The best ventilated laptop stands in the UK 2023

Laptops are indispensable tools in everyday life, but they can also cause neck pain in the medium term and, above all, they get hot. The solution? Have a good ventilated laptop stand. This accessory will allow you to raise your device for a better typing comfort and it will ventilate your laptop at the same time.

M Timmono Ventilated Laptop Stand 1

Best value for money

M Timmono Ventilated Laptop Stand

The best ventilated laptop stand

The M Timmono stand accommodates a 15.6" laptop with ease. With several height levels, it will efficiently cool your device.

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The M Timmono ventilated laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy and is entirely silver in color. Robust, it is a foldable model that has 6 base settings plus 9 to adjust the tilt of your keyboard. It can accommodate laptops or tablets from 9.6 to 15.6 inches.

It is a heat dissipating, or passive, portable stand that effectively cools your components because there is no tray. The air circulates optimally on top of your laptop. Moreover, this ventilated stand supports a maximum load of 80 kg and the silicone pads and the two tabs effectively lock your device.

Babacom Ventilated Laptop Stand 2

Best value for money

Babacom Ventilated Laptop Stand

The best entry-level ventilated laptop stand

Able to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches, the Babacom ventilated stand is sturdy with a 4mm aluminum frame. Sold at a modest price, it will improve your productivity.

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The Babacom is suitable for MacBooks, iPads, Notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets and other laptops. This ventilated laptop stand is suitable for devices up to 15.6 inches in size. It won't bend under your device since it's designed with a 4mm thick aluminum alloy with a total load of 5kg.

Compact when folded, the Babacom protects your device from falling with its 4 pads and two rubber mats on the hooks. The 6 levels of adjustment will allow you to adjust it to a height between 5 and 15 cm, approximately. This allows a good viewing angle and reduces neck stiffness as well as back and arm pain.

WonderWorker Einstein, Laptop Table 3

Best value for money

WonderWorker Einstein, Laptop Table

The best high-end ventilated laptop stand

The Yusi is a beautiful laptop stand with a very solid ergonomic design made of nylon and stainless steel.

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The WonderWorker Einstein is a durable and strong ventilated stand thanks to its aluminum alloy. You with an all aluminum structure except on the various joints. All black, the tray can support laptops from 7″ to 17″ with the following dimensions: 42 x 27 cm.

Lightweight and easy to carry, this ergonomically designed lapdesk allows you to get an ideal working position. The different joints are 360° hinges, this gives you 7 possible working positions, with a maximum height of 48 cm. Efficient, it is a passive and active model, as it also has two fans, silent, powered by the USB ports of your laptop. Moreover, it has a mouse holder that is also adjustable.

SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand 4

Very good

SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand

An alternative

The SAMDI ventilated laptop stand is an alternative to the aluminum product with its high quality wood with a beautiful finish.

39,19 £ on Amazon

It is a more than elegant and ergonomic solution to correct your posture and improve the ventilation of your laptop. Made from a hardwood, walnut, for interior decoration, this ventilated stand will perfectly match your workspace. Compact, 27.5 (L) x 16 (W) x 14.3 (H) cm, it raises your laptop to a height of about 14 cm, with a 45° tilt for comfortable typing.

The ventilation, passive, is taken care of by air slots allowing an efficient evacuation of heat or a quick fresh air supply. Its use is indicated if you have a laptop from 11 to 17 inches like the HP Envy, the MacBook Air Pro or the Dell Inspiron XPS for example. Moreover, it is a stable device since it is equipped with non-slip rubber feet.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best ventilated laptop stand

Any specific needs?

The best ventilated laptop stand

The best entry-level ventilated laptop stand

The best high-end ventilated laptop stand

An alternative

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Comparison table of the best ventilated laptop stands

M Timmono Ventilated Laptop Stand 5
Babacom Ventilated Laptop Stand 6
WonderWorker Einstein, Laptop Table 7
SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand 8
M Timmono Ventilated Laptop Stand
Babacom Ventilated Laptop Stand
WonderWorker Einstein, Laptop Table
SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand
The M Timmono stand accommodates a 15.6" laptop with ease. With several height levels, it will efficiently cool your device.
Able to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches, the Babacom ventilated stand is sturdy with a 4mm aluminum frame. Sold at a modest price, it will improve your productivity.
The Yusi is a beautiful laptop stand with a very solid ergonomic design made of nylon and stainless steel.
The SAMDI ventilated laptop stand is an alternative to the aluminum product with its high quality wood with a beautiful finish.
Sturdy and easy to use product
6 levels of adjustment
Features two fans
Elegant walnut construction
Easy to store
Lightweight and portable
Compact design
Various height levels
Carry bag
Modular, 360° joint
Lifetime warranty

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Buying guide - ventilated laptop stand

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How to choose your ventilated laptop stand

By making a small tour on your favorite sales platform, you will quickly notice that it is difficult to find the right shoe. In order to refine your search, you must take into account some characteristics.

#1 - The dimensions of your laptop

On the market, there are different models suitable for laptop from 9.6 to 17 inches. Before your purchase, it is therefore advisable to measure your device and to look at the corresponding ventilated laptop stands. To do this, look at the references of your equipment on the manufacturer's website or on its box.

Then, pay attention to the maximum load supported by the ventilated support. It must correspond to the weight of your laptop or you will have an unstable unit. You will be able to find ventilated stands that support 40 or 80 kg, on average.

#2 - The quality of manufacture

Since you have the idea of carrying your ventilated laptop stand on your travels, the ideal will be to choose a model designed in aluminum. This material has the ability to be lightweight and sturdy. Plastic models are less expensive, but they are more fragile. The different parts could bend in the medium term. We recommend them for your tablets or a Chromebook, which is lighter. Also, plastic has a tendency to concentrate heat and not dissipate it.

#3 - The ventilation system


your laptop tends to heat up a lot, it will be best to opt for models with fans. This will keep your device running optimally. However, if your device has a good ventilation mechanism, underneath, or it is not a beast of a device, you can choose a laptop stand with a passive ventilation mechanism.

For example, you can find models with a very simple aluminum structure with just the frame. Or models with a honeycomb top or with spaces, holes, to let air through.

#4 - Accessories


make it easier to transport, we recommend choosing laptop stands that have a cover. On ventilated stands such as a bed table, it will be ideal to have a tray to support your mouse. This way, both your arms will be at the same level and it will prevent the appearance of pain after prolonged use.

How to use a ventilated laptop stand?

An essential accessory for an optimal use of your laptop, the ventilated stand allows you to place your PC in a good position while protecting your thighs from the heat released because it will promote its ventilation. Indeed, this tool will cool the engine of your device in case of too high temperature, overheating or failure of the fans.

First of all, it is important to read carefully the instructions provided with your stand to understand its use, but especially not to damage it and your PC. In addition, for more stability and safety, you should install your equipment on a flat surface. This way, you don't run the risk of sliding your PC.

Then, simply connect the stand to your computer, using the USB cable that comes with your purchase. After that, before using it, you can adjust the tilt angle of your stand so that you find the right position that will make you feel comfortable. Please also respect the load capacity of your stand. There is no point in forcing it to hold something that it cannot. This will only damage it and your PC.

Finally, a little regular maintenance of your accessory is essential to prolong its life. To do this, you need to remove dust every day with a simple cloth. However, the blower is the most efficient and recommended device for this. It should be noted that you should not completely disassemble your stand during maintenance.

Ventilated laptop stand or USB air extractor?

Ventilated laptop stand

The ventilated stand is very useful when the laptop's fan is not able to cool it adequately. Usually, it depends on the power supplied by one of the USB ports of a PC. It works by sucking heat from the bottom of your PC and other ventilated stand models work the other way around by blowing cold air towards the machine.

Apart from improving the performance of the laptop, the ventilated stand is also convenient for placing the PC instead of directly on your lap or table. Unfortunately, the ventilated laptop stand can break down if it is used for several hours at a time. Also, it can make annoying noises at full power.

USB air extractor

A USB air extractor is more compact than the ventilated bracket. In addition, it facilitates heat dissipation in notebooks. This means that it quickly lowers the surface and internal temperature (within minutes). To operate it, simply plug it into a USB port on your laptop using the clamps. This keeps it firmly connected to the laptop while traveling.

Using a USB air extractor will increase the performance of your PC. In addition, a USB air extractor is quieter than a ventilated stand and is compatible with most PCs. However, it also has some drawbacks. Its lifespan is questionable, especially if it is made of plastic. On the other hand, this device is only useful if your PC's built-in fan starts not moving much air.


The USB air extractor is more convenient because of its size and efficiency. However, a laptop stand will be very useful if you sit for hours while using it and your knees are blocking your laptop's original fans.

What are the advantages of a ventilated laptop stand?

Everyone agrees on the flexibility and freedom that a laptop offers. However, overheating and the use of other peripherals is a problem in the medium and long term.

Better hand positioning

After long hours of typing on a laptop keyboard, you start to feel numbness or fatigue. Purchasing a height-ventilated stand can solve this problem by raising your device and improving your typing comfort.

It's also handy if you use an external monitor.

Improve your posture

This is also a great way to improve your posture. Indeed, you tend to bend your back when you work on a laptop on your desk. This gives you the idea of working on your couch or in bed. A ventilated computer stand will increase your daily productivity by straightening your spine. To do this, adjust the height of your stand.

Passive ventilation

The main concern with fanless stands placed parallel to the desk is the zero distance between the desk surface and the device. Warm air concentrates in this small space and increases the internal temperature of your laptop. A high fan stand is made of aluminum, dissipates heat, and the height allows the heat to dissipate quickly.

The best brands of ventilated laptop stands

In our opinion, the best brands of ventilated laptop stands in 2022 are :

M Timmono

It is a British company that produces technological components such as batteries or power modules for laptops or tablets. In their range, they also have ventilated support adapted to several brands like HP, Apple or Lenovo.

It is a fast growing company selling computer and electronic accessories based in Hong Kong. Its engineers are highly professional and focused on providing durable products that are suitable for all budgets.

The ventilated laptop stands sold by M Timmono are robust and versatile. With good value for money, these ventilated stands will improve your overall comfort.

It is a versatile company that produces various electronic and computer accessories like ventilated laptop stands. Having a very good rating on various online sales platforms, 4 on average, their products are robust.

It is an American company founded in 2014 that specializes in creating ergonomic computer accessories like laptop stands. Their products reflect their owner who takes to heart the health issues associated with prolonged laptop use.

What is the price for a ventilated laptop stand

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 50 £
more than 50 £
Price range diagram


Adjusting your mouse tray

On ventilated laptop stands, bed table, having an adjustable mouse tray, adjust its positioning to match your working position.

Invert in a wireless mouse and keyboard

Once you straighten your posture, it is also possible to use an ergonomic keyboard and wireless mouse.

Remember to recharge your laptop

The flexibility of using a laptop, on a sofa for example, once loaded makes a ventilated stand more attractive. The presence of power cable can hinder your actions and make it difficult to use.

Read your manual

On foldable aluminum ventilated stands, you often have different installation modes. In order to understand all of them, it is advisable to read the manual or check the vendor's website.


Some ventilated laptop bed tables can be used by children for fun or study. You can also use it to read a book or write a handwritten letter.


What is the best ventilated laptop stand?

The best ventilated laptop stand depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

Is it necessary to use a ventilated laptop stand?

Yes, it will greatly enhance your user experience. It helps to combat back and hand pain. To learn more, we invite you to our complete guide on the subject.

What is a ventilated laptop stand?

Similar to a plastic-based cooler with a tilting base, a ventilated stand can be adjusted in height with folding feet. This allows you to use your laptop safely in bed or on a sofa. Want to know more, check out our buying guide.

How to choose a laptop stand?

You can read about this type of product in our file. But in essence, you need to take into account various criteria such as the size of your laptop, its weight and the type of ventilation on your device.

Can I use an external keyboard with a ventilated laptop stand?

Technically yes. It's like using an external monitor and it's best to have a mouse as well.


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M Timmono Ventilated Laptop Stand
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Babacom Ventilated Laptop Stand
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SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand 12
SAMDI Wooden Ventilated Cooler Stand


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