The best vintage fans in the UK 2023

The vintage fan is a very coveted model for its retro look. Featuring a colorful, elegant and original design, it is a real eye-catcher that brings a certain charm to your room. Beyond its design, this unit is also functional with its adjustable speeds and oscillating function. So find the model you need in this guide.

Brandson 48 W vintage fan 1

Editor's Choice

Brandson 48 W vintage fan

The best vintage fan in 2021

It is a fan that can be used during your shooting sessions and film shoots as well as to cool you down at home or at the office. Powerful and quiet, it is very suitable for a bedroom.

55,88 £ on Amazon

With a diameter of only 30 cm and a power of 48 W, this fan is powerful enough to efficiently and quickly stir the air in your living rooms (up to 25m2) without being cumbersome. Beyond its retro and elegant look, it also offers interesting features that provide an exemplary comfort of use. And for good reason, the device offers three adjustable speeds and a head that you can set according to your ventilation needs.

Quiet, the Brandson has a noise level of only 34 dB at low speed, 42 dB at second speed, and 48 dB at third speed. The first speed is just right for a bedroom. Finally the whole thing is stable and sturdy, and for added convenience, the tools to mount the unit are included with the purchase. This fan is very good. It's an investment you won't regret!

  • Quiet and powerful
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Robust with adjustable tilt angle
  • A little noisy at maximum speed
Retro style desk fan - Twitfish 2


Retro style desk fan - Twitfish

The best entry-level vintage fan in 2021

Here is a light fan (360 g), powered by USB. It can go everywhere with you, as long as there is something to plug in nearby. Although the noise it emits is bearable, some users still find it a bit noisy.

9,22 £ on Amazon

This is a compact and lightweight vintage USB fan. To operate it, you just need to connect it to your computer. Both practical and functional, it has a base that allows it to be placed wherever you want: on a piece of furniture, a bedside table or on your desk. It is also equipped with an oscillating function that allows it to emit a vertical air flow with a 360° orientation according to your convenience.

Its 180° tilt function also allows it to carry out the ventilation missions entrusted to it. Sturdiness is at the rendezvous via the metallic design of the device and its pretty brass finishes. The device will surely accompany you for many years. For this price, this fan is frankly a good deal.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Tilting and swinging
  • Quite noisy
Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan 3

Top of the range

Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan

The best high-end vintage fan in 2021

Imposing and majestic, this industrial fan will surprise your visitors with its atypical vintage design and its more than satisfactory performance.

167 £ on Amazon

This beautiful device acts as both a fan and a chandelier. Easy to handle, the device comes with a remote control and has a timer function. Thanks to its reversible function, this imposing fan with a diameter of 130 cm and a weight of 11.2 kg can be adapted to the requirements of the seasons in order to create an ambient climate in any room of your house, restaurant, bar, etc.

Low energy consumption, it uses a motor of only 36 W to refresh a large room and light a surface of 10 to 25m2. To operate, the chandelier needs 5 Edison bulbs (not included). Finally, the unit boasts durable and rust-proof features that are highly appreciated.

  • Beautiful vintage look
  • Robust and durable
  • Efficient and quiet
  • Somewhat tricky installation
Domair PM40 vintage fan 4

A great choice

Domair PM40 vintage fan

Elegant and quiet

This is a height-adjustable stand fan that will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. Functional and efficient, the unit offers powerful airflow and super convenient features.

47,20 £ on Amazon

With this device, you can be sure that you will spend the summer in complete peace of mind. And for good reason, the device has a powerful 55 W motor that emits an air flow of 3116 m³/h for optimal cooling. Fully adjustable, the speeds offered by the device are 3, which allows you to set it according to your needs and your convenience.

Weighing in at 7kg and thanks to its solid base, this fan is very stable to prevent tipping. Apart from all this, the Domair is equipped with an automatic oscillating or 90° disengageable function and is relatively quiet. However, some users would still have liked it to be remotely controlled via a remote control. A drawback that does not prevent buyers from rushing to buy this fan.

  • Powerful
  • Good quality construction material
  • Adjustable height and oscillating head
  • No remote control
Buying guide • November 2023

Best vintage fan

Any specific needs?

The best vintage fan in 2021

The best entry-level vintage fan in 2021

The best high-end vintage fan in 2021

Elegant and quiet

Your guide : Samuel

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Comparison table of the best vintage fans

The best Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Brandson 48 W vintage fan 5
Retro style desk fan - Twitfish 6
Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan 7
Domair PM40 vintage fan 8
Brandson 48 W vintage fan
Retro style desk fan - Twitfish
Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan
Domair PM40 vintage fan
It is a fan that can be used during your shooting sessions and film shoots as well as to cool you down at home or at the office. Powerful and quiet, it is very suitable for a bedroom.
Here is a light fan (360 g), powered by USB. It can go everywhere with you, as long as there is something to plug in nearby. Although the noise it emits is bearable, some users still find it a bit noisy.
Imposing and majestic, this industrial fan will surprise your visitors with its atypical vintage design and its more than satisfactory performance.
This is a height-adjustable stand fan that will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer. Functional and efficient, the unit offers powerful airflow and super convenient features.
Table or desk fan
USB table or desk fan
Ceiling fan
Floor Standing Fan
38.5 x 15.5 x 37 cm
16.2 x 15.6 x 10.6 cm
106.68 x 106.68 x 45.72 cm
40 x 40 x 118 cm
48 W
36 W
55 W
Number of speeds
Copper-colored metal
Lightweight and durable metal with brass finish
Copper motor, metal cage, acrylic blades

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Buying guide - vintage fan

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How to choose your vintage fan

Consider these few parameters to find the best vintage fan that will satisfy you.

#1 - The material

Vintage fans are in most cases made of metal (aluminum, iron or copper) with some wooden parts depending on the model. The metal blades cut through the air with little resistance, providing a powerful flow. However, metal fans have been found to be noisier, so they are generally not recommended for bedrooms. Opt for aluminum instead if you want to be lighter, as an aluminum model doesn't require a powerful motor to push the blades to ideal power. One drawback to metal fans is that they generally don't do well outdoors, in coastal areas or in areas with too much moisture in the air, as they will eventually rust. If you live in one of these locations, go with stainless steel.

#2 - The power

Like other types of fans that are more modern, vintage models are also powerful. They're powerful enough to effectively cool even the largest of rooms. For this purpose, a device with a motor of 15 to 100 W is perfect without being too voracious in electricity.

#3 - The features

For an optimal comfort of use, make sure that your future vintage fan has a remote control. In addition to the remote control, make sure that the device can also be operated from its housing. This is very important because you could end up with an unusable unit if you unfortunately lose the remote. Also, make sure that the fan has adjustable speeds to give you the ability to choose the intensity of ventilation of the unit. Finally, the oscillation and tilt functions are equally useful to be able to enjoy well-distributed and homogeneous fresh air.

#4 - The airflow

Closely related to the fan's power, the airflow rate guarantees its efficiency. As a rule, it is expressed in m3/h or m3/min. Therefore, for a vintage table fan, an airflow of 15 to 50m3/min can cover up to 5m2 of surface. For a free-standing model, on the other hand, an airflow of 100 m³/min can cover up to 20 m² of surface.

#5 - The size

Also choose the size and power of your device according to the size of the room to be ventilated. If the room is small enough, a small fan will be more appropriate, otherwise the device may stain your interior decoration if its size is too imposing. On the other hand, if you like large vintage fans, a vintage ceiling fan will be an excellent choice. Hanging in the center of your room, it will be the charming asset of your room and will enhance it without cluttering your space.

Maintenance and care

  • Clean your fan regularly, at least once a week, with a soft, slightly damp cloth.
  • You can soak the fan grill in warm, soapy water to remove dirt.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, gently rub the fan blades with steel wool.
  • Dust the unit properly by vacuuming up any dirt that may be lodged in it.
  • When your machine needs lubrication, use only sewing machine motor oil.
  • Be careful not to scrape all the grease off the gears of the machine.


When you are not going to use your sewing fan for a long period of time, clean it well and then store it in its original box or in a tightly sealed carton away from dust. You can also cover the unit with a cloth. Finally, store it in a cool, dry place.


Before greasing, make sure your fan is sparkling clean. Once everything is good, unscrew the motor housing to see the electric motor parts and remove the center fan cover. After that, point your lubricant nozzle inward. Rotate the blades with your hand to evenly distribute the lubricant. This is enough to allow the moving parts to stop rubbing against each other so that your fan can once again properly circulate air.

Vintage fan or modern fan?

Vintage fan

While the iconic post-industrial electric desk fan can be found in old detective movies and some science fiction classics, the cultural embrace of "vintage" style didn't take hold until the early 2000s. Some of the most popular and valuable models available today are the reproduction and refurbished Emerson fans. Made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials, these fans are relatively easy to clean and are operational again. However, vintage fans lack options and style variety.

Modern fan

Modern fans are mostly made of reinforced plastics with some parts made of metal. They come in many styles (column fans, mini USB fans, portable fans, ceiling fans, table fans, misting fans, wall fans, etc.) and offer the latest features. These may include mosquito repellent, ionization, misting, etc. However, most models on the market have a futuristic design that may not appeal to everyone.


In conclusion, the choice between vintage and modern fans will depend mostly on you. If you don't like gadgets and anything that may seem "complicated" that goes along with the new technology, a vintage model is an excellent choice for you. The vintage model is also perfect for people who like to collect old objects. On the other hand, if you are more attracted to the latest technological gems, a modern fan will do the trick.

Why buy a vintage fan?


Vintage fans are incredibly majestic. Their beauty is such that they bring a certain charm and elegance to the room that hosts them. Their main purpose being to brighten up the decor of the room, they are often displayed in grand palaces, museums and other historical buildings.


The vast majority of vintage fans are robust and durable. Although most of today's models are made of ABS plastic and metal, nothing beats the beauty, elegance and authenticity of a vintage fan. Not to mention the fact that it also has a powerful motor.

Relive the past

In honor of the many movies and TV shows that took place in previous decades, vintage style is timeless and gaining popularity over the years. Fans of antiques and people who enjoy collecting rare items will be delighted to have a vintage fan among their possessions.


Buying vintage is an eco-responsible gesture in favor of the environment. This by finding interest in the recycling of vintage fans.

To cool efficiently

Beyond its decorative function, a vintage fan is also used to face the periods of strong heat in all quietness.

The best brands of vintage fans

In our opinion, the best brands of vintage fans in 2022 are :


Brandson is another reliable name in fan products, offering a wide range of quality products and the best silent fans on the market. Its 40W 38,5" table fan and its 50W 40" floor fan are almost always in the top of the best products of the moment. Column, table, axial, wall fans, etc., the brand offers a bit of everything. In terms of design, its fans are very varied: retro, classic or modern, and sold at an excellent quality/price ratio.


an AEG brand that merged with Telefunken AG, Daimler AG and Electrolux to develop the first electric refrigerator. Since then, the brand has quickly gained popularity via its high quality, beautifully finished products and excels in the field of large and small appliances.

It is a brand based in the Netherlands. The brand is especially appreciated and known for its products that are practical, innovative, efficient and above all, sold at an excellent quality/price ratio. Its vintage fans are particularly powerful even at low speeds and are both practical and functional (with oscillating, tilting, adjustable height functions, etc.)


is a brand Moerun has been manufacturing and marketing ceiling fans and lighting fixtures since the year 2010. Among its range of fans, the brand also produces beautiful vintage models that are both majestic, imposing and efficient. The brand offers products that are both neat and technically well-rounded to users.


is an American firm that has been around for over a century. The fans designed by this prestigious brand have the reputation of being practical to use and ultra efficient. And for good reason, they are able to cool large areas thanks to their great ventilation power and their tiltable design. Not to mention the fact that these units can be controlled remotely via a remote control, and have optimal lighting.

What is the price for a vintage fan

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Freshness routine

Keep your windows ajar at night to let fresh air into your room. Then close them in the morning to keep the sun out to raise the temperature.

Adapt your bedding to the season

If fleece blankets go hand in hand with the winter season, opt for cotton blankets and buckwheat pillows to stay cool in summer. Note that buckwheat pillows provide an effective thermoregulatory function that will keep you from sweating while you sleep.

Install a variable speed drive

Most vintage fans lack options like the ability to change the airflow. If this is the case with your unit, consider installing a variable speed or intensity control at the fan's power source so you can customize its cooling level.

Insulate the attic of your home

You can do it yourself. For this, use semi-rigid insulation in rolls such as plant wool or mineral wool. Unroll the wool on the attic floor or between the joists. This technique will allow your house to save energy, especially on heating, and to stay cool when it's very hot and warm when it's cold.

What to do when one of the blades is broken

In this case, it's better to replace the defective blade with a new one rather than trying to glue it back together. If you do that, you may unbalance the unit and this could lead to a more serious malfunction.


How to clean a vintage fan?

Cleaning a vintage fan is the same as cleaning a conventional fan. To clean a tabletop or pedestal model, simply remove the grill that protects the blades. Then, with a lightly dampened cloth, carefully clean the propellers of the unit until it is completely clean. Replace the protective grille and clean the outside of the fan with your dampened cloth.

I'm looking for a quiet model. How do I calculate the energy consumption of a fan?

Most vintage fans are quite loud, admittedly. On average, their noise level is between 50 and 60 decibels. For some people, this is quite low while for the more sensitive it is borderline tolerable. However, a vintage fan is said to be silent when its noise level is below 50 decibels. In any case, follow the selection criteria proposed in this guide before any purchase.

The noise level of a fan depends on the feeling of each person. For some, 50 dB can be annoying while for others, it is bearable. For this purpose, as a matter of information, know that the sound is not very audible below 20 dB. It is then considered weak up to 40 dB. From 75 dB, it starts to be annoying and from 85 dB, it is dangerous.

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, here is how to calculate the energy consumption of any household appliance and therefore of any type of fan. You just need to follow the following formula: fan power in watts x daily usage time in hours x number of days of usage per year/1000. The value obtained will be the annual energy consumption (in kWh) of your device.


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Our selection
Brandson 48 W vintage fan 9
Brandson 48 W vintage fan
Retro style desk fan - Twitfish 10
Retro style desk fan - Twitfish
Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan 11
Moerun Retro Vintage Ceiling Fan
Domair PM40 vintage fan 12
Domair PM40 vintage fan


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