The best transparent chairs in the UK 2023

Too seventies ? Not at all! The transparent chair is aesthetic, pure and elegant, especially since it can be easily integrated into any style of decor. Its trendy look will bring a touch of modernity to your interior, whether it is made of glass or plastic, and you can use and abuse it as you wish. Let yourself be tempted by one of the models in this comparison.

EGGREE Lot de 4 chaises

Best value for your money

EGGREE Set of 4 chairs

The best transparent chair in 2021

This set of 4 transparent chairs with a Scandinavian look is sure to make a statement in your decor. Each one has a fabric cushion and a beech wood base.

160 £ on Amazon

Transparency is the trend. If you want a fashionable decor, adopt this set of 4 quality transparent chairs. The seats are made of polycarbonate which gives them a great resistance to shocks. The legs are made entirely of beech wood for maximum stability. Sturdy overall, each transparent chair can support a heavy load of up to 120 kg. So invite your friends and family over for a convivial meal anytime.

EGGREE brand also offers these chairs with their padded fabric cushion to increase your comfort level. Therefore, it is possible to sit in it for a long time. The assembly is relatively easy as all necessary tools are already included in the delivery. Once on its feet, the transparent chairs look great.

Dune Grand Soleil

Best value for your money

Dune Grand Soleil

The best entry-level transparent chair

The elegance of these transparent chairs will blend perfectly with your interior decor, whatever the style. Their stackable nature makes them easy to store.

50,35 £ on Cdiscount

There is no mix of materials here as the Dune Grand Soleil is made of 100% premium polycarbonate. This chair will easily blend in with your other furniture for a totally expressive look. A few uneven stripes embellish the backrest and branch out towards the seat. It will be comfortable at all times. You can install it anywhere you want: living room, dining room, bar, restaurant... and even outside.

The quality of the made in Italy is felt from the first glance. Indeed, the Dune Grand Soleil is as reliable as it is robust. This is why it has been certified for public use. The transparent chairs require no assembly and are stackable, an interesting option especially if you don't have enough space to store them.

Widow Inside75

Best value for your money

Widow Inside75

The best high-end transparent chair

We can only appreciate the offbeat side of these models flirting outrageously with the seventies style without forgetting their pure transparency and the rounded design of their edges.

253 £ on Cdiscount

The Widow Inside75 is sure to bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home. This set of 2 transparent chairs features a seat and backrest made of ultra-resistant polycarbonate. The structure is made of chromed aluminum with a non-slip pad. These chairs can thus survive the aggressions of time and wear while offering the assurance of excellent stability.

Measuring 38 cm wide and 76 cm high, the Widow Inside75 offers a comfortable 46 cm seat. It's fully collapsible, ideal for minimizing clutter and maximizing storage space. Of course, you can also use it outside, during your evenings with friends or family, near the pool, on the terrace, etc.

Kartell Victoria Ghost

Excellent selection

Kartell Victoria Ghost

The transparent chair signed Philippe Starck

The Kartell Victoria Ghost knows how to blend completely into any environment. Its contemporary and baroque look will not leave you indifferent.

191 £ on Cdiscount

The Kartell Victoria Ghost has been through the ages without a single wrinkle. It features a rounded backrest that blends perfectly with a geometric seat. It is made entirely of polycarbonate and was designed in a single injection mold. Solid and stable, the chair is resistant to scratches, shocks and atmospheric agents. It is available in various colors, including crystal clear, colored clear and opaque.

The Kartell Victoria Ghost chair is irresistibly charming. Its elegance will suit any style of furnishing and decoration. The signature of the Kartell brand is located on the back to guarantee its authenticity. To be used both indoors and outdoors, this design chair is stackable up to 7 chairs. A guaranteed space saver!

Buying guide • November 2023

Best transparent chair

Any specific needs?

The best transparent chair in 2021

The best entry-level transparent chair

The best high-end transparent chair

The transparent chair signed Philippe Starck

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Comparison table of the best transparent chairs

EGGREE Lot de 4 chaises
Dune Grand Soleil
Widow Inside75
Kartell Victoria Ghost
EGGREE Set of 4 chairs
Dune Grand Soleil
Widow Inside75
Kartell Victoria Ghost
This set of 4 transparent chairs with a Scandinavian look is sure to make a statement in your decor. Each one has a fabric cushion and a beech wood base.
The elegance of these transparent chairs will blend perfectly with your interior decor, whatever the style. Their stackable nature makes them easy to store.
We can only appreciate the offbeat side of these models flirting outrageously with the seventies style without forgetting their pure transparency and the rounded design of their edges.
The Kartell Victoria Ghost knows how to blend completely into any environment. Its contemporary and baroque look will not leave you indifferent.
Polycarbonate and beech wood
Polycarbonate, chrome-plated aluminum
56 x 48 x 84 cm
84 x 50 x 45.5 cm
38 x 76 x 45 cm
89 x 38 x 52 cm
Maximum load
120 kg
Classic Scandinavian chair
Stacking chair
Folding chair
Stacking chair
Number of chairs

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Buying guide - transparent chair

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How to choose your transparent chair

Are you looking for a transparent chair with the best value for money? Consider the following selection criteria:
choisir chaise transparente

#1 - The number

The number of transparent chairs varies from brand to brand. It mainly depends on the design material, strength and durability. While some are sold individually, others will be offered to you in a set of 2, 4 and 6 chairs. Be sure to choose your seating based on your needs, the location you have and the number of people in your household.

#2 - The design

The clear chair is available in endless shapes, designs and colors. Despite this wide choice, you still need to consider the degree of comfort you want and how well they will fit into your decor. There are models suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, offices and bedrooms. In terms of shape, you will discover transparent chairs with sloping backs (round, square or rectangular), with armrests, colored, patterned...

#3 - The use

In principle, the transparent chair is almost invisible, which is why it can be easily combined with other furniture. You can find a good place for it in the dining room, living room, bedroom, office and outside.

  • Diningroom : ideally associated with a natural wood table, the transparent chair will bring modernity to a Scandinavian decor or more originality if you combine it with a glass table. Add pillows or colored cushions in harmony with the general decor.
  • Kitchen : the transparent chair is very suitable for installation in the kitchen. Just like plastic chairs, its material of manufacture has made it easy to maintain. In addition, it will effectively withstand intensive use.
  • Room : create a corner just for you by placing a transparent chair covered with a plaid or adorned with a pretty patterned cushion. It can be used as a nightstand for your next day's outfit.
  • Office : alongside a transparent desk, the chair will be modern. If you want a more offbeat look, pair it with a solid wood desk or a deep color like black, gray or midnight blue.

#4 - The comfort of use

Make sure that the shape of your transparent chair matches the comfort you are looking for. With that in mind, consider the backrest arrangement. Models with curved backs offer more convenience, as it easily conforms to the curve of your back and buttocks. Those with padded seats will satisfy the most demanding. If you want to be more comfortable, don't hesitate to get a transparent chair with armrests.

#5 - The material

The manufacturing material is a crucial element that will determine the quality, strength, stability and durability of your transparent chair. There are polycarbonate, polypropylene, plexiglass and acrylic glass. Some models are made of other materials for the structure such as stainless steel, aluminum or wood.

If you want to have a chair that can withstand long-term mechanical stress and is resistant to children and pets, we recommend polycarbonate. On the other hand, acrylic glass is more suitable for those who want to embellish their interior with furniture with unusual shapes.

Some decorating ideas with transparent chairs

The transparent chair originated in 1940 thanks to Charles and Ray Eames. Having crossed the time, this timeless piece of furniture, more aesthetic than ever, becomes a must in modern design. But how to properly integrate a translucent chair into your decor? Here are some ideas that might interest you.

An easy integration in the dining room

With its revamped design, the transparent chair is both sturdy and scratch-resistant. It's a real value-add in a modernist-style interior. While it's perfect in the living room, its exceptional look makes it a wonderful addition to the dining room. Don't hesitate to install it around a solid wood table in a dark tone to create a beautiful contrast.

Give color and a real boost to your decor

Choose your see-through chair in a bright red color if you want to give your decor a little pep. This sparkling shade will revive an impersonal interior and help create a more festive and friendly atmosphere. Brown is a more minimalist inspiration. You'll place your transparent chairs around a lacquered table. And if you want a girly interior? In that case, opt for pink, a bright color that will create a more cheerful atmosphere. Blue, sober but breathtakingly elegant, will almost take you to the seaside.

Rhythm your decor with a transparent table

In a contemporary setting, arrange your transparent chairs (in the same color or in mismatched colors) so that they perfectly surround your clear glass dining or desk table. You may prefer it all in glass or with a metal/wood base and a clear top.

The embossed decoration

A transparent chair with a relief design brings life back to a sterile and cheerless interior. Geometric patterns, sandy waves, floral or arabesque patterns... There is a wide range of relief patterns that will give you the opportunity to adopt an aesthetic, nice and original decoration.

The different types of transparent chairs

Although suitable for any decor, it is never easy to choose the right transparent chair given the multitude of models that flood the market today. To make it easier for you, we have classified them into 3 main types: the classic transparent chair, the folding transparent chair and the stackable transparent chair.

Classic clear chair

Chaise transparente classique

Like plastic, metal and wood chairs, the transparent chair has a classic shape. It is a model that can neither be folded nor stacked on top of each other and whose structure is made of a different material from the back and seat. It is best suited for use in a kitchen or dining room, especially for its comfort. Low back models are chosen for their modern and contemporary look. On the other hand, the high-backed chair ensures optimal back support. The installation of such an equipment requires more space since you will not be able to store it in a corner of your house.

Foldable clear chair

Chaise transparente pliable

The transparent folding chair proves to be very practical for both professionals and individuals during meetings and receptions. Once you fold it, it clearly takes up less space. It can be stored vertically or flat depending on the space available. The folding mechanism is located in the frame, which is often made of metal or wood. Lightweight and transportable, this type of model can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Stackable clear chair

Chaise transparente empilable

This transparent chair, in most cases made of polypropylene, plexiglass or polycarbonate, is differentiated by its one-piece design. The back, seat and legs are consequently designed in the same material. Its best features are its lightness and ease of storage. Also, the transparent stacking chair is very easy to maintain. A few strokes with a damp sponge and it is ready to welcome your guests. Thanks to its rigidity, it guarantees a better stability and a very good support to its user.

Transparent chair or wooden chair?

Transparent chair

In addition to offering a pleasant and comfortable seat, the transparent chair allows you to perfect your decoration. It highlights the colors of furniture, decorative items and walls while making the room appear more spacious. Plexiglas, polycarbonate, polypropylene and acrylic glass have become popular materials for designing this type of furniture. Lighter and more resistant, it comes in a variety of shapes and colors that will fit everyone's needs. It is its transparency that gives it the possibility to harmonize with all interiors while bringing them some notes of chic and elegance.

Wooden chair

Wood (eucalyptus, teak, oak, beech, acacia ...) is the material of choice for manufacturers of furniture with a natural and minimalist look. It is very affordable and is displayed today in the simplest way. The wooden chair, in particular, blends naturally into different styles of decoration: Scandinavian, rustic, country, boho chic, oriental and vintage. It can be combined with other noble materials such as velvet and leather for a refined interior. In addition, the backrest can be rectangular, square or rounded.


The transparent chair knows how to be not very imposing. It goes with all decorations although it is preferable to associate it with a wooden, glass or Plexiglas table. The ideal would be to add a touch of color to break the monotony. It can be used in any room of the house or even outside. On the other hand, the wooden chair would suit you if you have a weakness for the natural beauty of the material. However, it requires regular maintenance at the end of each season in order to preserve its quality and initial color.

Why buy a transparent chair?

pourquoi acheter chaise transparente

You've come across modern design chairs before. So, you ask yourself an essential question: what makes the transparent chair exceptional? Besides its undeniable originality, discover more of its qualities in this section.

A touch that will illuminate the room

The appearance of glass reflects light and will certainly brighten up your interior decoration. So, by getting a transparent chair, you are making the choice to give a certain level of brightness to your room. This is the style of chair to adopt absolutely when you have a sober and uncluttered interior. It is also suitable for dark rooms to which you want to bring brightness without having to detract from the already existing aesthetic.

A remarkable space saving

The transparent chair allows you to save space in a small or medium-sized room. It looks bigger because of the translucent effect. That doesn't mean you can't install it in a spacious room. In this respect, the enlargement becomes more substantial. In addition, you will have the impression that your furniture is better arranged.

Adapted to all styles

A transparent chair adapts to all styles, from the most traditional to the contemporary and futuristic look. The same goes for room types. Of course, some will have a preference for the dining room while others want to find a good place for it in the living room or office. Certainly, you have the possibility of installing it in the kitchen, in front of a central island or why not a bar.

A practical and light furniture

Practicality is one of the biggest advantages of the transparent chair. You will be fascinated by its lightness and its reduced size. Moving from point A to point B becomes less complex. Of course, you will have all the leisure to change your style of decoration and to reorganize your furniture at any time or to take them out during special events.

Easy maintenance

Last but not least, the transparent chair is very easy to maintain. Designed with materials such as polycarbonate, glass and Plexiglas, this furniture can be cleaned in a few minutes with a damp cloth like plastic models. The care of a transparent chair is within everyone's reach, which is not the case with wooden chairs.

The best brands of transparent chairs

In our opinion, the best brands of transparent chairs in 2022 are :

Grand Soleil

The company was founded around 2008 and until now, it continues to expand its product lines to attract even more customers. EGGREE stands out from the competition by the quality of its various furniture, including beds, chairs, tables and sofas. Present in a dozen countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom, the company also offers comfortable, stylish and safe transparent chairs at a very competitive price.

Grand Soleil is an Italian brand specializing in the production and marketing of chairs as well as garden furniture of superior quality at a low price for public or private use. Among its greatest successes is the Dune transparent chair, a model that is as functional as it is elegant and comfortable.

Experienced in design furniture since 1958 and working with different materials, the Inside75 brand offers a wide choice of items such as sofas, armchairs, foldaway beds, tables, storage furniture and space-saving furniture. With this brand, styles multiply, so you're sure to find the most suitable furniture for your home.

Kartell is a great reference in transparent chairs. It was founded by Italian Giulio Castelli in 1949 and apart from the chair, it also produces various lighting and accessories for the home. The brand works closely with top designers from around the world like Philippe Clarck to design visually beautiful and functional models.

Dorafair manufactures and retails premium furniture. It not only offers chairs, including transparent models, but also beach and office chairs, dining tables, computer desks, beds... The style of its items follows the current trend, giving them a simple, modern and clean look.

What is the price for a transparent chair

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 150 £
150 £ to 250 £
more than 250 £
Price range diagram


Keep clear chairs away from windows

Avoid placing your transparent chairs too close to windows. Since the furniture is already shiny, you risk visual overload if this iridescence intensifies with the sun's reflections. Note that the main purpose of this type of chair is to enhance your decor. In case this is the only place you have, you might as well choose a transparent opaque chair that is less conspicuous.

Protect your floors from scratches

Most models come with non-skid glides. If you didn't get any, you should know that you can get plastic or even rubber protectors to put under the legs of your transparent chairs. Not only is this a solution to prevent scratches, but it's also a great way to limit noise when pushing the chair.

Consider load capacity and durability

Are you worried that your clear chair won't be able to handle a heavy load? First, check the materials it is made of and then the maximum load capacity stated by the manufacturer. As a general rule, the one with steel or aluminum legs promises you safe use, even if you are overweight. Besides, its longevity of life goes up to 15 to 20 years.

Avoid lining up all your clear chairs on one side of the table

Even though your table is big or your room is spacious, it is better not to line your transparent chairs on the same side for the simple reason that it will weigh down the decor. You will also feel that the chairs become more cumbersome than expected. It is recommended to place 2 to 3 chairs per side at most. Spread them throughout the house and more, opt for different color models for more fantasy.

Prefer folding or stackable models for small spaces

With foldable or stackable transparent chairs, you will be able to save space when storing. They are relatively practical especially at this time when expandable dining tables are becoming more and more popular. You have the opportunity to go from a table model for 4 to 10 or 12 people in a few steps without having to run out of chairs. Then, you will store them in a corner until the next reunion.


How to assemble a Scandinavian transparent chair?

A Scandinavian transparent chair has a transparent seat and back and wooden legs. In principle, it is delivered in kit form with all the necessary tools for assembly. You don't need a drill, a screwdriver or any other DIY accessory. Simply refer to the manual that came with your chairs. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, you should choose the models that are already pre-assembled or that do not require any assembly.

What characterizes a Louis Ghost transparent chair?

This is the most popular transparent chair on the market. It bears the signature of French designer Philippe Starck, who created it in 2005. This chair is made entirely of polycarbonate and was originally colorless, hence its name "ghost" which literally means "spirit" or "ghost" in French. The style of the Louis Ghost chair is easily recognized by its oval back and straight legs.

Is it wise to adopt a mismatched style?

In the event that your budget is very limited, mismatching your transparent chairs seems to be a great option. They will bring a touch of originality and fantasy in your decorating style. Moreover, they can be used to personalize your interior. You have the choice between different models, but of the same colors or on the contrary, chairs of the same model, but of different colors.

Can a transparent chair be used outside?

Yes! Indoors or outdoors (garden, terrace, balcony or around the pool...), the transparent chair combines perfectly with any decor. In a small room for example, it will give the illusion of space. You can associate them with industrial, vintage or futuristic style furniture. This is to say that everything depends on how you intend to decorate the place intended to accommodate your transparent chairs. Just make sure you don't let them get too much sun unless they have received an anti-UV treatment.


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