The best vitamin drops in the UK 2023

Do you have difficulty ingesting and digesting vitamins in tablets or capsules? In that case, try vitamins in drops. With this convenient format for adults and children, essential nutrients and components will be easily absorbed by the body. To save you hours of research, we've compared the best vitamin drops available.

Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops 1

Best value for money

Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops

The best vitamin drop

Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops is taken directly by mouth or diluted in a glass of water. This vitamin in drops improves dental health and strengthens bones. The flexible dosing device makes it easy to use.

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Each drop in the Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops bottle represents 1,000 IU, so it contains about 2,000 drops in total! That could be over 1 year depending on consumption. Its effect is on bone health. At the same time, it helps stabilize calcium levels in the blood. Vitamin D3 Drops strengthens the immune system and ensures its proper functioning. Made from vitamin D3 and triglyceride, it is easier to absorb. In addition, this vitamin in drops can be ingested as part of a vegetarian diet.

Pediakid - Vitamin D3 2

Best value for money

Pediakid - Vitamin D3

The best entry-level vitamin drop

Intended for babies and young children, this vitamin D3 from Pédiakid is made from healthy ingredients. Gluten-free, non-allergenic, non-GMO, non-flavored, non-colored and preservative-free: this product is all natural.

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The Vitamin D3 of Pédiakid helps with the reinforcement of natural defenses. Usable as of the birth, it covers 200% of the recommended daily contributions. Acting on the assimilation and the transformation of calcium and phosphorus, it also takes part in the development of the bones. Moreover, all its components are natural, of animal and vegetable origin. And the formula is certified without gluten, nor allergen, nor GMO, nor flavouring, nor colouring nor conservative. This vitamin in drops is consumed alone or diluted in a semi-liquid meal given to the child.

Nutrivita - Liposomal vitamin C 3

Best premium value for skin

Nutrivita - Liposomal vitamin C

The best high-end vitamin drop

Opt for Nutrivita Vitamin C Liposomal drops if you often feel tired. It reinforces the intake of vitamin C and sodium. With its lemon taste, it is very pleasant to drink.

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Vitamin C Liposomal designed by Nutravita brings vitality and strength to consumers. It fights against fatigue and thus helps to stay in shape on the outside, but also on the inside. It strengthens the immune system and the cells sensitive to stress. Its benefits are quickly assimilated by the body thanks to the powerful dosage apart from its liquid form. This vitamin C avoids the feeling of fatigue at the end of the day. Its safe and easily absorbed components guarantee the absence of side effects. Moreover, this vitamin is safe even if you use it over a long period of time at a steady pace. In addition, the orange flavor is pleasant.

Fairvital Vitamin E 4

Fairvital Vitamin E

The best vitamin drop for skin

Easily integrated into your skin care routine, this liquid vitamin E produced in Germany by Fairvital protects the skin from the signs of aging. Being chemical-free, it is suitable for the face.

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Do you have skin that suffers from redness? Use this vitamin E produced by Fairvital to improve the elasticity of your tissues. In order to adapt this product to all skin types, the German laboratory uses only safe ingredients. No artificial colors or sweeteners are used. Those with fragile skin have nothing to fear. In addition, this vitamin is governed by the strict German standards. Controls are carried out during the manufacturing process to guarantee a suitable quality and safety of use.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vitamin drops

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The best vitamin drop

The best entry-level vitamin drop

The best high-end vitamin drop

The best vitamin drop for skin

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Comparison table of the best vitamin drops

Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops 5
Pediakid - Vitamin D3 6
Nutrivita - Liposomal vitamin C 7
Fairvital Vitamin E 8
Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops
Pediakid - Vitamin D3
Nutrivita - Liposomal vitamin C
Fairvital Vitamin E
Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops is taken directly by mouth or diluted in a glass of water. This vitamin in drops improves dental health and strengthens bones. The flexible dosing device makes it easy to use.
Intended for babies and young children, this vitamin D3 from Pédiakid is made from healthy ingredients. Gluten-free, non-allergenic, non-GMO, non-flavored, non-colored and preservative-free: this product is all natural.
Opt for Nutrivita Vitamin C Liposomal drops if you often feel tired. It reinforces the intake of vitamin C and sodium. With its lemon taste, it is very pleasant to drink.
Easily integrated into your skin care routine, this liquid vitamin E produced in Germany by Fairvital protects the skin from the signs of aging. Being chemical-free, it is suitable for the face.
2,000 IU
1,000 IU
1000 mg
100 IU
For bones and immune system
For natural defenses
For the immune system and fatigue
For skin
Fractionated coconut oil, Vitamin D3
Deodorized oleic sunflower oil, Vitamin lanolin, Natural Vitamin E
Glycerin, Vitamin C, Soy Lecithin, natural lemon flavor, steviol glycosides, potassium sorbate
Lemon oil, D-alpha-tocopherol
60 mL
20 mL
300 mL
50 mL

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Buying guide - vitamin drops

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How to choose your vitamin drops

Vitamin drops do not have the same taste nor the same use. To find the right one for you, think about these criteria before and at the time of purchase.

#1 - Oil or emulsion?

They are available in oil and emulsion. The first form has a good bioavailability, because it is liposoluble. The downside is that it loses its stability more quickly. To avoid this reaction, prefer components rich in antioxidants. Some liquid vitamins have a microemulsion form. More assimilable, it is also very stable.

#2 - The certification

Vitamin certifications guarantee its safety and quality. They are issued by the regulatory bodies for food supplements and medicines. You will find them at the best brands. The manufacturing process of these vitamins includes various quality tests to analyze the effectiveness and reliability of the nutrients. These controls are governed by the standards in force in the country of manufacture. Therefore, it is necessary to find out about the labels and certifications applied in this market.

#3 - The composition


certified organic components: plants, mineral nutrients and antioxidants. They can be of animal or plant origin. Synthetic vitamins are therefore not the best choice. They may contain sweeteners to improve taste. These additives and other artificial ingredients alter the virtues of these vitamins. However, there are natural sweeteners that are healthier. Last thing, avoid vitamins with too many allergens to prevent side effects.

#4 - The use

Vitamins in drops provide different roles depending on their benefits. They are useful for strengthening metabolism and antibody. In some cases, liquid vitamins reduce the risk of disease in adults, children, the elderly and pregnant women. They help strengthen bones and muscles and sometimes promote growth. Some products fill the gaps in consumers' diets. The vitamin to choose is not the same depending on these uses.

#5 - Your age


are vitamins in drops for babies, children and adults. Food supplements and multivitamins are among them. In most cases, adults are looking for appetite suppressant vitamins as part of a diet. Others need energy vitamins. On the other hand, vitamins for infants and children do not have the same components and dosage. For this reason, you must make sure that the product is compatible with the age of the person who will take it.

What types of people need vitamin drops?


A priori, vitamin drops are recommended when patients need a high dosage and rapid assimilation. They are also intended for babies and children under 12 years of age as well as for seniors. The reason is that they offer more safety during consumption.

The bottles containing the product often have a dropper to control the dosage. This does not mean that other adults do not take it. There are those people who cannot take chewable, swallowable or chewable forms. This is because they may not fit their esophagus due to their solid format and size.

On the other hand, some consumers are subject to pathological conditions and cannot ingest pills. This is the case of people who have already undergone gastric surgery.

For their benefits, vitamin drops are recommended for :

  • People who take skin and hair care products
  • Consumers who need dietary supplements (regardless of age)
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Women who have menstrual problems
  • children

The different types of vitamin drops

Vitamins in drops are classified on the basis of their roles.

Vitamins in drops for health

There are many vitamin drops used as a dietary supplement. Liquid folic acid, or vitamin B9, is for example consumed by pregnant women. It acts on the growth of the fetus. There is also the vitamin B complex to support the diet.

Some vitamins in drops are used to alleviate health problems. Vitamin D3 strengthens the bones and teeth and optimizes the immune system. Then, vitamin C solves many problems in children and adults. It fights chronic diseases and high blood pressure.

Vitamins in drops for skin and hair

Vitamins in drops have a primary role for the skin. Like vitamin C, some of them solve pigmentation problems and restore the skin from the traces of the sun and ageing. Vitamin D drops help the skin to recover after a vacation in the sun. Vitamin E is also a well-proven anti-aging treatment, but is also valued for hair treatment.

Vitamin K, in addition to its role in repairing skin tissue, is a real ally in erasing signs of fatigue, especially dark circles. If other vitamins in drops are to be mentioned, biotin and liquid vitamin A are essential for beauty care. Specifically, they work to improve hair texture and optimize hair length.

Vitamins in drops for babies

Babies use a completely different category of vitamin drops. Like vitamin D, many of them strengthen bones and optimize brain development in toddlers. They are consumed as a daily care to reinforce the effects of breastfeeding. They are therefore food supplements especially for babies and infants. Multivitamins are also highly recommended for these consumers. They make up for various types of deficiencies.

French-made vitamins are more reliable


controls carried out in the manufacture of vitamin drops are safer in the UK. Manufacturers offer better dosage and use healthy and natural components.

Vitamin drops or pill?

Vitamin drops

Because there is no outer shell, the vitamin drops are easier to ingest and disintegrate. This is why it has a 98% absorption rate. This is due to the fact that it is suitable for many routes. It begins to enter the body upon first contact with the oral mucosa and then into the tissues of the esophagus.

However, it has a relatively shorter shelf life due to its packaging. Then, with the liquid form, the manufacturers can group several nutrients for combined and more advantageous effects. Vitamins are more easily combined with a balanced, fresh, quality diet.


Only 3% to 20% of the tablets are directly absorbed by the body. This says a lot about their effectiveness compared to the vitamin drops. Their biggest advantage is the absence of an aftertaste that can be somewhat unpleasant with the liquid format. With a pill, it is impossible to use complex and enriched formulas. It cannot contain several nutrients.

Then, the dosage is low compared to the liquid vitamin. A pill is not a dose of the vitamin in drops, because if a bottle contains, for example, 30,000 mg of nutrients, it only has 500 mg, 1,000 mg in the best case. This makes the treatment with the liquid format much faster.


At first glance, vitamin drops are better than pills in terms of bioavailability and absorption. In addition, it is adapted to several types of consumers and solves several problems of physical and mental health, skin or hair.


Properly dose your vitamin drops

The problem with a vitamin in drops is that you have to follow the dosage carefully. This can take time, but remains essential in any case at the risk of overdosing.

Be aware of side effects

The consumption of liquid vitamins can have side effects if there are components that cause you allergies or overdose. In any case, as soon as these signs appear, it is better to stop the treatment and talk to your doctor: constipation, diarrhea, stomach ache, skin rash, itching, swelling, intense dizziness, breathing difficulty...

Consider the precautions for use

Reading the instructions is essential before taking vitamin drops. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to ask the doctor who prescribed them if there are components that could cause you to have allergic reactions. To this end, don't forget to discuss your medical history, possible deficiencies, and chronic illnesses.

Catch up on missed doses as soon as possible

If you ever forget to take your vitamin at some point, make up the missing dose as soon as you remember. On the other hand, if it's too close to the next intake, it's best to skip that missed dose. Under no circumstances should you double the next dose to make up for this delay.

The liquid vitamin is not a substitute for a good diet!

Remember that a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a good, balanced diet or healthy, fresh foods.


What is the best vitamin drop?

The best vitamin drop depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products out there.

Do vitamin drops taste good?

Not necessarily. Vitamins taste way too strong, unless they are a synthetic version with sweeteners.

How effective are they?

They are more effective than any solid form and can be taken every day (with your doctor's advice). They contain more than 100 nutrients and minerals important to health. What are multivitamin drops worth?

What are multivitamin drops worth?

Multivitamin drops are among those that have a large number of nutrients and also benefits. They make up for a poor diet and are suitable for both adults and children. Then, they are suitable for a very regular consumption, at a rate of one dose per day to improve health, but also to perfect the tissues of the skin and hair. How to use a vitamin drop?

How do you use a vitamin drop?

The use of a vitamin drop depends on your doctor's instructions. This includes dosage, frequency, duration of treatment.


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Nutravita Vitamin D3 Drops
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Pediakid - Vitamin D3
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