The best vaginettes in the UK 2023

The vagina is an object intended to optimize male pleasure. Choosing one to please oneself alone or as a couple is the solution to avoid going to other women, while enjoying all the sexual pleasures. Presented in many forms, with several textures and features, it gives various sensations to vary the pleasures. Through this guide, discover how to choose the right vagina for you.

Ripe Anus Vibrating Masturbator 1

Best value for money

Ripe Anus Vibrating Masturbator

The best vagina in 2021

Opportunity to experience a solo pleasure at home with the Ripe Anus vibrating masturbator from Vulcan. New pleasure product, it is intended for a rewarding but realistic experience, especially for beginners.

17,52 £ on Espaceplaisir

This Vulcan Ripe Anus vibrating anal masturbator is designed to provide a realistic anal orifice. With a raised inner texture with a smooth and ridged start, reflecting the asperities of a real anus, it confers an ultra stimulating and exciting pleasure. Its manufacture out of plastic medical of quality, hypoallergenic and without phtalates, while being soft, contributes to optimize its cleaning. Especially since its interior is removable, where a cleaning with soapy water making it impeccably clean.

Ripe Anus by Vulcan is a reusable anal masturbator that can be used in the shower or bath, as it is completely waterproof. To vary the pleasures, it is equipped with 6 modes of vibration, allowing to optimize the optimal sensations with its soft surface and its tight orifice. Running on a LR01 battery, this object can be used with a water-based lubricant for more comfort and realism of penetration.

Double OO DORCEL Masturbator 2

The best cheapest

Double OO DORCEL Masturbator

The best cheap vagina

Looking for optimal pleasure at home? Dorcel offers you the opportunity to indulge yourself with the dual entry masturbator. This is a reversible double OO masturbator that allows you to experience both sodomy and vaginal penetration.

16,19 £ on Dorcelstore

With this double OO masturbator from Dorcel, you will have the privilege of tasting the pleasure of vaginal penetration, while trying sodomy. This allows you to access the tighter side of anal penetration, while enjoying the pleasure of the other opening, even for a solo session. With this double OO masturbator, you can multiply the sensations for even more pleasure, with better, realistic sensations. This toy is for beginners as well as intermediates, and even experts.

The Dorcel OO double masturbator is covered with a transparent sheath, so you can see the movements for an extra touch of excitement. It is a reusable object, which can be washed with water and antibacterial soap. After cleaning, and before the next use, the masturbator should be dried thoroughly. It may be necessary to warm it up before use, and to do this, simply immerse it in hot water for a few minutes, then put some lubricant on it.

Cobra Libre II Vibrating Masturbator 3

The best high-end

Cobra Libre II Vibrating Masturbator

The best high-end vagina

Men and lovers of strong sensations, here is an opportunity to get a maximum of pleasure. Fun Factory offers you the Cobra Libre II masturbator for unique moments. Rechargeable autonomous device, it allows to benefit from an optimal functioning after a complete recharge time before each use.

77,94 £ on Espaceplaisir

Cobra Libre II is a vibrating masturbator with a futuristic and virile design from the Fun Factory. To optimize the pleasure, it is equipped with 11 modes of vibration, provided by two motors as powerful as silent. In addition to this, it also incorporates a locking function. In the same way, this model also has an ergonomics allowing an intuitive handling. This object is used for an optimal stimulation of the glans, insofar as the stimulator meets it once the penis penetrates it, while enclosing it to excite it.

The Cobra Libre II masturbator is designed with silicone. It is an ultra soft hypoallergenic material, while being flexible. This gives this sextoy a total seal. Moreover, this masturbator does not require any particular maintenance. Once fully charged, it offers users vibrations that optimize their experience and pleasure. Better still, with its sporty and ergonomic design, it guarantees easy handling, to offer an intense effect during penetration.

Teazers Electronic Masturbator TEA012 4

Luxury masturbator

Teazers Electronic Masturbator TEA012

The best electric

Teazers takes care of your pleasure and offers you the high-end electronic masturbator for unforgettable moments. This luxury electronic masturbator is powered by a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB. It is available in red, pink and black to offer users the possibility to choose according to their tastes.

43,96 £ on Adameteve

This deluxe masturbator from Teazers features a neutral opening, and has a smooth internal texture thanks to its premium silicone and ABS manufacturing material. It has 9 vibration settings, divided into 6 modes and 3 speeds, and has a warming function. In this case, the vibration function is an option for additional stimulation. Otherwise, it has an internal diameter of 3 cm, for a width of 8 cm, and a length of 13 cm.

The Teazers electronic masturbator offers more pleasure when used with a water-based lubricant. Before and after each use, it should be cleaned with a toy cleaner, so as to guarantee the total hygiene of the user. This object works by push button with an autonomy of up to 58 minutes after a charging time of 57 minutes, and also offers variable vibrations according to the needs. This CE marked toy is especially suitable for beginners.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best vagina

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The best vagina in 2021

The best cheap vagina

The best high-end vagina

The best electric

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Comparison table of the best vaginettes

Top of the line Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Ripe Anus Vibrating Masturbator 5
Double OO DORCEL Masturbator 6
Cobra Libre II Vibrating Masturbator 7
Teazers Electronic Masturbator TEA012 8
Ripe Anus Vibrating Masturbator
Double OO DORCEL Masturbator
Cobra Libre II Vibrating Masturbator
Teazers Electronic Masturbator TEA012
Opportunity to experience a solo pleasure at home with the Ripe Anus vibrating masturbator from Vulcan. New pleasure product, it is intended for a rewarding but realistic experience, especially for beginners.
Looking for optimal pleasure at home? Dorcel offers you the opportunity to indulge yourself with the dual entry masturbator. This is a reversible double OO masturbator that allows you to experience both sodomy and vaginal penetration.
Men and lovers of strong sensations, here is an opportunity to get a maximum of pleasure. Fun Factory offers you the Cobra Libre II masturbator for unique moments. Rechargeable autonomous device, it allows to benefit from an optimal functioning after a complete recharge time before each use.
Teazers takes care of your pleasure and offers you the high-end electronic masturbator for unforgettable moments. This luxury electronic masturbator is powered by a built-in battery that can be recharged via USB. It is available in red, pink and black to offer users the possibility to choose according to their tastes.
100% hypoallergenic
100% hypoallergenic
ABS, silicone
6 vibration modes
2 powerful motors, 11 vibration modes
6 modes
Other Functions and features
Realistic Anus Hole, Waterproof, lubricant included
double entry, clear, Waterproof
locking function, 100% waterproof
Heat function, 3 speeds, USB rechargeable
Dimensions (Length, Width, Diameter)
15 cm, 6.5 cm
18 cm
14.7 cm, 6 cm, 4.3 cm
13 cm, 8 cm, 3 cm

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How to choose your vagina

The purpose of a vagina is to provide pleasure to the man without having to resort to manual masturbation. In this case, to optimize this pleasure, while privileging health, it is advisable to determine the criteria of choice of its device.

#1 - The material

As far as possible, given that the vagina is a device that will be in direct contact with intimate orifices, the material is an important criterion. In this context, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material. Preferably, natural latex, natural rubber or even silicone represents the most suitable materials.

#2 - The comfort of use

The use of the vagina is intended for pleasure. As such, for gentle and comfortable experimentation sessions, care should be taken to choose a gentle device with settings that can be adapted to various users. The material contributes to this, but the design should also take into account the vibration patterns and ergonomics of the device.

#3 - The brands

The vaginaette is a device that comes in many forms to meet the desires and needs of users. Because of this, as there are dual-use objects, it is necessary to determine one's needs before settling on a product whose use will not be suitable. For example, the double opening masturbator is intended for a couple, hence the need to take this point into account from the beginning.

#4 - The texture

It is preferable to favor authentic brands when choosing a vagina. Indeed, being in direct contact with the intimate part, it must respect the standards of manufacture and health. The major brands benefit from a strict control before the products are put on the market, and this guarantees that the use will not cause any allergy or other intolerance.

#5 -

The secret of the vagina lies in its texture. Indeed, the ribs, as well as the spirals appearing on the inner surface represent guarantees of sensations. These are the parts that provide waves of pleasure during masturbation sessions, which a hand cannot do in manual. In this case, by opting for devices with different textures, it is possible to vary the experiences and pleasures.

Is using a condom when using a vagina advisable?


A widely used sex toy in countries large and small, the vagina is a toy for satisfying a man's sexual desires without the need to find a woman.

What exactly is a vagina?

By definition, a vagina is an artificial vagina designed to allow men to simulate sexual intercourse. Covering the shape of a real vagina, the vagina has an opening to accommodate the penis. Designed in a variety of materials, and depending on the brand, it can be made of latex, silicone or rubber.

How to use a vagina

The reasons for using a vagina vary from one individual to another, since it is a completely personal reason. But in any case, the functionality of this object is practically the same, regardless of the brand or material. To use it, it is necessary to ensure that all objects are clean and disinfected.

This item is used for training, but it is also used to fill sexual misery, common in many places.

Is the condom useful when using a vagina?

Since it is an artificial object, and after a good cleaning, it might be possible not to use a condom when using it. However, for more comfort of use, it is still recommended to use a condom, to preserve the penis from friction that can be painful. Otherwise, it is also possible not to adopt this solution, but to resort to the use of a good lubricant, so as to ensure a more natural contact.

The different types of vaginettes

The vagina can be anal, vaginal or oral, its design aims to embody the natural orifices to exploit to the maximum the male pleasure. In any case, it is necessary to clean the device after each use. This is to optimize health, as it is a tool used in the body. Regardless of the design material of the vagina, the best option for lubrication is to use a water-based product, or other suitable liquid, to achieve the best effect.

The oral vagina

The oral vagina consists of a mouth-shaped masturbator, designed for men to experiment with sucking and pleasure. Usually battery operated, with settings for various modes of vibration, it reproduces a gentle fellatio giving intense pleasure to the user or a realistic carnal embrace.
This type of device is shaped like a mouth to simulate oral sex, so that the user can learn to enjoy this pleasure. It is a tool to reproduce all the sensations of sucking.

The vagina

On the other hand, the vagina vaginaette embodies the shape of the vagina. In this case, this masturbator is a device that allows the simulation of a vaginal coitus or a soft sexual intercourse. Depending on the material and the type, it allows to vary the pleasures, and to experiment various positions. This tool should be used with a good lubricant, as much as possible water-based to optimize the pleasure of users. Thus, the contours of the device will help to enjoy a masturbation without with the most realistic sensations of a real sexual intercourse with a human partner.

The anal vagina

Quant to the anal vagina, it is an object taking the shape of the anus to optimize the simulation of an anal coitus. Its use requires the use of lubricant to confer an optimal pleasure and to reproduce perfectly a sexual intercourse. Made of a soft material (latex, rubber or silicone), the anal vagina represents an option to discover the pleasure of a new experience in a soft way.

Electric vagina or manual vagina

Electric Vagina

The electric vagina is a device that allows you to better appreciate the pleasure of sex without having to resort to whores in the absence of his or her partner. With various settings in terms of vibration mode and speed, it provides pleasure while also varying the pleasures. Intended to enrich one's sexual experience, the vagina works long enough not to interrupt a session in order to stay on top of one's desires.

The disadvantage of using a vagina is the wrong choice of quality, hence the possibility of suffering in contact with a device whose texture does not fit the delicate skin of the penis.

Manual Vagina

The manual vaginaette is intended for beginners to learn about pleasure alone before experimenting with it as a couple. This sex toy has a very limited vibration mode as it works manually. It has the advantage of being usable everywhere, without needing to recharge the battery.

This device, being manual, does not allow to vary the pleasure, but it still contributes to improve the experience in terms of sex.


The use of the electric vagina and the manual vagina varies according to the needs and expectations of the users. If possible, a manual vagina should be used to start with. As experience is gained, it is possible to gradually switch to an electric device.

Why buy a vagina?

A dedicated pleasure device

Buying a vagina allows you to have a sex toy that allows you to enjoy yourself at any time. This tool is dedicated only to your pleasure and intense sensations, especially since it comes with various depths to fit different penis sizes, so as to fulfill the desires of all men who use it.

A toy for solo or double pleasure

The vagina can be used by a man alone or with a partner. In addition, instead of manual masturbation, this device makes the session more enjoyable. This is due to the fact that the sheath accustoms the user to the sensations of penetration, in order to avoid premature ejaculation when he is in a relationship.

A device in all forms

The vagina is not only intended for normal sexual intercourse. It is also intended for sexual fantasies, such as the simulation of fellatio or anal penetration. Thus, with its different shapes (anal, vaginal and oral), it allows the discovery of anal pleasure while offering the possibility of enjoying the suction of a blow job.

A totally hygienic object

By opting for an authentic brand vagina, the user favors pleasure. Indeed, thanks to the quality of the material (silicone, latex or rubber sheath), it confers optimal comfort to the use, whether it has a soft or nodulated texture. Especially since it embodies the intimacy of women or men, down to the smallest details, as for the ribs.

Settings adapted to your desires

The vagina is a device equipped with adjustments allowing the optimization of pleasure. Indeed, the modes of vibrations and the speed can be adjusted according to the needs, and to the rhythm of the sensations felt. This allows all men, whether they are beginners, intermediate or experts in sex, to get pleasure.

The best brands of vaginettes

In our opinion, the best brands of vaginettes in 2022 are :

Fun Factory

Vulcan is a brand specialized in the manufacture of sex toys in general, and vagina in particular. The brand favors battery-operated electric sex objects, for more practicality in use. Even better, to optimize pleasure, the brand includes a battery and lubricant in the vagina box.

Existing for almost 23 years, the Dorcel brand is a French label renowned for the manufacture of vaginettes. It evolves in the production of sex toys, but also in the sector of the production of adult films. These two activities are compatible and complementary, hence the reputation of the brand in the fields.

Fun Factory is a brand of sextoys manufacturing experiencing a certain development. Appeared on the market in 1996, the brand has several stores, but also a website and online sex shops. The brand prioritizes quality in its objects, intended mainly for men, hence the most adopted materials are soft medical silicone.

Teazers is a label of Amazon, also evolving under the brand Lagic Brandstore. This brand focuses mainly on items designed to satisfy sexual pleasures. It stands out for its high-end products, benefiting in addition from settings that allow for a variety of pleasures. Even better, the brand is known for its quality objects, even embellished with the CE mark.

Tenga is a Japanese brand specialized in the production of sex objects intended for male pleasure. Varying its products to vary the pleasure according to each user, Tenga offers both classic sextoys and more complex products of all sizes. Recently, the brand has joined forces with Goodsmile to offer even more pleasure to sex toy enthusiasts.

What is the price for a vagina

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

20 £ to 45 £
45 £ to 90 £
more than 90 £
Price range diagram


Stay relaxed when using the vagina

The attitude to adopt during the use of the vagina contributes largely to optimize the pleasure. It is also important to create an atmosphere that allows you to relax as much as possible. In the same way, it is advisable not to rush to have an orgasm, but rather to have fun at various angles, depths and vibration settings.

Prefer quality lubricants when using the vagina

The use of the vagina should be subject to some special attention. For example, the use of lubricant is recommended at each session. This results from the fact that when using a device whose material is often latex, rubber or silicone, the direct contact of the penis without lubricant can be painful.

Optimize your experiences with the vagina

The fact of resorting to the use of the vagina is a way to optimize its experiences. Also, favor buying a variety of devices, anal, oral and vaginal to enrich them. It is the same for the speed of vibration and penetration, which can be as slow as fast depending on the desired sensations and desires.

Prefer nearby storage for the vagina

The vagina represents a tool of pleasure. Therefore, to optimize its use, the storage must also be appropriate. It will find its place between the mattress and the box spring, so as to be accessible in case of urgent desire. Thus, it remains to prepare with lubricant to please yourself.

Adopt your own pace

The vagina is made to adapt to your needs, and not the opposite. Also, during each session, take the time to focus solely on your own pleasure. Only your comfort and pleasure should be considered. You are the only one to manage the tempo and the movements, according to your sensations.


How to clean a silicone vagina?

Being a more or less medical device, the vagina in general, and the silicone one in particular, deserves a consistent cleaning.
For this type of product, black soap, based on natural ingredients, is a purifying treatment par excellence, to be used with a soft brush and rinsed with pure water.
Alternatively, white vinegar is a practical and effective alternative for removing all traces of bacteria from the silicone vagina. A rinse is required after cleaning.

How to maintain a latex vagina?

The maintenance of a latex vagina should be done regularly to preserve the quality of the object, while optimizing its durability. To do this, it is best to use mild detergents or isopropyl alcohol diluted in a little cold water. Rinsing with pure water, followed by air drying or drying with a soft cloth is necessary. To preserve its durability, the object should be kept in a soft case.
In all cases, the use of solvents should be avoided, as well as bleach or strong detergents.

What are the different materials used to make a vagina?

The vagina is designed in different materials depending on the brand.
Natural rubber is based on latex from rubber sap. It is a very popular material for this type of sexual object.
Silicone is a composition based on silicon, oxygen and hydrocarbons to form a device for male pleasure.
As for latex, it is the elastic material resulting from the transformation of vegetable juice based on rubber tree, or synthetic material.

What are the disadvantages of rubber vaginas?

Rubber vaginettes can be at the source of allergy, in particular for men allergic to latex. In addition to this, certain elements, including vulcanizing agents, as well as antioxidants, antimicrobials, and other chemicals can be harmful to the health of users. This material is also considered to be the source of long-term cancers.


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Ripe Anus Vibrating Masturbator
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Double OO DORCEL Masturbator
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Cobra Libre II Vibrating Masturbator
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