The best urban bike helmets in the UK 2023

Should you wear a helmet or not when riding a bike? The debate remains open, even today, especially since the law only requires it for children under 12 years old. However, studies have shown that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries by 60%. So, even if it is not mandatory, helmets are an essential piece of equipment for those who use their bikes frequently. Find through this comparison the best urban bike helmets.

Uvex i-vo cc 1

Best value for money

Uvex i-vo cc

The best city bike helmet in 2021

The Uvex i-vo cc urban bike helmet is stylish and comfortable. Its design has been specially studied to guarantee cyclists optimal protection when riding in the city.

52,76 £ on Amazon

With its helmet, I-vo cc Uvex breaks all records in terms of protection. The helmet is light in construction, yet has maximum impact resistance. Its shell is made of an inner layer of expanded polystyrene for better thermal insulation and an outer layer of polycarbonate. The Uvex i-vo cc bicycle helmet fits the head perfectly and provides real comfort for the cyclist.

The strap can be easily adjusted to the user's needs. The helmet's padding is made of a high-quality structured material designed for good ventilation. To facilitate maintenance, the padding is removable and washable. Moreover, for night travel, this helmet is equipped with a plug-in LED.

Abus Aduro 2.0 2

Best value for money

Abus Aduro 2.0

The best entry-level city bike helmet

Abus Aduro 2.0 offers quality and comfort at a very competitive price. With this stylish and functional helmet, you will be able to enjoy your bike rides in complete safety.

54,79 £ on Amazon

The Abus Aduro 2.0 helmet has a sporty and trendy look, which makes it a very desirable product. It has asimple and dynamic appearance and has some very satisfying features. Thanks to its polycarbonate shell, it is lightweight and durable. In addition, a removable visor will protect your eyes from wind, dust and sun if the need arises.

This helmet is also very comfortable. You can remove and wash the padding as you wish. Also, its infinitely soft straps will guarantee you a good support while avoiding the feeling of strangulation. Not to mention its circulation channels that offer excellent ventilation and ensure a pleasant ride.

Giro Aerohead MIPS 3

Best value for money

Giro Aerohead MIPS

The best high-end city bike helmet

Aerohead MIPS is a great choice for a bicycle helmet. Aerodynamically designed, it's ideal for riding at any speed while maintaining real comfort.

240 £ on Amazon

The Aerohead MIPS helmet by Giro is definitely a good investment. It has great resistance to external impacts with its polycarbonate shell. Thanks to its super fit design, it can perfectly adjust to the wearer's head. In addition, this urban bike helmet has a smoked visor that acts as a shield and offers an impressive field of vision.

Sufficient ventilation also allows your head to be well ventilated for the most comfortable cycling experience. In addition, the aerodynamic properties of the Aerohead MIPS prevent the rider from being subjected to pressure and vibration caused by speed. Its advantages and specific design also make this helmet very suitable for triathletes.

POC Tectal Race Spin 4

Very good

POC Tectal Race Spin

A remarkable city bike helmet

The Tectal Race Spin helmet is designed for off-road use. Robust, light and well ventilated, it is an excellent ally for all your sporting challenges, from trail to enduro.

141 £ on Amazon

This POC helmet is suitable for both your city trips and your sports activities. For a better support, it is reinforced at the temples and at the back of the head. It also has an adjustable eye shield for added convenience. In addition, the mountain bike helmets developed by POC include a silicone SPIN cushion that has the ability to absorb shocks.

Thanks to its air channels, this helmet is highly ventilated and allows you to keep your head cool. But also, you will be fully protected from shocks with its anti-shock shell equipped with a polystyrene lining. Not only does Tectal Race Spin offer you adequate protection, but it also guarantees optimal comfort and durability.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best urban bike helmet

Any specific needs?

The best city bike helmet in 2021

The best entry-level city bike helmet

The best high-end city bike helmet

A remarkable city bike helmet

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Comparison table of the best urban bike helmets

Uvex i-vo cc 5
Abus Aduro 2.0 6
Giro Aerohead MIPS 7
POC Tectal Race Spin 8
Uvex i-vo cc
Abus Aduro 2.0
Giro Aerohead MIPS
POC Tectal Race Spin
The Uvex i-vo cc urban bike helmet is stylish and comfortable. Its design has been specially studied to guarantee cyclists optimal protection when riding in the city.
Abus Aduro 2.0 offers quality and comfort at a very competitive price. With this stylish and functional helmet, you will be able to enjoy your bike rides in complete safety.
Aerohead MIPS is a great choice for a bicycle helmet. Aerodynamically designed, it's ideal for riding at any speed while maintaining real comfort.
The Tectal Race Spin helmet is designed for off-road use. Robust, light and well ventilated, it is an excellent ally for all your sporting challenges, from trail to enduro.
Comfort and ventilation level
Very Good
Very Good
52-57 cm
Outer material
Inner material
Expanded polystyrene
Expanded polystyrene
Expanded polystyrene
Luminous signage
Integrated visor
250 g
275 g
300 g
337 g

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Buying guide - urban bike helmet

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How to choose your urban bike helmet

When buying your city bike helmet, there are some things to look for:

#1 - Size

You can't just put on any bike helmet because your head fits inside it. There is a size to consider and parameters to take into account. First of all, you have to measure the circumference of your head with a tape measure, especially from the eyebrows (more precisely 2 cm above the eyebrows) to the back of the skull. It is according to the size that results that the choice must be made. The basic rule is that the helmet should not move when you move your head, but also that you should not feel excessive pressure on the skull, temples and forehead. In general, helmets are available in two different sizes. If you're in the middle size, models that come with detachable foam in different sizes are best.

#2 - Comfort and lightness

These are essential criteria, since you'll be wearing the helmet for hours. A model with interior foam and an adjustable headband is an excellent choice. And for even more comfort and ergonomics, you can choose a model with an occipital adjustment system for optimal fit on the neck, with an adjustable side straps with a locking system, or with a leather chinstrap to reduce chafing. For the lightness, it is obviously the weight that must be taken into account. Preferably, opt for a helmet that weighs less than 300g to avoid neck strain. Note that the materials used, the molding, the design of the outer shell and the internal structure influence the weight of the helmet.

#3 - Ventilation

Aeration enhances comfort, which is why it is an essential criterion. We are talking about the ventilation holes located on the shell. That's right, they're not there to serve as an ornament, but to allow your head to breathe. Heat will be minimized, as well as sweat and itching. The number of vents determines the ventilation capacity of a helmet. For optimal ventilation, you need the right size and fit.

Don't neglect your safety

Bicycle helmets are only required for children under 12, but don't forget to wear one anyway. Up to 47% of cyclists involved in accidents suffer head injuries. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by up to 88%.

#4 - Protection

The last but not the least, protection is paramount. Choose a model that offers excellent protection against impact, but also and especially complies with the European standard EN 1078. Helmets that cover the forehead to the back of the neck and have an internal structure made of titanium, carbon or polycarbonate are the most effective. They protect the spine and do not break into several pieces in case of impact.

Don't be fooled by appearances

Most helmets are made from expanded polystyrene, with an outer shell of polymer to cover it. During a major impact, polystyrene is designed to absorb energy and compress. Thus, the hard shell helps spread the force of the impact over a wide area to protect your skull, while the softer lining absorbs the energy of the impact so that less force is transmitted to your head.

After an accident, the outer shell can hide the compromised polystyrene underneath and look intact. Always replace your helmet after an accident or impact and check regularly for wear and tear on the polystyrene.

City bike helmets and MIPS technology

In recent years, we've seen more and more bike helmet brands adopt MIPS. MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. And it's actually a brand in itself: helmet suppliers who use it integrate the liner into their own helmets.

The MIPS liner is designed to reduce the rotational forces on the brain that can occur in a crash by adding an extra layer of friction and thus spreading the impact.

Helmets with MIPS layers often cost a bit more - but there is evidence to suggest that the layer is effective in reducing injuries in certain types of accidents.

How much does a city bike helmet cost?

City bike helmets typically cost between 40 and 300 euros. However, if you choose to shop online, you will find them for less, around 10 euros.

Entry-level city bike helmets.

City bike helmets in this price range cost between10 and 70 euros. At this price, you can get protection, style and comfort. The helmet may have an internal harness to adjust the fit.

Mid-range city bike helmets.

In this range, helmets cost between 70 and 150 euros. Helmets become more specific to a category of cyclist, such as road, mountain bike, BMX and commuter. You could get a helmet with a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape for city bike helmets at this price.

High-end city bike helmets.

High-end helmets cost between160 and 300 euros. The helmets here are the thinnest, lightest and most aerodynamic possible. So they use the highest quality EPS available, and the brands invest a lot of time and money in engineering. Most companies also use aramid reinforcements for their high-end products to optimize weight and strength between vents without increasing weight.

The different types of urban bike helmets

There are as many bicycle helmets as there are uses for the bicycle. Thus, there are bicycle helmets for mountain biking, sports or just for walking around town. In this last category, we can find mainly the classic bicycle helmets, and the commuter helmets.

Classic bike helmets

The original bicycle helmets were designed for road cycling and racing. As they evolved, they mostly took on an elongated shape, still with vents, and are usually made with EPS foam covered by a thin plastic shell. They are the most widely used helmets in the world, with millions sold each year.


  • Safe: This type of helmet respects the standard norms required by the European and French legislation. They are therefore perfectly safe.
  • Light: This type of helmet is generally light and easy to wear. The plastic and foam that fill it will exert virtually no pressure on your head.
  • Excellent ventilation: These helmets have plenty of ventilation. That means you're not likely to get as hot in them as in other types of helmets.


  • Style: This type of helmet may not be the most stylish. Especially for those that are perched quite high on the head.
  • They are often more expensive than other types of helmets. Especially those that combine the technology for classic helmets with that for time trial helmets (TT Helmets).

Who is it for?

This type of city bike helmet is suitable for people who are more interested in the quality of ventilation, and aerodynamics than the appearance of their helmet.

Commuter bike helmets

The term was coined by the Bell brand in 2004 when they introduced their Metro model.This is a helmet with a rounded shape, rather than an elongated style. The helmet is also equipped with vents and is usually made of EPS foam covered by a thin plastic shell. It sometimes has accessories such as mirrors, winter earpieces and rear turn signals that are useful for travel.


  • Safe: Just like the classic helmets, the commuters must respect the standard norms required by the European and French legislation. They are therefore just as safe.
  • Affordable : They are much less expensive than other types of helmets. Their price varies between 50 and 100 euros approximately.


  • They are heavier than conventional bicycle helmets. They generally weigh between 50 and 100 g heavier than the classic ones.
  • Less ventilation: Commuters are equipped with less ventilation than conventional helmets. They can therefore be less comfortable due to the heat.

Who is it for?

This type of city bike helmet is suitable for people who are more interested in the appearance of their helmet than in the quality of ventilation, and aerodynamics.

What about connected headsets?

Yes, helmets are now connected as well. Some brands have new technology that allows you to link your helmet to a smartphone app to monitor your activity. Sensors in the helmet can detect sudden decelerations in the event of an accident and alert your emergency contacts that you might be injured and send them your location. It can also let them track your ride in real time, if you wish.

Classic bike helmets or commuters?

Classic bike helmets

Classic bicycle helmets are safe at first glance. They are intended for high level athletes who need ventilation during competitions while having a good protection. They are designed in compliance with the European standards in force. In addition, they are generally composed of foam for their interior and the whole covered with a protective shell.

In fact, they are the most widespread in the world for their simplicity and lightness. In addition, they are easily positioned on the head without the need to make prior adjustments to the strap that holds it in place.

Commuter bike helmets

Just like conventional helmets, commuter bike helmets are also very safe. They are very aerodynamic thanks to their rounded shape. They also respect the standards imposed by the European legislation.

Their little extra is the presence of some very practical accessories. We can mention, among other things, rear turn signals, mirrors and earpieces for winter. Despite these little extras, they are very affordable.


Both types of helmets are equally effective in providing protection. However, sometimes the classic helmets are not very aesthetic. On the other hand, commuter helmets are much heavier than their peers.

In conclusion, the choice between these two types of products is up to the individual. They all provide the protection you are looking for when you ride your bike.

Why buy a city bike helmet?

For a smoother ride

Wearing a helmet is essential to protect your head in case of a fall. When you ride in the city, you ride alongside cars, buses, trucks, and other cyclists. A simple impact with one of these vehicles can have dramatic consequences such as skull fractures or brain damage. The helmet is designed to act as a shock absorber to keep you out of harm's way.

To protect yourself from the elements

If your city bike is your daily commute to the office, it's safe to say you'll face all kinds of weather from time to time. In this case, your helmet will provide protection from the elements (snow, rain, hail, etc.). It will keep your hair dry (for some models) and your head warm whenever you need it. But it is also designed to protect you from UV rays and perspiration during the summer.

For its comfort and lightness

The city bike helmet is a good compromise between functionality, elegance and comfort. To ensure a good ventilation of the head, ventilations are placed on the top of the helmet. The integrated visor protects your eyes against wind, dust and also the glare caused by the sun. Very light, it is forgotten once placed on the head.

To be stylish

The city bike helmet is now available in a wide range of shapes and designs to match the current fashion. Depending on what you want, you'll find chic, elegant, sporty, flashy, vintage, men's or women's models. You can even personalize your helmet with stickers of flowers, your city's sports team or your favorite artist to show your passion.

For more safety

During the day, other drivers can see you clearly, but that's not the case at night. Some urban bike helmets have built-in reflectors on the back to help you be seen from a distance. Others have special features that allow you to add a headlamp for better visibility.

The best brands of urban bike helmets

In our opinion, the best brands of urban bike helmets in 2022 are :

Bell Helmets
Bern Helmets

KASK, based in Italy, specializes in the development, design and manufacture of the highest quality safety helmets. We appreciate the variety of products the brand offers, as well as their quality.

This brand aims to offer professionals and ambitious amateur cyclists attractive road helmets without compromising quality. We appreciate the fact that the brand offers attractive road helmets of the highest quality at a great value.

Bell is an American brand on a mission to celebrate utility, keep it authentic, and share the energy that comes from it.

Bern is a 15-year-old company. We love that the brand focuses primarily on designing stylish, innovative helmets specifically for cyclists looking for something out of the ordinary.

With Alpina bike helmets you get the best protection on any terrain: whether it's the track, the street, or the city. What's really great about this brand is that their products comfortably fit all needs. And that's thanks to their exceptional finish and the high quality technologies used to manufacture them.

What is the price for an urban bike helmet

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

70 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 300 £
more than 300 £
Price range diagram


Stay alert.

It is important to stay aware of your surroundings and be situationally aware every time you get on your bike to go somewhere. With time and experience, this becomes easier and will even become instinctive for you.

Stay visible to cars and trucks.


first safety measure to take if you are a regular bike rider is to take gear that can make you visible to other road users. Take a helmet and highly visible clothing (red, for example). If you like evening rides, get a helmet equipped with reflective strips and led in particular.

Be seen, be safe.


lights and reflective strips to your bike, helmet, bag, and even your wheels is a great way to stay safe on the road. Being visible to motorists, other cyclists and pedestrians is important, especially during the winter months.

Signal your movements.


to warn other traffic if you want to turn left or right, for example. It's also showing courtesy to others.

Drive smart and safe.


may seem obvious, but don't be tempted to run lights. There is no benefit that outweighs the risk of an accident. And this behavior could infuriate motorists, which can have repercussions for the entire cycling community.


Which city bike helmet to choose?

In our opinion, the best city bike helmet for most people is the Kask - Urban Lifestyle helmet. It's stylish, has great features and is very safe. However, depending on your needs, this product may not be right for you. To find the best city bike helmet for you, we invite you to read the relevant section in our buying guide.

Is a cheap helmet as good as an expensive one?

Tests conducted on samples of low-cost and high-end models showed surprisingly similar performance between helmets in different ranges, regardless of price. All helmets on the European market are required to meet European standards that require manufacturers of this type of product to combine safety and ergonomics.

How can I prevent "strap slippage?"


straps slip and loosen after just one ride. We suggest you buy a helmet with standard width straps. You can add small rubber bands or O-rings to the straps to slide against the buckle to lock in the adjustment. And after you have your helmet adjusted perfectly, sew the ends of the strap to hold everything in place.

When should I replace my helmet?


need to replace the helmet after an impact (if you dropped it, or bumped it). The foam part is made for one-time use, and after a bump it's not as protective as it used to be, even if it still looks good. Plastic shells can mask foam damage, but there are usually at least a few scratch marks on the outside.

Why should I wear a bike helmet in the middle of town?

Really, the question shouldn't be asked anymore! After all, your safety is at stake if you happen to fall. Moreover, the law is clear on this subject because accidents are quite frequent.


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