-rewind wall-mounted reel? The Hozelock 2496R0000 is perfect for both small and medium sized gardens.

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The Fast Reel is an exceptionally well designed Easy Rewind wall-mounted hose reel with hose and fittings included. It comes in the form of a fully enclosed reel and 40m of garden hose with all the fittings to help you use it. The innovation comes in the form of "Thru-Flow", a system designed by Hozelock in which there is no need to unroll the entire hose, the water flows through the hose while it is on the reel. An added bonus is the Waterstop Connector. This is a connector that connects the main hose to the accessory or tool being used. This innovative connector allows you to change the accessory or tool you want to use without having to turn off the water supply first.

In addition, a wall bracket allows for easy removal for winter storage. In fact, a self-layering system makes it easy to store the hose, all you have to do is turn the handle and the hose rolls up neatly on the reel, without the need for manual guidance. An anti-overflow feature ensures that the hose does not get tangled in the used housing. There is also the added benefit of a safety lock to guard against misuse. A hose guide is also included. This attaches to the wall for easy multi-directional use.

Hozelock 2475R0000 2

Best value for money

Hozelock 2475R0000

The best entry-level wall-mounted reel

The Kärcher Cr3110 is the perfect watering solution for balconies, roof terraces and small gardens.

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This Hozelock wall-mounted hose reel holds up to 60m of 12.5mm hose and comes with a durable metal handle for easy movement of the hose reel. It is extra wide to provide more stability and is designed to make the hose easy to rewind. Made from the highest quality plastics, the 60m capacity wall-mounted hose reel can withstand the challenge of gardening tasks. It comes with a one-year Hozelock warranty and, like most Hozelock products, a full range of replacement parts is available to extend the life of the item.

In addition, this reel comes with wall mounts, which allows for efficient hose storage. This will reduce the risk of tripping, bending or knotting the hose, improving the life and quality of your hose. Reinforced axles ensure stability and ease of use of the reel. The one-piece rewind handle and sturdy frame make rewinding quick and easy. In addition, wall or freestanding mounting offers total flexibility.

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Best premium value for money

The best wall-mounted reels

The best high-end wall-mounted reel

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KÄRCHER Cr3110 Reel 3

The best alternative

KÄRCHER Cr3110 Reel

The best cheap alternative

This Hozelock wall-mounted hose reel is the perfect piece of equipment if you're looking for an inexpensive, but equally powerful hose reel.

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The CR 3.110 hose reel features a reliable drip-free system and convenient accessory storage that takes watering to a whole new level of convenience. The two integrated Aqua Stop connectors not only make it easy to uncouple the hose, but also prevent splashing. Thanks to the intelligent storage concept for accessories and hose ends, water marks on carpets or floors are a thing of the past.

The CR 3.110 wall-mounted hose reel can also be fitted to domestic water taps using the practical tap adapter for internal connections. In addition, the inner hose reel can be used as a supply hose for K2 high-pressure cleaners. This equipment is particularly suitable for watering small and medium-sized areas, but especially gardens. It can also be used for watering plants.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best wall dispenser

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The best wall-mounted reel

The best entry-level wall-mounted reel

The best high-end wall-mounted reel

The best cheap alternative

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Comparison table of the best wall-mounted reels

Hozelock 2496R0000 4
Hozelock 2475R0000 5
meilleur dévidoir mural
KÄRCHER Cr3110 Reel 6
Hozelock 2496R0000
Hozelock 2475R0000
The best wall-mounted reels
KÄRCHER Cr3110 Reel
Looking for an easy-to-rewind wall-mounted reel? The Hozelock 2496R0000 is perfect for both small and medium sized gardens.
The Kärcher Cr3110 is the perfect watering solution for balconies, roof terraces and small gardens.
This Hozelock wall-mounted hose reel is the perfect piece of equipment if you're looking for an inexpensive, but equally powerful hose reel.

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Buying guide - wall dispenser

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How to choose your wall dispenser

When buying a wall-mounted hose reel, there are several things to consider. The most important things to consider are: practicality, the length of your hose, the types of features you are looking for and your budget (hose reels can get expensive).

#1 - Ease of use

A wall-mounted hose reel is meant to be convenient to store because it is attached to the wall. But some have a simpler operating mode than other models, hence the interest to take into account the practicality when buying. The operating mode refers mainly to the unwinding and rewinding system, which can be either manual or automatic. Automatic wall-mounted reels offer excellent efficiency, good speed and are easy to use. They are powered by an electrical power source that allows them to rewind and retract at the touch of a button. This saves both time and effort.

#2 - The length

Capacity is the length of hose a wall-mounted hose reel can store. This is because it is important that your existing hose can fit into the reel, especially if it is very long. Hose length can range from 30 to 120 meters. For basic projects that require you to be near the tap, you only need a hose that is about 20 to 30 meters long. But, large areas and gardens will require a 50 to 120 meter hose to ensure you water each section effectively.
The width is measured by the diameter of the hose reel. For example, the standard hose width is 5/8ths length. You can opt for a 3/4 hose, but they are better suited for more intense gardening tasks such as landscaping, mulch application, and plant re-dressing.

#3 - Sustainability


best wall-mounted hose reels are durable. This criterion is important because hoses are very heavy and the reel must be able to handle it to last. For wall-mounted options, make sure they have enough anchor points to properly secure it to the wall and hold the hose. The best models usually have an adjustable handle to fit your height.

#4 - The material


durability of a wall-mounted hose reel depends largely on the material it is made of. It's important that it's sturdy enough and easy to maintain.

Most models are made of plastic in metal, although some combine the two. Metal reels are generally stronger and last longer than their plastic counterparts. However, they are susceptible to rust, which can damage them over time.

#5 - Shrinkability


convenience is your priority, skip the manual crank options and choose a reel with a spring-loaded retractor or a motorized retractor. Motorized retractor options tend to be quite expensive, while spring-loaded retractors offer good value.
You will typically see this feature on automatic retractors. The retractable option allows users to rewind the hose without spending time manually rewinding the hose. Get a retractable hose if you are inexperienced in using a hose reel.

The different types of wall-mounted reels

There is a wide variety of wall-mounted reels, but we have only included the 3 main types in this guide.

Automatic wall dispenser

Automatic wall-mounted hose reels have a small motor that winds into the hose. This is a great choice for anyone with back problems or anyone who wants to make watering as easy as possible. This is the classic wall-mounted hose reel model, which mounts on the wall at the desired height.

This model par excellence will allow you to automatically reel in your hose up to a length of 20 to 35 m depending on the brand and model.

The wall-mounted model comes as a kit in one, which includes the hose reel, the automatic storage system and the hose and all the nipples that will be used to connect the hose to the faucet.

Their main advantage is that it is not necessary to assemble it, the installation almost effortless and it is easy to use. On the other hand, leakage problems may occur.

Mobile wall dispenser


the name suggests, this type of hose reel can be moved around the garden. This provides a mobile solution that can be carried or rolled from one faucet to another. Models vary considerably in price and their hose capacities range from 10 to 60 meters. This type of wall-mounted hose reel has the advantage of being flexible and more affordable. However, it does not have a reel stand and assembly and disassembly can be tedious.

The most significant advantage of this type of reel is their mobility and therefore their flexible insertion area. The disadvantage is that almost all of them are mechanically wound and there is virtually no mechanical support during winding.

Manual wall dispenser

Manual wall reels are the simplest type of garden hose or water hose reel. They typically include a hand crank to manually rewind a hose onto the reel. Although simple in design, fixed hose reels can be made from materials ranging from plastic to stainless steel, which will affect the price.

Retractable or manual wall-mounted reel

Retractable wall dispenser

Retractable wall reels are relatively expensive. There are cheaper hose reel options on the market, such as manual and semi-manual reels. However, retractable hose reels are less bulky.

Manual wall dispenser

Manual reels are the least expensive, but can be difficult to use because it is hard to gather the hose and loop it onto the reel.

Semi-manual reels require you to guide the hose into the reel as you turn the handle that pulls the hose onto the wheel. They also require much more effort.


To avoid the hassle of retracting your garden hose to the hose reel, you can try an automatic hose that retracts the hose to the reel after use. This great and fun type will save you from putting the hose back into the reel after a tedious time of watering the garden.

This fantastic type of hose reel will save you time and energy. Some may even come with a feature like a foot pedal that allows you to operate the hose and let it go back into the reel at any time.

Why buy a wall-mounted reel?

If you're still wondering if it's a good idea to buy a wall-mounted hose reel, here are the top reasons to have one in your home:

Easy hose storage

A wall-mounted hose reel reduces clutter in your yard. It stores your hose and protects it from bacteria and other contaminants that can reduce its quality. Having an organized garden also makes it easier to water your plants, provide them with sunlight and ensure their growth. This, among other things, improves the appearance of your garden.

Hose durability

Hoses last much longer when properly stored on a hose reel. They're out of the sun (which weakens and cracks the hose material), away from vehicles and mowers that can damage them, and they keep your hose gently coiled to avoid frustrating kinks and tangles.


Garden hoses aren't particularly dangerous, but they can be a tripping hazard if they're lying around the yard. They can also cause damage if knocked over by a lawnmower, tiller or other garden equipment.

Green and healthy plants

If you've ever left your hose lying on the grass for a few days, you'll know that hoses can turn the grass dead yellow underneath. That's because the hose is heavy and blocks sunlight. It can also damage and crush plants in flower beds if left lying on top.


Wall-mounted hose reels make hand watering the garden really easy! You don't have to pull out your entire hose just to water one part of your garden. Just use what you need. To do this, pull it out and leave the rest on the reel. You also don't have to deal with tangles or kinks in the hose that come from imperfect storage.


Hose reel location

It is recommended that you get a reel set up on your walls outside near your garden or yard to save space. The idea is to place your spool setting in a place where it is less likely to be damaged. This is very important when you get a freestanding reel.

Length and size of the pipe


length and size of your hose is a very important factor in the operation of the reel. If your hose length exceeds the housing capacity of the reel, your hose will be damaged, bent or twisted, resulting in leaks and cracks. You need to make sure your hose is the perfect length for the reel structure. If the hose is very long, cut the hose with sharp pruning shears and make sure you cut perfectly straight and not at an angle.

Be careful with handling


handling your coil and hose, be careful not to damage them in the process. Sometimes we tend to pull the hose out very quickly and damage the recoil mechanism and the hose itself.

Storage and maintenance

Storing your hose is very important, therefore, you need to place your hose reel so that your hose is fully protected. You must make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Use an additional wall-mounted reel if necessary


you want to use your hose reel in multiple locations, i.e. front and back yard, you can purchase an additional wall mount and a tap connector that allows you to easily switch from one mount to the other



What is the best reel?

The best wall-mounted reel depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Do I need a wall-mounted reel?

If you use a hose in your garden, you may need a wall-mounted hose reel. By storing a hose in a reel, you avoid sun damage to the hose and keep it in good condition.

How do I empty (drain all the water) the hose reel for the winter?

Simply disconnect the water supply hose from the water faucet and open any spray nozzle or remove it from the hose. Water will slowly drain from the hose. You can also remove your hose from the reel and roll it up at this point to help move some of the water through the hose. Most of the water will drain out, but you may still have some residual water in the hose.

Will the hose reel bend the hose?

Hoses bend from time to time and wall reels are often to blame. There is a good chance that your hose will kink if you have a defective reel.

How do you install your hose in the reel?

Attach your hose and wind it onto the reel if you are using a manual version. An automatic hose is pre-installed and does not require you to wind the hose onto the reel.


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Hozelock 2475R0000
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The best wall-mounted reels
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KÄRCHER Cr3110 Reel


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