The best toilet bags in the UK 2023

A must-have for beauty addicts, the toiletry bag allows you to store your toiletry kits in the best conditions. But it's hard to choose between the different models available on the market today. Discover our comparative guide of the best toiletry bags to make the right choice.

Tuscall toiletry bag 1

Best value for money

Tuscall toiletry bag

The best toiletry bag in 2021

Water resistant, easy to carry and hang, this toiletry bag is very practical for all your domestic uses, travel or other outdoor activities.

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Made from a durable material, which is polyester, this toiletry bag ensures a comfortable use. You enjoy a large space thanks to its multiple compartments of different sizes. It has, in fact, a bottom pocket where you can put your shampoos, for example. You also have the main compartment to store all your beauty products and accessories.

Thanks to its large capacity, this kit can even accommodate all your partners' kits. Its durable hook and carry handle make it easy to hang and carry. Apart from this excellent practicality, it also seduces with its elegant design and especially the fact that it is foldable. Moreover, it is a very good quality/price ratio.

Carttiya toiletry bag 2

Best value for money

Carttiya toiletry bag

The best entry-level toiletry bag

Equipped with a hanging hook and with a large capacity, this very practical kit allows to store efficiently its toiletries.

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Consisting of two large compartments such as a storage area with pockets and a small compartment, this toiletry bag can hold all the accessories you need in one unit. It is an excellent model to hang thanks to its stainless steel hook. The sturdy handle makes it convenient for you to take it anywhere you go.

100% polyester and water resistant, this case is waterproof on the outside and inside. Moreover, polyester is recyclable. It is therefore an ecological material. In fact, by using this toiletry bag, you are already contributing to the protection of the environment. Its easy maintenance and compact design are other advantages. It can also be used as a make-up or shaving kit.

Elviros toiletry bag 3

Best value for money

Elviros toiletry bag

The best high-end toiletry bag

This toiletry bag is appreciated by its large capacity, its unique design but especially its good quality. It allows you to organize all your toiletries.

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The Elviros toiletry bag has three different spacious compartments and several pockets inside to store and organize your beauty and care products. It features a unique double zipper, which allows easy access to its interior contents. Made from durable and high quality materials such as PU leather and waterproof nylon in the lining, it ensures a long life.

Lightweight, sturdy and foldable, it takes up minimal space in your luggage. It is designed not only for a toiletry bag, but it can also serve as a shaving kit and a makeup bag. Thanks to its side handle, this kit is easy to carry. This makes it a perfect accessory for any occasion, be it a business trip or an outdoor activity, etc.

Trousse de Toilette Nike Club Team 4

Very good choice

Trousse de Toilette Nike Club Team

A top brand toiletry bag at a great price

Featuring a beautiful design and a large capacity, this toiletry bag can hold all your shower supplies without space constraints.

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Buying guide • November 2023

Best toiletry kit

Any specific needs?

The best toiletry bag in 2021

The best entry-level toiletry bag

The best high-end toiletry bag

A top brand toiletry bag at a great price

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Comparison table of the best toilet bags

Tuscall toiletry bag 5
Carttiya toiletry bag 6
Elviros toiletry bag 7
Trousse de Toilette Nike Club Team 8
Tuscall toiletry bag
Carttiya toiletry bag
Elviros toiletry bag
Trousse de Toilette Nike Club Team
Water resistant, easy to carry and hang, this toiletry bag is very practical for all your domestic uses, travel or other outdoor activities.
Equipped with a hanging hook and with a large capacity, this very practical kit allows to store efficiently its toiletries.
This toiletry bag is appreciated by its large capacity, its unique design but especially its good quality. It allows you to organize all your toiletries.
Featuring a beautiful design and a large capacity, this toiletry bag can hold all your shower supplies without space constraints.
29.6 x 24.6 x 3.7 cm
28 x 20 x 10 cm
30.5 x 17 x 18 cm
27 x 16 x 16 cm
PU leather, nylon
Easy to maintain

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Buying guide - toiletry kit

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How to choose your toiletry kit

Choosing a toiletry bag should not be taken lightly. In order to find the one that will best suit your needs and expectations, you must take into account a few criteria such as the design material, storage capacity, etc.

#1 - The size and weight

The first criteria to consider is the size of the kit. This depends on the number of items you want to carry. Opt for a large model if you want one that can hold all your toiletry kits. If you're only carrying a few things, a small kit is adequate.

As far as weight is concerned, it's best to choose a toiletry bag around 200g. Indeed, a light kit is easy to carry. You can take it everywhere you go.

#2 - The number of pockets and compartments

A good quality toiletry bag should above all have different compartments. You need to choose one that can accommodate different products, and above all, that remains compact once filled. Indeed, the compartments make it easier to store your things.

Pockets are also to be checked to put papers as well as fragile objects. They must therefore be well organized.

#3 - The material

The material is an essential element to choose a toiletry bag, because it will define its durability. A good toiletry bag is one that is waterproof, durable and practical. Models made of excellent materials are therefore good choices. A case made of polyester is more resistant to water. In addition, it is comfortable to use.

PVC and nylon are also waterproof. But the most resistant and durable models are those made of leather. So it is a good investment.

#4 - The practicality

Practicality is another criterion to consider when buying a toiletry bag. There are kits with a strap and hook. They can be hung on the wall, giving you more space in your home.

There are also kits that are detachable. With the latter, you also enjoy a lot of space because they can be stored easily. Moreover, it is better to opt for a kit that is easy to carry wherever you want to go.

#5 - The design

In the market, toiletry kits are available in many designs, shapes and colors. You should therefore make your choice according to your tastes and needs to unearth the one that suits you.

You can find kits in classic, vintage, a little rock, casual, and many other styles.

How to organize your toiletry kit?

To be well organized, it is necessary to know how to arrange its toilet bag. First of all, it is important to choose the products and the essential accessories that you need to take with you, such as toothbrushes, nail clippers, razors, cotton buds, wipes, etc.

For hygiene products, remember to include shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. In short, everything you use every day. For makeup, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara should not be forgotten.

It is advisable to store the products by compartment, but it depends mostly on the design of the kit. Zippered compartments are ideal for small items such as tweezers, cotton, etc.

There are also toiletry bag designs that have a compartment with an elastic band to hold it. Store liquid products such as shampoo or cream in this compartment to prevent them from spilling into the bag.

The different types of toilet bags

There is a wide variety of toiletry bags available on the market. So you can choose the style that is most to your liking.

Classic toiletry bag

The classic toiletry bag is, in general, the most used and the most widespread on the market. It is available in several sizes and materials so you can choose what suits you best.

Compared to other types of toiletry bags, it is less spacious, as it has, most of the time, only one compartment. So you will have to organize your toiletries, makeup accessories or cosmetics well to find them easily.

Hanging toiletry bag

Equipped with a hook or a loop, this toiletry bag is very practical to store all your beauty products and toiletries. Indeed, you can hang it on the wall or also on a door handle. It allows you to easily have everything you need at hand. Moreover, it is water resistant and very easy to maintain, especially the synthetic one.

The only downside of the hanging toiletry bag is that it can be quite large in size, which can make storage a bit difficult.

Travel toiletry bag

Very practical for travel and trips, the travel toiletry bag allows you to better organize the inside of your suitcase. Indeed, it has several pockets that allow you to properly store all your accessories and care and beauty products. Moreover, it is often available in several storage options.

The downside of the travel toiletry bag is that it can get heavy rather quickly. In addition, it can be difficult to fit it into a small backpack.

Transparent toiletry bag

Very convenient for traveling by train or plane, the clear toiletry bag allows you to see all your products and toiletries stored inside. So you don't have to take them out during security checks. Often made of plastic, it comes in different sizes, but the TSA or Transportation Security Administration imposes the sizes 200x150x60 mm.

However, the fact that it is transparent can present a disadvantage, because your privacy is revealed in public.

Toilet bag or vanity case?

Toilet bag

The toiletry bag is an essential accessory to store all your beauty products and toiletries when you travel. Practical and less cumbersome, it allows to optimize the space in the suitcase. Available in different sizes and styles, it adapts to all tastes and personalities.

With a toiletry bag, you can have at your disposal all the essential products for your well-being and beauty such as creams, shampoos, lipsticks, nail polish, erasers, etc. You can also carry your toothbrush, your comb, your razor, etc. The toiletry kit is useful not only for women, but also for men.

Vanity case

Always very well organized, the vanity-case is a kind of mini suitcase, which is used to carry beauty products, hygiene and make-up. It comes in all the shapes and colors of the moment to meet your tastes and needs.

It has the particularity to be rigid and resistant. Moreover, it guarantees a protection of the products inside. Moreover, thanks to its shape like a box, the products which are in bottle can stay well upright. Moreover, it ensures a security thanks to its closing system which can be with key or with a code.


The toiletry bag and the vanity case can be used to organize your toiletries. The choice will depend on your preference. If you often take the plane, the vanity case will be the ideal. But the toiletry bag is still the best choice, because it is very practical for all occasions or activities.


Make a list of important items

Before you fill your toiletry bag, you need to make sure you have a list of all the products and accessories you need. To do this, think about your daily hygiene routines.

Use a binder clip

The use of a binder clip is very important to keep razors safe. Also, this way, the razor won't damage the other products in your toiletry bag.

Use a lanyard

A lanyard is useful for attaching all your toiletry bottles if they have clips. This way, it will be easier to take them out of your toiletry bag. Also, it will be easier to hang it up in the shower.

Put cotton in your powdered makeup

When the toiletry bag is dropped, there is nothing worse than seeing your new foundation broken. To avoid this, it's a good idea to put a cotton ball in powdered makeup.

Use masking tape

It's very important to use masking tape around containers to prevent spills. Indeed, these are difficult to clean and make everything inside the toiletry bag sticky.


Can a razor damage a toiletry bag?

The answer is yes. The razor can tear the lining of the kit. That's why it's highly recommended to invest in a blade guard to keep it clean and most importantly to prevent an injury from occurring.

How to clean a toiletry bag?

It's crucial toremove all dust before washing it. It is important to disinfect your kit with a safe, non-toxic surface cleaner. White vinegar or rubbing alcohol are good alternatives to store-bought cleaners. It's also a good idea to buy a machine-washable toiletry bag.

How to optimize your toiletry bag?

To optimize your toiletry bag, take only what you need. The toiletry kit must be well organized, and not overloaded. For that, take only the bare minimum and if possible, in small quantities to optimize space

What to put in a toiletry bag?

The toiletry bag must contain the products and accessories essential to daily life. You can put there, for example, your toothbrush, your nail clipper, your razor, etc. Products such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, a perfume, etc.


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Tuscall toiletry bag
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Carttiya toiletry bag
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Elviros toiletry bag
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